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Update 1.186.1 - Beta Improvements

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. EnjoyCoke Trainee Engineer

    even less reason to have a blue flame emitting from it.
  2. UncleCletus Trainee Engineer

    When the latest major first released, I never crashed. I seem to have a new crash with each crash fix. Is it a "fixed crashes" meaning the crashes are supposed to happen (Slight rant cause my game just crashed, haha)
  3. SMjoe Trainee Engineer

    so, every time i open a door with high O2 everywhere, it still makes the effect when you open a door in to space with O2 on one side, help?
  4. PantherDave Trainee Engineer

    Yay, bugs fixed! I think I was suffering from the memory leak, which seems fine now. Thank you Keen!

    Now that I'm playing with the graphics update, I'm noticing that the sunlight shadow flickering seems to have gotten WAY worse. Sizable areas of my screen flash bright and dark every couple seconds as shadows seem to resize themselves... Is anyone else seeing this, or do I need to take a video of it? Or perhaps there's a setting I can adjust that might fix it? Changing shadow quality seems to have no effect.
  5. Arcturus Senior Engineer

    After today's hotfix, firing 9 rocket launchers at the same time doesn't crash my game to desktop anymore.

    What I do notice on my (admittedly potato) laptop computer is that transparent particle effects, such as missile smoke and spotlight "cones" are the largest performance hit on my system, even higher than turning graphics to high for bloomy shine with distortion. Putting the camera inside the smoke trail (often by firing rocket launchers on either side of the cockpit) drops to 1-2 FPS, whereas looking at an (non-smoking) large ship on high settings can run at 10-15 FPS. In addition, the transparent particles appear the same quality at all graphics settings - a spotlight's cone looks the same at high and low, while the spotlight block's texture and details visibly change.
  6. KissSh0t Master Engineer

    I recorded a video showing what the slow down is like... Even though my actual framerate is high the game is like a slideshow.

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  7. ffwrude Trainee Engineer

    Can you point me to what exactly was modified in the ModAPI ? 'cause i get new errors in my Mods on

    Missing method : 'Void Sandbox.MySandboxGame.Invoke(System.Action)'.
  8. marcel bonilla Trainee Engineer

    my game still sits on the "loading please wait" screen for 45+ minutes on worlds that used to run fine before the update
  9. KingDank Trainee Engineer

    Can no longer take control of remote control block while in cockpit on same grid.
    Also, autopilot bug with remote control blocks when using landing gear set to autolock.
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2018
  10. Brian Yilmaz Trainee Engineer

    Everytime you get thrown out of cockpit your inertia dampeners are turned off ... pretty annoying -.-
  11. Konscience Trainee Engineer

    While I agree on both of your comments, I must underline the fact that combustion is possible in vacuum.
    As long as you have heat, combustible and oxidizer present at the same place.
    The heat is pretty easy to get when you get hit by a missile, lets say.
    The combustible can be alot of things, from fuel to ammunitions, or even your cockpit chair if it doesn't abide by the space fireproof standards.
    The oxidizer, can be the oxygen present inside the ship, inside the fuel tanks again if you use hydrogen thrusters or any kind of rocketry really. But also note, an oxidizer isn't limited to the presence of oxygen in it's compound. (albeit present in a lot of them, it is a common misconception to think oxidizer mean "made of oxygen")
    Here is a list of oxidizers :
    • Dioxygen O2
    • Ozone O3
    • Peroxydes as:
      • Hydrogen peroxide H2O2 (used in rocketry)
    • Persulfates
    • Halogens : difluorine, chlorine, dibromine, diiodine
    • Hypochlorite and other hypohalogens
    • chlorite, chlorate, perchlorate and other halogens oxides
    • Nitrous acid
    • Nitrates as:
      • Potassium nitrate KNO3 alias salpĂȘtre
    • Nitrous oxides
    • Metallic oxides (notably iron or copper oxides)
    So while I agree the flames shouldn't be as present or isn't always realist, it is very possible to have combustion, even in a directed way. If your oxygen tanks are leaking the gas will escape under pressure, so the flame will follow the gas flow and have a directed shape.

    Edit: And here we are only speaking about exothermic redox reactions, many types of reactions produce heat, light and smoke, such as electricity, nuclear fission and such... wikipedia is your friend.
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2018
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  12. KissSh0t Master Engineer

    When standing in a spaceship while said spaceship is moving fast the player lurches very violently when passing through the gameworld zones causing the player to die if the lurching of the player is in the direction of a block.....

    This has killed me more times than anything.

    Which is funny considering there isn't really anything else to kill me in singleplayer so maybe this is actually the enemy and we just don't know.
    --- Automerge ---
    I think I figured out this crash, my system did not have the "Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable" installed, I had every other one installed except 2017 for some reason, after installing it I have not seen the game crash when exiting.

    It might be worth having the game check to see if required components like this c++ redistributable are actually installed when launching the game.
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  13. szalkerous Trainee Engineer

    We're seeing a lot of crashes, and mined ores on the "Easy Start Earth" seem to roll away forever, causing a TON of physics performance complaints. There's odd gravity and friction physics at times.... like trying to walk up the atmospheric lander's ramp will make me slide off oddly or occassionally flat out kill me.

