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Important Update 1.186 - Major Overhaul of Visuals, Audio and Wheels

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Feb 2, 2018.

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  1. Arcturus Senior Engineer

    Didn't get around to testing wheels since the visuals are a glowing white laggy mess even in space, at least on my laptop card. FPS, UPS, simspeed all worse than before.
  2. chrisb Senior Engineer

    Must admit, I'm 'task managering' out on lots of loading screens, just jams eating away memory..

    Its not been tested this, has it. Be honest.. :?

    Although it does look better in some respects.. Shadows are still an issue though.
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2018
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  3. odizzido Junior Engineer

    I like this update quite a lot overall.
    The good:
    New sounds, very cool
    I like how the sounds change when you're digging yourself a tunnel
    I love that the tunnel I just dug in the middle of the night is completely dark when I am in it. Huge plus for that.
    Nice effects on the welder/grinder
    Wheels...they are so much better

    The bad:
    Post processing makes everything really fuzzy :( I have to turn it off
    Trees when viewed with a flashlight at night look like plastic

    The things that need to be fixed:
    Hand drill rock debris is huge while the rocks you actually pick up are tiny

    So yeah, great job :) Also there are way fewer bugs since I last played(a long time ago) which is nice. It's quite noticeable for me.
  4. Buzzed Bear Apprentice Engineer

    I think Marek had better take back control of this games development and put his AI project on the shelf. Whoever he put in charge of this game has taken a great looking game and turned it into a piece of shit cartoonish mess! What a waste of time it was to make everything look so horrible... The writing is on the wall people.... SE is done. This is not an update - this just a really big fix of stuff that should have been addressed a long time ago. Your textures SUCK and this game now looks AMATEURISH. Sorely disappointed. Let us know when you turn it back into an enjoyable game.... with more content. Seriously... over 900MB update and nothing NEW.

    Marek... your staff is fucking you over in regards to quality control. You need to get rid of the little cliques that seem to dictate what should and should not be in this game - this is not the same game you spoke of before you abandoned it for your AI project.
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  5. X_Wing_Ian Trainee Engineer

    Buzzed, Marek is the one that wanted all this stuff look at the blog it says SE creative director.
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  6. keegz Trainee Engineer

    The new sound and particle effects are great. The wheels also great. Some of the visual changes not so great. Seems like something was done to the impulse imparted from weapons and its too much. Its not enjoyable having a 9 million kg heavy armor ship go flying off from vanilla missile fire. Makes any salvage impossible.
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  7. Buzzed Bear Apprentice Engineer

    He wanted the graphics to look like ass? He wanted issues that are three years old to be shelved in lieu of what? Smoke and mirrors. I can no longer recommend this game to anyone and will be reflecting that on the Steam Store comments. I cannot for the life of me fathom why they would return to the old textures, and really mess up the lighting so that colors are off and only show a bright white reflection when you shine your light on them. It is no longer enjoyable.
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  8. denismaster Trainee Engineer

    I've played the game with new update. And read Marek's blog. As a professional developer, I'm happy to see that the game gets better. It's really great for me.
    But, when the technical dept became smaller, could we see new content in the game?

    For example, you could add lasers in the game and\or some other types of weapons not presented in the game now. Or even create a modular weapon system, to combine weapons and upgrade modules to create powerfull things to shoot capital ships.
    With lasers you can implement heating effects, which could be applicable in hardcore survival(reactors heatings, engine heatings and more)
    Or cannons for bigships. Rockets are great, and gatling turrets are also very cool, but what about simple and old cannon? or railgun? Use can also use superconductors, provided from JumpDrive update, to describe how railguns could be implemented in game universe.
    Also I'd love to see something to help create bombers and other small vessels to destroy big ships. Or even ECM modules!)

    It can also change gameplay mechanics. For example, small vessel can turn ship off with ECM module. And boarding team can get into the ship. Another interesting thing is shield. What about some small module, even for smallship, that could create shield for a sometime. Or small ships jumpdrives. Please, add this to game.

