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Update 1.182.0 - Major Optimizations, Reduced Loading Times & More!

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by flexx, Jul 20, 2017.

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  1. Allammo Apprentice Engineer

    Yeay! Finally! Now I'll have to recalibrate wheel suspension behavior in all important vehicles, but it's good. I kinda like adjusting those settings.
  2. macgeifer Apprentice Engineer

    i can confirm this. have a truck with some blast doors, they are cuttung the trailer without even touching.
  3. Bumber Senior Engineer

    Do the wolves still drop components? Maybe bring back the cyberdog model?
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  4. aether.tech Apprentice Engineer

    Screw FPS, just give me SIM speed!
  5. CrazyEd Trainee Engineer

    So far EVRYTHING seems more fragile than before, slight bumps kill grinders, batteries, connectors. Connectors also appear willing to explode as you unlock them. Landing gear explode on contact with voxels unless you inch down. I need to do more testing tho but thats my first impression
    --- Automerge ---
    I cant recall, but i don't think you could look around in the old one, right ? this is cool
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  6. Snail Farmer Trainee Engineer

    Since the patch, all my drill ships that worked fine before, destroy themselves whenever I try to drill anything.
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  7. SnottyCat Trainee Engineer

    Looks like they finally fixed the wheel suspension. even the 1x1 wheel suspension. Can't wait to try it out when I go home.
  8. KissSh0t Master Engineer

    Loving the new spark effects when shooting metal.... looks much better than before.

    Also character weapon hold animation when floating in space is much much better... Good stuff.

    Now for that reload animation!? :woot:

    Last edited: Jul 21, 2017
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  9. Radeth Apprentice Engineer

    Well, nice increase in performance and loading times (60 seconds for the first load after starting the game and 20-30 seconds after that)!!!! Though the modular ship I was working on it's pretty much useless now as light armor melts like butter everytime I disconnect a merge block (whereas before the update this didn't happen, the blocks didn't take damage or took very little compared to now). Hopefully this'll get fixed along with some instability (game crashes) right after loading a world while it continues to load stuff after getting you ingame. Also 95% GPU usage all the time on my R9 380X :O (CPU stays at 30-40%). Can't wait for the survival revamp now!!

    P.S.: Wasn't @rexxar 's chat supposed to be on this update??
  10. I23I7 ME Tester


    Another week another update and another Friday for hot fixing.

    For the LCD panels having a purple LOD from the back we are already aware and looking for fixing it today.

    @shanjoo Thanks for clearing that up although it should be noted that due to the new way of loading the game it takes some time for the whole GUI to load up ( It should be improved in the following updates)

    @Whiplash141 We are sorry about that issue. We are looking for releasing a fix as soon as possible.

    @Prof.Liebstrumpf Honestly this function never behaved as it should. The team has planned looking again into the admin tools so once we get to that point it will straightened out.

    @JuStX2 We know about the crash currently its a top priority to get it sorted it out.

    No they are not in. The height offset fit was pushed because of the demand for it. :)

    @krypt-lynx Send me the blueprint via PM and tell me if there is a way to reproduce the issue via steps.

    On realistic or arcade mode? And in atmosphere? I was able to hear the engine sound.

    This is a issue that was there previously its been reported already. Thanks!

    Can you guys send me the blueprints via PM with notes on how this behaved in the previous version?

    Feel free again to ask questions or send private message reports that i can look into. Also do not forget to tag and bump me if needed.

    Apart from that i hope you guys liked our major update and are looking forward to the next one.
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  11. doncdxx Apprentice Engineer

    Been enjoying the new patch. So far it runs smoother.

    One request though:
    Bring back teasers... and have something worth teasing us with.
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  12. Rfiles Trainee Engineer


    After this update I'm unable to play. The game gets stuck in loading screen. This happens with previous saved games and new games.
    Before i had no problems with it except the loading times. Task manager shows little activity. Logs doesn't say what it is doing.
    Any suggestions?

    Thank you
  13. Jon Turpin Apprentice Engineer

    Newish to SE (played in early alpha for a bit, an now again in beta)..

    I do like that the wolves no longer eat my stuff as they did back then, however I feel like they are a bit OP now. The frequency of encounters is quite high and as they always seems to come 3 or 4 at a time.. I'm dead in about 5 seconds if I'm not expecting them, which is always the case when I'm mining for ore or trying to build. So my survival game has become 99% "watch out for wolves" and only 1% "let's enjoy the game."

    I'd very much appreciate some more tweaking for the dangerous critters in the world. I don't want to turn them off, but perhaps add a warning system to alert you when they are nearby (via a scanner block of some sort) or lessen their pack numbers/damage output. Maybe both?

