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Update 01.144 STABLE; Update 01.149 DEV - Bug Fixes and Improvements

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Aug 18, 2016.

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  1. Drui

    Drui Keen Update Guy Staff

    This week’s update brings you more bugfixes and improvements, as well as a new animation when rotating blocks. This short animation should help players better see how blocks are being rotated.
    Improvements this week focus mainly on rotors, pistons and wheels when flying in a ship. Other bugs fixed include trees being too strong, mirroring issues with the refinery, certain cases of ships sinking through voxel, and teleporting through walls by exiting cockpits.


    - animated rotation box and block preview ( can be turned off in game settings )

    - fixed trees being too "tough", breaking grids too easily
    - fixed mirroring issues for Refinery block
    - fixed Save version checking for MP and SP
    - fixed no clipping caused by exiting cockpit
    - fixed copy/paste issues when copying grids with wheels
    - fixed Small Advanced Rotor spinning when placed to empty space
    - fixed ships sinking into the voxel
    - fixed Pistons/Rotors wheels disconnecting when flying with ship
    - fixed Blueprint exploding after locking landing gears to a grid

    Update 147.0010 Dev
    fixed MWM builder
    - fixed medium cargo container mountpoints


    Update 01.144 Stable version

    Today's update to the stable branch contains most bug fixes from the past month. It also includes certain features, like the new building system and modding changes. However, it does not include recent features like the meteor improvements - for those, jump over to the dev branch to try them out.

    - ModAPI updated
    - revised building system
    - 3rd person zoom and other control changes (In order to zoom now: Alt+ Mouse Wheel Scroll)
    - space master can cycle through GPS coordinates now
    - backup saves
    - inverse kinematics for all characters and fauna
    - option for turning oxygen pressurization ON/OFF in the world settings (default OFF)

    - fixed issue when player can't complete the fourth tutorial
    - fixed placing new blocks in space creates two blocks
    - fixed exiting from cockpit in survival causes to jump to third person
    - fixed turrets ignoring decoys
    - fixed character flying up when controlling ship remotely
    - fixed new thrusters not working
    - fixed 5x5 wheel suspension for mirror mode
    - fixed LCD panels being pink when turned off
    - fixed faint highlight on small grid
    - fixed Light Armor Inverted Corner block causing clipping
    - fixed 1st planetary tutorial drill not possible to equip
    - fixed Antenna on Rotor can't access other antennas (Out of Broadcast range bug)
    - fixed corpse waypoint does not update when moved
    - fixed walking on alien sand having the grass animation
    - fixed lag when placing blocks
    - fixed projectors not loading blueprints in survival
    - blocks in groups now remember last orientation used
    - search in G-menu will find all hidden blocks now
    - groups now remember the last selected block
    - tweaked inverse kinematics for character in 1st person
    - fixed grids list button being unclickable in terminal
    - fixed character standing in cockpit after victory animation
    - fixed entering cockpit while falling and exiting it
    - fixed spider attack animation being too fast
    - fixed rifle can't use more than 1 type of ammo
    - fixed logging issues from SharpDX
    - fixed Sorter draining all bouncing items in wrong direction
    - fixed player position being under Cryochamber when actually inside
    - fixed server rank desync
    - fixed impossibility of camera rotation in front of hangar doors
    - fixed rotor speed not coming back to zero at right click
    - fixed stuck camera automatic zoom
    - fixed character jump
    - fixed pirates are not shooting grids with one block assigned to Pirates
    - fixed walking on alien sand has the grass animation.
    - fixed safety Locking Blocks Conveyors
    - fixed log spammed when blueprint resources runs out.
    - fixed uneditable grids in creative mode missions
    - fixed straight conveyor tube NOT available in large grid
    - fixed rotors snap after loading
    - fixed welding projections are sometimes not possible
    - fixed battery does not function properly through toolbar shortcuts.
    - fixed turning on Projectors with stored blueprints activates the Station-laying boundary box
    - fixed enable/disable Sabroids [Spiders] is missing in advanced menu
    - fixed disabled thrusters still working
    - fixed unable to complete 10th basic tutorial
    - fixed character standing in cockpit with jetpack on
    - fixed piston head connectors disapearing
    - fixed small beacon block group problem
    - fixed projection is not visible after turning projector off and on again
    - fixed being unable to go down with atmospheric lander
    - improved mouse control for character
    - fixed crash in add constraint
    - fixed crash in antenna
    - fixed rotation for clients on other clients
    - fixed spectator switching to character when aiming with gun
    - fixed 2nd player does not see message when sitting inside cockpits of the same ship
    - fixed no oxygen when near closed Sliding Door
    - fixed door invisible when starting a game again after save in Cryopod
    - fixed thrusters don't power up unless cycled
    - fixed airvent triggers don't work
    - fixed SE hangs on world load with lots of active projectors
    - fixed crash at Havok.HkBreakOffListener.breakOffSubPart
    - fixed inventory not being able to find containers.
    - fixed elite and standard tools running at the same speed
    - fixed power down grid from secondary cockpit
    - fixed explosions sounds too short and the sound skips
    - fixed save hangs at the loading screen
    - fixed several issues with projector
    - fixed memory crash in emitters
    - fixed pilot in 3rd person when exiting cockpit
    - fixed crash in string measuring
    - fixed spawning stone when drilling stones on DS

    Update 144.010 Stable

    fixed MWM builder
    - fixed advanced menu checkboxes
    - fixed medium cargo container mountpoints

    Update 144.011 Stable

    fixed turned off thrusters still working
    - fixed tools working all at the same speed
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  2. Shuro

    Shuro Apprentice Engineer

    Welp, this was early.

