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Update 1.186.1 - Beta Improvements

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. beelzerob Apprentice Engineer

    Wouldn't a possible solution be to limit the max steering angle allowed, based on speed? Going slow, allow full deflection, going fast, allow only half that. That would allow for easier control at different speeds, given just binary steering inputs.
  2. YourAvgJoe Trainee Engineer

    i did, it was hilarious. 8 of us on xoc's server with a racetrack. he was talking about what the update to wheels does and accidentally pressed x. everyone's vehicles all flew up and hit the ceiling and no one knew what happened until later
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  3. darth_crunchus Apprentice Engineer

    Oh, okay. Now I understand. Thanks for clearing that up :) Yeah, that would be a quite useful feature.
  4. mfgp Trainee Engineer

    let me just say that this last upgrade was awful. worsened the image 200 percent. It's all very ugly. disgust. Is something wrong with my computer? because they are saying in the comments that it was a good change
  5. stfalx Trainee Engineer

    go to graphics settings and siable postprocessing effects / that's what i did
  6. Whiplash141 Junior Engineer

    Issue is that the game looks pretty awful without PP. It looks unnatural imo.
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  7. EnjoyCoke Trainee Engineer

    Why does the smoke seek upwards while I'm in space?
    How is there fire on damaged systems exposed to vacuum?

    Could you please undo this ridiculous sprite-image explosion effect? It literally looks like something from Duke Nukem 3D :(
  8. Wastefield Trainee Engineer

    HAHA ever since yesterday I've been reading that as "fixed Ctrl + Backspace and Ctrl + Delete not deleting whole worlds" and totally thought that's some awesome admin/space-master ability, sounded so good in my head: "Imagine the feeling of such POWER at your fingertips - I want that too!!"
    ...Just now noticed from your post it was "words". :p

    :carlton::pbjt: And yeah, it was finally time to register to these forums - lurking here and writing on Steam forums just isn't enough anymore after 3 years with this game! :woot:

    But anyway, what I actually wanted to comment was about those dark patches: I wouldn't want them removed and make mining on planets needlessly even more difficult when it's already not rewarding enough. Thin ore veins mixed in tons of dirt yields 60-70% stone for all that effort if not on "cleanup duty" with something like a one-drill micro ship... While in space you find small asteroids that are 50 m solid gold or platinum under a 2-5 m stone crust! There's a huge gap in efficiency already...
    I'm hoping for huge ore deposits much deeper underground or just as fine if it only needs more searching but there needs to be that reward after that effort.
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  9. zDeveloper10 Junior Engineer

    with that,the handbrake,and the day settings,I can imagine it would be chaotic if like 7 people were doing those things at once.
  10. EnjoyCoke Trainee Engineer

    Welders don't spit fire. They use electricity. The hand-held welder makes zero sense - it's like a mix between a blowtorch and a MAG pistol.
    Remove that silly flame.
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  11. Cetric Junior Engineer

    Nope. There is more than one welding technology. Not only arc welding what you seem to refer to. The flame makes sense.
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  12. FoolishOwl Apprentice Engineer

    I wonder if some visual effects that were already present before the graphics overhaul update, were replaced with something under the "post-processing" category, or just bundled into it, because my impression is that just switching off "post-processing" leaves me with a display that's also unsatisfactory, and not just equivalent to what we had before the update.

    One of my favorite visual treats before the update was standing on a planet with an atmosphere, and looking at other planets or moons. Prior to the update, the game did a good job of rendering the realistic appearance of a moon looking ghostly in daylight, the dark parts of the moon seeming invisible. I don't see that effect now. With post-processing on, I see a clearly defined full orb in daylight; with post-processing off, I see a crude, blocky looking thing.

    EDIT: Foregoing paragraph was incorrect; I see the "ghostly moon" effect just fine now.
    --- Automerge ---
    Oxy-acetylene welding:
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2018
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  13. Zac Lee Trainee Engineer

    Is everything still oily and shiny and ugly?
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  14. Zulu-1 Trainee Engineer

    Since the main update, I have found that Ctrl+V no longer works for pasting in objects remotely. I have to teleport my avatar to the location for it to work.

    As of this morning's update, the (g) key for assigning functions to a cockpit hotbar no longer works. It instead brings up the building menu for dragging different build components to the hotbar.
  15. Brian Yilmaz Trainee Engineer

    How can you guys even play?
    My game crashes at start... when I try to connect to my server its instantly dead... same for my brother...

    The game didn't crash for me like for an eternity... and now after all these "crash fixes" it crashes CONSTANTLY ... are you kidding keen?
  16. Thrak Apprentice Engineer

    You are in cockpit build mode. Whilst in the cockpit, try CTRL+G. See if that switches you back.
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  17. boumans.m.j Trainee Engineer

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  18. Krienas Trainee Engineer

    My observation is that we have two significant and that is why important groups of players. One dreams about realism, the second prefers arcade stuff. As interests of these groups quite often contradicts with each other I think instead of adding and then reverting stuff you could start introducing more Realistic versus Arcade options. Basically the same as it is done for sound. As an example, here is spontaneous list of ideas I remember people having split opinions about in forums recently.


