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Update 01.141 - Bug Fixes and Improvements

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Xocliw, Jun 23, 2016.

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  1. Mr Engineer Apprentice Engineer

    Wow, thats an update. I love the teaser, those sounds remind me of BSG, especially the rocket launcher at the end. I'm still not sure if I should stay on the "Stable" branch notice the quotation marks or move to the dev branch. Thanks Keen
  2. The Mechanic Trainee Engineer

    So the teaser was showing off the new realistic sound option. Neat stuff.

    I'm really excited to see the improved ModAPI, better and more modding options to come in the future :woot:

    Lots and lots of fixes, good work Keen!
  3. Carlosmaid Apprentice Engineer

    Perhaps it is time to put some stable and dev official servers , in this way could be more feedback. Just an idea.
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  4. Zanzikahn Trainee Engineer

    Toxic much? You didn't even know what the teaser was about and was already spewing anger.. :D Did you lose a ship to clang?

    Oh yes, and great work Keen! I like the new effects being introduced with sound. :)
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  5. MrTeku Trainee Engineer

    Awesome update, keep it up
  6. Krougal Senior Engineer

    So we haven't gotten a new feature in like...months?

    - solar panels can be turned on or off

    GJ Keen, GJ!

    Ok, so I actually went and watched the video for once (I still just rather have a detailed changelog...ok...gj on that for real this week too...maybe you should be the regular changelog guy)
    So the teaser, unless I am imagining things and armor actually provides some resistance to low-speed collisions (red ship ramming blue ship and nobody went boom) then I'm seriously impressed and pleased.
    And I probably am imagining you made the physics engine act a little more sane and consistent...you were just showing off your new particle effects weren't ya? That I could give a rats ass about.
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2016
  7. REDSHEILD Junior Engineer

    That's not how software development works.

    Ever heard the phrase, "too many cooks spoil the soup"? There's a limit on how many people can be working on a given problem and remain effective, and while that can be mitigated by task differentiation and breakup, SE nor KSH are on the scale where that can really work as a productivity maintainer the way it does in companies that have dozens or hundreds of coders.

    That's not how backwards compatibility works. Backwards compatibility only applies to finished, release-status products being compatible with the prior major release of the product. It has no place in the development environment as it relates to third party modifications. KSH has been incredibly warm to their modding community all things considered, though, given that they not only have tried to maintain compatibility as best they can, they have warned the community every time something major will break. I can't really think of an early access company (or AAA company either) that has been as accommodating to modders as Keen has.

    You could maybe make a case that mods should as a whole remain compatible over non-major stable releases. But between stable and dev, there's no reason to worry about compatibility with third party modifications; indeed, trying to maintain compatibility with third party code could greatly hamper development productivity.

    Before the "stable" branch patches like this were mostly under-the-hood changes preparing for a larger change in the future. As it is, the "dev" branch is no different than the old patches, though I expect they will try and make it work out so that every "stable" patch is less buggy than its preceding "dev" patches.

    I don't like the "stable" and "dev" split, and I'd rather not see it devolve into something worse, like Starbound's system where the stable was stagnant for months, beta was bugged to hell (and only slightly updated over stable, to boot!), and nightly was literally unplayable. With SE's weekly system I usually only miss out on a week of more or less stable play at most, and if they do it right, the monthly builds should be roughly stable as well.
  8. devu Trainee Engineer

    -fixed hidden inventory slot behavior,

    Oh yeah! It's been one of deal breakers existed right after improved netcode for DS.!
    4 months ago? :stare:
    Thanks for that KEEN!

    Now please, fix modded suspensions (that you have broken about 6 updates ago) that destroy sim speed and we are back on track!
    Overall I see some hope for stable release.
  9. lostjounin Trainee Engineer

    Lookin good Keen!
  10. Wayne Barraclough Trainee Engineer

    Ambient Lighting
  11. darth_biomech Senior Engineer

    Please, do tell, is any future updates besides 01.142 expected to make some API-scripted mods unusable? Should I bother to create two versions of the mod, for both Stable and Dev branches?
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  12. chrisb Senior Engineer

    I'm on the dev branch trying to avoid using mods.. :((

    However, this has caused a major issue, my window cleaner has made a really bad job of scratching the surfaces. Infact to be fair, I've been on this planet... sorry in space..??? for 57yrs this year and never have I seen windows in such a state. Only perspex ones.

    I will try my hardest to use no mods... well.. other than a couple of course..:tu:

    Good update, bad update.. good for the dev branch, bad for the stable, because presumably all those fixes didn't make the stable branch.. O.k. I'm leaving now. :p

    Keep at it Keen, whatever it is your at.. :munch:
  13. HeikoH1255 Trainee Engineer

    How do i switch my Server back to satbile version ? Couse when i try to load my World it says to me: This World is made by a newer Version of the Game... So i cant rollback or down(update) it again... Couse i want to Test out if it works better, what it not does... Pls let me know how it work. And how to set it back.

