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Update 01.165 DEV - New Multiplayer Code, Total Block Redesign and much more!

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Dec 8, 2016.

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  1. mikeloeven Senior Engineer

    Net code update multiplayer fixes !??!?!?!? THIS CANNOT BE !! THE END TIMES COMETH
  2. RayvenQ Moderator

    You have to select the block on the toolbar again to change size.
  3. DustinMVille Trainee Engineer

    just as i switch back to the stable branch... f*** it back to the dev branch i go
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  4. Mobiyus Apprentice Engineer

    Alright just went through that campaign... and it's great!

    I'm amazed at what was done! Great way of showcasing the strengths of the game and potential story-telling. I was immersed and driven to keep progressing through the engaging storyline. Those new camera and event scritping features makes this legit looks like a near-complete game (cannot speak of MP at this time however)! Great as a tutorial and showcase, but i feel we need a little more in this area coming from Keen in the future. Maybe more lore-filled scripted missions, but not tutorial oriented. Or at the very least, let Aragath loose and let him conceive unrelated crazy game modes and mini-games to complement the story-telling aspect potential.

    So excited for the future content coming from the many talented modders and scripters out there!!!
  5. Mclord112 Trainee Engineer

    why does everything have POO smudged on it?
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  6. Tau Trainee Engineer

    Bootiful.... I Hope pistons and rotors make me cheer in coming months.....
    But you've really kicked your asses into gear!, Good job!
  7. DustinMVille Trainee Engineer

    anyone else not able to manually switch block sizes (with the keyboard button)
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2016
  8. Bad Humour Apprentice Engineer

    the key has changed pressing the selected block key in the toolbar again changes from small to large and vice versa.
  9. DustinMVille Trainee Engineer

    oh ok
    --- Automerge ---
    and i found this...
  10. Liiw Trainee Engineer

    Oh, it's that easy? Somehow I hadn't figured that out. Thank you for your assistance!
  11. BZRBEE Trainee Engineer

    Im not seeing the new blocks nor do i get the new campaign. i do see a very short turtorial wanting me to put gattlin guns and rockets on a ship. then i kill a pirate.
    I have uninstalled deleted folders then reinstalled the game.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2016
  12. napstrike Trainee Engineer

    I haven't had the time to download and test the lastest version of the game myself, but if what you say is true, then it is also possible to have the game run EVEN smoother with optimizing the old low poly models. I wish they could seperate mods as "client mods" and "server mods", just like in minecraft, in which you can use the client mods even if the server doesn't have them on its list, and the client mods can be cosmetic mods that do not add any scripts or new blocks, but just modify the look of existing blocks, and hud elements.
  13. DustinMVille Trainee Engineer

    Are you on dev or stable? if you are on stable then that is your problem
    you need to be on the dev branch to get the new stuff (or wait tell it comes out on the stable branch)
  14. aetherbeetz Trainee Engineer

    Anyone else having an issue with the new conveyor sorter block's orientation not matching the old ones? Every blueprint I've loaded (both my own and workshop) that has sorters in it is now piped into the side of the sorter, not to its conveyor ports. The sorters are still named and set to sort correctly, just turned to where they don't line up as they did pre-update. This was with designs that were survival tested to sort correctly (and still are, in stable).
    If not just me, it seems like it may be an easy hotfix.
    Also, no mods running.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2016
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  15. woostyboy Trainee Engineer

    Well done all at Keen, looks superb! I'm not to familiar with the DEV/STABLE thing. I'm on STABLE, when do I get all this amazing lovelyness? :)
  16. Iskaroth Trainee Engineer

    Well done dear folks at Keen it looks awesome!
  17. Corundum Guy Apprentice Engineer

    While I disagree with the idea of Keen going back and optimizing the old blocks as well (and think you should at least try the new blocks first) a separation of "client mods" and "server mods" sounds like a good idea, if Keen can do it.
  18. Proxy Trainee Engineer

    Amazing Update.
    but i stil got this Bug when i don't move and just Drill Straight down, that i sometimes Stand on an Invisible piece of Collision, which Prevents me from Drilling deeper. so i have to move a bit to Fall down to start Drilling again.
    Also, Drilling Straight down can Fling you around, which Actually killed me once...

    but other than that.
    i love this.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2016
  19. Meteo Trainee Engineer

    I was waiting impatiently for this update, for the new multiplayer ...

    Aetherbeetz: It happens to me the same my organizer blocks are not located in the right direction, I use them very much in my bases and ships so that everything works correctly and optimize the organization of my structures without resorting to mods or scripts, EVERYONE AND EVERY ONE OF MY BLUEPRINTS are now useless and with sites inaccessible to many of the organizer blocks to put them back in their correct address (it is possible to access but first removing all blocks blocking access to the organizer block), it would be a titanic job to modify each and every One of my blueprints.

    I have noticed that the LCD panels are in the same situation as the organizer blocks, their text is not in the correct direction, before the text was displayed vertically now the LCD panels show the text in horizontal direction ... this would imply as with the Blocks organizers a great work to modify them: _____ (

    Of the new blocks dire that is an advance in the tremendous game, but I am sorry to say that their designs in the majority do not like them, they are almost the previous versions (with the defects that they had from the day of its exit) but retexturizados and with small modifications. I thought they would approve to re-do all the designs of the blocks to more modern and current designs.