    Another problem to discuss is mobs. What about adding new mobs? Spiders are boring and I don't want to kill wolfs. Add some new mobs, please!)

    Best wishes, Denismaster
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  9. Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    As a colorblind player, the HUD, the menu, the skybox and his "vision" of a color palette all scream "Marek's colorblind and doesn't know it" to me. With the problem being that, not actually playing the game, he has no idea what damage he does to the visuals. And quite probably would not care if he did because "triple A shit". Well, shit is indeed involved...
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  10. Royale98 Trainee Engineer

    Okay, admittedly I got giddy when I saw how big this update was... and everyone's nagging hella killed my happiness.

    I'll start with the UI, the only difference I notice is things appear to be sharper, especially edges. And items/blocks for mods that haven't been updated yet have REALLY $#!TTY looking icons, not sure whats up with that, is it just me? The UI also seems more grey, less blue, but I've changed my computer color details so that might be me also.

    Performance is really minimally boosted but I imagine without the visual overhaul it may have actually been faster, but the added visuals and performance boost cancelled each other imo. My game went from ~50fps to ~60fps on my moon base, however the game easily sits at 120 in asteroid fields, so at least my travels will be butter smooth.
    And I'm honestly surprised that the game is fairly playable at complete maxed settings now (using new extremes). It said:
    But that's a LIE, and if anyone seeing this happens to have like an i9-7980XE and two 1080Tis, I'd totally recommend trying it, it looks amazing everywhere and you can probably/definitely play it at a good frame rate (or at least actually playable, mine is running it at 20fps on my moon base with a randomly fluctuating 60-100fps in space and asteroid fields).

    Also as far as welding and grinding go, the game is still stuttering (ITS BETTER, kind of) but it's less of one massive stutter when you weld/grind and more like a 100 little tiny stutters. I really dont know what was more annoying.

    As far as grid disconnect goes, THAT IS TEN QUINTILLION TIMES BETTER. Disconnecting my large large-grid mining ship from my overkill sized mothership/base used to freeze the game for a solid minute, but it literally just has a quarter-second stutter now, which it still shouldn't, but I won't complain.
    And reconnecting the same grids is actually perfect, 0 stutter, no frame skip, etc.

    An interesting note on performance, while mining an asteroid, my fps dropped from that buttery 120 to 95. I'm gonna keep testing this on planets, other old asteroids, new asteroids, and moons and see if there's some kind of new lag during mining. I haven't had frame drops in the past from mining though using the full size of the borehead previously would cause occasional stuttering, which seems to still exist. (my ship uses 25 5*5 mining heads (heavy mining drill mod) for a total of a 25*25 square blocks borehead or 625 blocks if anyone is curious). yes I know this could be from the mod, but in my experience, mods typically don't cause issues, or else people don't freaking use em, especially if its not one of a kind.

    Hey, hey, hey... wheels... don't use them, don't care... THRUSTER>WHEEL
    But if you like wheels, you do you. (maybe I'll build something with wheels now just to see how they compare to previous versions, I will be in need of another project soon, someone suggest something for me, the more complex the better)

    I've seen some comments nagging about the speed increase of players, and to those people I say... hit Caps Lock you whiny b****. It'll make you nice and slow. Personally I've always hated having to walk/run for ANYTHING because it was SO SLOW. I mean I naturally do EVERYTHING fast. I was that kid in high school that was HOT on your heels trying to get around your slow @$$. I literally just drive 10-30mph over the speed limit (depending on the type of road) because I can't be bothered to just let the car roll. Why bother driving at all if you're just going to do it slowly... so THANK YOU KEEN for upping that, the pace feels FAR more natural walking around the inside of my base and ships.
    The jetpack acceleration is also nice I guess, though it seems to be pretty subtle, I don't personally notice a change in forwards acceleration, however dampeners definitely reduce speed faster than before, I haven't accidentally clipped anything at 150m/s yet at least :woot:

