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Update 01.149 STABLE; Update 01.153 DEV - Improvements and Bugfixes

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Sep 15, 2016.

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  1. Drui

    Drui Keen Update Guy Staff

    Hello Engineers! This week’s update is mainly about bug fixes and improvements, some ModAPI changes, and there is also an update for stable branch. The update to the stable branch contains features like chat history, backup saves, improved meteors and the block rotation animation, taking it to version 1.149. You can also enjoy a sneak peak at our process of redesigning block models - we can’t wait to see how the game will look once all blocks have been redone!
    This patch also brings more ModAPI changes - many thanks to Rexxar, Phoenix84 and Malware for all of their hard work! You can get all the details here: https://forums.keenswh.com/threads/modapi-changes.7387237/

    - more ModAPI changes
    - Github source code updated to 01.153

    - improved pasting/copying of rotors
    - improved performance (freeze) when using paint tool
    - fixed rifle animation when cycling through inventory while scoped in
    - fixed particle freeze on tools
    - fixed the System.NullReferenceException with 3DSoundEmitter crash (Part 2)
    - fixed that paint menu may be opened without holding a block
    - fixed see through inv. corner armor block
    - fixed issue where pasting ship into voxel made the second copy static
    - fixed old saves or mods trying to call the "Cyberhound" line of code and crashing
    - fixed sliding door not opening but being able to walk through them
    - fixed Cargo ship spawning more than 3 times within one minute issue
    - fixed crash with small LCD panel
    - fixed issue with yellow "dummy" triangles
    - fixed large atmospheric thrusters displaying 0% power usage when this was not the case
    - fixed issue where you would hear choking sounds even when O2 was disabled
    - fixed Null.Reference crash with DS when loading mods


    Update 01.149 Stable version

    The update to the stable branch contains features like chat-history, improved meteors and the block rotation animation taking it to version 1.149.

    - Meteorites improvements
    - Global chat history
    - Mod error logging improved (thanks to Duncan)
    - added auto orientation feature for block
    - animated rotation box and block preview ( can be turned off in game settings )
    - ModAPI updated

