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Update 02.026 - Respawn carts

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Jul 21, 2015.

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  1. Drui Keen Update Guy Staff

    Today we are introducing new respawn options for the Survival mode. From now on, all players will spawn with a respawn cart that contains a bed and containers with a few food supplies to start with. When your character dies, he will spawn in a bed you own. You can set ownership of your beds (if you set ownership as "nobody, then no one can spawn there). Every player can set more than one beds as a respawn point. When the last bed is destroyed, the player will randomly spawn in the world with a new respawn cart. Unfortunately already built beds can’t serve as spawn points; you will have to build them again after updating the game to the 02.026 version. Additionally, we have updated the character status bars so a line will indicate the change. For example, after your character eats something, there will be a visible change on your “food” bar. Also, we have re-balanced the stamina consumption when you are building or fighting. Lastly, we have added more construction models for blocks used in survival building.

    - respawn carts
    - ownership of the respawning cart ("K" button)
    - updating character status
    - more construction models for blocks (survival building)

    - fixed character lingering in a turning animation even after he left turning wheel
    - fixed generated blocks being capable of holding large castles - generated blocks added to structural integrity
    - fixed AI command flags disappearing from a toolbar after reload
    - fixed food eaten directly from barrels not replenishing stats

    EDIT 07/24/2015:
    Update 02_026_007

    - Fixed damage to trees with projectiles
    - Fixing client's inventory full notification showing on the server
    - Fixing herbs functionality - herbs are now healing
    - Fixing nullref in MyUseObjectWheel
    - Fixed crash when battles failed to retrieve steam rules
    - Quick re-balance of stamina
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  2. Xanatos Trainee Engineer


    I badly wanted the railings in Survival. Good to see more block stages added every week :)
  3. rsdworker Trainee Engineer

    great :) looks very good
  4. Alexxey593 Trainee Engineer

  5. zDeveloper10 Junior Engineer

    haha it's like when your character dies,he suddenly wakes up in his bed and it was all a bad dream :woot:
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  6. failtolawl Trainee Engineer

    Gypsy simulator 2015
  7. tharkus Junior Engineer

    Nice ! very interesting how the game grows
  8. TheFlawlessGem Apprentice Engineer

    Cool! Glad to see survival chugging along. :woot:
  9. Uncle Texan Trainee Engineer

    After this update I found in a forest item "Wooden spikes". Do someone know what is this? Is this new?
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2015
  10. ronnsama Trainee Engineer

    Games coming along nicely. Picked it up after a while, figured I'd try out the new survival. Spawned a few bots to get materials for me (lazy). However I noticed some of the structures are still about as stable as paper. One of them ran by a floor and bumped it with a log; busting a hole in it. I mean I get the whole structural integrity thing, and it's awesome, however I don't see that busting a gaping hole in the floor; on top of the fact I can't just get a few items together and repair it vs. destroying it and rebuilding it (unless I'm missing something). Not an immediate problem, but one I can see being severe later on down the road with a mega build or whatever.

    Another thing, is it just me or are the hit-boxes for structures and hammer a bit.... wonky? I have issues mousing over some of the blocks like floors, and even then the bobbing from the hammer makes me miss more times than not.
  11. Ghostickles Senior Engineer

    Thanks KEEEEEEEEN!
  12. Drathfox Trainee Engineer

    When building a Wooden Floor on a Stone Block the hitbox is very slim, just the framing...additionally in the 2nd stage there is no hitbox to finish the construction.
  13. SirLaurenceNZ Trainee Engineer

    would be nice if there was a more authentic way of moving carts however like being able to hold onto a rope ending with the manipulation tool as something the player could pull for example. still being able to respawn at a set location will still be super helpful :)
  14. OmEgA_StOrM Apprentice Engineer

    Nice update but i am still waiting that you can aim better with your tools
  15. Morphik Apprentice Engineer

    Have you even tried to play since the update. Tools work just fine now.
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  16. SirLaurenceNZ Trainee Engineer

    I finally got around to it! it's so much better! sadly the deadly scrap wood is making a return ;P
  17. Bumber Senior Engineer

    Ye Olde Engineer Corps. readying F5 ballistae. Assemble the F5 trebuchets, etc., etc.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.