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Update 01.172 STABLE

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Feb 2, 2017.

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  1. Drui Keen Update Guy Staff

    Stable (Default) branch on Steam has been updated to build 01.172.
    Also don't forget there is a Space Engineers Deluxe Edition Bundle now: http://store.steampowered.com/bundle/2329/

    - Physics engine improvements
    - Voxel performance optimizations
    - More Render Improvements
    - Drone AI improvements (weapons handling, ambush behavior)
    - Added updated icons for Automatic Rifle, Welder, Grinder and Drill
    - Updated Block/Component models + icons
    - Added new Skybox
    - Programmable Block Inter-Grid Communication; Guide: http://forum.keenswh.com/threads/programmable-block-inter-grid-communication-guide.7392031/
    - Small Turrets collisions changed (thanks to SEModder4 )
    - ModAPI and Programmable Block changes (massive thanks to Inflex, Elfi Wolfe, Phoenix84 and Malware; go to our Modding section for more details)


    - fixed Large Grid Large Reactor had faulty conveyor doors
    - fixed GPS serialization, cut scenes in MP, Highlights in MP in Visual Scripting
    - fixed issue with small landing gear missing dummies
    - fixed issue with faulty mount points on small conveyors
    - fixed issues with campaign missions and being able to complete them
    - fixed off setting of astronaut when using jet pack animation
    - fixed issues with the Silicon voxel texture
    - fixed issues with the RocksDesert voxel texture
    - minor redesign to the Spotlight block
    - added MATERIALS in Mod SDK to fix pink texture issues for modders
    - fixed Mag boots/Auto-jetpack activation issues
    - fixed flares appearing on the same position when pasting the ship
    - fixed Landing Gear model size
    - fixed Conveyor door on Large Reactor
    - fixed missing texture on Window 1x2 Side Left
    - fixed Merge block mountpoints
    - fixed character grinding animation
    - fixed clang with camera
    - fixed wrong armor deformations
    - fixed remote control/camera POV issues
    - fixed FOV resetting when using Interior Turret
    - fixed issues with pistons extending pistons while the world is reloading
    - fixed default settings for Empty World and Rival Platforms scenarios
    - fixed Corner light and Interior light not giving up any light
    - fixed Gamepad control issues
    - fixed Interior turret shooting through door
    - fixed asteroids settings for Empty world scenario
    - fixed Corner LCD 2 rotating issues
    - fixed Small Conveyor Tubes being aligned wrong during building
    - fixed Merge Block not working within the same grid
    - fixed issues with merge blocks and flares
    - fixed odd Sabiroid behavior
    - fixed Hydrogen Thruster issues with resource sink
    - fixed changing cockpit color (pink interior)
    - fixed loading of custom worlds screens
    - fixed G screen (Small Conveyor Tube, Small Conveyor, Small Curved Conveyor Tube)
    - fixed wrong gyroscope color
    - fixed Interior Block rotation
    - fixed emmisivity for Sliding Door
    - fixed accessing control panel when conveyor is attached
    - fixed issue with corrupted world when saving in 3rd person camera
    - fixed issue with timer block not saving its settings when built from projection
    - corrected air-tight properties for merge block, timer block and oxygen generator
    - added message indicating selected block not available for a grid size
    - added an email option to the crash message window
    - updated construction models for small grid armor blocks
    - minor material change for Gravity Generator
    - fixed AI drones shooting without target in line of sight
    - fixed not being able to use cockpit for small grid from the front
    - fixed climbing invisible stairs when jumping outside of gravity well
    - fixed LCD Panel Text losing Glow when recoloring Panel
    - fixed refactor pilot attaching to cockpit
    - fixed Voxel Hand and Teleportation security for server side
    - fixed Visual Scripting Campaign issues
    - fixed being able to use handbrake while not in main cockpit
    - fixed faulty small air vent construction model
    - fixed purple textures on catwalk construction model and refinery
    - fixed issue people being unable to alt-tab when in fullscreen or fullscreen window

    Hotfixes 3.2.2017 :

    - fixed issue with camera not being able to look around in 3rd person view/1st person view
    - fixed issue where turrets would keep shooting after auto locking on target and destroying it
    - fixed issue where promoting someone required the person to reconnect so that he may used his new rights.
    - fixed desync issue with the "can use all terminals" admin tool
    - fixed crash at Sandbox.Game.Entities.MyPlanet.BeforeDelete
    - fixed crash at at Sandbox.Game.Entities.MyShipController.UpdateShipInfo10

