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Update 01.165 DEV - New Multiplayer Code, Total Block Redesign and much more!

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Dec 8, 2016.

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  1. AzraelIshi Trainee Engineer

    Did you pick the dev branch?

  2. Devon_v Senior Engineer

    It's because they needed the darkness mod since the option to have realistic darkness hasn't been added yet. It should be fixed once that's in.
  3. SF-1 Raptor Junior Engineer

  4. Arkonik Trainee Engineer

    Thanks when i checked earlier nothing would drop down on the beta branch but it is now. Figured there was no beta when there was no drop downs why I was so confused.
  5. Magnavox Trainee Engineer

    Great update! Only still issues with landing gears not locking on. I love this update, finaly able to play survival again with my friends
  6. Delizin Trainee Engineer

    The new multiplayer fixes have finally made multiplayer playable for me. However, I am only able to play in space. Whenever I go to a planet my ping starts skyrocketing, I am constantly rubberbanding and desyncing. It happens on every planet and moon. Typically I can land a ship just fine and then all of the issues start when I am on the ground. I am playing on dedicated server with a friend and he isn't having the same issues. It seems most people are able to play on planets just fine.

    My connection is a bit slower than average, but I typically have a 110-150 ping which is playable. On a planet it will jump to an average of 300-700. My FPS, simulation speed and server sim speed are all stable.

    Edit: We did some further testing and the issue seems to involve arriving on a planet from atmosphere. My friend built a medbay on the ground after we landed. I restarted the game and spawned right into the new medbay and my ping was a stable 130. The ping spiking to unplayable levels whenever I land on a planet occurs every time though. Hopefully at least this might prove to be a work around.

    Edit Again: Looks like relogging and spawning onto the planet was just a temporary fix. After a short time I start getting crazy lag and can't play. Guess I am stuck in space for the foreseeable future.
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2016
  7. Bad Humour Apprentice Engineer

    This is becoming the longest update thread Ive ever seen. This is gong to or already beaten the thread when planets were released.

    EDIT: ur also releasing a hotfix every single day now. Will we get to know what they fix?
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2016
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  8. eviltek2099 Apprentice Engineer

    are you using a 64 Bit windows install or a 32? 32 bit OS can only access a MAX of 3GB.
  9. Lé Grand Sárrazin Apprentice Engineer

    :woot: Ahh, to be young and dumb as gravel again :woot:

    Did I not say I was playing with my friend on MP helping guide him around!? Did I not say that!!??

    Nope.. I looked.. I did say that... :woot:

    We were both online, he was in a ship in orbit, I was on the Earth surface in Spectator! He traveled over 300 km from the Earth, then flew around a bit, only to realize, with my help, that none.. ZERO asteroids were spawning!! Period!!

    He was only lucky enough to be near the Moon when he was almost out of Hydro..

    It was a nice try... but you are wrong this time buddy!! ;P

  10. TechNick Trainee Engineer

    most of lag, is not lag... press ESC, display, change resolution, click OK, when box comes up asking your to keep changes or not, click cancel, solved lag........ so every time you load a world, before or after it lags "works either way", and the "lag" is gone
  11. heartlessdeath Trainee Engineer

    I am using Windows 10 64 Bit. I would just quit at life if I were to try and install 16 GB or RAM on a 32 bit OS.
    --- Automerge ---
    They're fixing their fix. lol
  12. macgeifer Apprentice Engineer

    and another update today and no changelog :woot:
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  13. freakymikke Trainee Engineer

    Did they add the darkness mod in game?Or maybe they tweeked the settings
    The game look much darker now.
    I like it
  14. Krienas Trainee Engineer

    maybe they are trying to fix every single bug for us before holidays kick in. If that is a case I am perfectly fine without changelog. :)
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  15. Mr Engineer Apprentice Engineer

    So I take it these frequent updates aren't a regular thing when it comes to playing on the Dev Branch? Last time I didn't really switch over for long.
  16. TechNick Trainee Engineer

    there fixing stuff they broke in the big update, don't ask what though, nobody knows, I only know its not the stuff I want fixed ^^
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  17. Kham Apprentice Engineer

    It's great seeing the new block designs in game. It's also fantastic having the much improved Admin controls for MP, those were long needed! Being able to quickly and easily clean up floating objects and half destroyed grids is a godsend, no more having to download the world to check it in toolbox then re-upload it. Once we get a fix for the mod textures not loading correctly I'll be switching our server over to this branch for some more MP testing.
    Though I do have to say, the fact we've had nearly daily hot fix patches with no indication of what they contain is slightly irritating. It makes it hard to know whether a bug you've encountered has already been addressed or not before posting.
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  18. Veritas Apprentice Engineer

    To be fair, your comment about searching was a separate thought from your comment about guiding your friend around (I just checked, considering I originally quoted your entire post since editing on my phone was going to be a pain). You only said you guided him to the moon, in a separate statement from using spectator to search for things. Now that you've clarified how you used spectator, yes, my statement doesn't apply to your situation, but originally that was not the case. ;P