    Also, it seems like when shooting them, half the rounds seem to go right through them. Like their colliders are set to only trigger a hit if it lands near their head. Maybe that's just bad aim on my part, but it's consistent across encounters.
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2017
  14. I23I7 ME Tester


    Check the in-game news and change log for info about the hotfixes!
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  15. Lithorn Trainee Engineer

    What would cause my client to eat up memory with no mods installed? Just had to force close a game running at 13g, I only have 16g to work with. This happens after a half hour or more of playing
  16. Jon Turpin Apprentice Engineer

    I can confirm this from my 73 (exaggerated) attempts to land my planet lander on a new survival game last night. If I wasn't PERFECTLY level (No auto-level function??? Why?), or even "touched" the ground with a gear, a chain reaction occurred: gear 1 destroyed, then other gears as the ship falls 5 ft and bumps the ground, then the entire lower deck of the planet lander explodes as it falls another 5 ft and bumps the ground......

    So I had to "cautiously" align my ship parallel with the ground, and inch it down in intervals at 1m/s speed until the landing gears are lockable. And I never actually touched the ground with them, they hovered at about a foot above ground.

    Not sure how it was previously as I haven't played in a while, but it's extremely sensitive right now.
  17. Rexisaurus Trainee Engineer

    Does this fix the new Dx11 Card Error? Wasnt an issue before this update.
  18. Outfrost Apprentice Engineer

    After some initial experiences, crashes, slowdowns, Clang summonings, destroyed ships, hopes and dreams, it's time to go over a few things in this update. I haven't checked the hotfix yet, will do later today.

    Yes, this is indeed what would happen to me. When loading a fresh new world, I would be greeted very quickly by the respawn screen, but then the loading would continue indefinitely, even after choosing a spawn location. Pretty much the only way out of that was a good old [Alt]+[F4] and that produced crash reports, which I duly sent in. Then the second time I would go into said world (first time from the 'Load world' screen) it would proceed to load up correctly.

    THIS. Thank you. We need this. In some shape or form. I'd be happy with setting a single default toolbar for myself and being able to quickload it.

    Confirmed fixed, thank you!

    This still happens, but maybe under different circumstances. Need to do more testing.

    Also, a massive confirmation from me on the fragility of blocks. The only thing that I've found is not horribly fragile are wheels, at least the small ship 3x3 variant. Everything else dropped from 1 small ship block above the ground's surface just self-destructs. Connectors explode upon trying to connect (also from collision probably). Landing gears disintegrate upon light touchdown. Basically anything colliding just slightly causes mass destruction. Cockpits seem to be most sensitive, as they tend to explode even when the origin of the impact is a good few blocks away from them.

    Memory leaks continue as well. In a multiplayer survival world, seemingly at random, I can have a flawless 3 hour play session, I can hit a leak straight away upon loading the world, or I can encounter one after some time. It manifests itself by freezing my game every 1-5 seconds for 0.2-10 seconds at a time, making doing anything in game nigh impossible, and gradually eating more and more system memory. The larges private working set of Space Engineers that I recorded was 25.9 GB. That memory does not seem to be used for anything, yet it renders the game almost unplayable and the rest of the operating system almost unusable, even with my 32 GB of RAM. I don't know if it's an issue with our world, with multiplayer in general, with a mod, or something else, but it's definitely not working as it's supposed to. I tried the same mods that we run on the server in a single player world and nothing really happened.
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  19. Lithorn Trainee Engineer

  20. SnottyCat Trainee Engineer

    Had all my Icons in the G-Menu disappear when loading an old (1.180) game. If start new game, G-Menu icons is ok
    When starting a Solo game, there is plenty of times the game would choke and hang for a several seconds (happened in 1.181, but seems worse now).... not sure if this is due to the optimization at work here as it only occurs just after a game is first loaded.

    Old bug from ver1.181 where the ship become uncontrollable bug when exceed 200m/s speed limit bug is still there.... unfortunately this is a deal breaker for me. Guess is back to 1.180 for me
  21. Binsath Trainee Engineer

    I want to say the game optimizations are AMAZING! I even took the liberty to check all the fixes and they look 100% solid. Especially the wheels and playing the game at a proper progression from Planetary Lander seems viable again. However, the reason I posted...

    Is you I23I7. As a dedicated tester and friend of the community I would like to implore and beseech you to provide a better and more helpful response...


    CrazyEd Reported:

    So far EVRYTHING seems more fragile than before, slight bumps kill grinders, batteries, connectors. Connectors also appear willing to explode as you unlock them. Landing gear explode on contact with voxels unless you inch down. I need to do more testing tho but thats my first impression


    I23I7's response was:

    Can you guys send me the blueprints via PM with notes on how this behaved in the previous version?


    You DON'T need blueprints or notes to see the issues here. I mean come on... Thats a response that made me cry, when ANYONE in a few minutes can load up several versions of easy starts on planets and other scenarios and use the premade ships to test and get the same results. Also these bug reports have gone unanswered so far since yesterday as of this post:





    In short, the community tested and responded... today's hotfix did NOT resolve this major issue and space engineers has become too fragile to playtest creations with. We all want to help to make it a better game and thats why we report it, but having a half hearted response to a major concern hurts. *sad puppyeyed* Please check and see for yourself sir. Anyone in the team can... I am forever depressed about the state of creations in the game which I fear is going to last an entire week until next Thursday. Please Keen, don't wait and try to offer some sincere help before the weekend.

