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Update 01.147 - Bug Fixes and Improvements

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by jolk, Aug 4, 2016.

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  1. Pauli Rikula Trainee Engineer

    That visual scripting looks promising.
  2. Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    Lord Marek ran into a window and decreed that they were too transparent. They immediately started making changes to the glass and after a few iterations this is what we're stuck with right now, because apparently Clang ate the old code. They're working on new glass, which is nice, but that's no excuse for not hotswapping the old glass back in until the new one's ready. I mean i know there's, apparently, no such thing as "easy" programming but it's been months and modders did it in days.

    Oh, and Marek has since stepped down from micromanaging SE. At first that sounded like a great idea (he seems genuinly happier working on GoodAI anyways, why not make both sides happy?) but now we're facing half-eaten changes to block placing and Forced Station Voxel Support and i get the feeling we exchanged pest for cholera.
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  3. druppi Apprentice Engineer


    that bullshit cuas they already have fixed landing gears (more than less) and the same program code should work with just a little tweak for the pistons and rotors too, witch they already tried with the safe-lock addition the problem is they don't concentrate to do it one time right. No instead they just do quick and dirty flicks all the time from week to week[/QUOTE]
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  4. Krienas Trainee Engineer

    As alternative - yes. As replacement? Please don't... That dragging and clicking is such a waste of time after you learn how to code. Visual scripting is cool thing until you learn non-visual approach. For me it was a case with Unreal engine and learning C++. Do not want to be limited with "visual only" approach. :)
    --- Automerge ---
    Wait, wasn't whole video a teaser? :D
  5. Ame Trainee Engineer

    I agree, but the point is to give people an option. Currently, if you don't know C, you are automatically limited to what other people write and put on the workshop. That's why I'm so insistent on VP for the PB, so that those with limited/no experience with writing code can have a more intuitive interface to learn the laws of coding and express their creativity in what might be the most powerful block in the game. IMO, VP should be the default method, to put a "kind face" on the PB; there will be a button to change to the current text-based script editor. Alternatively, you could have an option in the game settings to tell the game which editor you want as default.
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  6. JuStX2 Apprentice Engineer

    I would hope If they were to implement such functionality it would be optional to use it and not mandatory like they did with ME's Compound-Blocks. Also I don't know if you are aware but you can set custom keybinds for most controls in the Options Menu that appears when you Press Esc.
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2016
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  7. scorpion8007 Trainee Engineer

    1.146 Still have problems with nanits ??! Or I something miss for them to run ??? They just do nothing :( What the problem ??
  8. Jananton Trainee Engineer

    Having programmed C and C++ for over twenty years I agree completely, but wouldn't it be nice if one wouldn't have to dive deep into an API just to try simple things out before you invest in all that API crunching anyhow? Also trying to make scripting more accessible to the masses that have no programming experience is a good initiative and maybe could inspire some interesting ideas. :)


  9. JohnDoe Trainee Engineer

    Five minutes of building and I blew a six meter hole in the ground. Yeah, shit's still fucked.
  10. ViroMan Senior Engineer

    Probably going to do the once a month update deal. That is fine with me. Less chance of getting more broken code but, the downside is... more time with the code that is broken. I do hope that if they fix a major bug they rush out a mini-patch to the stable branch.
  11. gimmilfactory Junior Engineer

    Good ol' pistons & rotors!
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  12. Dragonspride Apprentice Engineer

    I haven't played in a year, and I have about 2k hours as well.
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  13. Leaping Tortoise Apprentice Engineer

    Love the new weapons. All I have to do is copy and paste something and it blows up both the original and the copy!

    In all seriousness it's kinda annoying. Seems to be related to wheels. Anyone else having this issue or just me?
  14. russo_bolado Junior Engineer

    I believe the monitor was blurred to hide the monitor's brand and avoid copyright issues. About the blurry bits, it seems they want to keep some mystery :D
  15. KingDank Trainee Engineer

    I always thought, from a gamer's perspective, the Programmable Block should have had Visual Scripting with drop down boxes to select events and actions, etc. But that's just my opinion.
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  16. JamesG Trainee Engineer

    I quit playing a few months ago. It was too frustrating to see my efforts derailed by malfunctions and "improvements." Not to mention such boneheaded details as the insanely untransparent windows.

