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Update 01.138 - Bug Fixes and Improvements

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Jun 9, 2016.

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  1. DS_Marine Apprentice Engineer

    Are you aware that realistsic planet rotation itself would ruin your orbital weapons, right? Also if not done by instancing, then any place on earth would be constantly changing its coordinates, also ruining your GPS based weapons. Your balisitic missiles would cross the barrier with no problems, so please provide more detail on how it would ruin the weapons.
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  2. -=Ripps=- Trainee Engineer

    I'd be fine switching over to a relative GPS based coordinate system, not saying it wouldn't take a lot of work and effort and it would break oribital weapons yes but not so much that they couldn't be re-worked and engineered to work once more with the new rotating planet model.

    May I please be respectiful in pointing out this, but I am only doing so for the sake of completeness to your response. ><
    I Personally DO NOT want to see rotating planets, at least not any time soon. I want bugs fixed and performance improvements. I also have to admit i never wanted planets in the first place, or atmo thrusters but C'est la vie.

    The problem is that if you make planets seperate simulations from whats outside of them, then there is no way an orbital weapon even stands a chance.
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  3. zDeveloper10 Junior Engineer

    then you'd have to do it the old fashioned way: invasions ;)
  4. Mr Engineer Apprentice Engineer

    Another week, another Thursday, another Space Engineers Update. Last week's was pretty decent, lets see what happens today?
  5. Sero93 Trainee Engineer

    nothing. *evil laugh*
  6. LeeroyJenkemms Trainee Engineer

    3 things I don't want to hear about.

    -Planet rotation

    :p Have a nice day
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  7. DS_Marine Apprentice Engineer

    Well, we're on the same boat since I don't want rotating planets also. But if KSW listened to 'planets naooo!' mass request, you never know.
    And I still don't get why the orbital weapon won't work. You have planet and universe running on different processor cores, but still these are coordinated by the main thread. The orbital weapon would get to the planet like any other ship. There would be some issues with laser antenna tho, but these can be worked out.

  8. megapro Trainee Engineer

    yeah that's the point i was trying to make the instancing would even make building a workaround impossible and I was thinking long term with planet rotation/fluids when the game is out of alpha or even beta.
  9. Hakon102 Apprentice Engineer

    Nope, it will be far more difficult to hit your base or i have to use "guided" Bombs. But its not impossible. Especially more if we don't have a speed limit. It's make the game far more difficult. Im Ok with rotating Plants (aside from the technical Problems)
    But, where is the end? The next one ask for moving Planets around the Sun. An other one ask for Real CBM Physik for ships. etc. And at the end you have to be rocked scientist to play the Game.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2016
  10. -=Ripps=- Trainee Engineer

    Realism is great and all, but only if its fun... my point being that rotating planets would be nice for that grander more epic simulation feel, but it doesn't really bring much fun compared to the cost and effort to make it work.
    right now as anyone here should know we're testing the game in its alpha stages and performance is usually one of the last things (but probably the most important) part of the game dev cycle, and often it means cutting out features you've worked months on because they effect performance too much. A good example of this is when those fine folks at uber entertainment removed wreckage physics from PlanetaryAnnihilation because the 'fun' just wasn't worth the cost in perfomance.

    We might see water dropped entirely for this reason, or perhaps they're working on weather effects, wind, rain etc and they'll get to cut to those from final :p

    I just think its best we let the devs do their job, its what they're good at it and instead of trying to help them by requesting huge changes to their codebase, just report the little things that need fixing instead ;)
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.