    - fixed character jump
    - fixed pirates are not shooting grids with one block assigned to Pirates
    - fixed walking on alien sand has the grass animation.
    - fixed safety Locking Blocks Conveyors
    - fixed log spammed when blueprint resources runs out.
    - fixed uneditable grids in creative mode missions
    - fixed straight conveyor tube NOT available in large grid
    - fixed rotors snap after loading
    - fixed welding projections are sometimes not possible
    - fixed battery does not function properly through toolbar shortcuts.
    - fixed turning on Projectors with stored blueprints activates the Station-laying boundary box
    - fixed enable/disable Sabroids [Spiders] is missing in advanced menu
    - fixed disabled thrusters still working
    - fixed unable to complete 10th basic tutorial
    - fixed character standing in cockpit with jetpack on
    - fixed piston head connectors disapearing
    - fixed small beacon block group problem
    - fixed projection is not visible after turning projector off and on again
    - fixed being unable to go down with atmospheric lander
    - improved mouse control for character
    - fixed crash in add constraint
    - fixed trees being too "tough", breaking grids too easily
    - fixed mirroring issues for Refinery block
    - fixed Save version checking for MP and SP
    - fixed no clipping caused by exiting cockpit
    - fixed Small Advanced Rotor spinning when placed to empty space
    - fixed ships sinking into the voxel
    - fixed Pistons/Rotors wheels disconnecting when flying with ship
    - fixed Blueprint exploding after locking landing gears to a grid
    - fixed medium cargo container mountpoints
    - fixed issue when player can't complete the fourth tutorial
    - fixed placing new blocks in space creates two blocks
    - fixed exiting from cockpit in survival causes to jump to third person
    - fixed turrets ignoring decoys
    - fixed character flying up when controlling ship remotely
    - fixed new thrusters not working
    - fixed 5x5 wheel suspension for mirror mode
    - fixed LCD panels being pink when turned off
    - fixed faint highlight on small grid
    - fixed Light Armor Inverted Corner block causing clipping
    - fixed 1st planetary tutorial drill not possible to equip
    - fixed Antenna on Rotor can't access other antennas (Out of Broadcast range bug)
    - fixed corpse waypoint does not update when moved
    - fixed walking on alien sand having the grass animation
    - fixed lag when placing blocks
    - fixed projectors not loading blueprints in survival
    - blocks in groups now remember last orientation used
    - search in G-menu will find all hidden blocks now
    - groups now remember the last selected block
    - tweaked inverse kinematics for character in 1st person
    - fixed grids list button being unclickable in terminal
    - fixed character standing in cockpit after victory animation
    - fixed entering cockpit while falling and exiting it
    - fixed spider attack animation being too fast
    - fixed rifle can't use more than 1 type of ammo
    - fixed logging issues from SharpDX
    - fixed Sorter draining all bouncing items in wrong direction
    - fixed player position being under Cryochamber when actually inside
    - fixed server rank desync
    - fixed impossibility of camera rotation in front of hangar doors
    - fixed rotor speed not coming back to zero at right click
    - fixed stuck camera automatic zoom
    - fixed crash in antenna
    - fixed rotation for clients on other clients
    - fixed spectator switching to character when aiming with gun
    - fixed 2nd player does not see message when sitting inside cockpits of the same ship
    - fixed no oxygen when near closed Sliding Door
    - fixed door invisible when starting a game again after save in Cryopod
    - fixed thrusters don't power up unless cycled
    - fixed airvent triggers don't work
    - fixed SE hangs on world load with lots of active projectors
    - fixed crash at Havok.HkBreakOffListener.breakOffSubPart
    - fixed inventory not being able to find containers.
    - fixed elite and standard tools running at the same speed
    - fixed power down grid from secondary cockpit
    - fixed explosions sounds too short and the sound skips
    - fixed save hangs at the loading screen
    - fixed several issues with projector
    - fixed memory crash in emitters
    - fixed pilot in 3rd person when exiting cockpit
    - fixed crash in string measuring
    - fixed spawning stone when drilling stones on DS
    - fixed MWM builder
    - fixed advanced menu checkboxes

    Quickfix Stable 149.004

    -Improved copy/pasting in planet gravity where grids would stay static
    -Fixed the issue with ore rocks on planet surfaces only showing up with Iron Ore
    -Fixed drill disappearing after picking up rocks
    -Fixed issue with hand grinder and elite grinder causing issue when trying to equip and dying while having it equipped
    - Fixed crash with mods with materials without definition
    - Fixed rare crash when removing connectivity from blocks
    - Fixed a log crash that occurred after closing the game
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  2. David184

    David184 Apprentice Engineer

    wow look at all the fixes!
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  3. Sergeant Snuggles

    Sergeant Snuggles Junior Engineer

    Well yeah its 4 weeks worth give or take isnt it?

    They ran out of things to say so I see they added fixing character jump twice :p
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  4. SilentSymphony

    SilentSymphony Apprentice Engineer

    Thanks for the update guys!
  5. Conradian

    Conradian Moderator

    Thanks Xoc for showing off the new landing gear... Looks a lot better ;)
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  6. I23I7

    I23I7 ME Tester

    Yes sorry i fixed my mistake. The log should be good now.
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  7. omar

    omar Trainee Engineer

    that from the stable update 1.44 .
    dont know if its mistake :D
  8. chemicalscum

    chemicalscum Apprentice Engineer

    The new blocks look amazing, can't wait to see them in game.
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  9. iambeard

    iambeard Trainee Engineer

    Magnificent box!
  10. Armada115

    Armada115 Trainee Engineer

    ooh this is what was hoping for!!!!

    thanks Devs! got a new kick of life to the game for me. after the last patch kinda lost interest but today YAY! full steam ahead
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  11. Sergeant Snuggles

