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Update 01.157 STABLE

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Nov 10, 2016.

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  1. Drui Keen Update Guy Staff

    New Stable branch has been released!


    - Visual Scripting (Guide: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=779965489 )
    - Physics improvements
    - Main menu redesign
    - Larger max voxel tool size (creative)
    - Added explosion visual effect after destruction of certain blocks
    - Ability to select a default camera in a remote control block
    - Particle effects improvements
    - Parallelization (Loading of grids is now processed asynchronously. This translates into less freezing during copying & pasting grids or during spawning of cargo ships, drones and using blueprints. It also significantly reduces loading times.)
    - Configurable block limits & Performance warnings (Guide: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=767867448 )
    - New NPC (Sabiroids and wolves) Pathfinding system (using Recast&Detour)

    - added rotation and tracking to spectator camera so that it can be used for easier video shooting
    - fixed particle testing tool, particle editor
    - fixed crash with remote control when removing gps coordinates
    - fixed crash ArgumentOutOfRangeException at MyGridClipboard.AlignRotationToCoordSys
    - fixed crash at VRageRender.MyScreenDecals.AddDecal
    - fixed crash 'System.NullReferenceException' occurred in HavokWrapper.dll
    - fixed changing Interior Light radius moving the reflection
    - fixed an increase in GC memory by 2GB due to cargo ship spawn followed by freeze
    - fixed modded character stats updating on respawn
    - fixed bottom of the Passage Block having no mountpoint
    - fixed start system drill not being equipped properly
    - fixed griefing issue with PB block
    - fixed 3rd person camera after loading game and exiting cockpit
    - fixed issue with sound of blocks being placed heard by other players regardless of distance
    - removed sound of suffocating for creative
    - fixed sound of not enough powered production blocks
    - fixed Procedural Asteroids not spawning any Ice
    - fixed particles after explosion staying too long
    - added "Enable Echo" button in sound options, for players experiencing distortions in audio
    - fixed issue with players having no audio in-game
    - fixed crash related to pistons
    - fixed conveyor disappearing after welding
    - added reload time to automated Gatling turrets.
    - cleaned up the G-Screen by removing duplicates
    - fixed sliding door and door cannot be grouped
    - fixed the rendering issue when copying grid and being in bounding box of pasted grid
    - fixed rifle clipping
    - fixed collision detection problem for refinery build models
    - fixed atmospheric thrusters creating a fake mounting point
    - fixed jetpack deactivating when reloading game in-cockpit
    - fixed FOV issues when deleting a jump-driving ship
    - fixed drill disappearing in survival
    - fixed connectors not connecting to each other
    - fixed myMechanicalConnectionBlockBase issues
    - fixed rebinding "Hold to look around" to another key disabling camera zoom
    - fixed despawning of looted wolves closing any open inventory screen
    - fixed missile turrets aiming (damaging nearby grids or trying to shoot through grids)
    - fixed max. building boundaries not being shown after CTRL+V
    - fixed damaged beacon particles staying at original spot
    - fixed window on cockpit detaching after removing block from same grid
    - fixed decal related crash in heavily modded worlds
    - fixes to Parallelization related crashes
    - fixed issues with world corrupt files and crashes related Parallelization
    - improved camera tilting and moving with astronaut
    - improved issue with camera yaw changing when swapping between spectator and first person camera
    - improved fire particles
    - fixed rifle scoped in bug where you would stay scoped in with tools after using the rifle
    - fixed blueprints sometimes switching between two places for no reason
    - fixed decal on damaged medical stations
    - removed un-ended lines in dedicated server log
    - removed Armor Slope that was displayed twice in G-Screen
    - removed Conveyor Tube that was displayed twice in G-Screen
    - fixed issue with realistic warhead sound not being played
    - fixed air tight hangar door sound in depressurized mode
    - fixed collision sounds in realistic mode with ships and grids crashing into voxel
    - fixed an audio loop leak that led to computer shutting down
    - fixed a bug that caused a crash after editing the block type in the configuration for a dedicated server to something other than a valid option
    - fixed a log crash that occurred after closing the game
    - fixed sound related crash
    - fixed Performance Warnings performance issue
    - fixed DS server crash related to MyEntityInventoryStateGroup in code
    - reintroduced station voxel support option
    - resolved/Deleted old sound file so they do not appear in the log
    - improved steering with planetary lander
    - fixed issue where sensor would not detect large grid
    - fixed issue when crashing ship while using the camera view
    - fixed error message "No Fuel" appearing when no reactor was present on grid
    - fixed issue where ships would not fall if their dampeners, thrusters or power was turned off
    - fixed issue with see-through Heavy armor round corner
    - removed Conveyor junction displayed twice in G-Screen
    - fixed issue with copy/pasted station on planet staying static until you removed a block
    - fixed issue with News windows scroll bar not working properly
    - fixed issues with PB block that could be used to crash servers or game
    - fixed damage decals and particles on med bay station
    - fixed issue with rocks on planets only spawning Iron Ore
    - fixed memory leak introduced in 154
    - fixed crash with merge blocks
    - fixed crash with mods with materials without definition
    - fixed rare crash when removing connectivity from blocks

