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Update 01.150 DEV - Render Improvements and Bugfixes

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Aug 25, 2016.

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  1. Typo91 Trainee Engineer

    Can't launch the game?!?! "Graphics error occurred" perhaps your gpu is not new enough? I have a Nvidia GTX 970.... with Nvidia drivers from July 2016.

    already selected the new development build in the steam properties. anyone else? I was just playing 15min before the update, in 1.149....

    also already verified files cache.

    Error log shows a bunch of "Error Branch name can not be resolved"....
    Still messing with it
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2016
  2. FlakMagnet Senior Engineer

    Some good stuff here. nice!
  3. Wuxian Trainee Engineer

    This update has me hyped for Space Engineers again! Awesome to see some of the big changes finally coming!
  4. damoran Junior Engineer

    Wow, looks amazing! Fantastic job guys I'm really loving the new look and those new blocks in the teaser are works of art.

    One of the reasons I like SE over other voxel games is the quality, I'm very pumped to see that coming back in these updates.

    Stood up and started clapping when I saw the update video!
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  5. tharkus Junior Engineer

    awesome update and fixes, and also...
    THAT teaser.. the hype is growing.
  6. Stardriver907 Master Engineer

    So, it looks like I might be able to keep my big ships.

    I'm so happy

  7. EctoSage Trainee Engineer

    Graphically, a very impressive update, but I have to ask, shall the wolves act like wolves? Avoid humans, stick to their territory, be uneasy around large explosions, only really attack livestock? Are we getting livestock?
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  8. Manticore Apprentice Engineer

    I didn't think I was in the dev branch but I seem to have had two updates in the past day. I notice some enhanced nVidida threading implementation. Not before time.........
  9. blkandwhtlion Trainee Engineer

    At 4.43-4.45 he totally says the S word...

    Freaking awesome art work done though. I know it might seem like trivial work, but having in game artistic flair and optimizations makes the hard work in designing things feel more worth it for me because they look nicer. I don't want to build things I know will look awful. You guys are definitely fixing that, so great job.
  10. YourDEADm8 Trainee Engineer

    They also forgot to mention the improvements they did to the player when holding a gun and walking Left and Forward
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2016
  11. Geneticus Senior Engineer

    I see you are in the Netherlands. I have seen this issue before and changing steam servers to another region fixed it temporarily or just waiting for Steam servers to sync. Occasionally Steam replication can take a long time. There should be some guides to changing steam server locations on Google or YouTube.
  12. Apsyc Apprentice Engineer

    That teaser made me hard... to be distracted because I it was beautiful!

    Also, Cyberhounds are just hounds now? Well I'll be enabling those for the first time ever!
  13. Geneticus Senior Engineer

    Verify Cache? Reboot to force Steam to reload?
  14. Bleh Trainee Engineer

    well i'm sure i'm goign to get banned

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  15. Typo91 Trainee Engineer

    Yes i've done all that so far... still nothing, same crash...

    even clean installed 372.54 nvida drivers (like todays)

    deleted my cfg file... no effect...
    this blows... 1.149 was working great, and now i hear even if i get it working, i have new freezes to look forward too
  16. Hakon102 Apprentice Engineer

    Very nice update !! and these new shaders, arrww

    Edit: I like the change to Wolves ! Hopefully they dont attack Metal blocks in the future, anymore
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2016
  17. OmEgA_StOrM Apprentice Engineer

    I like the Progress :)

    I totally agree that they have to Focus right now on Performance but I hope that after they managed to get the game to a playable state they are also going to add more varaity to the game by either creating this by there own or implementing famous mods.
  18. Gwindalmir Senior Engineer

    You cannot load worlds between stable and develop. Do not try.
    This is not an intended feature.
    You can go forward (from stable to develop), but not backwards.
    You never could.

