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Update 1.185.2 - Beta Improvements

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Nov 30, 2017.

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  1. MisterMagoo Trainee Engineer

    Oh sure, add rotor locks right after I implement this solution to keep my drilling arms from flopping all over the place. :p

    But interesting side-effect: If I use rotor locks while shared tensors for those rotors isn't on, this happens (watch hot-bar 7, that's the rotor lock key here):

    But with tensor sharing enabled, it doesn't appear to happen. Not that I've seen anyway. But for the time being, I'm going to continue using my clunky landing gear mechanism instead as it hasn't caused any problems, which is an improvement because from what I've heard rotors and landing gear haven't always gotten along so well.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2017
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  2. Vereena Trainee Engineer

    I like the Rotor Lock, it is exactly the thing I hoped for. Switching the rotor off with high breaking torque worked, but this is a neater solution.
    I still have a big Clang! in my mining rig (advanced rotor and four pistons with a drill) which results in a pile of rubble when flying the rig at around 60m/s
    But this is now much less often than it was before the new physics update.
    Landing gears do play up randomly, sometimes sinking into the ground and ripping a big hole in the ship when taking off, I trust this will be gone soon without introducing some new funny bug.
    Overall, The game seems to be heading in the right direction.
    Please consider adding actual content to the game, NPC's, random more random encounters, Planets should have natural caves, just like asteroids!
    Abandoned installations, more diverse fauna and flora. Unknown signatures are a good start, keep it up.
    Leave the multiplayer for a bit, add some meaningful content to SP there is a huge player base there too, I'm sure.
  3. Pegas519 Apprentice Engineer


    I think Space Engineers doesn't like your Aerospace Engineers. (that guy in that aircraft on your desktop)
    --- Automerge ---
    I respect that, I have over 4200 hours myself, however, I just got one thing to say about what you said. You said "I just don't want untested patches/updates dumped on the player base that make the game unplayable as I've been here when players couldn't even start the game between updates! So now whose being the "Prick!"? @darth_crunchus @Thrak Lurk more you might learn something"... but... with more than 3000 hours and being close to the devs, you should know that we are the testers.
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  4. Thrak Apprentice Engineer

    I can say, with complete truthfulness in my heart and surety in my soul, that I don't give a flying f--ck how many hours you've spent in the game or how many posts you've made. Churlish behavior speaks for itself.

    Put your e-peen away, re-read your original post, and think about how you could have behaved better in this situation. Hint: Mocking the devs for listening to the community and making a change one week later isn't it.
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  5. Stardriver907 Senior Engineer

    This happens to me, too. Frequently. It's maddening because you can't send a crash report, at least not without having to do something like what you just did.

    They call the thing they do have a bug report, but not every bug results in a crash. When the game really crashes, no report gets sent.

    I have well over 6000 hrs logged and I don't believe it entitles me to make the kinds of posts you make. We all know the game needs work. No one knows it more than Keen does. You thinks what you're doing helps, but it doesn't. At all. In any way. All it accomplishes is getting yourself branded as a prick. Why would you want that? It's just not necessary.

    My personal gameplay has been nothing but spectacularly awful since 1.185. My builds either explode or just fall apart. I mean it's like the last 6000 hrs was a total waste. Yes, folks, we're talking Table Flip Mode: ENABLED. Do I blame Keen? Yes. Indeed I do. It's their fault.

    Or maybe it's your fault. What? Yeah. You. You and all those people out there that said pistons were broken. They were fine. They were great. You had to use some common sense but if you did you could make some nice stuff. And I did. Now they don't work. Now they just explode. Because Keen "fixed" pistons. Because Keen listened to the community. Now the pistons "work". That is, if they existed after the update. If they existed before the update they might work but they'll probably just explode or something. So I have to replace all my pistons and then figure out where the sliders need to be. That's gonna be another 1k hrs right there.

    However, in 6000 hours I've observed that something of this magnitude happens about every 500 hours or so. I've totally rebuilt every ship I've made at least three times. Usually due to "improvements" in the game like oxygen, DX11, planets, multiplayer, block limits, shape limits, limit limits...

    It just doesn't pay to be pissed. Especially about the game not getting things right. That leads to the Dark Side. I'm happy for anything that improves the game, even if it screws me personally. When I get the new pistons figured out my stuff will work better. It was fine before, but now it'll be better. I suppose I can find another 6000 hrs somewhere ;)

    I do empathize with people that have invested in servers and are trying to build communities around them. Keen always seems to be putting effort into things that aren't important. Which is to say, what I believe to be important:mad:. I don't know what their priorities are and, frankly, I don't care (too much). The game I have now is much more enjoyable than the game I got 6000 hours ago and Keen has not made any, "Well, that's all we got" noises yet so I'm guessing everyone's objections will eventually be addressed. When?

