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Update 1.184.0 Major - Half Armor Blocks, UI & MP Improvements

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by flexx, Sep 14, 2017.

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  1. Lurch84 Trainee Engineer

    Ah, thanks @Roxette Missed that post on a quick scan through. @[FMP]Kaname yeah kinda agree, I play at 1x so lost quite a bit from the cargo (all my thruster and reactor components I'd stocked, that hurt a bit...) and building anything by hand is totally out of the window now if it has LST's in now. Glad I'm well past that point in my current game, but in future may just have to use 3x on new games, only 2 LST's at a time, and it's not an uncommon part either :/
  2. FoolishOwl Junior Engineer

    I hadn't really done much construction in "survival mode" before, so I hadn't realized the volume of large steel tubes. It certainly did make retrofitting an oxygen tank, into a derelict Base 531 I'd found, quite tedious.

    I've never been happy with the tradeoff between immersion-breaking hammerspace and the tedium of realistic inventories. At least in the case of Space Engineers, I can think about creating a small cargo container on wheels or something similar, tentatively named, "The Luggage".
  3. Ondřej Nahálka QA Lead Staff


    You are right, it is connected with the group removing.

    Fixed (next minor update)!

    But thanks for great cooperation! Really appreciate!:)

    Reproduction rate: 100%

    Steps to reproduce:

    # Place the Control Panel
    # Place the Remote Control
    # Enter the Terminal / Control Panel
    # Select the Remote Control and create the group
    Note: Remote Control is a part of this group
    # Grind the block down or remove it
    # Observe the freeze and crash
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2017
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  4. Tau Trainee Engineer

  5. Spets Master Engineer

    what is profiler version?
  6. Sevnn Trainee Engineer

    I could kiss you Ondřej. I was going insane trying to work around this issue. I am in the middle of a MP PVP organized scenario and the world would crash anytime I tried to disconnect 2 grids that are core to the scenario. I was able to reproduce them on a fresh world using a BP from the scenario. I grabbed many log files but it sounds like they aren't needed. Please let me know if they are.

    FWIW, I tried removing all groups from the grid before disconnecting them and it still crashed. I have seen the magical reappearing groups issue so I suspect that the groups weren't actually removed. I copied and hacked the BP file manually, removing everything between and including the <BlockGroups> tags and it solved the issue. I was able to segment the grids without any issues.

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  7. Optoclaw Trainee Engineer

    Ever since this update came out I have been having nothing but issues with Space Engineers. First was the bug that didn't allow for modded worlds to load, then they were allowed to load but as soon as it loaded the game crashed, now that I can actually play the game the damn thing keeps crashing for no fucking reason and I'm getting messages afterward that say "You have run out of memory" when I have shut down every single program on my computer with the exception of task manager and Space Engineers. AND to top all of that off the memory usage never exceeded more than 70-80%. Before this damn update came out I was able to run Space Engineers simultaneously with Google Chrome, U Torrent, VLC Media Player, Windows Explorer and various other programs and never had an issue with constant game crashes as I have been the last two months or so. And I'm sorry for the cursing but right now I am PISSED as I have not been able to play the game for more than five minutes before it crashes for almost a month now. So I aint exactly in the mood to be polite.
  8. Admiral_peck Trainee Engineer

    that's cute, you actually think they'll fix those?
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.