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Update 01.171 DEV - Programmable Block Inter-Grid Communication

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Jan 19, 2017.

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  1. Drui

    Drui Keen Update Guy Staff

    Hello, Engineers! This week’s update contains more improvements and tweaks for block models. For example, axles on all wheel suspension blocks have been made thicker which makes wheeled vehicles look much sturdier. There’s been changes to the air-tightness of some blocks. This includes the merge block, timer block and oxygen generator now being airtight from all sides. Also, some block icons and all component icons have been updated.

    New behaviors have been added to drone AI which can be accessed via the visual scripting tool. Firstly, there's now expanded possibilities with how drones handle weapons. You can set up which weapons they can use, how often they use them and whether they check for obstacles, be it grids or voxels, before firing. For example they could be setup to not use rocket launchers unless the player is hidden behind voxels. Secondly, you can activate a new ambush behavior. This will make a drone wait until it’s actually able to shoot a target before engaging. Please continue to give feedback on the visual scripting tool as we really want to maximize it’s potential.

    We're also pleased to announce that the single most requested feature for programmable blocks is here. We said it wasn't going to happen, but programmable blocks now have the ability to communicate between grids. This means you can open the hangar door from your fighter, or even trigger self destruct remotely. We're very excited to see what the community can create with this! Check our forums for a guide on this new feature.

    - Drone AI improvements (weapons handling, ambush behavior)
    - Updated Block/Component models + icons
    - Programmable Block Inter-Grid Communication Guide: https://forum.keenswh.com/threads/programmable-block-inter-grid-communication-guide.7392031/
    - Warning for modders: https://forum.keenswh.com/threads/warning-potentially-breaking-changes-next-week.7392032/

    - corrected air-tight properties for merge block, timer block and oxygen generator
    - added message indicating selected block not available for a grid size
    - added an email option to the crash message window
    - updated construction models for small grid armor blocks
    - minor material change for Gravity Generator
    - fixed AI drones shooting without target in line of sight
    - fixed not being able to use cockpit for small grid from the front
    - fixed climbing invisible stairs when jumping outside of gravity well
    - fixed LCD Panel Text losing Glow when recoloring Panel
    - fixed refactor pilot attaching to cockpit
    - fixed Voxel Hand and Teleportation security for server side
    - fixed Visual Scripting Campaign issues
    - fixed being able to use handbrake while not in main cockpit

    Hot Fixes 171.003

    - fixed faulty small air vent construction model
    - fixed purple textures on catwalk construction model and refinery
    - fixed issue people being unable to alt-tab when in fullscreen or fullscreen window
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  2. Mr Engineer

    Mr Engineer Apprentice Engineer

    Wow, a good time to get into programmable blocks. I only just started working those out last month and I've had the game since Multiplayer came out, how slow am I? Heh, very.

    Also, YES Mergeblocks can be Docking rings again. Before Oxygen I used to use them for Docking with ships. Thank you so much Keen, wish the mount point was fixed though but thank you!
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  3. Nick_A

    Nick_A Trainee Engineer

    Was randomly twisting and exploding pistons fixed?
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  4. Hemp Plan[e]t

    Hemp Plan[e]t Apprentice Engineer

  5. I23I7

    I23I7 ME Tester

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  6. High Ground

    High Ground Apprentice Engineer

  7. SaturaxCZ

    SaturaxCZ Senior Engineer

    Control one grid from another...... EPIC !!! :tu: ( i was waiting for it all time )
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  8. dedendz

    dedendz Trainee Engineer

    Nice, I still can't use programmable blocks for crap but I'm sure some people are absolutely thrilled about that one!

    ...still want that skybox you teased ;D
  9. Ed Frost

    Ed Frost Senior Engineer

  10. szalkerous

    szalkerous Trainee Engineer

    I don't see how any of this benefits the dedicated server community, since we can't play the core game worth a damn as it is....
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  11. KingdomBragg

    KingdomBragg Junior Engineer

    Awesome. This will make some modders very happy and I'm over the moon about the airtight merge blocks as well. Thanks Xoc ;)
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  12. Saphi

    Saphi Trainee Engineer

    we really need a stable update
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  13. Ur-Quan Lord 9

    Ur-Quan Lord 9 Trainee Engineer

    Shoot, I am here early, time for some witty feedback!

    Well, you expect me to work that hard? That's your job!