    On the topic of asteroid hunting, my friend and I had a similar problem in one of our iterations of his dedicated server. Still never figured out why, but we started a new map and they spawned just fine. ???
  19. northypark Trainee Engineer

  20. haibusa2005 Trainee Engineer

    Last ~20 MB made the game not starting for me. CTD on loading screen

    EDIT: After restarting the PC, SE refuses to start - Steam not running error. Second restart made everything run fine.
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2016
  21. DgZ345 Trainee Engineer

  22. Caatalyst Apprentice Engineer

    Oh wow! This looks amazing - the patch ive been waiting for. Hope it isn't too long before it goes stable. Can't wait to get back on it.
  23. beelzerob Apprentice Engineer

    The update, for some reason, caused me to unsubscribe from the dev branch. I had to select it again and "reinstall".
  24. wd56 Apprentice Engineer

    That is not true....a quick check:

    http://forums.keenswh.com/threads/u...1-149-dev-bug-fixes-and-improvements.7386481/ - 12 pages long
    http://forums.keenswh.com/threads/u...nts-new-battery-behavior-slide-doors.7370834/ - 32 pages
    http://forums.keenswh.com/threads/update-01-108-planets.7372785/ - 23 pages
    http://forums.keenswh.com/threads/u...acter-control-client-side-prediction.7382336/ - 14 pages
    http://forums.keenswh.com/threads/u...-mode-building-from-cockpit-bugfixes.7372251/ - 14 pages
  25. TheTreeman Trainee Engineer

    So I've encountered a bug with projectors, but I'm not sure if it's new, or if it's been there and I hadn't seen it before. I've built a ship with a player-made missile construction system at the front. It welds a projection of a missile that has a timer on it; this timer is what causes the missile to fire. However, when the timer is constructed, it doesn't have any of its normal settings in its toolbar, just the placeholder icons one sees when a toolbarred block/group has been removed. This only happens when the missile is built from a projection. Halp!

    (I have figured out a workaround for this, but I still felt I should report it)
  26. Lé Grand Sárrazin Apprentice Engineer

    Okay.. I forgive you!! ;P Cheers!!
  27. berob501 Trainee Engineer

    hey uh, dumb question, but how does one access the new models? im pretty sure my game is up to date as the update was a few days ago and steam makes sure its always updated to the most recent before launching. So i may have screwed something up, but it does not seem like my game has the new updated textures :/ any help would be appreciated, also sorry if theres any delay when i respond, this isnt exactly one of my preferred ways of contacting as compared to skype.
  28. reihe0 Trainee Engineer

    right-click on the game in steam, go to properties then betas and select the develpoment version of the game
  29. Asylumdown Trainee Engineer

    "New" tag gone already? Early update today? Wonder what there is left to release after all the hot-fixes?
  30. g4borg Apprentice Engineer

    hm, i still think, the code needs a lot of pair of eyes checking for inconsistencies about player instances; i still sometimes get inertial dampener messages from another player occasionally, or desync if riding in cockpit with someone else.

    stuff like one client thinking wheels are not attached - of course so many stuff got changed and fixed, i am not even sure which bug is there and which not :p

    micromanaging the physics might also need more abstraction and finecontrol, especially taking a look at force control. things are under constant tension, with higher pings, it causes jumping rubberbanding items all around you. i did saw occasional hardcore syncs kicking in making them stop, but especially after explosions or collisions, i would trigger that a bit more often, for things having low speed / being attached to something especially, also making sure, no client side forces create a sync-circle-of-doom. That's what I mean by more abstraction, finetuning the data flow based on situation, or switch to some simpler kind of simulation for heavy mp.

    at least now i am glad i dont work with havoK.

    and i would also suggest to load at least a low unlighted lod mesh for items if they need longer to appear, its a bit bad, if a huge ship doesnt load and suddenly pops up.

    oh and yesterday, i turned into a cockpit, as i welded it off accidentally. I could not exit it, because technically, i saw myself standing next to it. even teleporting the player didnt help, as i was a cockpit.

    still, lots of progress! lets see what comes today.

    personally, i love the physics simulation to the detail, but now i whish i had robo legs, tank tracks and rails specificly designed to ease up such stuff. Rotors, wings, radiation and some basic overall heat management would also be wonderful, and instead i would simplify oxygen a bit for mp. pressurization seems overly detailed for almost no gain, with the current hp of blocks usually any damage results in a total breach anyway, no matter the design.
    driving generally could still improve in terms of sync.
    i am not gonna lie, if you want mp like this or any kind of large fleet even in solo, by simply making the current gameplay fully network capable, you might have to abstract a lot with the simulation, i think, as much as possible. but since i saw factorio solve their complexity like that finally in mp, i believe SE will do it aswell :) so remaining cheerful, just had to carve my brainpatterns here.
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2016
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