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Important Update 1.186 - Major Overhaul of Visuals, Audio and Wheels

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Feb 2, 2018.

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  1. Whiplash141 Junior Engineer

    There for sure needs to be better graphics customization.
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  2. Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    Wheels. se might be worth another shot.
    I'll load up a new world and prepare the "Curb Your Enthusiasm" as i construct a classic 4x4.

    i remember something about prototype wheels wayyyy back in april...barely even remember it. just been waiting so long for something for wheels started to make me zoom out and see what a player can really to in SE and it really doesn't feel like a whole lot after playing for some time.
    update seems to be graphical. i don't see the importance of updating graphics before gameplay. :/ but its not my game in the slightest after all. none of my opinions or suggests matter.
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2018
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  3. [flux] Trainee Engineer

    wow, just wow. the detail on the graphics are fantastic, everything has so much more depth and realism.
    the wheels are working so much better
    i personally love how inertial dampeners slow your character down so much more quickly
    the sounds are much more immersive. like damn

    i did notice a few things though
    i don't know if it the ambient light, but the picture is grainy, with respect to ambient the light perhaps, maybe its me
    seems as thought the flash light illuminates specific blocks instead of a direction.

    atmosphere seem to have its own lighting qualities that you can fly through, which i like, but when i look up from a planet its very foggy/glarey/blinding.

    also as i move around in a vehicle the velocity glitches along, not just in the speedometer but with the experience.

    definitely much more beautiful!

    I like it!
    step in the right direction

    im sure we can work this out

    might i add, the way interior lights are working now look sexy. pardon me

  4. denismaster Trainee Engineer

    And...that's all?

    As mentioned above, the game is already good in visuals.

    Wheels - very good. Physics improvements - also, very good.

    But are they something that can turn all players who already left the game to come back and play? No.

    Still no new gameplay mechanics.

    Still no new mobs.

    Still no new blocks, such as small ship windows, long armor ramp parts.

    Still no new weapons and weapon types. Where're lasers? They aren't realistic, and the hyperdrive is? Or cannons?

    Still need to turn smallships in space to ion thruster hedgehog.

    Some years ago, when the grass is better and sky is cleaner, we could imagine the battles, build ships, create fantastic designs. But now game is boring.

    Please, add more content. Выжепрограммисты, блин!

    Thanks for wheels. And for making fighters great again
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2018
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  5. santibag Trainee Engineer

    I want to see door terminals placed on a better place. Current ones look away when player is close. I made a topic about it but I wonder if it's seen by a ksh person.

    I would be so happy if moving planets were done.
  6. Lurch84 Trainee Engineer

    Is the 3rd person camera delay much worse to anyone else? I can completely loose the crosshair off screen doing not that hard manoeuvres (in a SG ship).
  7. Remaarn Trainee Engineer

    Additional changes log. Not too many notable items:
    - New help screen (F1)
    - Renamed 'Oxygen Generator' to 'O2/H2 Generator'
    - Interior walls are no longer deformable
    - Laser antenna max range is now infinite
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2018
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  8. Daerwenen Trainee Engineer

    Aaaaaand the saved game is unplayable again...

    Couldnt continue with my last saved world because of several issues:
    - voxel loading was laughable, Moon looked from Earth like a hexagon, any excavation holes were fully visible only when I was closer than 50-100 meters, large excavations were beyond any reasonable description - just awfull
    - personal light doesnt work (tested with new world too)
    - jetpack was changed somehow (tested, mod used to increase capacity broke the jetpack, in new world it works fine except the insane acceleration)
    - many more, mainly due to incompatibility with mods (as usual)

    Now to the actual overhaul:
    - game looks like a cartoon now, any seriousness disappeared with this video overhaul, everything is glimmering and any similarity with real world disappeared
    - mentioned above - personal light doesnt work or atleast I could make it work, the indicator changes when I hit "L" but nothing happens no matter where I am (probably just a bug and we are aleady used to receive hotfix for hotfix for patch for overhaul, so it wont be, hopefully, much of an issue)
    - textures (again) - thats one big NO - metal blocks now look like something from Minecraft, not like something that is exposed to cosmic rays and other influences, grass changes texture 3-4 times as you are closer to it and its not some slight change in texture as can be seen in other games, its like you land in a crater with the wave marks created by your harsh landing
    - as many others, I cant say anything about the wheels right now, since almost nobody ever used those. Looking forward to test them...

