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Update 01.140 STABLE, Update 01.144 - Inverse Kinematics

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Jul 14, 2016.

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  1. Drui Keen Update Guy Staff

    Update 01.144 DEV - Summary
    This week’s update brings some animation improvements as well as more bug fixes.
    We are adding inverse kinematics that support the new animation system applied to all characters and fauna. This prevents feet from clipping through the terrain in most situations. We’ve also created a new idle animation for sabiroids. Lastly, character tool and weapon movements have been smoothed out and their positions have been improved.
    Bugs fixed this week include block building groups not remembering the last selected variant, and blocks not remembering their last selected orientation. This should ensure that the new building system is significantly more time efficient.


    - inverse kinematics for all characters and fauna
    - improvements to character tool/weapon movement and position
    - added new idle sabiroid animation


    - fixed lag when placing blocks
    - fixed projectors not loading blueprints in survival
    - blocks in groups now remember last orientation used
    - search in G-menu will find all hidden blocks now
    - groups now remember the last selected block
    - tweaked inverse kinematics for character in 1st person
    - fixed grids list button being unclickable in terminal
    - fixed character standing in cockpit after victory animation
    - fixed entering cockpit while falling and exiting it
    - fixed spider attack animation being too fast
    - fixed rifle can't use more than 1 type of ammo
    - fixed logging issues from SharpDX
    - fixed Sorter draining all bouncing items in wrong direction
    - fixed player position being under Cryochamber when actually inside
    - fixed server rank desync
    - fixed impossibility of camera rotation in front of hangar doors
    - fixed rotor speed not coming back to zero at right click
    - fixed stucked camera automatic zoom

    Update 144.005 Dev
    - fixed crash in grid replication
    - fixed welder not working on DS
    - Stable branch, Modding - http://forum.keenswh.com/threads/stable-branch-modding.7385779/


    Update 01.140 Stable version fixes

    Today's update to the stable branch contains all bug fixes from the past month. However, it does not yet include new features like the new building system and modding changes - for those, jump over to the dev branch to check them out.
    - dx9 textures removed
    - solar panels can be turned on or off
    - 3rd person zoom and other control changes
    - space master can cycle through GPS coordinates now
    - added .NET environment in the log
    - fixed color copying in mirror mode
    - fixed cockpit toolbar issues
    - fixed open doors grinding faster than closed ones
    - fixed stretched control cube
    - fixed backpack color changing
    - fixed log saying "see log for details"
    - fixed construction stage orientation for some blocks
    - fixed cryochamber overlay sticking ofter death
    - fixed tool tips covering jumpdrive countdown
    - fixed hidden inventory slot behavior
    - fixed grinder area of effect after merging
    - fixed projected antennas broadcasting
    - fixed incorrect inventory order after moving an item
    - fixed screenshot crash in blueprints menu
    - fixed crash in Havok when loading world
    - fixed corrupted worlds with missing textures
    - fixed speed mods corrupting world messages
    - fixed Horizon and Altitude indicators distorted on triple monitor setups
    - fixed piston top part gets separated on DS
    - fixed issues when meteors are falling on DS
    - fixed projection not matching the grid
    - fixed check box in player terminal
    - fixed pivot point have bad colors
    - fixed refinery modules are functioning without power
    - fixed particle effect of shooting (muzzle flash)
    - fixed collisions ignored when pasting grid
    - fixed rotor top parts shivering when placing
    - fixed mirror mode switches on when reloading a world
    - fixed manual Safety override (force weld) does not sync properly on DS
    - fixed helmet flashlight sinks into grid/voxel
    - fixed oxygen farm has wrong emissivity when powered
    - fixed crash during meteor storm
    - fixed no fuel reported when recharging docked ship during the day
    - fixed Jump Drive destination selection issues
    - fixed muzzle flash staying in place when changing weapons
    - fixed Large atmospheric thrusters breaking
    - fixed sound of getting out of cockpit when merging/unmerging ship
    - fixed merge block on piston could not be merged
    - fixed grinding Sliding doors at Earth EasyStart destroys different blocks
    - fixed inventory screen screen filters showing wrong inventories
    - fixed issues when remote controlling from cockpit
    - fixed Small oxygen generator not consuming Ice on DS
    - fixed debug menu warnings
    - fixed block remains in terminal after being removed
    - fixed reversed thusters (MP, creative)
    - fixed respawn ship selection issues
    - fixed thruster issues in MP
    - fixed pasting from clipboard for the first time
    - fixed crash when loading a world
    - fixed character moving with rotor
    - fixed player being able to control ships from cryochamber
    - fixed character with no head when in remote control
    - fixed impossible to move issue during lock on merge block by landing gear
    - fixed clicking on the slider for Suspension Travel greys out controls on the block
    - fixed respawn on DS not working correctly
    - fixed crash on loading blueprint
    - fixed "safety locked" Large to Small rotor moves around a lot
    - fixed controlled ship falling down on planet