    Jumping is broken af in 0 gravity though. I was trying to listen to jump audio and the sound is a nonsensical mechanical thud with heavy immediate reverb (jumping off light armor) and then I sat there for a minute thinking I just broke the game cause you just float right where you were standing, but your feet are no longer on the surface below you.
    1. IDK if this is how it has been, as mentioned in the above paragraph, I didn't walk almost ever because it felt stupidly slow.
    2. If you jump in 0 gravity, you keep going up, you don't float where you were standing.
    3. If you don't make it so you keep going up, at least turn on the jetpack so I'm not sitting there like: WHY CANT I MOVE, WALK YOU MORON.
    4. When running off an edge in 0G, it does that little downward shot thing, which is both inexplicably weird and kind of nice. If you run off a full block you rotate down 90 deg. to the other face of the block, which is good.
    5. Walking just rotates you everywhere apparently, (looks jank af when making that 135 deg. rotation around the lip of a sloped block at least in 3rd person)
    6. Jumping an edge in 0G breaks physics, rather than jumping, it just does that float and decline thing, and even if you hit a surface, you just keep gliding over it until you enable and disable your jetpack to reattach to the floor.
    7. Sprinting and jumping off a block with another face 90 deg. downwards shoots you off in the same forward direction but with a ~45 deg. downward angle from the plane upon which you were sprinting.
    8. Sprinting and jumping off a sloped block (w/ 135deg. to the next face) drops you nearly straight downwards from the plane on which you were sprinting.

    Jumping in planetary gravity: just doesn't work
    With artificial gravity: jumping kind of works but only if you need to jump over a steel plate on the ground...
    Setting the gravity generator to 0G is the same as no AG, just PG.
    Setting the AG=-PG (essentially 0G) does some really jank crap, you can walk on stuff, but you might look like a mountain goat, and theres no magnetic boots activation.
    Setting the AG>-PG (upwards gravity) is even worse.

    Also in regards to gravity generators: They are not reaching the full range of accelerations. At 1G (9.8m/s^2) the grav gen only outputs 0.5G, and at -1G only -0.5G. Tested and can confirm the readings on the UI (which shows only up to the 0.5) are correct for what is actually happening, but the internal UI for the grav gen shows that its supposed to be +/- 1.0

    Uranium: Apparently reactor efficiency has HEAVILY declined, as I've always had fuel for weeks to years on various ships at idle, with hours to weeks during heavy use. Now my mining ship which normally had fuel for ~2 years idle and ~6 hours flying has 6 minutes of idle fuel in space, 2 hours idle in gravity (.25G), but 13 years of fuel when the power usage is at 100%. That's just the current readings. It keeps changing at random, and theres no logic to it at all... If someone has a fix for that I'd really like it, because I can't use the miner to go mine unless I can do it in 2 minutes because the fuel usage fluctuates so massively, and I don't want to get stuck 2500km away in space. It's literally game breaking, though fortunately I'm well stocked on most things at the time being.
    If I graphed the rate of loss of uranium, it'd look like f(g(h(x))) but each function g and h are both different infinitely complex functions like sin(ln(x^(1/sqrt(tan(x...))))) that just keep going and f(x) is actually an infinite taylor series and it makes as much sense as quantum physics to a 3rd grader.

    As for the rest of the stuff in the update, and the visuals:
    Lights got INSANELY BRIGHT. Thrusters glow like they're thermonuclear warheads detonating (anything light is awful, thrusters are just game killing), as someone else posted spotlights are basically a solid white beam, ITS OUTER SPACE, THE VOID, WHAT MEDIUM IS IT ILLUMINATING?! That'd be okay-ish if it were turned down a little for planets, but outside a planetary atmosphere there should be no beam of light, just an illumination wherever the light ends/touches something.