    Dead bodies will teleport 50m away when approached, but after that you can loot them without them moving.

    Had to disable post processing to prevent the models and textures from looking like utter garbage, and I'm running a Titan XP card.

    Echo effect completely doesn't work on my SB Z sound card running at 48Khz and had to shut it off to protect my hearing and sanity.

    Seems like the year break we gave the game didn't get us to a fully playable state yet...
  14. Xelo Trainee Engineer

    Yeah, this would indeed be very very nice!
  15. MalkContent Trainee Engineer

    For the life of me I can't find any ressource patches. I am at an earth pole, so everything's in snow and I am looking with a small ore detector. Only thing I keep finding is ironore boulders. I don't see any patches, random flying around over the ground doesn't find me anything either. How do I get the ressources so I can into space? :c
  16. Xelo Trainee Engineer

    Use a large grid ore detector instead. Don't forget to adjust it's range from 1m (Keen!) to 150m.
    You will then havo no problems finding ore anymore.
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  17. SeeViper Trainee Engineer

    I have a question, I don't know if there's a mod for this, but any way of making the LCDs view cameras? "view screen"
    EX:" Be able to stay in flight seat, and look over at screen and see my reverse camera without going to that camera view "
  18. Cetric Junior Engineer

    Not sure if every region *MUST* contain deposits.
    Why don't you move on to another region, especially as it seems easier there to find them?
    --- Automerge ---
    There was a mod for this and it was one of my favorite ones: live feed from camera to your LCD. However, it became obsolete and even prevents your game from starting if you follow the installation procedure. So don't touch it.


    Any modding genius out there looking for a challenge? Try to make camera live feed for LCD great again and I vote for you as President!! :)
  19. apfelimkuchen Trainee Engineer

    Thank you for updating it so frequently! Anyway I still got that Place-a-block-on-planets-Bug this is really annoying...
    But great job with the major update guys!!
  20. MalkContent Trainee Engineer

    Well there at least used to be some in the snow. Also looked in the nearby tundra, also couldn't make out any deposits. I'll see if I can fly to a more moderate climate and see if the terrain there can teach me how to make out these new patches.
    --- Automerge ---
    Thanks, I guess I'll give that a go. Let's see if I can fit a large one onto this little scout ship x)
  21. hyperforce Trainee Engineer

    I have to say that the new graphics effects are way too powerful and really make the screen look over-blurred and over bloomed.

    Personally I'm not a fan of the new armor texture, but that doesn't change the way how the world feels.

    But the post processing effects are far too strong, especially the full screen blur effect makes the game look like i'm playing at half resolution.~
    Why can't we have a series of slider in the setting menu that allows us to fine tune in the individual post processing effects such as bloom, chromatic blurring and vignetting.
    Instead of a post processing toggle button.

    I also have to say that the overall performance of the game has dipped significantly in my world since this update, I ran the optimization tools and space master to try and clean up debris but its still not getting rid of most of my lag spikes. I only have a hand full of (large block count) objects in my world, they are all docked or landing gear locked at my moon base and i regularly get lag spikes that freeze my game for a good 10 - 20 seconds each.
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2018
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  22. [FMP]Kaname Trainee Engineer

    The new resource patches now are a lot more subtle than before. Pre-Patch you had those large, dark grey/yellow/green patches. Now, you can find small spots in the colour of the associated ore below the surface.
    Though it is harder to spot WHERE you can find the ore, it is now way easier to spot WHAT you are likely to find below the planets surface. Since ore patches on planets can go to 200 meter and even below (under certain circumstances) even a large grid ore detector won't necsassarily detect everything then.
    I have recently made a trip to the moon and found a platinum patch ~60 meters below surface. It had those small, shiny greyblack spots who, even against the grey moon surface, were quite visible, at least under direct (sun)light.
  23. Bings Trainee Engineer

    The draw distance of details got a lot better in this thread. That said, the spotlight detail is still not rendering from far enough away

    Screenshot of about where it changes:

    Also, I have post processing turned off now but the sun looks terrible, could you improve the look of it when post processing is turned off or maybe have a separate setting to keep the post processing on just for the sun?
  24. UrbanLegend Apprentice Engineer

    With post-processing turned on, is it supposed to look like I'm wearing a space helmet with a really dirty visor?
  25. YourAvgJoe Trainee Engineer

    yep, it added spots onto the visor with no way to disable it other than, i think, taking your helmet off. not a great idea in space. idk if its post-processing related though......it might always be there
  26. ViroMan Senior Engineer

    ohh and you see helmet spots even in 3rd person.. cool eh? :?
  27. KissSh0t Master Engineer


    Just updating that the game crashed again when exiting... so it wasn't the c++ redistributable.

  28. G4mer4ddict Trainee Engineer

    Hiya can someone please tell me what file I can edit in order to bring the ore patches back on surfaces?
  29. enot Trainee Engineer

    Bug with refinery model after update. view this, all models yellow, but refinery gray if i fly away from it.

  30. derekchan Trainee Engineer

    Why we can not have 1x1x1 merge block like currently rotor dose? The rotor is too dynamically unstable. In case a small ship has too many rotors, it can not fly though a direct path.