    Update 140.004 Stable

    - fixed crash in grid replication
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2016
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  2. Roxette Senior Engineer

    so many 'fixes' ...
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  3. noname42 Trainee Engineer

    Happy patchmas everyone!
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  4. MrHohenheim Trainee Engineer

  5. Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    Voxel Station Support World Option or Calm Sit In.
    Fix the terrible new Block Placing System or Peaceful Demontration.
    De-scratch glass or Declawing.
    (Better, @RayvenQ?)

    Make G-Menu great again or Rainbow Flag Waving:
    If true i shall strike this one from my list. Still needs un-grouped versions of the group-blocks (like the Armor Cube).
    See you next week.

    Edit: G-Menu continues to not find hidden blocks.

    Little stand-in for all the other blocks it doesn't work for (tried it with the ramps, for example). Better luck next week, i guess?
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2016
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  6. joemorin73 Junior Engineer

    No Dusan Dance animation.............RIOT!
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  7. Blako Apprentice Engineer

    Very Nice
  8. Gwindalmir Senior Engineer

    Worst update ever.
    Not merging modapi changes is a bad decision.
    The fact the branch system is diverging the game this much is bad. We have two different games almost at this point.

    I'm already getting complaints and worse due to things I've had to do to only maintain a single branch for my mods.

    I've had people violating my copyright and reuploading my mods without permission, and been called vile names for me reporting them to Steam for takedown. It's a bloodbath out there.
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  9. chrisb Senior Engineer

    Tis good tis.. :woot:
  10. Kurazarrh Apprentice Engineer

    I call shenanigans on the reverse kinematics in the video... if he was really standing on those mined stones, he'd have been tossed into space, killed instantly, or been sucked into the earth's maw!
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  11. kingkrieg Apprentice Engineer

    Thanks for the update, however i sincerely wont touch multiplayer until its improved vastly, single player is pretty smooth tho

    And i still dont know why wouldnt you add as part of the basegame the battleship cannon block you already developed, many players like their builds as close to vanilla as possible, making a 15 million ton ship with gatling guns is like equipping them with spitballs :/

    please consider adding some of this fantastic blocks, like the gyroscope power up block, the battlecannon and personally, id love to see food mechanics in SE

    Best regards!
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  12. macgeifer Apprentice Engineer

    this is a great one.

    its only me? i am experiencing so many physics related issues at the moment (in SP) i stopped playing the game. anyone else?
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  13. PsychotheHedgehog Trainee Engineer

    I really think that the two branches aren't being utilized properly. In my mind you should have brought the fixes into the main branch each week (where code was similar enough) and this week you should have merged the major changes (like the G Menu) Not merging the branches seems quite harmful, as it divides mod makers and the playerbase.
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  14. Krypt Junior Engineer

    > - fixed refinery modules are functioning without power
    Only refinery modules? You are kidding? WHOLE GRIDS ABLE TO WORK WITHOUT POWER!
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  15. slon1608 Trainee Engineer

    When all current DEV branch features will be available for stable branch?
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  16. Krypt Junior Engineer

    > fixed entering cockpit while falling and exiting it
    I have a bad feeling about this
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  17. KingdomBragg Junior Engineer

    Looking good :)
  18. DS_Marine Apprentice Engineer

    Did Drui get a new title? Or it always said 'Keen update guy' :woot:
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  19. Thales M. Senior Engineer

    A lot of fixes!