    It's a shame because this could be a GREAT game. Lots of things right about it. The basic ideas and pattern behind it are truly fine.

    I log onto this forum now and then to see if the development is still slow and chaotic and badly prioritized.

    I look to see if valid criticism meets with courtesy and professionalism or if the critic is told, in one way or another, to shut up. Or simply ignored.

    Well, it's the same as before. The good bits are still spoiled by the fixed patterns of failed fixes and the inexcusable failure to LISTEN. I feel sad about it really.

    See you guys again sometime.
  17. Mr Engineer Apprentice Engineer

    Agreed, no shift in focus. Depth of feild for a reason!! I would have liked to see the auto orientation feature too.
    --- Automerge ---
    Like the update! Did I see a rotor fix in that list or am I on so many meds I'm hallucinating? No demo of the auto orientation feature? I've been kinda wanting this for a while...Kinda expected an update to Stable Branch too.
  18. mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    Just meant if you go by them saying monthly and the one stable update so far, which came at one month.

    I also did say probable lol.
    Wasn't like I gave a cold hard fact that yes it would be the 18th based on the previous one. :)
  19. doom Trainee Engineer

    It seems youre correct. They released a patch today(?) and now my save is working again. I think I indeed had connectors connected back in the Earth. Chained pistons aswell etc vulnerable stuff :)
  20. transistor77777 Apprentice Engineer

    My old Kscript project might still work for some basic things. It's a visual scripting engine for programmable blocks, but I lost motivation to continue it after I lost all the source code to a hard drive crash.

    But if it turns out that keen's new interface does not work with ingame scripting, I might consider working on a new version
  21. Clanner Jake Apprentice Engineer

    someone at keen should have made stickers and insisted he post them on the windows head high because i can't see out of my cockpit without a mod now- heck i can't see out any window usually especially when the glare kicks in at night... we have a decal system for bullets now and stuff, keen could allow us to make persistent stickers and place them like decals and revert the glass[ which would be nice since we could stop with the huge letter blocks and LCD panels everywhere..].
  22. g4borg Apprentice Engineer

    How you display what a scripting block does, is somewhat independent of its base functionality. I think it was a good idea, to start with pure code only, as this way the use of the block could be improved, instead of waiting for a full visual representation. After all, even the visual editor in some way has to create some kind of code.

    I do hope it will be interoperable. To be honest, making it "not working with it" (at all) seems pretty counterproductive from an engineering perspective; It is even hard to imagine, how you would do such a system, which does not simply just smartly parse and generate scripting code. question is of course, how smart it will parse. So I assume, it will work, but I am also glad to read, your body is ready.
  23. Carlosmaid Apprentice Engineer

    Fingers crossed for tomorrow in stable update, keen complete passing to stable whatever makes the MP dev version run much more stable than stable right now(unplayable)!!
  24. AutoMcD Senior Engineer

    very cool to see visual scripting come together
  25. j2redlive Trainee Engineer

    When will Keen likely release the new ship armor block textures? I've been waiting for ages since the teaser and I'm hoping today is the day, please Keen! When you tease something make sure to put it out in a reasonable timeframe. It would be much appreciated.
  26. Sarekh Senior Engineer

    time to launch...

  27. Scorpion00021 Senior Engineer

    or the teased pistols, or the dx11 block replacements..
  28. eviltek2099 Apprentice Engineer

    or the stable multiplayer....
  29. Scorpion00021 Senior Engineer

    Multiplayer has been better for me.. other than the simspeed in the last couple patches bucking like a mechanical bull
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  30. Paul Turley Trainee Engineer

    has anyone else just received a 30mb update just a min ago?
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.