    Keep up the good work, its great game. But please, either revert the textures to older version or atleast get rid of that glimmering.
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  9. [LP] OMG Shadow® Trainee Engineer

    Important: Large hydrogen thrusters don't work. At least not on large grids. They don't get a connection via conveyors. A quick fix would be great!

    I won't comment on graphics yet; I need to apply more tests.
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2018
  10. suicideneil Apprentice Engineer

    I am also seeing a whole number of visual issues:

    New armour is way too metallic and reflective- god help you if you shine your suit lights near ANY blocks inside of ~5 meters, nothing but awful, blinding glare.

    New armour edges are just as thick and indeed cartoony looking- they STILL haven't fixed the missing edge details on 2x1 blocks and small grid blocks look terrible with large gaps in the edging detail ( still ).

    Night time on planets is not dark- the whole ground/mountains/ships etc etc are lit up with some weird milky or foggy looking haze, kinda the opposite of being shrouded in decent looking darkness and shadows that we were explicitly promised in the update and patch notes.

    The new skybox is TERRIBLE- and a huge number of players said as much, tried to warn Keen against going down that route but they just don't listen; that, or some of the artists are Braille users.

    There is no option to turn off Chromatic Aberrations or any of the other 'cinematic effects'- now I have weird smeared vision around the edges of the characters field of view and no way to turn it off, along with a dirty camera lens effect.

    The Sun is indeed just a round disc with sharp edges and lens flare behind it, worse than it was before.

    Lighting issues regarding interior lights on ships is still not fixed- they still shine through walls and still flicker on & off if you have too many on one grid. On the up side interior lighting doesn't produce the same horrible reflections/shininess that the space suit lights do, so that's something.

    I don't see any real improvement with how lights are rendered in terms of how the light fades / fall-off distance and such; it looks exactly the same as it did before the patch. Unless the beam of light is focused, then it shouldn't just simply stop like it does- there should be far greater fall off distance and more gradual fade.

    Other issues:

    Jet-pack acceleration / deceleration is just stupid; you can go from 0 to 100m/s in about 3 seconds; that's zero to 223mph in 3 seconds ( in gravity... ). Pressing C drops your character like a rock- you will die a lot if you tend to hover over ships or buildings while working on them.

    Looking at Control seat screens causes the whole room to light up, when it should appear darker- they seem to be treated as a light source, but one which is too powerful for what it is. At least now looking into or out of a dark room actually alters the relative brightness like it does in real life.

    Still have all the same mirroring/block rotation issues as before.

    Still have turret reticle over-lay when using F8 while controlling a turret.

    Still have 'dirty' camera view that is 70% obscured by a de-ressed effect, vs perfectly clean camera view on turrets.

    Color-picker has accurate colors now, but all colors are horribly reflective/glossy as noted- still need to expand the number of slots so we can create and save more custom colors, instead of the kindergarten color pallet. Also need those other color/texture options ( metallic colors of copper/gold/silver, matte colors instead of or as well as glossy ).

    Still need Search boxes for Production menu and spawn item menus.

    'T' should not be selected by default when placing blocks/building.

    Small grid Gatling turret rate of fire is stupidly slow and makes the gun as good as worthless- compare the RoF to the small grid fixed gatling and you'll understand the rather obvious issue.

    Large grid Gatling turrets can STILL look through themselves due to Z-axis movement not having a lower limit any more; you can shoot inside your own ship...

    2x1 Armour blocks have broken damaged states/deformed states- the different sides become detached as it deforms from gun fire resulting in world holes and similar visual glitches.

    Over all there have been a great many improvements, though as per usual many are simply bug fixes or putting things back the way they were 4 years ago, and other improvements have resulted in a long list of new bugs or issues as a direct side effect, along with a healthy dose of ignoring the player base when they warned against certain changes ( green sky box anyone? no? hmm- the devs seemed to think it was better than the old one.... ).

