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Update 01.165 DEV - New Multiplayer Code, Total Block Redesign and much more!

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Dec 8, 2016.

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  1. SileniusFF Apprentice Engineer

    Just wow! Very nice and massive update. Thanks!
  2. lostjounin Trainee Engineer

  3. megapro Trainee Engineer

    wow that came unexpected so much cool stuff to test :D
    what's the next big feature? maybe fluid water on planet surfaces (and maybe oil under the surface as a reason to bring freedom to the planets^^)
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  4. GrindyGears Senior Engineer

    I'm probably either going to get a pile of red X's or a shit load of green checks, but I can honestly say you've broke pistons and rotors again.... I don't care if most of you think they never fixed them, for me i've been able to make some pretty neat stuff with them. However, I now find my self rather annoyed, ironically because you folks at keen are working to try and improve the physics, but these last two patches have been brutal on my work I can't spawn in half my things without them... well... they don't "explode" the parts just seem to drift apart and spin wildly in random circles about a random center point.... and now stacked pistons are literally exploding the second they try and move, I was kinda happy i could go to the rock branch which wasn't quite at the rollback point of stable, but its pre-physics fix.... I'm actually somewhat curious why you decided to make pistons move even without the head attached, it didn't seem like a particularly broken feature, and now it's harder to notice because as far as you can tell the piston is still working....

    anyway, excellent job on the models and everything else, i'm just butthurt that the stuff that i actually enjoy in the game is broken beyond even what I can squeeze out of them

    (the instant exploding pistons thing makes this kinda useless)
  5. beelzerob Apprentice Engineer

    What, no teaser?? You guys suck!
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  6. Bistro187 Trainee Engineer

    You guys are going to make me switch to the dev branch now aren't you?? I'm too impatient to wait for this in the stable branch... It'll be worth the mod breaks and unforeseen bugs though!:p:p:p
  7. Tal Raeth Trainee Engineer

    Geeze, I'm actually switching to Dev branch to try this new fangled stuff out, at least for a few days. =) Great work!!!
  8. LocInt Apprentice Engineer

    Basically every mod's textures are now broken and -5fps and these lights lol. Thanks?
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  9. Sentinel-Ghost Apprentice Engineer

    Prepare for critique!

    First off, many of the models look awesome, especially like the weapons and really big thank you for finally getting rid of the ugly Heavy Armor camo!!


    The Ion thruster models look a bit... weedy, less powerful, less substantial. Also the Large thruster exhaust sticks out a block further than the old model... which now completely ruins the look of a lot of my old ships. (Looks like i'll have to do what I did when thruster damage was enabled, and scrap my current designs and start over. - which is no bad thing.) :p :eek:ops:

    The textures on the new armor blocks don't necessarily line up with one another, though have only checked this on pre-built designs, so it might be different when actually building something new.

    Other than that looks good so far!

    Now, i'm gonna go to bed...
  10. ThyCrusader Trainee Engineer

    I played through the campaign just to see if there was a meme or reference to the dancing Dusan, disappointed.
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  11. Armada115 Trainee Engineer

    wow, just wow how quickly you guys have put the new Mutliplayer together since the prototypes when down.
    Glad to see apart of my little base on the moon got a quick view in on the old Update Video( @ 2:08mins of the video).

    Nice Job Devs, i look forward to playing it over the Christmas Holidays!.
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  12. KingdomBragg Junior Engineer

  13. Cmdr_Forge Apprentice Engineer

    AWESOME work Keen! Currently in process of updating so I can't really see all the new stuff yet but I have a question/suggestion to add here.
    Will you be including longer ramps to work with in the game like ones ranging from say, 3-8 long as well as some split or half corners like in the armor ramps or warbros long ramps mods? They would add a great deal of design flexibility and variety for players and also be a valuable addition to the main game.

    In addition to this it would be equally welcome to see cockpits with attachable opening canopy blocks and optional LCD screen inserts as a more standard main game feature.
  14. Mikiy Trainee Engineer

    Awesome update!!

    Im curious tho.. are there any details known about which features exactly got merged from the prototypes?
    Like did it go with team scissors realtime based timesteps approach or team rocks variable simspeed based timesteps?
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  15. welkar926 Apprentice Engineer

    Wow, I've been waiting for a long time for this update! I especially love the new ion thruster and turret models!