    Tip, KEEN, games that have post-processing effects either are very subtle or have advanced options. The bloom needs to be turned WAY WAY down. Any block with a small lit texture shines like a beacon. The next worst piece is the vignette around the screen edges that makes everything look like a 3D movie, but you dont have 3D glasses. It's literally so strong stars appear thrice, one in red, the other in blue, with a third green streak running between them.
    Other than that, and this part may just be my skybox, but at night time, it's not night time. It's just half-lit green day time. There's literally a sea green tint on every block and rock and the entire surface of moon. Only way to get rid of it is to shine a white light. But then if you look at that lit up whatever it be, it's SUPER bright. Then after a moment it quickly changes aperture on the camera, the bright goes normal, and the rest of the world is pitch black.

    Bringing me to color: (this is based purely on my own perception of the 6 main colors as well as B&W using a high quality color calibrated display. I merely fiddled with the paint color selector trying to make the best color of a color I could color, looking at different shades of colors as well)
    blacks are as black as black can black
    reds are vibrant (except on armor blocks, which look more like their stained or tinted rather than painted, this is the case for all colors)
    orange is nice and vibrant, almost tried to eat my welder ship, might keep the orange and name the ship Citrus
    yellow is... frankly disappointing. Can't get a good bright yellow in the color picker, pretty much goes from golden yellow to yellow-green (may be caused by the overall green tint I'm experiencing), though yellow lights make good yellows on pure white blocks.
    greens are both dark and bright as they should be. Green light sources look the exact same across brightnesses but the illumination matches the selected color.
    blues are nice and cool probably the best, deepest blues I've seen in a game (though blue isn't exactly common other than the sky so...), blue lights on white blocks are very much the same deep blue
    purples are... weird... what is a deep purple in shadow is a bright pinkish magenta in light, so good luck making anything purple. (for some reason, purple also has the most saturated color on armor blocks imo)
    whites really don't seem all that white. Their color is white, but at the pure white color, it's not a very bright white. Mid-white, kinda like this page, white, but not bright. Like yellows, white light sources are VERY bright white, like fml my eyes burn kind of bright white.

    Why did I spend almost an hour analyzing lights.... cause I'm bored and procrastinating that essay for writing class.

    KEEN devs, I'd suggest a quick hotfix with the following:
    1. Undo whatever broke jumping unless its just been like that and I didn't know.
    2. Remove post-processing until you add player controllable advanced options for it cause it ruins your games completely.
    3. Anymore little optimizations you can throw us.
    4. Most importantly, fix the reactor bug, I just have everything powered down that isnt in use because i'm losing stupid amounts of uranium.
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  11. Code Name D Apprentice Engineer

    Yes. Performance has significantly improved. Less choppy and not seizing up as often. Very nice given my system is marginal for the game. Environment downloads a lot faster.

    I did observer that remote control blocks no longer function in the hot bar. This knocks my backing up system off line. When I try to activate it, I am informed autopilot is engaged, even when disabled in the component settings.
  12. Malware Master Engineer

    How is it possible that you've been part of this community for this long and still have to ask this question? :)
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  13. Andromic54 Trainee Engineer

    When i launch the game after this update, it's now impossible to see where ore take place. They are no longer this kind of shadow on the ground wich mean the place of ore...
    Is that from an visual option i don't put on ?? Or does it come from the update ?? Please, help...

    PS: Sorry for my English, cos i'm French... ;-)
  14. Royale98 Trainee Engineer

    Personally I'd rather see them do the opposite. I think the game has content enough for now although a full story driven game would be nice. Though that'd likely be the last thing they add. The game needs a LOT of fixing of mechanics to be enjoyable by more than the current audience it captures. Whats the point of adding more heads of lettuce to a bin full of mold, that mold will just spread and ruin the new stuff. If you clean it out then add the heads of lettuce, you only get what you put in and what may sour over time.

