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Update 01.165 DEV - New Multiplayer Code, Total Block Redesign and much more!

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Dec 8, 2016.

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  1. chrisb Senior Engineer

    Very nice update. The blocks overall look fantastic. The emphasis on dirt is great for the exterior, not so sure for the interior. But I understand that would be near impossible to change.
    The Ion thruster does look a little weak compared to the others, but still it looks much better than it did.

    Great work and update KSH.. ;)
  2. RkyMtnDude Apprentice Engineer

    EDIT: I take it back. I am not 100% on the overall new look. I love MOST of the mechanicals, thrusters, landing gear, etc. I am not happy with the new armor, new catwalk, and solar panels to name a few, perhaps. They are either too fake or too busy looking. Solar panels do not appear to get glare/shine anymore. Miss that! If you reverted those blocks to some degree it would look better to me.

    Thanks for the Camera Overlay update!! Another MOD not needed I can delete out. YES!
    Thanks for the new Corner LCD's. and another mod gone again!

    New Blocks. (In reality? I appreciate all the effort and they look nice but......)
    New catwalk is actually cool look as thin armor plate addition but I also want a more simple catwalk formore discrete applications to cover certain areas and also for the actual walking surface look. The new looks like thin armor plate mainly
    I like the new interior lights also, instead of the plain rectangle. They now have an industrial look. And that is also a problem AND a blessing. I like the new blocks but I also want something close to the old style as well. This new look has a semi-cartoony steampunk industrial dirty-look to it which has its place but where are the sleek and shiny? I mean, things were always shiny on Firefly. LOL
    Anyway, two styles... wow. That would allow me to make two versions of the same ship with each having an almost entirely different look and feel. It would allow me to make certain roles or factions using one type. But I will deal. Thanks for the work.
    Like the Interior turret and the docking clamps.. (not merge blocks)... But to be simple and honest? I could have waited for that polish even in a SE2 version. Ther other issues of the game, Clang, MP, and Admin Tools are/were core. For Now.

    I have not fired up MP yet. It may take weeks to give an overall.

    ISSUES AND Comments on Single player:
    - Biggest Disappointment. The Solar Panels. Before, they at least looked like glass/silica based panels with a shine and a certain Solar Cell look to them. Now they look like vague representations. Not overly happy with the Solar Farms either. Simply... the textures are nice but not EVERYthing needs to look cartoon, dirty, and Steampunkish. The solar panels do not look like they would work. In the old version, I felt like if I touched them they might be hot from the sunlight reflecting on them. If you just update the frame bult left the atual old glass texture as well as possibility to go blue or black that would be awesome!
    - When walking with Mag boots most times a doorway is encountered I lose my footing and float or my jetpack comes on . Also, pressurized rooms blow me off the floor. Would be nice to have some resistance. Also, when ship is moving at any speed I fall off. (yes, G Gens are off)
    - ICONS for the blocks (G MENU) are not updated so reflect old block appearance.
    - I could not seem to walk on my ship with the mag boots unless my ship was stopped. That was the first thing I tested and a flew off into space away from my ship. BUT this was the smoothest and most predictable ship recovery. It was almost boring. Very little risk. Just dialed it in and flew right back nice and easy at 100 m/s. When I first started playing this game I would lose the ship and have died several times trying to recover it.
    - I use to exploit a feature which you took away this update. I was able to place a cockpit and then place a window in front of it. I could then find a sweet spot on the window that would allow me to click through to the cockpit. For whatever reason, I really liked being able to do that. I like cockpits because they have O2 piped instead of a control seat. Placing a window in front allows me to maintain a standard bridge window look on the exterior. Now, since this update, I cannot find a yellow highlight sweet spot on the cockpit through the window. Please keep that bug! Oh well. lol

    Things I think are core for BETA that are missing and probably very easy to implement:
    - Programmable Block. Idea: Keep Programmable Block. Add another block that has to touch it (module)that can act like multiple Programmable blocks(Virtual) so that if you have the two or more added it looks like you have a computer terminal that accesses the actual computer core. It would make things look more legit and like a computer room.
    - Much smaller Big Grid antenna. Maybe the same range as a small ship's 5k range. Not all big grids need to be huge, want to show a huge antenna, and will never need the 50k range. I would like two sizes for Large Grid. I have a small, LArge Block, Tug that I use around the at station that could seriously benefit.
    --- ADDED>> A hydrogen tank like Oxygen tank and an Oxygen tank like the Hydrogen tank for BOTH block sizes.
    - Camera Panning - It only makes sense to me. If Walmart uses them why can't we? Here is a new mod I found that works pretty much like the camera in a gun turret. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=806331071
    - Interior Turret needs to have conveyor access, even if you have to use a large to small grid conversion to end up using small block conveyors. IF not, then some way to automate the refill and topping off of the expended ammunition after an encounter. OR, add another AP gun that can without having to use a full, high-powered Gatling Turret.
    - Ability to not only Delete a planet but also the ability to quickly refresh the entire entities voxels. (in-Game) Maybe the admin can be only one in-game but still, up and running. (would be better to just fill in all EXCEPT where a grid touches voxel so that underground passages remain clear. It would also be really powerful to select a few entities as a group, say a particulate solar system and all its stuff, and be able to refresh them in bulk but leave other areas. Even more powerful if you could change available resources, leave them the same, or, backfill used resources with stone to simulate exploitation of resources.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2016
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  3. GenRommel Trainee Engineer

