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Update 1.186.2 - Scripting/Modding API for Wheels, Rotors

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Feb 15, 2018.

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  1. tuxOr Trainee Engineer

    Standard colour... not standard anymore... get it? Not pickable anymore straight from the old colour picker anymore. Yeah? You have to be pretty fucking retarded, like mallet induced brain spatter on the walls retarded to F that one up. IT WAS A F-ING STANDARD COLOUR!
    Sorry for the bombs but the Devs do deserve them. They've always been the same and in a game like this you leave them the... ok, calming down...
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  2. Stardriver907 Senior Engineer

    I'm just going to say to no one in particular that I have put well over 6000 hours into a small group of ships. Most of that time has been detail work. In all that time I have yet to actually paint anything. Yeah, I paint some parts to get an idea how it might look someday but I have no illusions that they will continue to look that way even from month to month. Plus, modded parts don't usually match vanilla using the same color so you have to mess around with settings anyway. In fact even if Keen announced today that they are done with the color palate and will never ever mess with it again I wouldn't believe it until the game actually launched. Even then...

    Point being it's just not a good idea to get married to anything you build during the development process because anything is liable to change and probably will. I didn't think there was any reason to mess with wheel suspensions but they did, and that means they'll be messing with them now for a while trying to get them "right". When I compare that to my ships being a bit more blue than they were but not as blue as they used to be but still not the blue I want, not to mention sometimes being totally pink, all I can do is shrug my shoulders and be glad I never fully painted them in the first place.

    As long as the game is in any stage of development, standard means standard today.
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  3. suicideneil Apprentice Engineer

    I'm less annoyed about the colour values changing, though I can certainly see why that is annoying when it takes ages to get a colour scheme 'just right', and more annoyed about the lack of space for adding custom colours you have created to your pallet. That, and the lack of nice true-metallic colours ( gold/silver/copper or bronze ) & the awful blinding glare- matt paint is a thing, someone should tell the devs...

    --- Automerge ---

    If only we had a small selection of vanilla large turrets and fixed weapons- issues with mods wouldn't be a problem... ;)
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  4. eviltek2099 Apprentice Engineer

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  5. Ruggero Barone Trainee Engineer


    I found these list of problems while playing, some are bugs some is simply game play:

    1) Turrets, sometime while shooting, hit the same grid or sub-grid or other owned structures, for example while shooting at the meteors.
    2) When my main ship has some other connected ships is not able to stop completely, it will slowly keep rotating or drifting.
    3) While flying I'm afraid to leave the control seat due to the fact that most of the time I will splash in to a wall, this is due to the fact that my jetpack turns on and my boots are not on the floor.
    4) After disabled the big ship that can produce drones, with my remote controlled fighter drone, suddenly I lost control of it and when connected again the disabled ship was not there anymore. I don't understand why.
    5) Meteors are ok but it happens too often
    6) It is unrealistic that is impossible to avoid the fire from an enemy turret, it is too precise, to improve the game play should be less precise to give the possibility to actually fly against for example a big ship and avoid fire. The only way to do it is just flying between 800 and 700 mt so they are not able to shoot you and having the same speed vector of the other ship and destroy all the turrets with some rail gun which is also too easy (with a basic simple ship you can disable and destroy a military heavy armored ship). So here we have or an impossible way to fight or a too easy way to do it.
    7) I would continue with a lot of other things but if these will be improved it will be good for now, hope to see a good progress.
    Thank you.
    --- Automerge ---
    Almost forgot,
    the Welder is not working again, it is impossible to weld... please fix or unplayable...
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  6. boromir Apprentice Engineer

    There's a difference between a standard and a convention, but I get what you're saying, you don't like that it changed.