    Soon (Keen time).

    In the meantime, we're all the same here. Hours in the game or who you talked to doesn't mean anything. It's not that we don't generally appreciate the things you have to say. You just don't need to be so caustic. At least, not in the Change Log.
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  6. Echillion Senior Engineer

    In your opinion and ditto!

    The 99 bugs meme has been a staple around here for quite some time and it was seen as a joke otherwise the moderators/testors would have deleted it? I unlike you did not result to insults!. You could have just disliked the post and moved on? But,You didn't! so that's on you. We have players on here that come from all walks of life and races and nations not everyone is going to agree with everyone else which is fair enough disagreements will and do happen and players will have different viewpoints on the same game,but try to keep it civil as the saying goes "when someone results to insults they have lost the argument"
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  7. The Lord of Tog Trainee Engineer

    Sounds good to me! One thing though. When my copy gets minor updates, all of my saves break and my settings are reset. I was hoping I'm not the only one here with that issue, and I don't know where to put this. Thanks.
  8. Dan2D3D Moderator

    Hi Guys!

    I'm receiving alerts here!

    1- After reading I've noticed that some members do not respect others opinions.

    2- Please go read the forum rule #8

    Add your opinion on the game >> NOT on other members opinion please.

    Warning points may be given.
    --- Automerge ---
    @The Lord of Tog

    Best thing to do is to follow the Guide on how to share the needed infos in your bug report in the bug report section :tu:

    Follow this Guide to know how to share with the Devs :


    Tho if you are using Mods = Mods have to be updated after a game update so always do a fast test in a new created empty world first to see if it's a game or world specific problem.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2017
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  9. KingDank Trainee Engineer

    Jumping height in low gravity is broken.
  10. May Rears Apprentice Engineer

    Pistons and Rotors are far more stable in new builds for me since the physics patch. I have built raising platforms with pistons at each corner, a test bed with a lowering platform controlled by a piston mounted between two rotors both in multiplayer and neither creation experienced klang.

    However, what the smeg have Keen done to wheels? I got round to trying Duckrolls Escape from Mars scenario and no matter what I did with my 6x6 vehicle both before and after the hotfix friction settings had no effect whatsoever. The wheels might as well have been made of greased ice, they reacted as if the friction was set to zero. (This is the first ground vehicle I have created since the physics update). Wierdly enough the handbrake worked perfectly even on a slope, it was only when the wheels were moving that the shenanigans started.
  11. Devon_v Senior Engineer

    Basically the old lock was a Havok hack, the new one is coded..."correctly" I guess you'd say. The two are not the same however, and the new one likely needs tweaking.

    What detailed cockpits are you referring to though?
  12. darth_crunchus Apprentice Engineer

    @Echillion Oh, I'm sorry, was I supposed to know who you are? I ask because I don't. And to be perfectly honest, when I said about there being something said for not being a prick, I was talking about the fact that you could be a lot more tactful with how you say stuff.
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  13. DigitalStone Apprentice Engineer

    Isn't it true that a ship with subgrids is supposed to work proper with thrusters?
    Because i have a piston subgrid, placing the thruster on the main grid and it's out of balance by a lightyear.
  14. real_noname Trainee Engineer

    Select the piston which connects your subgrid and check "Shared inertia tensor" box. This should make the whole ship react like one grid with one center of mass.
  15. DigitalStone Apprentice Engineer

    So that's what is does?
    I see now. Thanks :tu:
  16. Dominik Kirkpatrick Trainee Engineer

    Hey Can you Fix this bug
    when a Turret targets on a target that can leave a body (Spiders, Wolfs, Other Players) it will continue firing at the target until the body spawns or it runs out of ammunition.
  17. May Rears Apprentice Engineer

    Probably not but hey, you don't want that, you want some bug with skins that no one knew existed fixing as a high priority as well as the weekly "Fixed some crashes" :D
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  18. suicideneil Apprentice Engineer

    That does seem to be the trend over the last year or two- obscure bugs that only affect 0.1% of players are prioritized over bugs and issues dating back 4 years that affect 100% of players. Someone poke Marek with a sharp stick and tell him to focus on the game, instead of silly projects that won't come of much- Elon Musk, he ain't...
  19. GamingEtc Trainee Engineer

    Amazing! I'm loving this game now that the physics has gotten fixed. I'm much more influenced to use rotors and pistons now. Thank you so much Keen for updating the game with such effort!
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.