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Update 02.007 – Hand tools (torch, hammer, mace), daylight settings

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by George.Mamakos, Mar 10, 2015.

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  1. TrentPlaysPC Trainee Engineer

    Great update guys! I am very glad to see the first player weapons introduced to the game, as that was my main concern. Thank you for an excellent update! Hope to see more.
  2. Ulfsark Master Engineer

    No...no we don't. Just look at the whiners in the SE forums to understand why they should (and undoubtedly WILL) wait a long long time for that.
  3. ScottMajor Apprentice Engineer

    OMG! I actually missed the fact it was updated, went into "bridges" to destroy stuff and WHAM 'k' menu? AWESOME!!!!
  4. Ubiqanon Trainee Engineer

    Very nice update.


    Any idea when you will get S.I. for the four column vault block? (its the one that has a column on each corner and with a vaulted ceiling at the top.) It seems to be all ready to go, and given this latest update it is an essential block / component for vaulted ceiling construction.

    What is: Destruction Modding Tool? Didn't see this in the video.

    I would also like to know the progress on the S.I. with regard to arches (which explode when used with solid blocks under medium compression strain (11 - 12 blocks or more) ) as well as walls (which explode under low compression stress even when directly braced / attached to a solid block, - which negates the structural benefit / function of buttressing.) Walls of course should explode / collapse when they are not supported by arches, or other solid blocks, but they should gain strength when placed adjacent to arches / solid blocks, etc.

    I created an architecturally accurate version of the Tower of London - based on a block to real world equivalency of 1 block = 2.5 meters. The 4 corner towers of the keep and its walls were reinforced with flat buttresses, (basically adding a more depth / thickness to the walls) but the game wont let me do this with SI on - the 'walls' gain no load bearing benefit (through lateral distribution of weight) from being adjacent to the solid blocks that they are reinforcing / gaining support from.

    Just gotta say, it was really fun to actually build a fairly accurate recreation of the Tower of London. That alone was worth the price of admission. Thanks!
  5. Grendel Apprentice Engineer

    SWEET! I've been waiting for those extra Ceiling blocks! But any idea when the Gear blocks will be Implemented? That's what I'm waiting for next!
  6. Forgemasterhd Junior Engineer

    <3 you guys.
  7. Wasn't Meme Trainee Engineer

    Dear KSH,

    I would like to make a complaint, please stop coming up with these amazing updates full of content! I have deadlines and I'm supposed to be doing some ****ing work guys :D

    PS. I love you guys no homo... well maybe just a tad
  8. tharkus Junior Engineer

    Beautifull update! now we need real weapons to defend ourselves from the barbarians
    like swords, spears, maces. and be able to block with them (i dont espect to block with a tool :p) also some bow/crossbow would be really awesome.
  9. Thedevistator Senior Engineer

    Well they added the club so that's a weapon and pressing right click has some blocking animation that might come in use later on.
  10. Ubiqanon Trainee Engineer

    Not to grief you but a mace is a real weapon? We have that now. And I am sure an axe is probably going to get pushed out soon.... (gotta cut me some trees...)

    @thedevistator - Ha, you beat me to it, I wanted to fire up the game and double check then got side tracked, then posted this without first seeing your response....
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 11, 2015
  11. AnnexOne Trainee Engineer

    I would like to confirm that the bug with large numbers of light sources, still exists in this updated build.
  12. Mr Engineer Apprentice Engineer

    Outstanding update. Simply amazing, I was stunned. This game has a real promising future.
  13. George.Mamakos Apprentice Engineer

    EDIT 03/11/2015:
    Update 02.007.010
    - fixed startup crash in localization
    - fixed stairs and slope corner icons
    - fixed crash in behavior tool
    - fixed crash in bot debug
  14. Angry Mexicans Junior Engineer

    I think 2.007 might have broken the game a bit. I loaded up the Castle scenario just to play around. I took one swing with the hammer and hit one of the pillars on a small building, and as a result the whole castle (I mean ALL of it) started to collapse, even though SI read all green.
  15. Alfalfa Apprentice Engineer

    I can confirm this. I decided to try building a trebuchet with the rope hook (hadn't gotten around to it last week), and lobbed one projectile into a building in the courtyard of the example castle.

    The game slowed down for a good 30 seconds to a minute, the drawbridge exploded, pieces started falling off of the gatehouse and the circular tower, and dust was rising off of parts of the entire castle.
  16. Pivemaskine Trainee Engineer

    I love the amount of updates for this game!

    How's it looking with the black screen on autosave bug?

    I also experienced the total destruction with a whack of the mace on a building, it was like the castle imploded and i got like 10fps due to all the debris.

    Keep up the goodwork though!
  17. George.Mamakos Apprentice Engineer

    EDIT 03/12/2015:
    Update 02.007.012
    - fixed structural integrity and destruction crash
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 12, 2015
  18. TheHengeProphet Trainee Engineer

    I'm a little sad about the loss of the textures for the centered multiblock window and long slope walls, but the additions are wonderful!
  19. Ubiqanon Trainee Engineer

    I agree, I was disappointed that the mods that let you use all the blocks are now broken. I got spoiled using them.

    I almost want to wait now before I build anything else...
  20. Sir Sulo Apprentice Engineer

    General SirSulo,
    reporting for duty.
    I'm commanding 1000 of the best F5-Archers in the world.
  21. Sapphiro Trainee Engineer

    The Holy Order of F5-Chevalery is waiting ready to lauch an assault
  22. xzosimusx Junior Engineer

    Atlas Guild standing by for F5 resupply requests. Also throwing some F5s over the walls in our spare time.
  23. Sir Sulo Apprentice Engineer

    Oke, take 100 of my Archers and go to the South-Eastern side. I'll cover the Eastern side!
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.