    You're forgetting, as polished as this game plays (it is in Beta after all), it's still in Early Access and they have the right to change anything they want. Effectively, this means we should all be starting a new world over again after each major update. It's very generous of them to try to ensure saves upgrade through major updates but not every game in Early Access on Steam does that - there's no requirement for it.
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  7. MjasNick Trainee Engineer

    Hi again! Want to hear a joke? In reality, the height of the human jump is something about 30 cm, and our engineer is able to jump 1.5 m . Another feature of the jump - the angle of inclination of the push vector when moving. In the standing position it 90 degrees, walking, 80-70, in still running 60, and to disperse all forces 45-40. Try to implement it all on a simple model and your moon-jumps will look perfect.
    Sorry Google-translate.
  8. suicideneil Apprentice Engineer

    You must be new here, welcome.

    1. Been a problem forever- turrets don't seem to understand collision boxes/ bounding boxes and will shoot their own grid to reach an enemy; all you can do is turn off friendly fire in the world settings before you load the game/world.
    2. Been a problem forever- no real solution.
    3. Been a problem forever- either inertia dampers turn off when you exit a seat... and you fly into a wall, or inertia dampers stay turned on when you exit a seat... and you fly into a wall ( used to be this way ).
    4. Sounds like it de-spawned, or was removed by trash removal. Check settings.
    5. You can reduce meteor storm frequency in world settings before loading up.
    6. The closer you get, the more accurate they are; learn to use decoy blocks or develop remote controlled 'missiles' to try and take out weapons- not really much else you can do to reduce accuracy of enemies.
    7. There are literally dozens of very noticeable issues that have never been fixed or made worse over the years; some of them get fixed only to be broken again in the next patch, others I think the devs just don;t care about anymore; now they seem to be taking things that did work fine and breaking or changing them out of spite ( colour picker, hand welder, Post Processing, the list goes on ).
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  9. eviltek2099 Apprentice Engineer

    been playing since before multiplayer. Love the concept, Hate the Implementation. at this point There is probably so much spaghetti code in the source that this game will never be truly fixed.
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  10. AlfieUK4 Trainee Engineer

    The 'standard' white 1 was actually a light grey, and you can get the same colour with H:0 S:3 V:70 if you really want, but it will look slightly different in the new render/lighting. White 2 is H:0 S:10 V:80.

    The problem with the old colours were that Keen used an odd calculation that compressed the saturation variable so either over or under-saturated them at high and low values. The new system actually uses the same colourspace as standard HSV so we can finally match in-game colours to real world colours if we want.
  11. Echillion Senior Engineer

    Looking forward to what 1.182.3 brings us?
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  12. tuxOr Trainee Engineer

    Yak yak... Read it again, you even quoted it - NOT PICKABLE
    Yeah maybe the wording is not grammatically correct but dear me, you can NOT pick it from the color palette anymore. That was the complaint. Get it? I don't care about the looks of it, I care that I can't just pick the damned colour from the standard colours offered.
  13. Royale98 Trainee Engineer

    Even if the standard color changes, if you have a ship using that color already, you can pick it up using Shift+P, or manually set the color values and they'll save in whichever slot you have it until you change it or reset to defaults. I agree though, kind of dumb to change the standard.
    --- Automerge ---
    Personally I'd be very happy if they removed the current color system and implemented one more like you'd find in photoshop, or a hexadecimal system, that's just me. But at LEAST metallic colors, that could lead to some DOPE looking ships and bases alike.
    And that's a fair point, how come I haven't seen anyone talking about the utter lack of vanilla weapons. If I'm not mistaken (I have too many weapons mods and don't know what goes to what) but there's only 5 basic weapons. A gatling turret, rocket turret, rocket launcher, warhead, and the sentry. Granted with the modded weapons saturation I doubt it's a priority of any significance for the devs, despite mod issues.

    Just your wording had me reading a certain way. I was sure that's not a thing, but the seeming suggestion of it... well...

    I'm listening :)
    And yes, I agree.
    And as am I, I only started painting with the new update (or rather, trying to figure out what patterns/logos/colors I want to use), though now that I am I hope they don't change much with color, I'm not one to put much effort into fine aesthetic detail.

