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Update 01.149 STABLE; Update 01.153 DEV - Improvements and Bugfixes

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Sep 15, 2016.

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  1. Runningwithhamster Trainee Engineer

    It's me, or new landing gear have different dimensions than original one? It looks like 2x2x1 :p
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  2. Catastross900 Trainee Engineer

    Did the projector hologram change or is it just me that has it withe?
  3. Pennywise Apprentice Engineer

    So, access to elevation added to Prog Block in dev branch?
    Well done then.
  4. rem0219 Trainee Engineer

    Yeah !!!!


    I compiled the sources and I get the 01.152.002 version of Space engineers. Small error in the post or I have to wait a few days for the 01.153 ?
    Thanks !!
  5. kingkrieg Apprentice Engineer

    I dont know if anyone noticed but Anton's office Chair looks nice! where can i get one like these?
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  6. Harrekin Master Engineer

    Thank you community members for actually adding more functionality to the game.

    That is all...
  7. Geoff Trainee Engineer

    Looks good, but can I ask what 'improved meteors' means for the stable branch?

    Am I going to be able to stop worrying about them coming through the planet at me now?

  8. Acolyte Apprentice Engineer

    The new model textures look nice (apart from the weathering which I'm not a fan of) but they look, ummm, detailed.

    When they are introduced will we be forced to adopt them or will we able to select to keep the old blocks for performance consistency.

    I'm not too concerned about keeping the old ones up to date (as long as they don't crash the game) I can live with a mismatch as long a I can prevent framerates dropping through the floor if I need to.
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  9. Manticore Apprentice Engineer

    +1 KSH!
  10. Ahoukenja Trainee Engineer

    I are confoosed, I have had save backups on stable since the last update, and 75% of the 'fixes' in the list for stable are either duplicate, or not something I've been experiencing.
    That is not to say that someone wasn't experiencing those issues, but at least a few of them were either already fixed, or not an issue in the first place.
    Notably, the following issues, weren't an issue:
    The 'spider' checkbox has been there the whole time, but the 'station voxel support' checkbox is (or was, haven't checked yet) missing.
    Straight conveyor tubes, I've placed hundreds of these in the last 2 weeks alone, in a new save started after the update. They are, and have been, in the group with the conveyor hub.

    There may be others but at the very least the
    entry is there twice.

    As a side note, I really like the look of the new blocks, and am (rather impatiently) looking forward to seeing them in-game. That hydrogen thruster alone will eliminate at least one of the mods currently in use on my clans server. Is there any chance we can get a copy of the materials and premades library as a modder's resource? It would likely save several of us some time and effort, and improve model quality (in some cases), and improve our ability to have things 'just look right'

    EDIT: Sorry for the long post
  11. fullforward Trainee Engineer

    Please share some information of progress of netcode and performance-related plans and some kind of time frame. And yes please some cheese with this whine. I just want to have some hope regarding this great idea of a game. Looks like the graphics team is working super hard, my thanks. But graphics never was a problem....
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  12. FlakMagnet Senior Engineer

    Well....having fired up 1.153, it's hopefully hotfix time soon....

    Pistons and rotors are not behaving as they should ( well, OK, I know they never have... ) but now they are even more broken. Anything attached to a piston or rotor seems to belong in another dimension, and not part of the grid. Kind of messed up quite a few things in my current world.

    Oh well. Bugfixing .... 2 steps forward, one step back :)
  13. Spets Master Engineer

    more problem with rotors.... :mad:
    they are there, I can see them, but they are not appearing in the control menu. I checked using Build Vision mod, and yes, they are actually in place, but not working. Is weird because some rotors are fine.

    also, I have a drilling platform that exploded. Yes, it was made with piston+rotor :eek:ops:
    it is also weird, because not all the drilling platform exploded, just one, and they are made the same way. ???
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  14. Harrekin Master Engineer

    Lol, they don't know what they're doing with it, hence the 40 grand prize they're offering internally.
  15. Hotshot Jimmy Senior Engineer

    It seems that on loading a world, pasting in a ship/station or pasting a blueprint the connected grid (rotor/piston head) immediately become detached. The only way I noticed this was I loaded up a world where I was in a space station that hovered in the 0.12 gravity of a planet. First I knew was the power not coming on and the station falling because the solar panels on rotors were falling away from the station. Reloaded, same result. Pasted one in and it held, reloaded and same result, pasted another and this time the same failure happened. There is a couple bug reports so hopefully we might see a fix tomorrow. Fingers crossed otherwise its back to building some ships till its fixed.
  16. Devon_v Senior Engineer

    It means they don't aim directly at you anymore and they light on fire in the atmosphere. They probably still attack you from underground because that started happening again and was fixed again in 1.51 I believe.
  17. sankti Trainee Engineer

    Thats what you have got when you complain about rotors and pistons! result broke world update, I have played relaxed on version 1.152 now fuckin Steam even in offline mode saying "update required" I DONT FUCKING WANT IT, ANY IDEA HOW TO STAY ON 1.152 VER ? HELP PLEASE I DONT WANT TO UPDATE IT, how to get rid "update required" in Steam
  18. Acolyte Apprentice Engineer

    Glass is still scratched :(
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  19. Arkideit Trainee Engineer