    A step in the right direction certainly ( hopefully wheels stay fixed and never need touching again ), but so much more work yet to do to improve those first impressions of the game that Marek talks about in his blog post; consider this post as a 'to-do' list...
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  11. [LP] OMG Shadow® Trainee Engineer

    And Keen...



    That does look awful, doesn't it? This ship was supposed to be black. This looks like a pile of space garbage since the update.
    I fear I absoultely dislike that scratched-off look. I really preferred the looks of the previous version.
    Also, in my opinion, the brightness and blooming needs some adjustment.
    As suggested several times in other forums, a slider for the bloom intensity would be great. It would also be a good idea to split all options currently being united within the postprocessing options into separate options, so everyone can adjust their graphics as desired.

    However, I have to admit, the reworked thruster flames and particle effects look beautiful. Amazing.
    I also like the new block edges, the fit the style way better than before.

    But why is more than 99.9% of all grass missing? Did the DEA not like it?
    The whole world looks like that. There was grass all over before.
    I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who dislikes this. And yes, my grass is on and set to more than 1000m.

    And why do my steps produce a high-pitched, crackling noise? Did you pour glass shatters into my shoes?
    And since when is space that bright? Sorry, but the skybox doesn't look good. It should be way darker, just like space really does.

    I'm sory if I may sound somewhat harsh, but I would like to see this game getting better as much as you devs want to.

    Still a lot for you to do in my opinion. Anyway, thanks for the update guys, I appreciate your work! Looking forward to hotfixes and future updates.
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2018
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  12. Jiggs Luker Trainee Engineer

    Absolutely Epic!!! When I compare this to where I started with electronic games forty-eight years ago... It just boggles the mind...
  13. Riddell Trainee Engineer

    You guys did the same thing with the armor blocks before, and we didn't like it then, I'm pretty sure a majority of us still don't like it now.
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  14. Arcturus Senior Engineer

    I dub thee the "Feels Update". If wheels are fixed and dead bodies no longer shot, it might have practical value. I'll test later.
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  15. Xelo Trainee Engineer

    The new skybox left the game unplayable for me, no matter what pretty bugfixes or other updates were made.
    The new skybox is way too bright, too shiny, has wrong colors (limette coloured grass? Medium gray space? Really?) has a way too high saturation and is blurry at the field of view's edges which left any lcd panels at the edge of the field of view nearly unreadable.

    I'm deeply disappointed because of this. Too bad the modded skybox "space just got real" doesn't work anymore since today... I liked it so much.

    I will now stop playing SE. I'm sorry.

    To the creator of the new sky box: Please go outside into the real world, so you can see what it should look like. The way your skybox looks at the moment is surreal with wrong colors, a too high saturation and causes me headache (i'm not kidding).
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  16. Tedderz Trainee Engineer

    Couple of things I've noticed about this update that need addressed asap.

    Headlight now shines directly down and not in front of player.
    Welder will activate on ANY block, whether damaged or not. (Meaning, it will activate, and act like it's welding constantly, whether your block is full health or not, it never turns off until you stop holding the mouse button)
    If hovering low to the ground, the astronaut makes noises like he's taking damage, but no damage is happening.
    It seems like the astronaut is taking a LOT more damage than usual. a fall from only 3 (changed from 5) large blocks killed me on a planet.
    Astronaut is able to move thru blocks now that shouldn't. I.E. I can move thru the outer edges of the large thruster, also this is causing the astronaut to be "pushed" around, making standing still impossible.
    Astronaut gets accelerated to superspeeds when hitting some blocks bounding boxes (has killed me several times).
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2018
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  17. Legas Trainee Engineer

    Nice video showing all the cool stuff we can't do in the game due to lag, crashes, bugs and, above all, poor gameplay design decisions.

    Even if performance permitted, it would take dozens of hours to build all those things, that would blow up in seconds of battle where you'd hardly have any control of what's happening, or worse: a single guy with a grinder would destroy everything while you sleep.

    And for what? Control of 4 asteroids among a billion readily available?

    Please go play Subnautica to learn how survival gameplay should be structured.