    Mods, mods, mods, mods, and mods. The steam workshop literally has everything you just suggested, ranging from people making their first thing to users who are long time modders and make (arguably) professional level mods.
    You want lasers? Select modpack category, search: laser
    Modular weapons? Okay actually I don't know what you mean by that... so... next
    Shoot capital ships? Search "massive MAC" or i believe InspiredWeaponry or MexPex Warfare has an orbital coil cannon which I know from experience will blow a hole in just about anything.
    Big ship cannons: mexpex warfare (mexpex has a ton of stuff)
    Shields: Energy Shields by Cython
    Bombers: Maglock Surface (connect some activated warheads over a bay door, release when ready, use grav-gen if not on planet or moon)
    Small vessel can turn ship off with ECM module? not how that works. EMC devices interrupt communications by spraying electromagnetic "noise", or generally random signals that block or overload said communication systems, so... you'd turn off the on-ship wifi maybe, and they couldn't talk to another ship perhaps.
    I think you mean an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) which is a high intensity burst of EMI (electromagnetic interference). THAT causes power loss to electronics and would disable a ship. The problem with EMPs in SE is it'd actually be pretty useless. Unless the EMP was so strong that it physically caused circuits to overload and blow up or fry the ship would just reboot. Don't forget ships are powered by nuclear reactors using uranium fuel. The uranium would be fine as would most physical materials and radioactive decay never stops, so a quick reboot of the ships power grid would probably have it back online. (EMPs can cause permanent damage to unshielded components, though if you're in a world where EMPs are even plausibly common, you'll have shielding for at LEAST critical equipment, you may destroy their turrets though.)
    Jump drives require a lot of power, honestly KEEN should raise their power consumption 50 fold, for a small ship to have a jump drive.... well it wouldn't be a small ship anymore. Moving things requires work, even if I want to move 100m forward, trying to do that at light speed then stopping in time requires so much force for any object it's completely unrealistic. But without it, it'd be hard and boring af to go to another planet, and nobody would play SE...
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  15. KissSh0t Master Engineer

    Just wanted to say that the game looks really fantastic now, I really love the kind of... I'm not sure how to explain it, it's like a speckled effect when wearing the visor and looking at a light source.

    And I love love love that you can turn the wielder on to make a flame when not pointing at a block to wield, that is so cool.


    Just a side note, the laser pointer on the ship weapons now look very unnatural when pointing at brightly lit objects, actually, that is one thing that has bothered me for a few years now the laser is still a flat object that does not conform to the shape of the object it is hitting, the laser needs to be updated to fit into the new visual style of the game and to not be a flat object.



    I really hope that the next Major update contains gameplay elements.
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2018
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  16. Malware Master Engineer

    I agree, but have you tried to open the visor and do the same?
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  17. Kham Apprentice Engineer

    Pretty substantial update, great to see wheels get some much needed improvements so they are no longer the laughing stock of the game. Not a huge fan of the extreme bloom aesthetic you guys have decided to move toward though. Nor of the extreme gloss look on all blocks and sadly I've now got to disable all post processing to get rid of that migraine inducing blur effect... who thought that was a good idea?
  18. KissSh0t Master Engineer

    Not yet, I am currently in space.
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  19. andolie Trainee Engineer

    A big and extensive update surprised me this morning. Unfortunately it was that the lights and the reflections of the lights are too bright and bright. There is no sign of anything in the dark. No orientation is possible anymore. Actions can only be taken during the day, such as the Mining .. The additional effects are very nicely succeeded. If here and there readjusted by Keen, the update could be successful sen.
  20. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    Wait... this is the update? Glare? Everything has metallic glare?

    Oh, and using an internal tool to create a rendering that's not even close to being possible in the game? What is the point of that? It's a game, not a movie. In my opinion we didn't need a fresh new coat of paint. I wish that budget would have gone to anything else.
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  21. R-TEAM Junior Engineer

    Like i say in the other thread : https://forums.keenswh.com/threads/what-to-expect-in-2018.7399271/page-2#post-1287085212
    -> "....So no big hopes for an change for 2018 (mhh - yes , we will see additionaly senseless blocks or game machanic where only a minority of the users demands , as this is easyer to implement as fixing the already here stuff ..... sort like ...) <-