    • Skybox in space as it is in current version. It can be even pink if that is what your design guidelines say.
    • Shadows as they are in current version (with super effective eye adaptation, so you can see even in totally closed room without any light sources)
    • Everything burns with spectacular fire even if it is absolute vacuum (because why not and you have that)
    • Skybox in space as it looks in real life (even the one you had until recent updates could be good enough)
    • Lighting:
      • In space - high contrast. Bright Sun and reflections, shadows really dark unless there are some other sources of light like light side of planet nearby. Totally closed rooms (even pressurized), without any lights ≈ black screen.
      • In planet - it can be as it is now. Just closed rooms without light could behave as they have no light.
    • Fire and flames:
      • In space - nope in not pressurized or depressurization conditions;
      • In planet - as it is now. I do not dream about intensity of flames adjusted by amount of oxygen in atmosphere. But at least make closed rooms dark.
    • Show ore patches on ground (used to have, gone in recent versions)
    • Do lowered center of mass tricks for vehicles to help players to stay on wheels (already in game).
    • Apply cumulative thrust on center of mass (you already do that).
    • No ore patches on ground, we survey for ore ourselves (already ingame)
    • No tricks with mass center for vehicles, we supposed to build stuff with low mass center ourselves :)
    • Make thrust behave realistically - apply thrust to point where thruster is attached (there are mods for that)
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
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  19. stfalx Trainee Engineer

    i tend to agree with you / i've been searching for a lot of mods to make some of the stuff they added go away ... found some, still need to find others
    --- Automerge ---
  20. kgober Trainee Engineer

    The welder should consume hydrogen and oxygen gas then.

    It might be a reasonable idea to have two kinds of welders, good for different tasks. One that runs off of suit power (but can only weld particular components or blocks) and another that requires H2 and O2 bottles but which can weld all the components (and which does not consume suit power). For example maybe require the H2/O2 welder to be able to weld heavy armor blocks, but either welder could be used for light armor blocks.
  21. Brian Yilmaz Trainee Engineer

    Oh nice I managed to join my server... was STANDING in my station... YOU DIED ... out of nowhere... spawned again, ran to my corpse... clicked on it... it disappaeared ... thank you Keen.

    Server crashes every now and then too... before the last patches it ran for weeks and weeks if I didn't update it... I just don't get it... really it is SO much frustrating! I'm playing this game for nearly FIVE!!!! years now and you don't change a THING.
    New features, features, features with TONS of bugs... then you manage to fix those bugs in terms of MONTHS!!! And then you bring ONE major update and all your bugfixes get thrown out of the window. All the quality is gone away again.
    Now even your hotfixes let the game crash MORE than it did before. Well you may have fixed the wheels but half of my creations ( SHIPS ) don't work anymore because of some ghost forces that drag them around. Precision of hand welder on projections is once AGAIN completely out of the place, I get thrown in every direction when I run into small blocks that are not connected to anything. Lags are worse than EVER - REALLY ever before! For every 10 seconds of smooth play on my DS there is a 5-8 second lag with nearly no chance to move at all and if you dare, well sayonara...

    Please please please PLEASE PLEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE get your QA done!!!! TEST your fixes, TEST your hotfixes and TEST your features. Not only on singleplayer but also on DS. And if you didn't test it, well don't release it. Wait another week. Most of the community would be happy to have higher quality when it means lower patch frequency. So what..
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2018
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  22. Fercko Trainee Engineer

    For me the game runs without problems GPU Load and RAM usage is better, and FPS is up. Planets still a heavy load for my rig but it runs fairly good. Visuals with PP on are still unplayable so i turned it off. As to explosion smoke and missiles... well I like the new missile trails they look much like the missile trails in Eve Online. The push from missiles seems to be reduced my 11mil ton ship wont fly away from 2 missiles anymore.
    As fore burning ships, fire in space and smoke... although i agree the smoke seems to float upwards if the ship stands still (probably gravity related, artificial gravity to) but other than that it`s a welcome effect.
    Eve Online Burning ship

    In Eve Online if your ship hull takes damage (there is shield armor and then hull) it burns and leaves a trail of flame and smoke. It`s like this for the past 10 years or even from the games lunch. The point is that Space Engineers is not a REAL SPACE SIM. So visual effects although not realistic are still welcome and needed to flush the game out. Like it`s not realistic in movies that a hit from a shotgun trows you 2 feet flying and every damaged or shout upon car explodes but is still a common occurrence in action movies and nobody cries when JJ Abrams blows a car up in every 10 minutes in every movie he makes. I for one like the direction the game is headed....it needs tweaks and the smudge is to much and the shine to but that can be adjusted. Battles are more fun and enjoyable. I for one would not go back to the 2013 graphics.