    It's pretty disappointing to see a major update after so long, and it's apparently visual and audio update for a game that has zero gameplay value after 5 years in early access.

    Or just remove survival from the game and leave it as a creative design studio to build pretty ships and post in the workshop, which is currently the only thing that this game does well.
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  18. Andre Cornelius Trainee Engineer

    very beautiful update. but I think that graphics is not what the game needs lately, it is more content, type objectives in the game and maybe even add food and water to the astronaut having to grow food in plantations on planets or in a pressurized environment. thus giving an objective to the planets.
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  19. Darian Stephens Trainee Engineer

    I actually kinda like the welder thing; gives you a chance to show off the feature, and it's closer to how the game worked before.
    I do think that there are issues with how the particles work, which is just the same issue from a while ago where they disappear immediately instead of going through their natural fade when you stop welding/grinding.
    Also, tools really don't seem to be in the right place when you look up/down, or move. And the welder's just a bit off to the side. It just is now.
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  20. w0lf3y Apprentice Engineer

    I didn't see it listed yet.
    LCD's have lost their highlights! Yay!

    edit* by lost I mean just the frame is highlighted. No more yellow overlay covering the entire LCD panel.
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  21. UrbanLegend Apprentice Engineer

    Performance is definitely better. Graphics look weird to me with post-processing on. Blurry, like I'm looking inside a fish tank.
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  22. Chris0685 Trainee Engineer

    My Jetpack has turned to garbage. I try and go up it makes me go down instead, i look up and try to fly forward and it takes me down. the only way for me to go up is to go forward and spiral my way up which is a pain when im trying to build a ship.

    I seen on a previous post that someone else has mentioned this but the problem is i do not want to start a new world to try and fix the issue

    Also i noticed that the dark spots on the planets to indicate ore have now disappeared as well

    Another thing as well if that the hydrogen for your jetpack goes down really quick now
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2018
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  23. Arcturus Senior Engineer

    Just noticed on the linked blog post:
    For there to be day-zero quotes, some people got advance access to the update? This has ethical concerns.
    @Malware why/when did you get early early (earlier?) access?
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  24. Pennywise Apprentice Engineer

    This update is a pure eye pain. And that skybox. Did the guy who made it ever browse workshop for user mods? It's hard to find worse skybox.
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  25. Caatalyst Apprentice Engineer

    How’s those sim speeds on dedicated servers?! Are we multiplayer ready?
  26. FlakMagnet Senior Engineer

    I like the fixed wheels .... but.

    THIS picture sums up pretty much all the things I hate:


    bluury graphics, crazy lighting and excessive gloss. This is NIGHT for gods sake. LOD view distances are not right either. Skybox will be removed without delay.

    Whilst I applaud the mechanics fixes, I REALLY cannot belive that this is the visual effects Keen have desired all along, and that they look at this and think it looks AAA standard. The game has looked so much prettier than this before. In fact, visually..the only thing that looks better is the solid water now looks more like water, even though it is still ice. But doesn't look like ice. Now it looks like water. I do not understand.........

    but GOD NO! Look at the blurry distortion of the skybox towards ther edges. It is horrid.

    So, thanks for hte fixes. Thanks for finally getting around to making wheels less pointless. No thanks for the visual updates. I want it to look like Space ~Engineers used to, not like someone spiked my drink.
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  27. Darian Stephens Trainee Engineer

    The blurryness has nothing to do with the skybox; it's now an intentional feature around the edges of the screen, along with chromatic aberration.
  28. FlakMagnet Senior Engineer

    I know. The skybox is hideous. The blurring makes it worse. The distortion is far too pronounced and unnatural.
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  29. JaggedNel Trainee Engineer

    Actually turned out very good update: the joints of the blocks look much better, the WHEELS are fixed, the visual effects are just the bomb! Of the minuses: I do not understand why the atmospheric thrusters glow; the excess shine off the blocks of certain colors, then it is better to give players the opportunity to customize shine.
  30. DragonShadow Apprentice Engineer

    OMG the wheels! The Wheels! ROVERS ARE A THING! Glorious!
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