    So we have get "senseless" things (gfx changes no demand or only a minority like..) as always ....... nothing changed ....
    (and it is not this is full a waste - anytime in the progress of the game it make sense to overlook the gfx ... but "now" ? - if not more bad/gamebraking bugs around .... and if this only, at the end , a wheels system update and silly gfx boost - then the "hype over the "major" update was plain wrong - better no big hype for this ..)
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  22. zDeveloper10 Junior Engineer

    it seems like some of those things would have been done earlier, but held back to make this list longer :/
    anyway,some things do look much nicer and that is neat. I'll have to play again later to see if the wheels are actually fixed now- tried playing earlier and played long enough to see the earth like planet is quite ugly and everything has a weird stereographic effect(probably post processing. which isn't terrible in space) even with the visor up. but it quickly ballooned to over 6GB of memory, so I'll try again when I'm not busy haha
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  23. andolie Trainee Engineer

    Jetzt war die Sonne am Himmel, alles scheint in einem unnatürlichen Grün, und auch hier ist alles zu hell im Licht. Das mit den Lichtern und der Helligkeit war vor dem Update optimal. Jetzt sollte es wieder eingeschaltet werden. So bekommst du Augenschmerzen. () -:
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  24. musculecar Trainee Engineer

    Good afternoon! I want to say about new visual design in the game. Perhaps it seems to the developers that these highlights and light flashes are beautiful and natural, but it is not. Such objects are seen, only people with poor eyesight. When a programmer or designer sits a lot at the computer, his eyes become worse, there are have bloom and distortions. Such a person thinks that seeing objects as vague is the norm. But people with good eyes will not agree! The sun was in the previous version more beautiful. Yes, it did not like much, but the options for the rays could simply be removed. Now it's a yellow matte ball, with unnaturally symmetrical rays. Displays also became matte, and it is impossible to read the text on them. Maybe the designer thought about lcd monitor displays with a matte finish. But the displays in the game is not a monitor!!! Such a display should withstand loads and scratches, like the Gorilla Glas display in smartphones, or like monitors with advertising on the streets. A separate theme is redesign colors, they are not matt mattly, with it has some glare, as if the shiny paint was painted matte. The orange colors turned red! And the last. Here I stand and look at the sun, and I see beautiful glare (apparently from the helmet), but when I take it off, I see these glare anyway !!! What is it??? Glare at the glasses of the character? If a person sees such glare, he needs an ophthalmologist!
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  25. captainbladej52 Apprentice Engineer

    After spending some time with the new update i'll throw my 2 cents into the pot as well. First I will start with the good.

    -My wheeled vehicles are doing a heck of alot better than they were before. The difference is night and day as now if I hit a bump and come off the ground my rover can actually handle the impact. Where as before if I came 2 feet off the ground without engaging the emergency thrusters I placed on the rover it would nearly break the thing in half, now I don't need to touch the thrusters unless i'm going to drive off a cliff into a huge valley. So props to Keen for this one.
    -Visuals: for the good on this the new explosions definitely look alot better in my book. They look alot more like what I might expect an explosion to look like from rocket fire or a part exploding.
    -turrets: the turrets seem to be doing alot better performance wise than they were before. Where as certain volleys could grind my rig to a halt, that's not happening as much from the turrets now.

    -intertial dampeners: I definitely enjoy being able to stop alot sooner on my engineer though I do agree with the others going from 100ms to 0 in about 2 seconds if that seems a bit extreme. Of course this could also be explained as better technology allows it to be done without effecting the engineer as much. This one I would say is good, but could potentially need a very slight tweak.
    -sound: in the sound department I definitely enjoy some of the new sounds such as entering a cockpit of a fighter or so on. definitely enjoy these especially in a combat situation. being able to hear some of the weapon impacts and exploding parts of a pirate drone is rather satisfying. Even when one of my fighters was destroyed during my testing it still seemed fun in my book.

    There's definitely alot of potential here and you guys did some great work, but there's some stuff that needs refinement still.