    Hotfixes 9.2.2017 :

    - fixed particle effect after projectile hit
    - removed installation of Win7 platform update
    - more black screen cases fixed

    Hotfixes 17.2.2017:

    - fixed crash while respawning in drill ship
    - fixed stable flag ( broken mods )
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 17, 2017
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  2. 16geley Trainee Engineer

  3. McVoy Trainee Engineer

  4. Carlosmaid Apprentice Engineer

  5. Gwindalmir Senior Engineer

    Didn't have to wait so long for modapi changes. Nice.
  6. Registry_Editor Trainee Engineer

    Umm, so is this new Skybox supposed to make everything blue?

    Edit: As if this game wasn't blue enough already.....
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2017
  7. Echillion Senior Engineer

  8. gordon861 Apprentice Engineer

    I don't seem to be able to look left/right whilst in a cockpit anymore.

    Also, the game seems to freeze my PC every few minutes when running the game now.

    Large oxygen generator - highlights the wrong port when you try to interact with it.
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  9. gimmilfactory Junior Engineer

  10. lyle sonders Apprentice Engineer

    3RD person view will not let you move camera angle around but so far its a great update.
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  11. Kokurokoki Apprentice Engineer

    Sounds also are broken when getting into the main cockpit. :(
  12. ksmonkey123 Trainee Engineer

    Build from Cockpit doesn't work either. Submitted a bug report, hope it will be approved soon ;)
  13. Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    oh sweet jesus we can finally loot the wolfs again......
    bloody hell i thought that feature was being removed for good......*the sound of massive relief*

    I skybox looks Sweetttttttttt.

    I can already hear my computer giving out stink for having to deal with a 4k texture
  14. K Man Trainee Engineer

    +Skybox is pretty
    +Running fairly smooth so far

    -Camera movement not working in 3rd person in a command chair
    -First person horizontal view blocked when in command seat, vertical works
    -My ship/station still bounces off the ground quite a bit on impact with planet: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=830312178
    -Lag spikes when coming across SPRT ships, the engine fires on my ship stopped for a moment and left a gap in the trail of flames
    -Skybox must bleed some blue light - unfinished armor blocks look like minecraft ice blocks at a distance.

    These screenshots were taken a couple steps from each other. Quite the difference in blue.
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2017
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  15. gchristopher Apprentice Engineer

    Alt-Camera rotation does not work in 3rd person ship view! (In windowed mode, which is the only way I can get the game to run on a 4K monitor.)

    This renders the game pretty close to unplayable.

    edit: alt-camera rotation works when 3rd-person in spacesuits, but not in small or large ships or stations. That's too bad; that's a completely game-breaking bug to have in Stable.
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  16. gordon861 Apprentice Engineer

    OK just reloaded the world, in ship I can look left right etc ... until I leave the ship and re-enter it, then it's buggered again ... up/down only.

    When viewed from outside, no camera movement but with my suit lights on it would appear that my body is still doing the movements.

    Might help you work out what you broke.
  17. nathan2000 Trainee Engineer

    And there's a problem with turrets. After killing a wolf, they forget to stop shooting. You need to manually switch Shooting: Off on them.

    I also noticed my survival world now has wolves and spiders box off in the settings, even though I enabled them and they still appear.
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  18. V_quinha Trainee Engineer

    Love the new bug report window!

    Yes, some minor sarcasm there.
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  19. vymasteny_pankac Apprentice Engineer

    is it just me or was LOD distance for low-poly models dramatically reduced?
    kswh pls give us control over that. otherwise a good update so far
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2017
  20. VigotheDudepathian Trainee Engineer

    FINALLY!!Love the update, can't wait to try wheels on the MP server I am on. Before they were...not to be trusted...fingers crossed. Oh and all my corner LCD's are upside down now, daferq that happen?
  21. KissSh0t Master Engineer

  22. The Mechanic Trainee Engineer

    Thanks for the update guys, but I have a minor quibble. The new icons for the oxygen and hydrogen bottles are almost exactly the same. Please make it like it was before - one light, one dark - so we can tell which one is which at a glance.
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2017
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  23. Raelsmar Trainee Engineer

    Unfortunately, ships are still falling through planets for me. This happens with both Large and Small ships.
  24. Shatara422 Trainee Engineer

    The good:
    Holy crap, performance! Don't know if it was optimization or being forced to update my ancient drivers to run the game, but I can get stable framerates with shadows on again!
    Small turret hitbox fix! Since SEmodder4 deleted his mod when the change hit dev, us stable plebs were forced to deal with massive invisible tophats again. No more!

