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Update 01.147 - Bug Fixes and Improvements

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by jolk, Aug 4, 2016.

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  1. jolk

    jolk Public Relations

    Hello Engineers! This week's update brings you a round of bug fixes and improvements, as well as the addition of the auto orientation feature. In our dev diary this week, you'll hear from Space Engineers programmer Lukas, who will tell you more about the visual scripting he's been working on.
    The auto orientation feature will help you with building by rotating blocks so that connector pieces are always connected to the grid. All blocks now have one side defined as a "mountpoint". The block will rotate with the mountpoint facing the grid when pressing T (configurable in controls).
    When a block has more than one mountpoint the feature will make it rotate between them.
    In the case a block does not have a defined mount point it will rotate to the "backside" of the block

    Fixes this this week include the problem with Pirates not shooting grids that have a block assigned to them. Also, the atmospheric lander should now allow you to land with it safely - you will no longer need to glide, and instead you can descend. We also fixed the issue with rotors snapping/exploding after loading your saves. The issue with projections when they were turned off or on in DS was also fixed.
    Check below for the full list of this week's fixes and improvements!

    - added auto orientation feature for block

    - fixed character jump
    - fixed pirates are not shooting grids with one block assigned to Pirates
    - fixed walking on alien sand has the grass animation.
    - fixed safety Locking Blocks Conveyors
    - fixed log spammed when blueprint resources runs out.
    - fixed uneditable grids in creative mode missions
    - fixed straight conveyor tube NOT available in large grid
    - fixed rotors snap after loading
    - fixed welding projections are sometimes not possible
    - fixed battery does not function properly through toolbar shortcuts.
    - fixed turning on Projectors with stored blueprints activates the Station-laying boundary box
    - fixed enable/disable Sabroids [Spiders] is missing in advanced menu
    - fixed disabled thrusters still working
    - fixed unable to complete 10th basic tutorial
    - fixed character standing in cockpit with jetpack on
    - fixed piston head connectors disapearing
    - fixed small beacon block group problem
    - fixed projection is not visible after turning projector off and on again
    - fixed being unable to go down with atmospheric lander
    - improved mouse control for character

    Update 004
    - fixed crash in add constraint
    - fixed crash in antenna
    - fixed rotation for clients on other clients
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2016
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  2. Speshal_Snowman

    Speshal_Snowman Apprentice Engineer

    Wow early update!!
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  3. Scorpion00021

    Scorpion00021 Senior Engineer

    "fixed being unable to go down with atmospheric lander"

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  4. I23I7

    I23I7 ME Tester

  5. Killacyte

    Killacyte Senior Engineer

    Wow, earliest update ever! Also, not bad!
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  6. Animal 22

    Animal 22 Trainee Engineer

    Lack of moving focus to the monitor when Lukas looks at it make smy inner camera operator want to hit someone with a brick. And really no demonstration of the auto orientation feature?
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  7. 3eepoint

    3eepoint Junior Engineer

    Nice Update, but is nobody talking about the censored script parts ?
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  8. Mix-martes86

    Mix-martes86 Senior Engineer

    Huh... blurried tab title in the presentation of the visual scripting... some secret stuff we're probably gonna get teased about sometime. Given how those are all about pirate behaviour and encounters, I say it's something related to (autonomous, dynamic) AI ships instead of the regular "programming block" ships.
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  9. DasStrudelMonster

    DasStrudelMonster Trainee Engineer

    Seriously awesome work on this one guys, thank you!
  10. joemorin73

    joemorin73 Junior Engineer

    You noticed that too? I also saw some blocks were blurred out too.
  11. macgeifer

    macgeifer Apprentice Engineer

    they have so many new things in the pipeline. i really hope we will see something in the near future and they can finally fix the physics issues. pistons and rotors were "fixed" several times (never really fixed or broken again^^)

    let me see...
    -update renderer
    -dx11 textures

    what we really need:
    -improved and reliable physics
    -visual fix for planetary rendering (looks really strange when flying in atmosphere)
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  12. Deepflame

    Deepflame Apprentice Engineer

    Please check the Dev branch and give some feedback on the MP movement behaviour, on-going tweaks are being made and constructive feedback is always appreciated. :)
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  13. LFCavalcanti

    LFCavalcanti Senior Engineer

    Okay, nice, fit and dendy... is it?