    Hotfixes version 1.157.011:
    - Fixed 7 crashes
    - Fixed asteroids being far away in "Asteroids" scenario
    - Increased max number of characters allowed for LCD - 100000

    Hotfixes 157.012:
    - Fixed pasting blueprints in Creative
    - Fixed audio crash
    - Fixed 2 parallelization crashes

    Hotfixes 157.013:
    - Fixed can't paste blueprint on a dedicated server in survival mode with space master
    - Fixed crash when generating crater
    - Fixed crash on exiting control panel
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  2. Sergeant Snuggles Junior Engineer

    Hell Hath no Fury like a Space Engineer Updated! Good Work
  3. Carlosmaid Apprentice Engineer

    Cool update! congratulations guys!

    I leave a new video of hitler finding out about our new space engineers server. Any resemblance to reality is pure coincidence ;)

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  4. Echillion Senior Engineer

    - Fixed a memory leak introduced in 154 I beeping knew it!

    Thanks for your great work guys btw get Xoc some better jokes! :D
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  5. zdzier Apprentice Engineer

    so many fixes and yet so much work still
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  6. Roxette Senior Engineer

    So many fixes and yet unable to start a new game (on a clean installation) except by starting a 'sample mission' ?!
  7. AutoMcD Senior Engineer

    A huge list of fixes! Awesome!
    That light radius thing been annoying me since the start!
  8. tharkus Junior Engineer

    Wow cool update.
    the teaser .. its very creepy hahaha :p
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  9. R-TEAM Junior Engineer


    good update (so Far :D ) ...
    The update to the medbay suite change is nice - now the inventory update "With" the other stats :)
    But (yea ... sorry for the but ...) - the behavor is still not "right" - it works - but now, if you have an Inv from 600 and the Inv is full, the change to an suite with
    an lower Inv , like 400 vanilla, change the inventory, but let you still with items of 600liter ....
    It should be an warning that inventory change is only allowed with empty suite (0 Inv content) - should be the most easy implementable way, or with an warning that the actual content of Inv is to much for the selected new suite and deny the change ....

    It is an step in the right direction - but still usable as exploit .... (even with lower usability ...)