    I stopped playing SE a few moths ago, this is the update I've been waiting for to start playing it again! Great job, Keen!
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  4. Bad Humour Apprentice Engineer

    and then there was this, why whenever I'm on holiday the cool stuff comes out :D

    This is just as a big as the planets update maybe even bigger as not 1 not 2 but 3 large components were added and fixed.

    My only plight is that don't stop with those 2. They are nice but they aren't game changing as some of the ones on the workshop.

    My internet is awful here so it will take a while to download but Ill see if I can try it out today. Ill post feedback, bug reports here when I'm done.
  5. Tallsweede Trainee Engineer

    I'm not sure if this is the correct place to put this comment. On the campaign mission to fix the ship and take off from the earth planet (mission 3?), there needs to a trigger to close the door and pressurize the cockpit or automatically put the engineers helmet on to avoid suffocation.
  6. derletztewiderstand Trainee Engineer

    Hello together, the pity the stable version max. Once a month an update gets.
    Look at Twitch. There are more people playing Rust or 7Days than Space Enginees. Too bad.

    Best regards Sven
  7. ViroMan Senior Engineer

    So like... wow... this is the crashiest version I have ever played. It looks fucking beautiful but, ya... can't play more then a few minutes. Auto crash reports sent. Crashes almost always when attempting to grind things (I THINK its when it is attempting to show the next level in decon progress. It grinds down fine until the point it should show progress then !CTD!). Once when accessing a cargo crate.

    I even sank into the planet once on scenario 4 and became stuck in it. flying around under ground is not as cool as you think it is when you are trapped like a swimmer under ice you can't break. Drill would not let me destroy the rock I was in. :(
  8. AdmObir Apprentice Engineer

    Simply. Amazing! Thanks Keen!
  9. g4borg Apprentice Engineer

    i think some stuff still needs tweaking
    especially, if you suddenly see ships disappearing, or not appearing, or even the ship you ride in disappearing - and i am not sure whether it still tries to update people far too far away...
    so yeah, we saw a lot of bugs, but we were still exited to test it.
    it is still a much smoother experience which again shows lots of potential.
    hope now lots of bug reports will iron out the worst!
  10. Spets Master Engineer

    Great work, great update, the new blocks, the new features, the mini campaign, EVERYTHING! :tu:

    EDIT: Even though, my Survival Alien World is completely dead, crash all the time, and can even open now, and insta crash :eek:ops:
  11. Wuxian Trainee Engineer

    HELL YEAH! This update will be gorgeous, this will take up my whole friday for sure! Haven't been this excited about the game since before planets.
  12. MrJinx Apprentice Engineer

    Just had the same thing- Grinding ANYTHING.. Crash. loading most mods. CRASH.. - kinda funny.. the armor is looking like it did. back in 2014..
    oh well.. yay armor mod works.. "Reverted textures"
  13. Replic TuaniOne Apprentice Engineer

    OH, MY, GOD!

    Is it christmas yet?

    Thank you for this wonderful update! looks amazing :D
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  14. Draygo Senior Engineer

    Great update, but my Aerodynamic control mod is now unfixable :(


    are now private instead of public. This change broke the mod.
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  15. Allammo Apprentice Engineer

    Anyone noticed how large recent update is? I believe it's quite large one, but maybe it's less than 800 megabytes... Unfortunately 800 is all I've got at this moment.
  16. ShadowHunter12 Trainee Engineer

    So any chance the extra block sizes for pistons and rotors is going to be reverted? It was really cool to be able to use merge blocks to lock up hinges when something wasn't in use, but now that rotors and pistons are using much better physics I feel the extra technical block spot to appease the physics engine is not necessary, and if anything all it does is cause issues with merge blocks.
    Also want to point out while the game is quite laggy even on low settings, the lag compensation makes this actually quite bearable, which brings me to my question. Is optimization going to be a big part of the development schedule now that a lot of the visuals and stability elements have been mostly fleshed out?
  17. cheetah2003 Trainee Engineer

    I really like some of the new stuff, but I gotta say, the heavy armor looks terrible now. It really doesn't have that tough look it used to, it barely looks different from light armor.