    -Performance and resources: in this particular area I noticed that my CPU useage had gone up by 20% if not outright doubled in some cases. On some of my worlds I'm used to seeing my ram useage being around 6 gigs, yet now as of this update my ram useage has jumped to 14 gigs. In severe cases I've noticed my CPU useage spiking to 80% purely from Space Engineers. The only changes made to the game from previous are the changes brought with this new update. Worlds and structures that once played with no issues will stutter like crazy now from the bottlenecks in performance. In this rig I'm running 2 EVGA GTX 960s in SLI, I have 32gb of ram, and an AMD 8350 8 core processor, all on Windows 10 which is above and beyond the specs needed for SE and the vast majority of games out there today. Unless I'm purposefully trying to hand this rig its butt on a silver platter by loading a 1:1 scale of an Imperial Star Destroyer or something extreme like that, then I should not be seeing that huge of resources in use. highest ram spike I saw was 19 gigs as well. While there were some gains in performance to certain areas, such as with turrets (at least for me they're running better) there were massive bottlenecks introduced elsewhere.

    -Sound: in this department while there were some pretty great improvements made there were some issues I noticed cropping up also. A big issue I noticed was that for any of the turrets I used, the turret rotational sound was always playing even when I wasn't rotating the turret itself. I also noticed the missile firing sound seems to halfway complete before it just cuts off in alot of cases. I can hear the first bit of the thunk or pop of it firing but that's it before it cuts off. It doesn't always do that but it does it enough that it's jarring if you will.
    -Brightness: okay this one really needs to be looked at again. In a few instances during the night on one of the planets there were a few spots of moonlight that were as bright as the sun still being out when there's no way that much light should have been present. Not to mention there's way too much brightness on alot of the various blocks and parts in some instances that it physically hurts my eyes to look at for too long. I'm not one that's bothered easily by game graphics but this is a bit much. While I appreciate a little lens flare here and there when it fits, this looks like one of the new Star Trek films multiplied by 10 in some areas.
    -Blurryness: this one is my hugest pet peeve with this update aside from the performance issues. Some blocks looked alot better before such as the small grid rocket pods. In fact on my fighter I could reasonably believe that they were rocket pods. Now they looked like blurred out rectangular chunks of metal with a racing stripe painted on them that someone bolted onto one of my fighters. While I can appreciate that there's going to be some atmospheric distortion while on a planet, in space this should not be a thing in space. Granted I don't expect to be able to see every single detail from a distance in space, but stuff that's at a reasonably close distance shouldn't appear as giant colored blobs in some instances. While on a planet I can understand a bit of extra distortion while my visor is down as that's essentially a lens I'm having to look through to view the various objects and things around me. However when the visor is up and i'm not looking through it, that blurryness should be alot less than it is now. The way it sits right now the distance before objects start to blur needs to be at least doubled or even trippled on the ground. Something that's 20 feet in front of me shouldn't be anywhere near as blurry as something that's 2km away from me, yet in alot of cases it is. This blurryness alone from an immersion perspective makes it nearly unplayable in my book as I feel like my engineer is nearly legally blind looking at some of these objects. even the trees that are just a few feet away seem like giant green blobs vs the more detailed trees that they were before.

    -Cockpits: The extra lines of the canopy being as defined as they are were really jarring and cut off a good bit of my view as a pilot that was there before. The cockpits were also so bright that flying first person was nearly impossible due to how much glare from the controls there were. it wasn't until i went 3rd person or looked through a camera I was able to get my bearings. Also cockpits are still having issues where I have to finagle the camera view around and sometimes back up and try 3 or 4 times before it actually lets me into the thing.
    -Cameras: To me there is a huge huge discrepancy from how the camera of a turret performs and the basic camera blocks themselves. These singular cameras seem to have their field of focus narrowed tremendously to the point anything outside of this tiny circle area is distorted heavily. Turret cameras don't have this discrepancy are just fine. At this point I honestly prefer the turret cameras vs how limited these singular cameras are.