    In all seriousness, the updates to the programmable blocks will allow me to develop a lot of neat new missil-I mean, it will allow me to develop a whole plethora of new mechanics and machinery, so thanks for that!
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  14. TidusKlein

    TidusKlein Apprentice Engineer

    Yes now my airlocks just got alot easier to decorate
  15. Masked Death

    Masked Death Apprentice Engineer

    After all these years!
  16. Dax23333

    Dax23333 Junior Engineer

    Wonderful! I've been waiting for this since this morning when rexxar posted the guide for the inter grid communication :woot:
  17. MustangDood

    MustangDood Trainee Engineer

    There's only one guy that works on this game. Look at every update in the last 2 years... it's the work of one guy.
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  18. Erna_Vida

    Erna_Vida Trainee Engineer


    This however makes me want my personal #1 programmable feature even more - are there any plans anyone knows of to add the ability to add/remove items from the assembly/disassembly queue for assemblers?
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  19. Nick_A

    Nick_A Trainee Engineer

    That makes no sense.
  20. derletztewiderstand

    derletztewiderstand Trainee Engineer

    Hi, I thought we had beta, but apparently not.

    In the video stands again Early Access.

    Dear Dev's, I would like Stable to play, wiel only that I can also play in the normal case on the servers.

    You should work more stable and not dev.

    Property last week also my second server off taken, since none can play more since the MP code for a playfulness ensures.

    Play yourself on a server Survial and with more than 5 people, Build and survive, at the latest when saving the server you have the first Lagg and you know what you have to work.

    In this sense, Good bye, Perhaps to the publication
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  21. Lynnux

    Lynnux Junior Engineer

    Finally ! :tu:
  22. Lord Wraith

    Lord Wraith Apprentice Engineer

    great to see the new features, but they need to fix some of the older bugs in the game, come on guys, your in beta now, gatling turrets shooting after they have been cut from a grid or lost power, orientation grids over riding the free orientation key, causing problems with mergeing grids together.......to name just two, plus now pistons doing their own thing.....as i said, your now in beta guys, you need to fix these things quick
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  23. posthy

    posthy Apprentice Engineer

    What?? rogrammable Block Inter-Grid Communication?? WOW! Just WOW!
  24. PhoenixTheSage

    PhoenixTheSage Junior Engineer

    No, what we need is for stable/dev to disappear and go back to one branch
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  25. Fishkaras

    Fishkaras Trainee Engineer

    > great to see the new features, but they need to fix some of the older bugs in the game
    But... bug fixing is so boring(
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  26. FlakMagnet

    FlakMagnet Senior Engineer

    Intergrid comms ...yay! Rexxar Fixed It!
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  27. |Ñ| Ederrn

    |Ñ| Ederrn Trainee Engineer

    One week more, one more INSULT to the client. KSH is ruining the game, they don't go to better, they are week after week destroying what was stable and working. I hate people that try to be "politicaly correct" instead of joining some of us for denouncing what its obviously a BAD DIRECTION and an INSULT to the inteligence of us, THE CLIENTS.

    We bought a development game with the expectation of, you know what?? YES: DEVELOPMENT and EVOLUTION. But KSH is doing completely the opposite. Even more, now they want us to buy again the first release... you know why? BECAUSE OF COURSE THE FIRST RELEASE WAS AT LEAST SOMETHING THAT YOU CAN PLAY. NOT THIS THING THAT THEY ARE PUBLISHING WEEK AFTER WEEK RUINING AND DESTROYING ALL THAT WAS (more or less) WORKING AND STABLE.

    I hope this post is ENOUGH for KSH to show them how much some of us are VERY TIRED and quite upset with how this "development" is going. If we could ask you for our money back we would do it. Simple. So PLEASE, KSH, sell this game to a professional studio that can complete in a couple of months what you are not capable to achieve in almost 4 years, so we can be playing in a short time (including you) a magnificent title without bugs and with loads of content.
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  28. Stardriver907

    Stardriver907 Master Engineer

    Um, started the game a few minutes ago and... no sound. At all. Sound is working on pc. Restarted game and still no sound. I need to know if it's just me.

    Dev 01_171_002
  29. Animal 22

    Animal 22 Trainee Engineer

    Quick jimmacle, make more mods so we can act surprised when rexxy ports them into the game!
  30. AutoMcD

    AutoMcD Senior Engineer

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  31. szalkerous

    szalkerous Trainee Engineer

    No, what we need is for KSH to finally fill those jobs that this game desperately needs. Especially the Senior Multiplayer Programmer.

    They'd probably get a lot more help if they removed the requirement "All positions require your presence in Prague."

    (I also found it interesting that Keen wants to get into the MMO scene, as evident in the job description: "Your next step would be to transition to an MMO system.")
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