    It's nice to have better tool to design scenarios, maybe opening up possibilities for autonomous ships with better AI behavior, but...

    What we really need/want to know is what is being done to address the problems we have since forever in this game, like the Piston and Rotor problems discussed in a recent thread, maybe talk about performance improvements to address multiplayer de-sync problems, future improvements to the Dedicated Server.

    The old problem with communication: If you don't say what you are doing or what is your opinion on something, you allow people to make up their own speculations and that generally leads to negative results.

    That's my impression right now, that these problems are not being addressed and they will not be addressed, since you just don't talk about them. Oh and please don't say I should watch the streams to get information, most people don't have the time or schedule for that, this kind of information should be talked about in a blog post or these weekly videos.
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  14. kingkrieg

    kingkrieg Apprentice Engineer

    THANK YOU for this 2 fixes, i was going insane with the rotors in SP Survival/Creative!
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  15. Sir Sulo

    Sir Sulo Apprentice Engineer

    For me, turning projectors off crashes the game now .-.
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  16. posthy

    posthy Apprentice Engineer

    Such early update! I wonder if you KSH guys will use that visual scripting tool only for a few demo/tutorial scenario or maybe we will get an official plot? I'm pretty sure some members of the community will create wonderful campaigns. You'll be challenged! :)
  17. Rabir

    Rabir Trainee Engineer

    When can we except optimization update? Since my external GPU died, SE barely produce 15 FPS in space, without planets... While I run Rocket League with 60+ FPS... Now compare their graphics...
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  18. macgeifer

    macgeifer Apprentice Engineer

    you cant compare this. think about the real time physics and voxel deformation in the background.
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  19. SCP 106 [SPS]

    SCP 106 [SPS] Trainee Engineer

    Did anyone else see for the Visual Scripting tab with the blurred scripts, it was titled 'SE_RogueLike_SM'! Sounds exciting.
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  20. KingdomBragg

    KingdomBragg Junior Engineer

    Looking good. I'm enjoying the dev diaries as it gives us an insight to the long term work that we don't normally see with the weekly updates. Thanks :)
  21. Anubis 2

    Anubis 2 Trainee Engineer

    The new one is so cute
  22. K Man

    K Man Trainee Engineer

    I'm likely in the minority here, but that was the most boring dev video yet. Just my silly opinion and bad taste, but I would have preferred a robot reading the fix list with spaceships flying around in background and that nice music you've been working on playing.
  23. 666Savior

    666Savior Apprentice Engineer

    so in the example they showed using the scripting, it was essentially a basic tutorial. Does this mean that keen might redo their tutorials into something less klunky? I feel like on screen prompts and such would work better than LCD's with a wall of words.
    Aside from that, the scripting looks like a very useful tool and i cant wait until it is implemented so i can try and fail at using it:p :D
  24. Carlosmaid

    Carlosmaid Apprentice Engineer


    Pope approves this update.
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  25. Damadark

    Damadark Trainee Engineer

    I would love to see this visual scripting applied to programmers blocks. I am terrible with programming and when a script breaks I can't even fix it to work again. Still a milestone for future Space Engineers.
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  26. Rabir

    Rabir Trainee Engineer

    Voxels are only deformed when you modify them, after that the 3D model gets generated and uplaodedto the GPU... If they constantly re-generate voxels when they are not updated, they do something really wrong... So yeah, when you don't modify the terrain, you can compare them...
  27. FlakMagnet

    FlakMagnet Senior Engineer

    Interesting update ..... and likewise, I am intrigued by the things we couldn't see rather than what we could :)

    Anythng improving the amount of background activity in the game is a good thing, as space can be pretty...er...empty.
  28. derletztewiderstand

    derletztewiderstand Trainee Engineer

    please where is an update to the stable?
  29. mojomann71

    mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    Going by past ones I say the 18th update is the next probable Stable update. :)
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  30. zdzier

    zdzier Apprentice Engineer

    door grouping still broken. Cuz thats hard to fix, im sure...
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