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Update 1.186.1 - Beta Improvements

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. Oz Industires Trainee Engineer

    Smallship welders range has gone from say 1-2 meters to 20cm please make a hotfix for this soon. But on the good side i love this new visual & audio changes well worth it i believe, the only problem I'm having now is the fact that i NEED to upgrade my GPU now? I'm currently using a 750 TI but like when they first came out so hello to new GPU soon
  2. EnjoyCoke Trainee Engineer

    Not any more, no.
    --- Automerge ---
    Today I loaded a map and lagged to death.
    Keen, what is this? You're doing the opposite of performance increasing. Roll back!
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  3. Nickolay Trainee Engineer

    I have Windows 10 and that on ultra I do not have a difference on minifits at once fps 120 but if the whole day without rebooting play then by the evening already fps 40 although nobody bombed nothing ruined just build dye, and on the next day what you built and where it was fps 40 again fps 120 and everything repeats the game is stupidly not optimized what to say if it's 1080 Ti is not enough, it sometimes just hangs not Sim does not fps does not crash but the game just hanging minutes 2 - 3 and SSD something loads (as if he did not die from such of action) then all passes and everything works as it worked.
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  4. Dabombinable Trainee Engineer

    The game would be poorly optimised if it wasn't able to fully utilise any graphics card or run across multiple CPU threads, which it can with my 4790K seeing level usage across all 8 threads and my GTX 970 able to provide smooth 60fps gameplay on planets at 1080p (if I lower shadow and shader quality to medium on planets with the view distance set to 15KM-in space it is only lightly loaded)

    Also, the extreme settings aren't recommended for gameplay.
    "Configurable LOD (level of detail) distance - for screenshots and offline rendering. Turn the LOD distances to extreme values (almost infinite) in Graphics Options by setting both Model Quality and Voxel Quality to Extreme. IMPORTANT: This setting is only for offline rendering and capturing screenshots and is not recommended for regular gameplay!"
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  5. boromir Trainee Engineer

    Check the brightness/contrast settings on your monitor. Also, I'm not experiencing any blurring on my GeForce 750Ti. I'm using a 'Medium' template and a few settings set to 'High'. I'm not familiar with the post-processing toggle so whatever that defaults to (which I think is On).

    I'm on Easy Earth Station and building a large block ship standing on 6 landing gear. It has over 20,000 blocks on it and I don't experience any lag except when I first load the session. Started as single player now it's a DS instance. The only problem I see is the lights don't always project onto a wall opposite the spotlight - a little flickering occurring when turning around. Ship isn't flyable yet but so far so good.
    --- Automerge ---
    Oh, I get a little synchronization problems (like it's a bit glitchy) when someone else joins the instance with me. But I think that issue has been known for quite a while (I've seen complaints about the multiplayer performance on the forums).
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  6. Echillion Senior Engineer

    looking forward to what 1.186.2 update brings.....
  7. Nickolay Trainee Engineer

    It's all clear the question is not this, but why it hangs for a few minutes and then again works and eventually falls. FPS helps just get out and go into the game again.
  8. hyperforce Trainee Engineer


    look, Its either mods conflicting and I need to go and turn off my mods and check it out, or something is seriously wrong with my world right now. I had to cut the landing pad from my station and turn it into a seperate block because my ships being landed on the landing pad (my 10000 block station) appears to actually increase my lag spikes significantly. anytime I'm near my base the game lags up to unplayable levels. I had some slowdown before but never like this.

    And as for the graphics its not brightness and contrast, its litterally the combination of graphics effects that have been added to the game last update. (specifically, the bloom and the eye adaption (HDR) is way too strong, I mean, I can't even see my LCD screens on my bridge when I look out of my bridge windows as they become almost completely black. And if i'm in a room with a single light or glowing part the game just blows up the brightness and bloom of that to crazy levels while everything else becomes darker. its headache enducingly bright.

    This isn't even filmic anymore, is just plain ugly and makes the game hard to play. I don't mind the effects they put in the game, but conventional wisdom says that gameplay and readability is more important than screenshot prettyness. And if they wanted to add it at least give the option to tune it to our own preference instead of a single on off toggle.