    Everything you say is ironic in one form or another, you identified/pointed out that MexPex was causing the turret issues, I stated, put simply: It's fixed.
    Your right, other people have much more experience than I, because I haven't been playing SE since it came out, but you have no idea how long I've played SE (for your information, since Nov 30, 2015), so who are you to judge who has more experience.
    And please provide the list of bugs that have existed since the game's early-release, I'm aware many were or still are long-lasting bugs, but they get fixed when the devs can fix them.
    EDIT: I've seen your "mother-load"
    I never tried to speak for the devs, if the devs have something to say, they can say it, I am not in any way affiliated with KSH other than I bought a copy of SE.
    I don't pretend to have answers or solutions. If I see a comment or question I think I may have an answer for, then I comment that if nobody else said exactly what I was going to say. I typically prefer to be helpful to others when I can be (rather, I prefer to educate people, in whatever form that comes).
    @Dan2D3D posted rule #8 (which I had not read previously, and thank you, I will adhere to that better in the future). I did not explicitly try to force my opinion onto anyone, though looking back through my previous large comment I can see I essentially did so at a couple points, my bad.
    But when I see people promoting verbal abuse of the devs or making stupid and uneducated statements, and as someone who has done development previously and has dealt with similar people (though we had a more... totalitarian policy we'll say), it is vexing.

    1. See I wasn't aware of the problem... Which is why I asked what is the tilting. Upon closer testing this to see if I was having the same issue, and in fact I am. I would say (for me at least) it is literally only 1° which is probably why I haven't really noticed it (plus I jetpack everywhere, because what else do you do with 60 million kg of ice, so I'm not prone to noticing things like that).
    2. Wasn't trying to attack, my apologies, just asking a question. And I didn't think you were complaining about the forward leaning thing, I figured it was in fact something else I hadn't seen or wasn't getting. Yet I think I leave my original comment even on the 1° tilt, unless some players really have it bad and it's just a person to person basis, like... really. :stare: (And I'm not saying it shouldn't be fixed, it should be)
    3. I see your argument, and I acknowledge it. And I do doubt many (if any) players were asking for the way the new welder works (as you said, it worked fine before), I'd bet it's likely something the dev team had in plan and it just finally came around, perhaps if they do get enough negative feedback about it they will change it back or add the option for one or the other. Personally, I still like the new one; in a way, the welder seems more fluid now.
    EDIT: in the update on 2/22/18, 1.186.3, the changelog says it was fixed:
    "fixed welding effect not stopping after finishing block"
    and indeed the sparks stop, but the welder itself doesn't... which is kinda better...

    As someone who enjoys the increased speed, I'll try to explain the rush a little.
    Basically, I hate slow. And in SE, walking up and down corridors on a 1.5km long spaceship feels like I have glue stuck to my feet. I'm naturally a very fast walker (aided by my long legs) and I'm one of those people that will be ON YOUR HEELS if your walking slow in front of me (at least if you step in front of me). I also cannot bear going the speed limit cause it feels incredibly stupid to go slow in a machine designed to take you from A to B faster. Lets build a spaceship so we can touch a cloud... like... what? No. If you have a spaceship, go to mars. Plus going 60mph gets me ~18mpg while going 80mph gets me ~20mpg. So I get wherever faster, while being more efficient...
    If you can't guess, I do have the mod that allows stupid-fast ship travel speeds. And I wouldn't complain about a coke and Yakety Sax party... sounds like a GOOD time (okay maybe not coke).
    Basically, it's a difference of personalities, I love the new speed system, many don't. Really they shouldn't have changed it, I think the best thing would've been to add a new world option for player(and ship) speeds, maybe 0.5x, 1x, 1.5x, and 2x or something along those lines. That way everyone can choose their speed, and servers can set it to what they'd prefer their players to all be at, although I think many people would set it to the highest just for convenience, especially new players who just want to get in and do something fun.

    Last edited: Feb 23, 2018
  14. AlfieUK4 Trainee Engineer

    I understand that you have an issue with the whole palette being changed to a new colour scheme. I was merely pointing out that you can replace the new palette with the old colours if you wish, you just need to know the values that were used, or pick them off an old BP or grid that used them, and set the palette up however you want. The palette is even saved in the world config file (Sandbox.sbc, under BuildColorSlots) so you can copy it to another world if needed.
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