    I hope they never add that, it's far more work to continually maintain forward and backwards compatibility than it's worth for an alpha game (it's not just a set and forget thing, it must be kept up all the time).
    Dev time is better spent elsewhere.
    Either pick a branch and stick to it, or use different worlds for different branches.
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2016
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  19. rexxar Senior Engineer

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  20. Gwindalmir Senior Engineer

    Go into steam a select 'Verify local cache'. You can immediately cancel it.
    Sometimes you have to force steam to update, and that does it.
  21. DasOverlord Trainee Engineer

    Kudos to the dev team on the new lighting and optimizations! Really feels more like space with the darker areas and shadowing. Sunlit areas are so much brighter. I think I may even be getting a few more FPS too. The only thing I don't care for is the "haze" effect around LCD text. Maybe there is a setting to reduce that?

    Its too bad the changes broke mod textures. I'm sure we'll get a quick fix for that.
  22. Atrum Trainee Engineer

    Loaded up the game, unlocked my ship, started floating straight up in the air. Thrusters off, power off, ship floats up and up.[​IMG]
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  23. MotherbrainJr Apprentice Engineer

    If they can just keep those framerates up, this game could look fantastic. Those new textures look awesome.
  24. Bahroth Apprentice Engineer

    Loving the lighting and texture changes, currently though the bloom default settings make smaller text pretty hard to read on LCDs.

    Turning down Bloom Emmisiveness to about 1-1.5 makes smaller text easily readable.
    That is on line 98 of the Environment.scb.

    Also! When did grinders no longer make grid chunks shoot out of a grinder pit?
    Its such a relief that only the odd few blocks fall in the grinders rather than in your face or across the landscape :p

    Edit: I retract that statement about the grinders, tool shake was off in that save T-T
    That stuff is deadly.
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2016
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  25. AedanXaelan Apprentice Engineer

    Honestly, I strongly agree with this. I love that there is life in the game in the form of wolves, but I really hope they eventually become natural (and maybe persistent-ish) roaming creatures that don't really attack unless you give them a reason to. Wolves normally just try to avoid humans.
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  26. beelzerob Apprentice Engineer

    I loaded our earth world, it was night, and still had plenty of light. Sad face. Where's my pitch blackness?
  27. Merandix Junior Engineer

    Okay guys, gotta say... that looks damned good! Can't wait to see where that'll end up!

    Slightly worried about 'forming a new netcode team' though. Did you guys hit difficulties? Or are you going to double your efforts on it or something? It seems a bit late to be 'forming' that team.

    Also, the new hydrogen thruster looks AWESOME. I hope you guys do realise the particle-effects shooting out of it now also need to look more impressive and need to SOUND more impressive as well. I also like the new Gyro!

    All that aside, I, and many other players would still LOVE to hear some info on pistons and rotors. Are you guys considering replacing them with something more intuitive? Or are you merely going to try and fix them? Or do you already consider them fixed?

    We know you're going to work on netcode, we know you're upgrading and optimizing rendering, which looks very nice. But many of us would also love to at least hear something about those two little problem-children of SE. Just knowing if it is regarded as a problem or not, just knowing if you guys are planning on making them better or not would be great already.

    I honestly think that if you get rotors and pistons to function like a first-time player would mostly EXPECT them to work, without limiting creativity (and I know this will also require changes to how two grids interact with one-another), and a good multiplayer along with the visuals you showed here... and this game still has a lot of potential. I just want to know if I have to give up on those features or not. Because frankly, pistons and rotors are some of the best features in this game. Get them working properly, and it's an extremely solid title.
  28. Kezat Trainee Engineer

    I was unable to load my saves, due to the save being a "newer version" selecting develop branch instead of the development branched solve it.
    I suspect many are playing the wrong version so in case it's not clear.

    IF YOU PLAY DEV VERSION, make sure you select the "develop" branch in steam after this update as the wrong/old one seems to be selected by default.

    Aside from that this looks like a fantastic update:)
  29. DasOverlord Trainee Engineer

    That worked, thanks! I started poking in bloom but wasn't sure which of the dozen settings it was. Mine was set to 1.3 so I turned it down to 0.8 to good effect.
  30. DrEarlInsanity Trainee Engineer

    Projections. don't. Weld. Properly.
    find a ship that has any self repair systems
    find a ship that projects and welds turrets for a def system
    find any form of projected weapon system
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.