    Thank you. :)
  14. Rabir Trainee Engineer

    Release the camera object from the character head already and use a capsule collider just like any other FPS game, so the camera would not:

    - Go inside the rock when mining
    - Would't be fucked up when crounching
    - Wouldn't shake like shit when mining, or using any tool
    - Raycast for selecting object wouldb't be fucked up by 3rd view
    - USE THE CAMERA AS RAYCAST ORIGIN FOR ITEM SELECTION NOT THE CHARACTER'S HEAD!!!, it is plain annoying when in 3rd View you want to weld the object AT the crosshair, and you weld the other object because that character head looks at it, also when you turn the camera (see the guy from front) but fuck this shit, the character welds backward to the camera... Seriously?
    - You wouldn't be like when mining "Fuck, I can't see shit..." because the camera is 10Cm from the surface...
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  15. Lt. Faith Trainee Engineer

    " ="
    a few things you forgot in that list, 1. characters vision glitching when crouch walking (noticed that several times mining underground where the characters vision would glitch through the suit and look inside the helmet instead of looking up)
    2. the annoyance of chunk errors on planets (I get these white chunk errors so much its starting to make me think twice about launching the game every day, cant seem to do anything to fix them either apart from stand still).
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2016
  16. Ed Frost Senior Engineer

    for once.... I disagree with other people of my kind.... I hate audio myself.... Music mostly, soundeffects good.

    Now what you forget, in a game audio is actually one of the most important thinvs. Imagine plahing the witcher 3 without sound. Itll be boring.
    what i noticed in the last shot was something that looked like the realistic sound system. In space, non pressurized, their will be no sound. Add air and sound returns.

    audio is one of the things game development begins with.

    Game Design Student.
  17. govenka Trainee Engineer

    when will we have more options like more life in our favorite game ? :) more MOB, life on planets, etc.
  18. Wellstat Apprentice Engineer

    It is mentioned that the BlockGroups will have its Blocks property changed to GetBlocks(). Will this be released together with the stable branch next week (or later), or only on the development branch? Because if it is not together in both stable and development, scripts using this will be 100% broken on either of the branches. Same goes for other API changes.

    Reason is there is no alternative, as it is either Blocks or GetBlocks(), no interoperability.
  19. ThisIsADogHello Apprentice Engineer

    Seems like a fairly easy solution for allowing mods with code to work between stable and dev branches, at least as far as the programming changes go. Have a #define set for STABLE or DEV (or maybe some other context-sensitive defines based around what changes have been made, such as maybe USING_MODAPI vs USING_INGAMEAPI) accordingly based on which build it is, and then anyone who wants to support both branches with one mod could use #if/#elif directives so that the code is only included where appropriate.
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  20. Malware Master Engineer

    It will be released on the dev branch only, until it's proven stable enough to be included on stable. That's the lay of the land and the price of having a stable branch.

    @ThisIsADogHello has a good idea though...
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  21. Mash Trainee Engineer

    Does the dev. branch mean they are reaching major changes for like netcode?
  22. zDeveloper10 Junior Engineer

    all the comments be like "you fixed one thing, but you didn't finish this long list of stuff I wanted since last week!? how dare they!"
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  23. GDI-BOSS Trainee Engineer

    My nights on planets still really with light..i want nights really dark,not this,no need lights on vehicles stations etc,i can see everything on nights
  24. legendkiller165 Trainee Engineer

    You guys said you started doing with monthly updates... You changed your minds?

    And for the smart asses that will say "you have the option to have weekly updates on" I will tell you I dont have it on, I am not interested in getting weekly updates
  25. Dawnkeeper Apprentice Engineer

    It means they get to release things that are less intensively tested. Whoever uses the dev branch helps test new features and adds his bug reports to the inhouse ones.
    Not being forced to release a stable branch lessens the stress of having a feature completely playable by Thursday. This will most likely speed up development.
  26. PhoenixTheSage Junior Engineer

    I'm gonna be the smart ass that tells you to go read the previous update again, in a really condescending manner. Because I know how many stupid people that will piss off.

    So...go read what they said again reeeaaaally carefully.
  27. druppi Apprentice Engineer

    lol this was never a bug for me roll it back

    -fixed open doors grinding faster than closed ones
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  28. Anubis 2 Trainee Engineer

    just got an 28mb update on the normal branch any know what this is?
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  29. ᗪᗴᘂ₮ᗩ Trainee Engineer

    Finally, ill be able to learn from a NON-OUTDATDED scripting guide!
  30. Bleh Trainee Engineer

    Space engineers has sound? I guess its the former EVE player in me, but games i idle on for extended times are always muted. I can honestly say i've only once heard SE sounds and it was right before i set it all to mute.
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