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Update 02.066 - Bug fixes

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Apr 26, 2016.

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  1. Drui Keen Update Guy Staff

    Description: This week is about fixing bugs. We have fixed crashes, made some tweaks and fixed a problem with crossbow ammunition. Also we have made some multiplayer changes which should prevent floating objects being desynchronized all the time. More features are coming soon, so stay tuned!

    - New sound of flying projectile close to player

    Tweaks & Optimizations:
    floating objects + fractures improvement
    - fixed an increased number of packets being sent to the client
    - removed a log line about "physical item missing" to prevent log flooding
    - improved icons of character animation.
    - improved a problem where the camera was seeing through voxels
    - fixed the camera getting inside of character tools
    - changed price of catch blocks in blueprints
    - changed handling of icon text to allow better customization
    - equivalency groups for items (this is to replace substitutions and later also component blocks)
    - inventories can now take equivalents into account when counting items

    - fixed highlights on mechanical blocks
    - improvements to the grid synchronization in MP
    - fixed a random crash in MyCubeGrid
    - fixing crash in ME if blueprints cannot be loaded (happened in broken MODs - e.g. Runescape total conversion MOD)
    - fixing cube builder trying to paste stuff even though it was deactivated
    - fixed crossbow not showing ammo
    - fixed inventory overflow
    - items with use objects can now be picked up again
    - fixed "Graphics card is not supported" issues
    - fixed issue with shift
    - fixed blueprints with timber 10 and timber round 10
    - fixed compound building of the roofs
    - fixed highlight on the barbarian bag
    - Timber Diagonal block can be stacked now
    - adding the missing "fall ground" sound
    - fixed crossbow ammo not being saved
    - fixed blocks with different materials used for constructing/deconstructing
    - fixed infinite loop in MyCueBank in the menu
    - fixed a crash in serialization
    - fixed allocations of fracture pieces on the client
    - fixed the bug reporting link

    fixed crash in serialization of hand torch and other minor crashes
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2016
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  2. beelzerob Apprentice Engineer

    Bug fixes are great...Always....but I look forward to added features if I'm ever going to play this game. I'll be "staying tuned"!
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  3. PsicoPato Senior Engineer

    Awesome work like allways guys. =)
  4. KevusBorus Trainee Engineer

    Yes, the patches can't consist of bugfixes only, but the ones they fixed now are just great! The timber bug really... Bugged me ???
  5. Sabo Trainee Engineer

    i'm starting to worry rather than be excited
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  6. Ed Frost Senior Engineer

    as long as one of those features include option to switchback to the original inventory... or just switch back to that inventory type....
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  7. beelzerob Apprentice Engineer

    Not many are fond of the idea of making it more difficult, but in my opinion, it should be seriously difficult to move lumber and stone around. That's why we'd need carts and horses and pulleys, etc. Building should be possible from any "nearby" piles of supplies...it shouldn't have to be in your personal inventory.
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  8. OmEgA_StOrM Apprentice Engineer

    Why are their floating objects in the first place ???????
  9. Geneticus Senior Engineer

    For MP/DS I'd like to see the manipulator tool be replaced with a rope/net and drag the logs and rocks if enough players team up to pull it. For SP I'd like to see porters team up to drag or carry bulky items.
  10. MechanizedIT Apprentice Engineer

    I think the biggest issue with having piles of supplies, is the performance issue with that many entities, especially in MP where everyone has a hundred or so items laying around.

    What I'd like to see to fix this problem is a way to make these items static by letting us pick them up with the manipulation tool and then snap then to static builds. When you look at the original videos of ME on youtube, you see them pick up blocks like timbers, and connect them to structures, not by having them in their inventory, or in the inventory of a chest. I think the Devs need to go back to that way of building, and do away with sticking these huge blocks into tiny chests and barrels. If you could pick up a log and then build it, snap it, to a static structure, like a log rack you've built, you would do away with all of these dynamic items causing performance issue, but still have the immersion, and then when you are ready to build, go to your static stack of timbers and pick one up, using the manipulation tool.
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  11. Thomas_Jefferson Apprentice Engineer

    I love to see bugs fixed, but in the last 12 months, "Bugfixes" have been a highlight of the patch for more than 18 times! Granted, features and additions came in with most of those patches, and bugfixes are always great, but I would seriously like to see where the game will go with it all. I've loved the concept of this game from the start, and it's fun to go into every now and then, but it still seems like a concept at times.
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  12. Ed Frost Senior Engineer

    you could have special storage blocks for stone lumber etc. Like in the forest.
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  13. Androox Trainee Engineer

    You should change the price for a sword, its the strongest weapon and the mace is more pricey.
  14. Mr Engineer Apprentice Engineer

    Looking good! Thanks Keen.
  15. Speshal_Snowman Apprentice Engineer

    Good update ;)
  16. Ed Frost Senior Engineer

    so... better give us more stuff to do... im losing hope. :stare::baby:
  17. Thales M. Senior Engineer

    Optimize trees:(
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.