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Update 01.151 DEV - Realistic Sounds, Improvements and Bugfixes

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Sep 1, 2016.

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  1. Drui

    Drui Keen Update Guy Staff

    In this week's update to the development branch, we're releasing the new realistic sound mode for Space Engineers. The new sound mode can be enabled via the world options (the original mode was named arcade mode). It’s also worth mentioning that there are new sounds being released in this update for both modes, such as choking and damaged block sounds.
    The main area of improvement this week was to the G-screen. You can now find all blocks and their variants by using the search bar, and you can also find all blocks, even ones within groups, in the appropriate sidebar sections.
    Bugs fixed this week include players being able to turn off the power of enemy ships when connected to them and pressing Y, and open hangar doors blocking sunlight onto oxygen farms. Lastly, it is now possible to raise and lower your helmet visor when sitting in any seat or cockpit.

    In case you are experiencing audio issues after this update (for example audio not working at all), please update audio drivers for your audio card.

    Common Audio Features
    - Ship sounds - possibility to switch (in audio options) to power output sound mode (not speed based)
    - Reverb effect in voxel caves
    - Performance improvements for blocks using sounds (not updating distant emitters)
    - You can switch helmet on/off in cockpits
    - Tons of audio tweaks, audio bug fixes and volume balances
    - New sounds (gatling, block damage effects, choking sounds, ...)
    - For modders: change in IMyLandingGear interface - added IMyEntity GetAttachedEntity()

    Realistic Audio
    - It's a world option - everyone in the same world will have this
    - Many sounds now have a “Realistic” variant
    - When in space, sounds are switched to these alternate sounds
    - Sound in space is transmitted only through grids or voxels
    - In a ship or station you hear basic sound variants (arcade) but space sound rules are applied (you will not hear other ships)
    - You can still hear sounds from your suit or tools you are using
    - Many audio filters are used to modify sounds based on the player helmet and cockpit
    - Sounds on planets or moons with atmosphere will behave like before, with the exception of cockpit/helmet filters (note: Earth Moon has no atmosphere)
    - Added new sounds used only in this mode (like breathing)
    Improvements & Fixes
    - improved control for thrusters on subgrids (controlling a subgrid grants you control over the thrusters now)
    - removed scratches from glass
    - improved and reorganized the G screen block menu
    - improved the building system (Block distance is now remembered when switching between blocks, improved searching in G screen, returning "place station block" back ingame)
    - pausing the game now also pauses most of the GPU particles
    - removed extra curved conveyor tube from G screen
    - added a function where scrolling in spectator mode does not speed up your actual movement speed when you have a block selected
    - ADDLOCALGPS is no longer save to checkpoint
    - fixed issue with ship inventory scroll and personal inventory
    - fixed Fleeting Rival flying too close to the ground when engaging player
    - fixed cubes not retaining rotation within same group
    - fixed player being able to turn off enemy ship when connected
    - fixed error message appearing in Tutorial 8
    - fixed IsShooting boolean for IMyYserControllableGun
    - fixed when splitting resources that the text field was not highlighted
    - fixed when there were holes between meshes on the ground
    - made MyFakes and MyCompilationSymbols foolproof for releases
    - fixed issue with corrupt world due to IMyGps
    - fixed airtight hangar doors blocking oxygen farms
    - fixed day length now being saved when changed before loading
    - fixed a issue seeing through block: 2x2x1 inv. corner

    Hotfix Development version 1.151.005:
    -Fixed issue with shooting glass and all particles disappearing
    -Fixed issue G screen,with mod, that was crashing when searching for "f"
    -Fixed crash to desktop with 3D.SoundEmitter
    - Sound with small ships in atmosphere
    - Improved ambient volume changes
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  2. Ed Frost

    Ed Frost Senior Engineer

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  3. SilentSymphony

    SilentSymphony Apprentice Engineer

    woo thanks for the hard work, Cant wait to test this out after a nap ;P
  4. Speshal_Snowman

    Speshal_Snowman Apprentice Engineer

    Woop woop!!!!
  5. Appw0905

    Appw0905 Trainee Engineer

    More sounds yas!
  6. FlakMagnet

    FlakMagnet Senior Engineer

    Yay \\\\o////

    new sounds.