    Also, I really hope you guys consider some emergency patch or something for the grinding CTD, cuz it makes develop branch unplayable.
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  18. Malware Master Engineer

    There's always the friday hotfix patch.
    Always. Make sure your crashes are properly reported, and there's a big chance it'll be fixed today.
  19. Bullet_Force Apprentice Engineer

    Not bad but how about adding new function blocks in particular new weapons that would greatly improve gameplay?
  20. ElBordelo Trainee Engineer

    Awesome update!!!
    Christmas came earlier this year! :)
    P.S. Thrusters looks amazing.
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  21. Bad Humour Apprentice Engineer

    Ive got a couple of visual complaints with the new blocks:
    -Ill start with the most annoying the armor textures are too busy. The black lines to resemble different panels just make things look messy and it will only work with a handful of visual styles. The great thing about the vanilla armor blocks was that they were very neutral and you could use them in many situations this is the opposite. The armor ramps are possibly worse than the square blocks as a single block it looks really cool as a combination of blocks, its sensory overload. This can be fixed by simply making the pattern and lines a lighter or darker hue from the overall block colour.

    -The shiny metal is a nice touch and looks great on most things but sometimes its a bit overkill and sometimes you think where the hell did it go; An example would be the ion thruster model its a tad too much of have a couple of ion thrusters next to each other the same goes for airtight hangar doors. I quite liked it on the build stages of armor blocks but when ur using the first build stage of catwalks, its not existent and with its black colouring, it makes it very difficult to use in most colour schemes. The plus for it being shiny is that it nicely adapts to its surroundings by reflecting light.

    -The scratches on armor blocks are overkill please keep them too a minimum.

    -Sliding door textures for the doors on the model look low res or badly done this is made worse by the fact that door models of the sliding doors look plain ugly though that could just be my personal taste. These horrible looking textures can also be found on the glassless window blocks.

    -when extending rotors they seem to look detached from the rotor body.

    -there are what I think are forgotten textures in jump drives if you look into some of the grooves it looks purple.

    I'll add more when I find them but those are the main and some minor points.
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  22. Wizlawz Master Engineer

    WOW! that is great!,..… but we still only have spiders, dogs and AI bots?
    any news on when a bipedal AI will be implemented as from that very first video?
    any plans on roaming spiders and dogs instead of vicinity spawns?
  23. Gakhon Trainee Engineer

    Awesome! Can't wait to try the new multiplayer. I think the new blocks do a very good job at (vastly) improving the existing feel of the game. I loaded my world, and nothing felt completely different (just much more detailed). You made a very good job with the new blast doors too - it seems you solved the blockyness issue by removing the lines in the LOD versions.

    I think you could add an ultra-high texture setting though, to get the most out of the great work your artist did. The armor texture, for example, doesn't seem that high resolution from close by, and the game is reporting only 2 GB of VRAM usage. Lots of people with newer cards have 4/6/8 GB VRAM nowadays.

    BTW, I hope you'll consider adding the popular armor block mods (or the equivalent armor blocks) too to the game. :) A lot of simple armor shapes are impossible now in vanilla.
  24. Hakon102 Apprentice Engineer

    Really great update !
  25. DrakoZ Trainee Engineer

    But large ship still it falls to 0.37 sim while driving/ .(
  26. Masked Death Apprentice Engineer

    "This weeks update is all about bugfixes and improvements... or is it?"
    Hi, Vsauce, Michael here.
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  27. spamenigma Trainee Engineer

    My dedicated server doesn't seem to be updating, looking at steamdb its showing develop branch was last updated 8 days ago? Am I missing something or did DS not get updated?
  28. Volkan Trainee Engineer

    When are you planning to synchronize the translation strings between GetLocalization and the game? :(
  29. Jananton Trainee Engineer

    Well, this all sounds like something to look forward to when it makes it to the stable branch.
    The video and posted screenshots certainly wet my appetite. :tu:


  30. g4borg Apprentice Engineer

    so one day after, still have to congratulate, but want to mention my other first reactions aswell

    i have to agree that armor blocks look like normal blocks a lot
    however i am unsure if i dislike that, as often design needs them to reduce weight, rather than just be a different material.
    i'd rather have moddable textures.

    but with the blastdoor blocks looks simply awesome.

    i whish we had some "spawn in blueprint for x resources / blocks worth" kind of arena to finetune balance tho. also after playing a bit of junk league, i kinda whish armor would include 1x1 and 3x3 plates aswell in vanilla.
    while the game is chaotic and buggy, i dont think much about it, but otherwise, i am always unsure about the balancing of blocks actually. it feels like stuff explodes on touch.
    what i would do for some structural integrity forcefielding

    yeah i know shield mod, but thats not my thing
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