    Add new scenario which has smaller versions of planets and moons. Because game uses 6gb of memory which is too high. :(
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  20. FlakMagnet Senior Engineer

    Even without a Dusan Dance...this update makes me happy :)

    Sorting the blocks forgetting orientation and selected shape when you switch is a big plus, and also getting a fix for the blueprint not showing up is a plus. For bonus points...the rotor speed right click bug I only spotted today...and now it's gone.

    On a personal 'gripe' level...this patch is one I like :)
  21. PhoenixTheSage Junior Engineer

    I'm not going to downplay the content of these updates. All that is fine and dandy...but you guys really should not have caved to this branch system when you had -no- way of managing it effectively. This update is really showing how much of a mess things are...and it's only getting worse, especially for people like @Phoenix84

    I know you guys rely on the steam workshop content. It is what drives the Space Engineers community forward despite lackluster content during early access.
    And I know you know that. It makes it all the more odd that you chose to split the game into two branches, which is something the steam workshop inherently can't support in its current form. For a release build, it can work even despite the workshops failings but not for a game still in heavy development. It is causing a chaotic mess.
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  22. Devon_v Senior Engineer

    The size of the planet has little effect on memory usage unless you drill a ton of holes in it. Also 6GB is nothing, XCOM 2 uses 7 and it's just running one map at a time. 8GB RAM stopped being a lot years ago, it's just average to low now. 16GB of RAM can be had for under $100, and that's a full replacement, never mind just popping another 8GB chip in.
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  23. Geneticus Senior Engineer

    It wouldn't be that bad if we could include script code for each branch in 1 single mod. Then your script would look to see what game version you are on and execute the appropriate section.
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  24. Jimmacle Trainee Engineer

    I have to agree with @Phoenix84 , I'm extremely disappointed with how this branch system is working out. On Marek's blog he stated that this system needed testing to make sure it benefits everyone. So far I've seen it divide the modding community and player base as well as cause issues internally. Can we just agree that it's going horribly and we need to find a better solution? I'm no project manager but I think a biweekly release schedule (only ONE branch) and keeping some old versions available would be a good compromise. Keen wouldn't be as rushed to put out updates and people who wish to update less frequently can just select an older version from the "betas" tab on Steam.

    At the very least, make the "stable" branch opt-in and make the dev branch default.

    EDIT: Drui's post reassured me a little. I still think it could have been a far smoother change if Keen communicated the plan more clearly but it seems like it will smooth out either way after a few months.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2016
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  25. Manticore Apprentice Engineer

    Thanks for the fixes KSH:

    Thanks for not posting "first". Cheers!
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  26. Geneticus Senior Engineer

    What dx9 files exactly were removed? Were they replaced or redirected to other assets?
  27. KissSh0t Master Engineer

    Meanwhile at Keen Software House reading the comments here.

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  28. Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    Considering this thread hasn't even reached a second page yet i sure hope they didn't bring too much pop corn.
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  29. bronxae Apprentice Engineer

    I agree with Phoenix84 and Jimmacle, I've already had to put my thruster mod on hold because of difference in builds + instability of mp in dev forcing a devide between me and my friends in SE. In order to play mp I have to play stable, in order to work on my mod I have to run dev, I cant take much more of switching back and fourth.
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  30. KissSh0t Master Engineer

    I think they need more salt..
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