    I hate heavily the textures of armor blocks, I like that they finally have no camouflage texture, but those scratches and you can not make a set of blocks of a single color (you always notice the white / gray of the scratches ) Dislike me greatly ... It does not look like a single surface, you can see each and every one of the seams between blocks, especially those of 2x1x1 in tip with that triangle in the middle HORRIBLE. Remove those edges and scratches on the edges and lines that individualize each block and each outline of these. THIS SHOULD NOT BE. BY FAVOOOOR.

    The new focus block is horribleeee.

    The turrets, still remain horrible in the structures, come out as protuberances ... is aesthetically horrible as it remains on the ships / bases. Eliminate or modify those turret bases so high.

    The big and small reactors, I liked the old ones much more. Those "coils" that are larger than the reactor core are quite feisty in both (as if minus the Azimuth reactors: _____ ().

    I really liked the old button panel.

    The sensors work, but their "light" does not change color when detecting or not doing it, it is always white.

    The new conveyor tubes I like, but because there is no more variety, I have always been expecting cylindrical conveyor tubes for use in the exterior with a better aesthetic.

    The air vent, I do not like because I did not make a conveyor with a face with the ventilation grid (there was a mod that was exactly this and it was great), occupies a half bucket and are difficult to place in many circumstances, I do not say to remove it but If you add another model like the one I mentioned (or add the existing mod that would be great).

    I love the new designs of Hydrogen Engines and even more atmospheric engines, but I deeply hate the nozzle output of ion engines.

    In summary and to not extend more than much I have written already, in general I love this update has improved a lot with the new blocks but as I said the designs should have modernized to something different to the existing ones (those that have modified its design, except The focus and the ion engine, I like for the most part) for something less "square" and more modern.

    When will we have more variety of armor blocks? I have been waiting since the first day for the catalog of pieces of armor and it seems that they never arrive.

    Space enginers does not close when I want to exit, I should use ctrl + alt + sup to close the verification screen if / not to exit the game, and once it is closed I always have to close the process in the background of the Space engineers (eating memory ram as usual exaggerated)

    In short the developers have done a great job, did not take away merit, but could have done better. I hope that in the next months the new multiplayer advances positively because for the moment little has apparently changed. And the designs in blocks I expect to see great changes and omucha much optimization.

    I'm sorry I have extended so much and I hope you can understand my English, I'm sorry if it is not so, I use google translator.

    a greeting
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  20. Korfio Trainee Engineer

    This is EXACTLY my feelings. The armor blocks need a serious looking over. The details feel painted on instead of part of them. The combined vent/conveyor block would be extremely useful! Also the ion nozzles are rather detached, seems to me like the engines are not compact enough. They feel flimsy to me. The turrets, well, I've always wanted recessed turrets, pop-out turrets or something that simply does not protrude so much. Putting a couple of turrets on the sides of the nose of a craft (especially on large grids) is simply ugly.

    I must also add that it is time to get some doors (offset, airlock blocks, etc) into the core.

    Edit: What's up the textures, we need to manually copy .dds files to install mod textures?
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  21. Krienas Trainee Engineer

    Sorry didn't read whole thread. Just finished campaign and I would say great job done by level designers. Main problem I see there - simspeed. Was running mostly on 0.4. Given it is singleplayer and I have new and way above average gaming PC. Scripting implementation really needs performance optimizations.

    Haven't spent enough time in my own worlds yet, so not sure how much stuff got broken, but the first impression - I really love the way new blocks look. There are some issues with shadows, z-fighting and lods, but I didn't expect such good result. So great job again.

    Now time for some multiplayer :)
  22. Lé Grand Sárrazin Apprentice Engineer

    Ok, so far, I can definitely see an performance improvement since last week. But, of course, now I have a super-fabulous ship:

    fyi ignore the crazy double-turret thing, it is a projector bug caused by the docking hud mod.. removed the mod and no projector bug anymore..

    w/. an super-fabulous interior :D


    Not too worried yet, though, same thing, sorta, happened back in Aug.:


    Took 'em a week to fix it, but they did... until now.. again... :D
    Everything they try and fix 1 step forward.. 2 steps back :D
    In the case of this week.. it's more like 1 big leap forward.. but then they fell on their asses in the end :D
    Well, at least my ships all still look great in Stable.. for now.. :D
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  23. Proxy Trainee Engineer

    yea thing i noticed are that Most Mods' Models are just Non-Existant (Default Pink/Purple-ish Color).
    meaning Modders will have to Update them, i assume.
  24. Martinowitsch Trainee Engineer

    The content you integrated in this update is the biggest progress you made, since the release of planets. Very nice christmas present :) :tu:

    But in your new Campaign your designer should play more often the game! Some things he build make absolute no sense and at other places the blocks are placed in the wrong directing, like the conveyor sorter at this repair facility on the terra like planet.
  25. Malware Master Engineer

    Trust me. Aragath and Skinface knows the game. There's a bug where some blocks are facing the wrong direction in comparison to their original. If it's still there it either hasn't been fixed yet, or Aragath happened to place that conveyor block when the bug was still in effect...
  26. Syncaidius Junior Engineer

    Just received another update on steam. That's the 3rd one since the massive patchmas.

    Keep it up Keen. A changelog would be nice for the followup patches though. :)
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  27. chemicalscum Apprentice Engineer

    Interior lights stop working properly after being painted!

    Or is that already hotfixed? :)
  28. ViroMan Senior Engineer

    hotfixes are not listed... :(
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  29. David184 Apprentice Engineer

    yea :/
    I too would like to know what's fixed.
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  30. Krienas Trainee Engineer

    I think this "refinery" label should not be visible through catwalks.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.