    I bout this game because it was in space and not to complicated and still it offered many possibilities. This game should remain fun easy to use without crafting and 20 different component and gases needed to make a welder. Because it`s always nice to dream that i would build all of those great things but wen you see it destroyed in 10 minutes it brakes your heart. I`m shore only 10% would start from scratch, the others would wine and quit (i`m one of the later :p). Life is a chore as for the games that i play, i play for pleasure. I for one don`t want to work weeks on a ship to see it destroyed in a battle. Thank god for Blueprints and Nano technology :)

    So i`m waiting on the improvements and more content :). And i know it`s hard but if your game crashes start a new map without mods. Many mods arnt updated and cause lags and crashes. I had 25 MOD`s until the update, now i use just 3 all updated and tested on an empty world.

    I`m not saying the game is perfect. But i played 1100 hours i got my money worth of gameplay long time a go.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
  23. KissSh0t Master Engineer

    I am getting the most severe performance drops I have ever seen... shooting ships and when pieces start coming off the performance just plummets ridiculously.

    This is in a singleplayer offline game, all there is in the world is my main carrier ship, three ships attached to that main ship, and a drone that my ship is shooting at using 4 Gatlings.... the frames stay at 60 constant but the game itself feels like 1 to 0 frames per seconds.

    Prior to this new major update I have never seen performance like this and I have been playing the game since it was released.

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  24. SoftwareEngineer42 Trainee Engineer

    The graphical update has grown on me (I have post turned off, though). I think my shadow problems are more to do with the combination of surfaces near-parallel to sunlight and the shadow sampling, like the shadow blurring is getting stretched across the surface and the multisampling pattern just isn't capable of handling it well. Also, after this update, it is running really smooth.
  25. EnjoyCoke Trainee Engineer

    No one uses oxy-acetylen welding because it's bad. MAG/TIG for in-doors (or space), and electrode (process 111) for out-doors (because wind factor becomes a problem if using MAG/TIG/MIG)

    The pistol handle depicted in-game is a MAG pistol, not an oxy-acetylene burner.

    There is zero logic in the current state - earlier version made full sense. If Keen wants some visual upgrade, add a tiny string of steel emitting from the pistol until contacting with a metallic surface.

    ... oxygen-acetylene welding roflmao - this is sci-fi, not India.
  26. Kronic Offender Trainee Engineer

    I'm happy that you guys keep working on it!! And overall it keeps getting better! :tu::tu::tu::tu::tu:
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  27. EnjoyCoke Trainee Engineer

    I'd never use anything but process 111 in space engineers.
    So... replace welder pistol with a different kind and have a 1-metre-long electrode slowly be consumed when welding (visual effect only, naturally. Although a 'reload'-animation could be cool. Could also help with how ludicrously fast we weld in-game. A natural break every meter of electrode to 'slow the pace')

    EDIT: To reiterate: Acetylene welding is no longer used, because it is not beneficial in any situation. Ever. It was used because we hadn't invented arc welding techniques at some point in history.
    Welding with a flame will heat the subject unnecessarily which will weaken the construction. Notice how a professional arc welder has a tiny area around the welding seam that changes colour (for steel typically blue-ish hue). This zone is referred to as the HAZ - heat area zone. In this zone, the metal is weakened due to heating. A professional welder will always aim at minimising this zone as much as possible - meaning that a professional welder will never use oxygen-acetylene welding, now that we have arc welding technology.

    Once again: That new visual flame is ridiculous and makes no sense. It is as misplaced as the D&D jokes of that horrible TV series about the nerds and their "hot" room-mate.
  28. Dan2D3D Moderator

    Hi Guys!

    I'm receiving alerts here!

    Please give your opinion on the game and not on other members > Go read the forum rule #8 to know how it works here.


    Pasting the rule #8 for the lazy members, but all should know the rules before posting ;)

    8 - Respect each others opinion. Don’t try and force your own opinion onto someone or deride what other members believe about the game.​
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2018
  29. FoolishOwl Apprentice Engineer

    Well, thanks for the details.

    I'm not a welder, but my father did a lot of welding in his work. Most often he'd use stick welding; once in a while, he'd use oxy-acetylene, which is why I remembered the name and that it involved a short, bright flame, and so went looking for that photo. I don't know why he'd used it -- it wouldn't surprise me if he'd simply inherited some old tools from his father and used them for personal projects out of a sort of nostalgia.
  30. Thrak Apprentice Engineer

    I am content to believe that in the a future where we have superluminal travel, artificial gravity, and artificial mass (to name a few), the term "welder" is common parlance for a device that does something similar to historical welders but works on a far more advanced principle. Same thing with "grinders," which, yes, can indeed cut a stray wolf or tree, but also deconstructs items into whole components and sucks them into your backpack.

    Indeed, I like to think that the "welder" is an energy and instruction-delivering device which charges nano-construction modules built into all components to fuse into the appropriate pattern, controlled by your suit computer. :D


    EDIT: Adding... the new flame effect is cool!

    I am seeing something similar on my rig (AMD FX-9590, 16GB RAM, GTX1070 8GB), but it manifests more as a stutter than a consistent slow-down. Seems to happen more when shooting small-block ships... so I suspect it has to do with the new graphics and calculations per each block damaged/destroyed. Perhaps the devs should tweak the amount of debris produced by destroyed small blocks?