    - Binsath
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  22. Porkey Trainee Engineer

    GPU usage is supposed to be 100%. If it's not 100% and/or your frame rates are lower than you want, then you have a problem.
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2017
  23. Lurch84 Trainee Engineer

    Just like to say aswell how impressed I am with this update (I was getting crashes but gfx driver re-install and mods re-download fixed that). Sim speed stays solid at 1.0 without even a blink, fps stable and smooth on high settings while doing normal stuff (even big projections), though timers/programmable blocks running scripts still kick it in the teeth. Also with wheel heights working again, I might bother with planets properly again!

    Keep up the good work and the much improved communication, everything is looking much more promising :)

    Edit- Loading times are at least half of what they were too, makes swapping from survival to creative and back for testing ideas much less hassle. Very happy.
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  24. link8dragon Trainee Engineer

    I'm sorry for insisting but I don't see my advanced rotor issue have an answer here or somewhere else... I can send you a copy of my world if you want to see what happened, or just some screenshot...

    Everytime I report something I never had answer from you ^^... and you always answer on issue (not to me) after someone else report the exact same issue, so please answer me, I really want to help and i play this game since very long time, and no, I don't publish my shitty build, their is already exact same build already publish or something similar, and I don't publish things who doesn't work for sure, mods, ship, station, blueprint, script, or every shit that modders publish before they work fine without issue (sorry guys but sometimes it's f*ck*ng annoying)
    So what? I have to be published or someone influent in that community to have an answer? I have to ask Sektan or Whiplash141 or Rdav for reporting issue? Maybe you wil answer them (sorry again, but it start to make me really angry to lose my best world, without speaking of all the thing people complaining) I try to keep calm but I TOTALLY understand why some people said they will ragequit the game (ok, understand, early acces, beta, still in developement, try to do your best, not want issue happened... but sometimes it's really hard to be on your side, remember: no AI development, no posibility to add new race like "Zombie replace wolf, Starship troopers Spider by Sektan replace vanilla spider", Medieval Engineers becoming it's own game (yeah) but no NPC will be add in Space Engineers, nobody see that coming, right? I'm already sure that some people still believe there will be NPC in SE, but not me and since a long time)

    Resume issue (again): large advanced rotor with small head already build vanished or exploded
    After more testing, think it's due to the large head collision case maybe apllied on small one, when advanced rotor cannot place large head, the small one explode, even if it has enough space to placed the small one...

    I'm really the only one having this? Nobody notice that or nobody use advanced rotor in that purpose?
    I have a holy computer who can run everygame I want with ultra settings and I have still ressouce, I'm sure that I could run both of your game in same time if I want, without lag normally.
    Win 10 (yeah it sucks) GTX 1080, 18gb ram, Intel Core i7-5820K CPU @ 3.30GHz and Internet with fiber... so it don't come from me I assume, right? Or rmaybe I have to downgrade my graphic card to my old GTX 980, I don't know... and sorry for poor english, not English native
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  25. Phathatter Trainee Engineer

    I can confirm the fragility issue, but I have only tried on multiplayer survival. Had to be extremely careful docking and even then lost the same connector 6+ times. Interestingly always a large ship connector being destroyed with the station connector taking no damage.
  26. Darkheyr Trainee Engineer

    My large adv rotors with small heads are all fine. I only have them on stations at the moment though, not on any mobile grids - because they've been volatile on those for quite some time.

    As for the update - awesome performance. Even my Surface runs SE now to the point its somewhat playable.
  27. Stardriver907 Master Engineer

    Well, as it turns out, my crack about SE not getting a memo was actually true. There's a way to check the integrity of Steam game files and apparently one was missing. Steam said it would fix it so, I loaded the game and:
    This is Chilkoot and most of the rest of the fleet. The stats are there and speak for themselves. Upshot is that this is all I ever expect when Chilkoot is in the room :)
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  28. Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    @Stardriver907 that's legit the first time i've heard of Integrity Check actually helping someone ^^ As for the performance... i mean, the World loads, that's a decent start :)
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  29. link8dragon Trainee Engineer

    Ok, thx for answering me ^^ just want to know a little thing, sorry ^^
    are your adv rotor surrounded with large block? 'cause they work on one of my ship but not on the space elevator ^^ I really think that it as an issue with the head collision case
    Here is some screenshot of what happening:

    see damage on block above adv rotor, made me think of eplosion of rotor head (even if the rest of build hasn't move)

    you can see here that it missed the rotor head and the conveyor tube just after the head

    and for the fun
    don't understand why the rest of the build work, it hasn't have battery or reactor ^^ fun...
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2017
  30. gchristopher Apprentice Engineer

    Wow, the game looks and runs nicely in this update! And the hotfix notes keep coming in-game. That's all pretty awesome!

    Thanks Keen!
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