  10. franky500 Trainee Engineer

    has anybody thought of a way to have the block limits of existing grids be counted on the info tab? i have tried transferring ownerships to nobody and back, grinding down block and then rebuilding aswell but unless i create something brand new it does not count the block towards the set limits.
  11. reallyLost Trainee Engineer

    How do I load the scenario editor?
  12. Carlosmaid Apprentice Engineer

    Same to me. The system dont scan all existents blocks on the world. Only check the blocks that you put since you activate this limit system :((

    And, i had misunderstood the block limit. Per player insĀ“t a limit of quantity of blocks type per player (eg, 2 assembler per player). It's just how many blocks a player can put in total. Same with Per grid, i thought they limited blocks by ship, eg, 1 assembler per ship, but not. Is only the max total blocks on by grid...
  13. Georgik Apprentice Engineer

    Please dear developers, I'm glad we got new bunch of features from development, but could you please push also the LCD max characters from 4200 to 100000 which was immediately raised in development?
    It would be very disappointment if we needed to wait month for it. I believe in you!
  14. Fenris Apprentice Engineer

    "- fixed missile turrets aiming (damaging nearby grids or trying to shoot through grids)"
    Yay! :pbjt:
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  15. R-TEAM Junior Engineer


    and ... as nice the option for suit change now is (thanks for fixing this bug [partialy] ) - it is an not overthinked bahavor to spawn with the last suite i have selected.
    It is possible to spawn on different places with/without oxygene and with/without gravity - it should on ReSpawn still the default Astro suite equiped.

  16. Seff Apprentice Engineer

    Unfortunately, because of light now bleeding through the back of the block, I think it actually works out to be a significant step backwards.
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  17. LocInt Apprentice Engineer

    Nice work. The sim-speed haven't been this stable for months. Thank you!
  18. Absolarix Trainee Engineer

    Awww, I was hoping we'd get the corner lights in this update.

    Oh well. Update looks quite promising, though!
  19. Dreylok Trainee Engineer

    Where have the tutorials gone? We just bought the game yesterday, got through three of the tutorials and today, they are gone from the "New Game" menu and my last tutorial save won't even load.
  20. franky500 Trainee Engineer

    So i've been testing... I tried a new world, copy over entities and didn't make a difference. however if you do admin cut / paste of the grid then it works and counts the previous blocks. So i'm gonna get myself and my admins (well.. admin) to start going grid by grid and repasting things.
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  21. Breanox Trainee Engineer

    Nice work keen :)

    And @Carlosmaid it's so funny :woot:
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2016
  22. h4rm0n1c Trainee Engineer

    Just dropping a new bug I found, suddenly had my max run speed reduced to 3.0m/s max, tried toggling walk mode only made it slower or 3.0m/s max.

    No rant this time, just dropping the info because now I realize the devs read the forums unlike so many others out there (that's very refreshing), so many bug fixes, this is gooood.
  23. brian_tsai Trainee Engineer

    did welder range increased?
  24. Grape_Ape Trainee Engineer


    Keen, can you also please do the same for gat turrets that trash your own ships too :D
  25. Salvron Trainee Engineer

    I just bought the game yesterday and I was going trough the Tutorials. Made it to the end of Tutorial 2 And now they're gone.
    Now when I click New Game there is just one option.. :"Sample Mission". What can I do?
    I want to be a part of the community and understand and play this great game. =(
    Please help :((
  26. Salvron Trainee Engineer

    I have exactly the same problem..
  27. RandoMan70 Trainee Engineer

    Hey, guys. Do you have some plans to work on multiplayer? Or at least not to introduce new bugs with almost every update.
    With latest update server periodically keeps networking silence for lots of seconds. But for weeks you can't fix problem with random crash of multiple players simultaneously.
    Or what about teleportation to entry point when leaving ship at new place? And many more.
    You report a lot of bugfixes (which I never seen!), but the most annoying bugs still there.
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  28. Roxette Senior Engineer

    Hotfixes version 1.157.011:
    - Fixed 7 crashes

    Seriously ? I know we should be grateful, because it seems recently the friday hotfix came without any kind of notice being posted, but it would have been nice to know *which* 7 crashes were fixed, exactly. :/
  29. Livo Trainee Engineer


    You are goddamn right!
  30. MacKnight Trainee Engineer

    Ok, Keen Software, Explain to me WHY the suddenly is a size limit in the game?!
    I have a creative SP build im working on that im now UNABLE to continue on because it say size is aginst regulations.
    What the hell?!
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.