    Yay ... opening helmet when in a cockpit...it's a nice touch.

    Bugfixes.,.we'll see but THANK GOD the windows are fixed
  7. Mobiyus

    Mobiyus Apprentice Engineer

    Rejoice! We can see now!
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  8. Speshal_Snowman

    Speshal_Snowman Apprentice Engineer

    Whatthathath No more scratches!!!!!!!!!!
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  9. mojomann71

    mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    Waiting for the rants to begin....
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  10. Gwindalmir

    Gwindalmir Senior Engineer

    I love realistic sounds.
    I can take my helmet off in the cockpit, finally!
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  11. Sanfard

    Sanfard Apprentice Engineer

    "- removed scratches from glass"

    Oh snap!
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  12. AdmObir

    AdmObir Apprentice Engineer

    Correction, this should have read
    + Windex added

    In all seriousness, thanks for making this change, it is much appreciated!
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  13. Shuro

    Shuro Apprentice Engineer

    CLEAR GLASS! Someone, Screenshot it!
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  14. Auhrii

    Auhrii Apprentice Engineer

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  15. Xellon

    Xellon Trainee Engineer

    Aside from the realistic Audio (which I love!) this might be the best change in this week's update! :woot:
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  16. mojomann71

    mojomann71 Senior Engineer

    I wouldn't say that it is exactly clear.. :)

    Just a step in the right direction.
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  17. chrisb

    chrisb Senior Engineer

    Glass.. scratches...gone...:tu:

    That would have done without anything else..

    Great update, checking it out very soon. ;)
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  18. Me 10 Jin

    Me 10 Jin Apprentice Engineer

  19. KingdomBragg

    KingdomBragg Junior Engineer

    Awwww yisssss!!! :D
  20. Leadfootslim

    Leadfootslim Senior Engineer

    - improved control for thrusters on subgrids (controlling a subgrid grants you control over the thrusters now)

    Does this mean what I think it means? VTOL hype?!
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  21. thedoctor1413

    thedoctor1413 Trainee Engineer

    "improved control for thrusters on subgrids (controlling a subgrid grants you control over the thrusters now)" Does this mean what I think it means? o.0
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  22. The MoSS 2

    The MoSS 2 Apprentice Engineer

    "- You can switch helmet on/off in cockpits"

    I like this one, a lot!
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  23. Razoic

    Razoic Trainee Engineer

    "- fixed cubes not retaining rotation within same group" Does this apply to rotor attachments?

    Great patch, addressed many of the player concerns from G menu changes, and station / ship starting block :)
  24. Timotei~

    Timotei~ Apprentice Engineer

    I hope it means what I think it means. :woot: Rotating nacelle hype!
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  25. DigitalStone

    DigitalStone Apprentice Engineer

    My world file is still corrupt.
    Last time i corrected the version number manually inside the sbc-file and worked.
    But now it doesn't.

    Anyone a clue?
  26. Lé Grand Sárrazin

    Lé Grand Sárrazin Apprentice Engineer

    :,) Yay.. just yay :,) Now on to testing if my mods are no longer black!! *fingers crossed*
  27. Terminal_6

    Terminal_6 Trainee Engineer

    I really like the realistic sounds, but I assume any mods that use custom sounds will need to be updated. I've been heavily using Rider's Battle Cannons and Turrets, hopefully they'll get a vibration sound soon.
  28. Replic TuaniOne

    Replic TuaniOne Apprentice Engineer

    BUG: When you open G Menu and try search, it crashes the game, done this 3 times, all the same results.
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  29. chemicalscum

    chemicalscum Apprentice Engineer

    Amazing, love the new sound a lot and the new lighting of last week as well. Very good work, keep it up :)
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  30. Gector

    Gector Trainee Engineer

    YES! So many great improvements! :D
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