    Well done, KSH!
  16. RkyMtnDude Apprentice Engineer

    Just in time for the Indie awards eh?? LMAO.... Ya know, personally, I would have accepted the total PUSH to Stable instead of DEV for something this HUGE!! Some would be unhappy.. BUT, for this major of a release it would be great to get all the bug reports and everyone in on it in hopes to get it Stable faster.. Just my thought. And on that NOTE... Thank You... I was seriously worried about develompewmtn on this game until that Twitch Stream I saw on ideas and plans... and no, I don't even care about netcode now... LOL . I am off to check my camera lenses and try out Daddies new shoes!
  17. Padla321 Trainee Engineer

    Looks great! Thank you everyone at KSW for all the work on this!
  18. Legion40k Trainee Engineer

    this looks amazing, I think I'll be playing again once it's downloaded!! :D
  19. KissSh0t Master Engineer

    That was a lot of stuff... I look forward to seeing it released to normal branch.

    especially looking forward to playing around with the new player held weapons
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2016
  20. tharkus Junior Engineer

    just... AWESOME, great job ! now to test all these new features :)
  21. Lord Wraith Apprentice Engineer

    I am sitting here with tears of joy running down my face, THANK YOU KEEN, at last, i feel the happy......................
  22. w0lf3y Apprentice Engineer

    I hope the whole SE team and support personnel get a nice Christmas bonus from Marek.

    5/5 Tail Wags!
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  23. Ekuah Trainee Engineer

    Ok. I'm probably risking a shitstorm here, but I don't think that the new textures are a good idea.
    Please don't misunderstand me. All of the blocks look great for themselves, but when you build a ship out of them, this impression changes quickly.

    All those new details seem to overwhelm any design feature of the ship. It's like an optical overload.
    You don't know where to look at.
    It's near impossible now to make a ship with clean lines (or one with any noticeable lines at all).

    So when you put in the new models in the stable branch, please include a switch to chose between the old and the new models.

    I, for myself, quickly switched back to the stable branch.

    but this are only my 50cent
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  24. Devon_v Senior Engineer

    Well, my survival world loaded for the first time in a month. I don't know who did what, but thank you! :)
  25. Tonkah Trainee Engineer

    Nice update! Looking forward to messing with the new blocks designs, and seeing how the gravity boots work (I instantly want to try using them in a moving ship) and try out the antenna-powered voice support. Funny, I thought of a similar system back when I was playing regularly. Great work Keen!

    There are a few questions that I'm left with regarding this update, though...
    - What happened to the competition?
    - Is it over?
    - Who won?
    - Were there any marked multiplayer performance gains from the amalgamation of multiplayer prototypes?
    - Did one of the teams whittle the server crashes down to 0 for normal play?
    - Did server de-sync get addressed?
    - Did any of the teams implement a no-lag, asynchronous auto-save?
    - Does the server support infinite size grids still, or can the server admins limit the max building size to maintain performance?

    Unsolicited feedback:
    - At first glance, it looks like the particle effects for ion and hydrogen thrusters need to be updated to something that fits the new models better. (Something more detailed than a simple glowing sphere, preferably something that changes based on thrust levels?)
    - Some of the base blocks have a bit too strong of a pattern, such that when building a large number of them, it looks a bit too noisy, like a busy flannel shirt.
    - Excessive scratches and shoddy "paint jobs" still exist on some of the models. Some wear/abuse looks fine, but too much and everyone's ship looks like a garbage heap.
    - Many of the models are hardly different (you can tell a quite a few were "glossed over" due to time constraints), which is a bit disappointing knowing that this release probably spells the end of the model-rework effort.
    - Ramp blocks have an unsightly pattern seam in the middle.
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  26. kingkrieg Apprentice Engineer

    There is some truth to this, however, i think when you build a spaceship its supposed to look its made from different materials (think of the movie Alien / Aliens) with all these rugged lines, extras and paraphernalia, however, we re not building a sports car with perfect lines and looks, or a Geth Spaceship (Mass Effect).

    I will indeed, say that sometimes its a visual overload on armor -- so perhaps it can be a little more homogeneous on some areas, Otherwise, ill just think of Aliens and other space horror movies :)
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  27. Mobiyus Apprentice Engineer

    Sweet n' juicy... me likes!

    And the ending quote, it has nothing to do with what happened in you KSH office in the last few days, off course.
  28. Pegas519 Apprentice Engineer

    OHHHH man, this is a game changer
  29. Gwindalmir Senior Engineer

  30. Asylumdown Trainee Engineer

    Loving everything so far!

    One question - I'm on the earth planet and night just happened. The default skybox seems to have gotten a facelift, and the starry sky looks way sharper and much nicer. Are those actual asteroids I can see out in space now? They should all be out of my view distance, but it distinctly looks like I can see asteroids hanging out there in space.

    I'd check in spectator mode, but that appears to be borked in the new update. For me when I enter spectator mode I just get an insane kaleidoscope of color
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.