    Hello guys! This is realy cool update! And i wish to see new models in SE ASAP!))
    I would like to recomend (even this is a not suggestion and recomendation branch of forum :)) one thing. Those model are realy cool, but they got one issue - they are boring by color. I mean almost all body of model painted with one color. I wish to see fucntionality to add several colors in one model. If it is impossible, than would be good to make visual variarity with painted elements and not painted. I understand that this is a WIP and models could be different, well this is sugesstion for now. :)
    For example (left repainted, righ original):
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  20. DustinMVille Trainee Engineer

    my only fear with the new textures and models is will i still be able to run the game after there implemented the game runs bad enough as is for me (Trying to run the game on what is equivalent to Intel HD 4000 is not very pretty. but i can stand bad fps down to 20fps sometimes 15)
  21. Beartlaoi Trainee Engineer

    When I join my 01_149_002 creative dedicated server it wont actually spawn.
    Whether I select a Medical Room or Space suit the menu goes away and I am stuck there without a character and unable to move. I can alt-look around and the F10 menus come up but it seem the character is stuck in limbo.
    The save game was originally created in 1.144 offline but I loaded it in Offline mode and everything works, just cant spawn on DS.
  22. RkyMtnDude Apprentice Engineer

    Good news and work. Thanks!

    (disclaimer: MULTIPLAYER: The following, I know, is not true for all servers and Admins. However, those Admins worked hard to get their servers to be more stable than the current code really supports. They often have imposed creativity limiting limits on them out of necessity under the idea that a Simple, stable, but limited server is better than an awesome server that is unstable. They can keep their servers up better and often maintain a player base but then, they often are not playing the game as intended due to those necessary limits.) I can almost guarantee if you bounced onto any server and said, "hey, we are removing simple build limits and the game will still play ok,. Just keep it reasonable", most players would jump at it. They mainly play those servers since they have a larger player base and better uptime due to all that admin work and imposed limits.)

    Can't wait to see the improvements to MP start to take hold. MP sessions always end in disappointment to me either due to clang, sim/travel speeds, and/or loss of players due to their frustration. Sad to see decent servers draw a crowd, then lose sim speed, start having clang, and then have the server start crashing. The players inevitably leave or the Admin has to be a Super Admin and dedicate too much time to maintenance rather than play. I know. You know this. Just sayin because I really want to get seriously into MP empire building... and maybe even try to host a server again. Seems some technical issue gets in the way of that for me everytime unless I just play SP.. which, to me, is very boring and is really only used as a ship designer for my blueprints.
    I am certain that there are quite a number of people out there that would come back and play regularly and even evangelize the game. But for now, most of those look at the updates, maybe test it a bit, and go back to wishing, waiting, and looking at other potential games on the horizon that may fill the gap should this one never, or take too long to, fulfill.
    We need a decent number of players and/or some good deep content. Not just mods and build limits. Ideally more than a couple of dozen players on a server... Unlimited worlds just seem silly to me and counter-productive to performance if you cannot populate it with players. Isn't that what Endless Sky did? Too much space, too little,and or repetitive content, and a lack of player interaction. Just asking.. Idk.

    Also, I have a request when it comes to LCD panels. Like the doors, when you highlight it you get the yellow highlight. While this can be helpful to a degree it is also annoying to a greater degree. I would, personally, like to see them highlighted with a yellow ring around the edge instead of the whole surface. It makes it so less attractive and less immersive to me to see the whole panel yellow when trying to read lcd panels at close range in, say, an admin station where you should be able to read clearly with little bother.
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  23. JimTheSoundman Trainee Engineer

    In the update video for 1.153, does anyone know what the two programs are that he is using to model and then render the new designs?
  24. Kokurokoki Apprentice Engineer

    I'm not getting this issue. My fighter has 3 pistons that act as retractable landing gear, and none of them are acting like this when I copy-paste them.

    Also it seems like sensors are bugged or have been changed again, can anyone confirm? Some scripts that rely on sensors have stopped working.
  25. Jananton Trainee Engineer

    Hm, don't get me wrong I very much like the intention of making all blocks more realistic, but when looking at what we've seen from the modeling - very high poly models - in this video and several teasers I have the same concern. Obviously a LOD system can do a lot performance wise, but that comes with other 'problems' like at what distance you go to a more simplified model without the user noticing, how many simplifying steps are nescessairy and things like that.
    I hope you pull that off guys, the designs sure look great.


  26. mric Trainee Engineer

    You switch to creative mode then copy paste it.
    Just make sure you don't sit when you paste it or the piston might explode and injured you.
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  27. DragonClass Trainee Engineer

    I'm likewise slightly concerned about this. The models look great, but will all the gains from current performance and optimisation tweaks be lost when these models are added? I hope not. I generally think Keen is doing a good job so hopefully these concerns will have been thought about.
  28. RayvenQ Moderator

    I'm guessing that quite a few polys may be saved with the new PBR and normal maps for detail. Sure they may be slightly higher poly than the old models, but the normal maps will do a lot of work giving detail that has no impact on performance. Also, we know theres optimisation stuff in the pipes, so we'll have to wait and see if we'll get those alongside the new models.
  29. Rabir Trainee Engineer

    It can be more like a balance change, not a bug I think...
  30. posthy Apprentice Engineer

    I don't think we have to be concerned about the poly count. Currently the sim speed drops much faster than FPS when I'm building large structures, so there's room for more details.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.