    The bad:
    Alt freelook broken (1st and 3rd person), making it pretty much impossible to fly ships in tight spaces.
    Sound broken in enclosed cockpits
    Setting batteries to recharge does not stop them from draining; setting to semi-auto seems to shut them down entirely
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  25. ILL-UMINATI Trainee Engineer

    Wow where to start. Freelook broken, turrets are broken, huge fps drops near ships compared to old build (no fps loss vs drop to 25fps near the same ship), massive error list with modded components with references to things I've never heard of or things that aren't even changed by the specific mods pointing to non-existent mod files, modded particle effects just not working with no errors saying why, and these are just the problems I'm encountering with the mods I'm working on and vanilla unmodded game components. There are no update notes about changing turret AI unless a change to interior turrets shooting through doors broke every turrets' AI without you guys noticing, I can see where the note about adding a MATERIALS file to the Mod SDK is doing something to my modded materials.sbc file and causing my custom particles to not spawn somehow but honestly I don't know what "added MATERIALS in Mod SDK to fix pink texture issues for modders" means, I don't use any SDK for editing .sbc files or how it relates to my files. I can't even test what the armor deformation changes did to the carefully tested weapon damage I have because weapons are freaking out, but I'm terrified by what I'll find, not to mention how broken my drone AI behaviors are going to be when I can even get them to work.

    I swear every "stable" update that get released sets my mod release date back 2 weeks because I have to fix not only compatibility issues in my files but in the interactions in gameplay the patch has had. I've been working for 3 months on a total overhaul and now I'm not even sure I can finish this project if every thursday I have to gamble if I'm going to spend the next week or two working backwards. Everyone I was directly working with has quit, I've seen a dozen great modders leave the scene over your patches in the past few months and I can see why. Please, pick up some community members to QA your updates before you push them out to everyone, don't act like everyone who has purchased your game is a QA tester and what you're doing is okay. You guys do amazing work, but it's killing me to see that you aren't quality checking :(

    EDIT 1: Deformation is totally messed up. Explosions take a full second to update deformation to affected blocks. An explosion hits, then a second later the blocks get deformed by it. The larger the explosion the longer the delay. I don't know what your changes to the explosions were but it appears to be calculating the effects of the explosion and waiting until its done before applying the effects, though an explosion calculation shouldn't take 60+ steps to complete.

    Edit 2: The entire damage system is throttled in the same way, any instance of weapon-related deformation or damage is delayed until calculations are completed. Large volleys of projectiles that hit in the same few steps apply their effects for nearly a second after the projectiles hit, in order of their hits. Physics forces, damage, and deformation from weapons are all delayed. This is at full 60UPS (1.0 sim speed). There's no sim speed loss, not that there was ever any sim speed loss from 20 projectiles or a single explosion before the patch. Between the damage system being broken and looking at a grid with more than 200 blocks tanking my FPS, there's no point to me starting up the game until a hotfix is released :/
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2017
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  26. gchristopher Apprentice Engineer

    On the plus side alt-rotation of camera works in multiplayer, so that's playable!
  27. Vorg Trainee Engineer

    Yea, but we got a new 4k skybox!
    What is the point of having a dev version if when they put the changes out as "stable" it trashes it?
  28. Kokurokoki Apprentice Engineer

    Hey, here's a fix found by some of our fellow Engineers for those of you who want help dealing with the cockpits bugging out.

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  29. Fiddi Apprentice Engineer

    How exactly do you utilize these materials when building an mwm of a modified vanilla block?
    Mwmbuilder don't seem to detect them from their original directory.
  30. HeikoH1255 Trainee Engineer

    Found a way to fix the camera issue. Open /F10 Menu/ Enable Space Master/ Press F8/ Press F6/ Try to look around. :)
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