    Now all the stable mods which where broken on dev are broken on stable too! :woot:
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  3. Stefan

    Stefan Trainee Engineer

    Finally my ship wont sink into the Voxels
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  4. Commander Rotal

    Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    Return Station Voxel Support World Option.
    Fix the new Block Placing System (for example: switching between toolbar slots still resets the block ghost's distance).
    Fix the G-Menu (the Search Bar is still broken).
    De-scratch Everything.

    Liking the new Rotation-thing and mirroring-fix.

    Edit: for you poor, poor Stable Branche players who have no idea what just happened to your game:

    *eagerly awaits @BlackUmbrella's Disagree-tag*
    Popcorn anyone?
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2016
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  5. Entersprite

    Entersprite Apprentice Engineer

    And where is the Medium Cargo Container fix?
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  6. Commander Rotal

    Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    Out drinking with the Station Voxel Support World Option and Ladder Block.
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  7. Shuro

    Shuro Apprentice Engineer

    Maybe a silent bugfix? Still have hopes....can someone test it?
  8. Entersprite

    Entersprite Apprentice Engineer

    I tried it, still not fixed.
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  9. Sanquira

    Sanquira Trainee Engineer

    I fixed this one, but too late for this update. It will be released next week.
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  10. midspace

    midspace Senior Engineer

    Nice work guys!
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  11. Entersprite

    Entersprite Apprentice Engineer

    C'mon, please, maybe in the tomorrow hotfix? Maybe? Please?
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  12. GDI-BOSS

    GDI-BOSS Trainee Engineer

    When fix de nights on planets are lighted??its not night..
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  13. WarWyvern

    WarWyvern Trainee Engineer

    Wait, what? You can't just update the game before I've even brushed my teeth! I'm too groggy to even know if there's anything to criticize, suggest, or optimistically wish for this time. That's just dirty pool, that is.
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  14. Julian

    Julian Trainee Engineer

    Thank you, guys!
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  15. KingdomBragg

    KingdomBragg Junior Engineer

    Super early today, thanks guys :D
  16. theCalcaholic

    theCalcaholic Trainee Engineer

    Guys, thus is not really the place to demand further big fixes. They have a bug report firm for this.

    If you repeat your requests here over and over, it's nothing but annoying for anyone and frustrating for you, because it will not have much of an effect.
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  17. Chiki40

    Chiki40 Trainee Engineer

    I think you have just broken the 6th tutorial with the conveyor tubes change :(
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  18. Krypt

    Krypt Junior Engineer

    It must be CubeBlocks fix? Can you share correct definitions? Someone of us maybe will create a mod. Maybe even me )
  19. Sanquira

    Sanquira Trainee Engineer

    Maybe it will be added to hotfix. If not, I'll share it with you. OK?
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  20. JD.Horx

    JD.Horx Senior Engineer

    "This world file is broken and can not be loaded"

    K, can someone confirm this? I'm not sure yet if I'll update my game.
  21. zdzier

    zdzier Apprentice Engineer

    Stable, or Dev?

    No door grouping fix.

    Update on friday on time finally.
  22. Aracus

    Aracus Senior Engineer

    I should probably have posted this in bug reports and what not, but has anyone else had issues with the cockpit "blueprint"(the list of parts needed to build said block) being stuck on screen when you are sitting in a cockpit(observed playing the previous stable branch) or is this fixed in later versions mayhaps? (writing from work)
  23. Julian

    Julian Trainee Engineer

    Mod is causing the problem. But ...
  24. Dariorthan_bsg75

    Dariorthan_bsg75 Trainee Engineer

    that sounds strangly joyfull if you look at your profile pic
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  25. omar

    omar Trainee Engineer

    is air vent working for you guys ?
    for some reason its not working for me

    great update btw love the new building system
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  26. Shuro

    Shuro Apprentice Engineer

    That IS joy. Because there are some mod-developers which said "oh, i fix it when there comes a stable update". And now there it is, these mods are now broken. I'm happy. They need to fix (or abandon) their mods, while there are clever mod-developers which fixed there mods for the dev-branch. These will work now on stable too.

    It's just sad that "Build Info" is still broken because it seems Keen has restricted some class-access.
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  27. omar

    omar Trainee Engineer


    nvm figure it out
    it was changed from the world setting i didn't see it in the list but i remember it form a dev update
    and i turn it on from world settings now and its working
  28. The MoSS 2

    The MoSS 2 Apprentice Engineer

    - fixed copy/paste issues when copying grids with wheels

    Not really, no...

    I just copied and pasted rover and bang, huge explosion as before. Wheels stayed in the air and rest of rover was flying and wildly changing speed and direction - despite gravity.

    Strange, it worked in the new world. I thought you don't need to create a new world to use fixed copy/paste.
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2016
  29. Wyggy

    Wyggy Trainee Engineer

    It's probably a local problem, (also probably wrong thread) but I can't zoom in or out in third person now, nor change to first person when sitting on the console chair in a big ship, however cockpits allow FPV (no zoom in or out though).

    Before someone says it, I tried pressing alt whilst scrolling. Anyone else able to reproduce?

  30. Kephyr

    Kephyr Apprentice Engineer

    Rotors still explode in Dev when pasted from a blueprint saved in dev (if saved in stable its ok). Not only does the pasted in rotor explode, but also the original one. Also the two grids seem to connect somehow...
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