    Sergeant Snuggles Junior Engineer

    It was a glorious mistake, you telling me they only fixed it once ;)
  12. iambeard

    iambeard Trainee Engineer

    Will the small pistons on the landing gear actually function? Can they take a little bit of crushing power before they give away?
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  13. Burillo

    Burillo Junior Engineer

    i don't think they will be animated
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  14. omar

    omar Trainee Engineer

    they repeated in the fixes list
  15. LFCavalcanti

    LFCavalcanti Senior Engineer

    I am concerned on how much of a performance hit these new textures will be. As it is now 3GB of VRAM is not enough to play Space Engineers in Space smoothly, planets might be impossible after these textures are in-game.
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  16. DemonFiren

    DemonFiren Apprentice Engineer

    Sure this wasn't last week's update? Or the week before that? Or the month before that?
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  17. Burillo

    Burillo Junior Engineer

    you're saying like it's a bad thing.
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  18. Rabir

    Rabir Trainee Engineer

    The new landing gear looks like some hardcore mech suit's leg :D I like it... Fix rotors and pistons so we can build giant walking stompers
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  19. WarWyvern

    WarWyvern Trainee Engineer

    Aw. I was hoping for a double jump.
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  20. omar

    omar Trainee Engineer

    can we see the progress of other teams in the video next weak ?
    maybe the progress of multiplayer team ? or the network team ?
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  21. Rabir

    Rabir Trainee Engineer

    Of course. Because these are weekly update. And they can not finish every single feature just within a week... Modelling those stuff require months...í
    These weekly updates are aimed for bugfixing and improvements...

    Even other games from big publishers & dev teams has several month delay between updates...
    --- Automerge ---
    What would you see there? :D Thousands line of code, nothing else... Because it would be the very same as now except with less bugs... A programmer blog abou it would be more useful...
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  22. posthy

    posthy Apprentice Engineer

    Such early update! And so many nice fixes!
    Me like! :)
    And those new blocks look great, can we see the ion thrusters next week? Maybe in other color than red? :p
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  23. Jikanta

    Jikanta Apprentice Engineer

    Wow, it's not even time for me to go to work yet. Awesome models! Glad the walking on alien sand having the grass animation was fixed twice. Smack it again for good measure.
  24. omar

    omar Trainee Engineer

    yea or blog the idea to see the progress how its going for the game stability :)
  25. S7E

    S7E Trainee Engineer

    • Inappropriate Behavior
    You know, haters gonna hate. Just wait until all the other whiners are coming in and complaining about the updates.

    @ Haters
    You want some cheese with your whine?
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  26. SirWest_92

    SirWest_92 Trainee Engineer

    AAAAAWWWW, I was just starting to have fun with that :D
  27. Smoq2

    Smoq2 Trainee Engineer

    I really liked this particular status update video. I've seen the other ones, but this one seems more like an actual demo of progress rather than another "hype" marketing vid. As I write this, I actually feel like Keen is treating me as a client who invested in their vision. Like they sincerely want me to know what they are doing and how the product I'll receive is going to perform and look like.

    Maybe it's because I work as a marketer for a similar company like them and we do such demos as well... Or maybe I just haven't seen any other dev house with an EA title make the effort.

    Anyway... Congratulations Keen SH! You've made an experienced IT marketer believe you're genuine! That's a feat!
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  28. eviltek2099

    eviltek2099 Apprentice Engineer

    Is anyone else having Inventory refresh issues prior to this patch? and did this patch fix it?
  29. ghofmann

    ghofmann Trainee Engineer

    Thank you TheXPGamers and WastedSpace! lol. Your published update testing has served us well!
  30. Seff

    Seff Apprentice Engineer

    Missing from patch notes for stable branch:

    *Introduced copy-paste rotor/wheel/piston bug from Dev branch. Copy and paste anything with a wheel/rotor/piston to make it explode.
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