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Update 02.024 - Character stats (health, stamina, food)

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Jul 7, 2015.

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  1. Drui Keen Update Guy Staff

    Character stats – health, stamina, food - have been added to Medieval Engineers. This is one more of the main survival features that we are introducing to the game. Your character will now be affected by health, stamina and food. The character’s health will regenerate slowly through time; you can speed up the regeneration by eating (mushrooms, etc.). Eating will also replenish your stamina and food. When the food bar gets to 0, the character will start losing health. The stamina will decline according to the player's actions (for example cutting wood) and will increase when the character is resting (standing, walking or crouching). Character's stamina is also affected by the total weight of his inventory or when he's manipulating with some heavy object while moving. Additionally, we have added more construction models for blocks used in survival building.

    - character stats (health, stamina, food)
    - adding objects to your inventory from the ground
    - more construction models for blocks

    - fixed possibility to fast place grids on a spoon, including the grid spoon is built on
    - fixed looped desync with bigger destructions on dedicated servers
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  2. Ericius11 Apprentice Engineer

    Don't starve! Now I want to build a farm.
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  3. xzosimusx Junior Engineer

    Cool update! Hopefully there are some unspecified fixes in there too :)
  4. Sean Trainee Engineer

    Omg, can we PLEASE have farms?
  5. kitsunelegendXx Trainee Engineer

    Not bad, not bad at all. Happy with this update. 8D

    Still not a fan of putting things in a character inventory (like the stones, wood, and such) but hopefully you'll still be able to work around that like before they had that. (have the building materials near you instead) Maybe limit it to food only or something?

    Otherwise, nice update. :)
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  6. MichaelC Junior Engineer

    no ores
    so sad

    oh well least we have food to play with. Hopefully farms some day too
  7. Thedevistator Senior Engineer

    You kinda need random terrain generation to have a steady supply of ores.
  8. Slye_Fox Trainee Engineer

    No fix to the targeting system (deconstructing/mining things you're not looking at, or even in front of you) = still not playable survival.
  9. DragonHalo99 Trainee Engineer

    Awesome update guys!! I am looking forward to when survival mode fully launches
  10. Wolf Apprentice Engineer

    Hats of to you good ppl.
    Hope we get something like this in SE soon :)
  11. waterlimon Senior Engineer

    It makes me sad that the stat bars are such simple aesthetically unpleasant bars with weird colors, knowing that it will probably stay that way for a year :D

    Also hunger rate seemed kind of high, I would expect to be able to live at least a day or two without food. And even after that, I wouldnt expect to die, but rather get in a weakened state.
  12. xzosimusx Junior Engineer

    Confirmed that this is not fixed yet. Really really hoping for this to get patched soon.

    For now its not unplayable, but it is definitely frustrating. You just need to figure out the tricks to get your hits to land:
    • Move the cursor in small circles while you are swinging (works quite well for mining, sometimes useful for construct/deconstruct)
    • Take a small step forward/backward as you swing (works well for construct/deconstruct while standing)
    • Crouch down to hit under you, but keep in mind that your hit will land BEHIND you (about at the back of your right foot while kneeling)
    • Almost all tools can hit things to the right of your character as you swing, so keep that in mind
    • Mining pick will hit very consistently on your back swing (above and behind the player)
    • Jumping and swinging works well for all tools to hit higher
    • All tools will dig into any voxels near by, so keep well clear of any land you do not want to hit
    • Crouching while mining will generally move downward; while standing you will almost always mine forward and level.
    • When crouched constructing/deconstructing timbers (such as the floor of a cart), you will almost always hit the one to the right of what you are aiming at. So move one to the left of the one you want.
    • To hit with the hammers something that is laying on the ground (such as a timber), stand on top of it, crouch and remember that the hit will land behind your right foot. Elevating objects you cannot stand on will bring them up high enough to hit while standing. If you crouch and swing while standing on a block, no matter where you aim, you will hit the block below you.
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2015
  13. TheFlawlessGem Apprentice Engineer

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  14. Thomas_Jefferson Apprentice Engineer

    At least they're making progress on survival, and weekly progress at that! Sure, it's not playable in survival, but SE wasn't good for much more than building and crashing ships for more than 6 months. As long as they keep focusing on survival at the current rate, it'll be survival ready in about a month, maybe less.
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  15. xzosimusx Junior Engineer

    Absolutely! I'm still loving playing survival (have over 150 hours just in survival now)! I can't complain when they add new features. I'll take new features every week over anything else to be honest haha!

    I kinda just wish we could get more feedback from the devs on the things they are working on currently. Most bug reports don't even have a response that they've seen them...
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2015
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  16. Ghostickles Senior Engineer

    ME is shaping right up, keep it coming!
    Zos, I've got the same issues, plus a problem with trees/fps. It will get fixed when it gets fixed, I got frustrated with it too. Dealing with it.
    Rome wasn't built in a day, and if you want an Apple pie from scratch you must first invent the universe and all that.
    Want to play some SE for a bit?
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  17. Deewad Trainee Engineer

    cool feature, It would be cool if you could toggle the bars and add in sound effects, like when your hungry have your stomach growl, louder and louder as the bar depletes, maybe for stamina you could pant, breath heavy, when your health gets low maybe just a red screen fade in and out
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  18. Noy Apprentice Engineer

    1:16 eat fail.
  19. xzosimusx Junior Engineer

    Probably because eating in the method shown (assuming you drag to the right button) is not working.
  20. JuStX2 Apprentice Engineer

    Good Job - but i'm still trying to figure out where you placed the food spawns from that *last* update... Atleast with SE there's no guess work, just find the right colored ores...food on ME is kinda...idk harder to find than platinum deposits in SE -with- the Stargate Mod Enabled. (which adds like 3-5 extra types of ore to the table alone)
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.