    In the course of this testing I did disable postprocessing which removed close to 80% of the blurryness I would estimate which made it leagues better as far as visually goes and made the trees look like actual trees again. From how much of a difference this made, I definitely agree with some of the others here that the various postprocessing functions need to be given individual controls, as do things like bloom intensity and several others. The way it is right now it honestly feels like some of the graphics controls like postprocessing being one example are trying to control too many things at once and biting off more than they can chew. Individual controls would work wonders here. I don't expect to be able to control a million different shades of every pixel in a frame, but having more than what we do now is a must. I strongly recommend postprocessing be left off by default until this can be refined. Below are a few screenshots to show what I mean.

    First up is a before image of one of my fighters so folks can see what I had working before. I won't swear to it that she's the prettiest thing ever but she does what I need.

    The 2nd one here is how badly distorted one of the other fighters now appears and how much glare there is on the ship itself. take notice of the rocket pods especially. this is just overdoing it in my book on the lens flare.

    next we have a before view from the cockpit of one of my fighters returning to a dreadnought carrier. again not the prettiest ships I know but still more clear in my book.

    This is one of the more jarring ones is the after photo of the cockpit. Take notice of the canopy lines on the left and right. Those clearly were not visible in the before picture and the controls weren't nearly that bright. this to me is extremely jarring visually and disorienting a bit. you can also see the distortion of the trees which looks horrible imo. notice the difference between them here and in photos of the fighters above.

    Finally we have 2 photos of the starting base itself. the first is of the starting drill ship and that LCD panel next to it. I'm sorry but when i'm this close to the drill ship it shouldn't be distorting that badly. In the 2nd photo I'm standing at the end of the base and looking at the hangar doors. Again I'm sorry but they shouldn't be that distorted compared to before.

    You can see some of the major differences in these shots. I know this is rather long winded of a post, but there was alot to go over. While there's alot of good to come with this update, there's also so major issues that have been introduced as well that make this update rather jarring and that need some major refinements. Anyways that's my 2 cents onto the pile at the moment.
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  26. May Rears Apprentice Engineer

    Are you using a projector on your ship for an autorepair system? if they are on they interfere with the interaction with cockpits from the outside. I have the same problem if the projector is on but not if it is off even though the hologram is not showing.
  27. Scya Apprentice Engineer

    I found this visual overhaul a bit "overhauling" (maybe more than less) and in general I agree with all of you here.
    For me it's still a major update because the wheels are working now.

    The only thing I do not understand is buffing of the jetpack. If this change was made only for creative than ok I can accept it. But in general the jetpack acceleration was always too high and now the need (or the advantage) of small crafts is lower then before. You can go yourself anywhere (incuding orbit) and you need nothing only few botlles...
    If you can reach 100m/s in 2 seconds it means you are under 5G, well it's a lot.
  28. GunRunner Trainee Engineer

    Hi, First time poster, long time player. I have to say the new textures seem to shinny, but that is not my biggest complaint. My biggest complaint is this auto pilot thing. I use a ship and when i activate the remote control in this same ship to get better accuracy with my main M.A.K. Gun battery (yes just like in halo and it works) my ship goes into auto pilot and i no longer can control my ship. Please make this auto pilot thing easier to turn on/off.
    Another thing, before when i was using my M.A.K Gun, I could use spherical gravity generator to hold a whole bunch of stone in the center of the field and then use standard gravity generators to launch this cluster at a ship. This cluster would rip a lot of ships apart, but on of the updates the stones just disappear after going so far. Please fix these.

    Long Time Player with 1371hrs played, GunRunner.
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  29. Oskarowski Trainee Engineer

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  30. Emod Trainee Engineer

    Thanks for update! Tried a rover with suspension wheels and it performed great.

    My disappointment was that the regular wheels (without suspension) lost a lot of their friction, meaning when I use them in space machinery (feeders and pushers) stuff doesn't work anymore.
    Had to revert, sorry.
    (An air pressure setting for regular wheels would be nice.. hint hint)
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