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Important Update 1.186 - Major Overhaul of Visuals, Audio and Wheels

Discussion in 'Change Log' started by Drui, Feb 2, 2018.

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  1. PLJ Trainee Engineer

    While I always enjoyed sunsets and sunrises, they totally suck now :(
    Also, the bugfix (3) release didnt change much for me. I am already running unmodded as I too noticed a couple of mods interfere with the new version, but that doesnt at all address the shine nor stupid immersion breaking lighting issues..

    Ship in shadow of planet being backlit by the sun ... except that .. well .. it shouldnt be, as the next pic demonstrates. That is, unless we are going to planet being so massive it bends light...

    As a side note: Why the heck does space look like someone is burning leafs on the planet ?

    Really .. I need to force myself to continue past this point .. it just looks godawfull. Without post processing, see below, this is still not playable as everything hurts your eyes.

    No lights, not playable:

    Lights .. wtf .. what is this s.... ..hint, it's not gold ...
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2018
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  2. cyber01 Trainee Engineer

    After update i can`t load old worlds. Before playing on the previous version, an update came out, I decided to start the world on a new update. Standard loading, then left the loading screen, but lost boot animation (gear or how to call it properly). And that's all, it may be an hour to stand, although before loading did not take 3 minutes. so play and could not. The consumption of memory does not change, the load on the processor rarely changes. I could not do anything more with the game.
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  3. Cetric Junior Engineer

    I thought I would enter hell when I load the game, after reading all the rants here. Proved to be much better than expected. I notice a major sim speed increase, which is always great and a big plus for crowded worlds like mine. Metallic overexposure is not exactly my choice as for most people here, but for the aforementioned improvements I tend to ignore it. Anyway, I think the echo here is so strong Keen will most likely react by diminishing the new visual effects.
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  4. May Rears Apprentice Engineer

    I had that with a game just after the patch. In my case I disabled my Space Got Real and it loaded, I saved the game, reenabled Space Got Real and I could load back in. I also found the Enhanced Exploration mod was stopping the game loading too so I have disabled that for now.

    As for Shiney-gate I had a patch this morning and things are still reflecting, they are metal after all, but nowhere near as much as yesterday.
  5. Herpaderpa Trainee Engineer

    I love almoste all of this update, but i don't like how fast your character is now.
    I would really have prefered a nerf to the jetpack speed, not a buff :(
    Now there's no point in building ships anymore, just load up on hydrogen bottles and go explore the solar system the fastest way possible.
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  6. PLJ Trainee Engineer

    If reflection and lights being mist-emitters get fixed, I might get to enjoy this. Oh, nerf the jetpack .. this is insane.
    It is hard to enjoy space at the moment, at least on medium with post processing off.
    It is also hard to enjoy planets. I plan to try wheels for 2 days now but get distracted by how unplayable things look while trying to build a rover :(

    Also, that moment your display is so bright you cant see outside any longer..

    Not sure if I should wear my helmet or not .. did the atmosphere turn poison ?

    Last edited: Feb 4, 2018
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  7. DigitalStone Apprentice Engineer

    Exactly. Why do we see helmet smudges/gunk etc when it's opened up?

    Not to mention the spectator camera. Why does THAT have the vignetting, chromatic aberration and smudges?
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  8. May Rears Apprentice Engineer

    Chromatic aberration is a lens failing to refract all wavelengths of light into a single point so I do not understand why Keen would want to simulate a failure? I could maybe get it if it is part of simulating damage to a system like a camera but to have it as "standard"?
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  9. PLJ Trainee Engineer

    So, I finally build a fracking rover wannabe, and I must say I am impressed with THAT part of the update. Rovers now work without fiddling for ages with sliders, even tho it wasnt rocket science before, wheels kept slipping and doind stuff they shouldnt. That is now fixed. Thanks!

    But for the love of .. my eyes are hurting after an hour of play, this royally sucks.
    --- Automerge ---
    Settings: Medium
    Post Processing: ON

    All that needs fixing after this community update, is mist-beams and LCD panel lettering not being bright any longer.

    Special thanks to:


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  10. Pegas519 Apprentice Engineer

    I like the new color palette. Too much glow into it, but the palette is right. Before, using the same color I just repainted my landing bay on, this color was pinkish. Actually, all shades of grey were going pink unless you were going dark. Now what should have been dark before is dark now. Again, I love the color, just not the glare.

    Now I have a good looking realistic gray color for my Battlestar. I am excited about repainting it.

    (Above part is the old color, the bottom part is the new color)

    However, I feel like -in space at least- the lights are rendered useless to reflect the color, mainly because of the reflective properties of the metal.
    1- please make the colors more MAT, not saying all the way mat, chrome needs to shine, but some paint doesn't. I feel a setting to make a paint somewhat reflective or mat should exist in the color selector menu.
    2- please reduce the glare. most of things are not good to look at IN SPACE. Like my asteroid base, which uses the same color as my planet base, looks like a glare blur.
    3- those new screenshots on loading time looks PERFECT. Shiny stuff shines, non shiny stuff doesn't shine, you can tell the color of the blocks with lights.
    4- I am not sure why everything in the shadows are grayed. So not immersive.
    5- You just can see clearly on my second picture that the glaring sun doesn't show the details lighter colors shows. Needs tweaking.
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2018
  11. SoftwareEngineer42 Trainee Engineer

    I made an account just to post.

    I've had Space Engineers sitting on the back burner for quite a while. A few months ago I tried it out again, and have been tinkering. Starting survival a few weeks ago, and I'm doing okay.

    In college I worked on a few (unsuccessful) videogame projects with classmates, I studied real time graphics and my graduation project was a real time leaf shader. It didn't actually come out looking all that good, but I've done a fair amount of shader programming and 3D modeling.

    The physics update and the changes to wheels are appreciated, as well as performance improvements. Previously I couldn't play with planets on and now I can comfortably play with a planet map; for those of you experiencing excruciating lag, check your graphics settings again since after the update I found my LOD settings to have been set to 'Extreme'. Do not discount the effort that must have gone into a dynamically updated center of mass for vehicles to improve handling; that is very tricky stuff.

    Now, the graphics.
    • Shadows - I'm getting quite a bit of banding and pulsing global (solar) shadows. The first is due to improperly set z-bias in the shadow map, which looks to be multi-sampled to soften the resulting shadows. The z-bias needs to be increased because the extra multi-sampling is probably hitting areas that are NOT supposed to be occluded and causing banding. The pulsing shadows is another issue; if multiple levels of shadow mapping are being used on the solar shadows then the code responsible for switching between them or mixing them is probably klugey and needs reviews.
      • The z-bias might also have something to do with the curious light areas on the backside of planets, or else the math is producing phantom positive values because of improperly ordered clamping.
    • Bloom - Bloom like this was popular in 2005 or so when it became possible to implement post-processing on the Xbox 360; you'll recognize it in The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion where people would positively glow in sunlight. Implemented correctly, it can be useful, but everything should not bloom all the time. Bloom is an optical phenomenon that shows up when an optical device (the eye, a camera) is receiving areas of light that are out of its range to process it. The receiver (the retina, film stock) is getting over exposed and light is bleeding from the out-of-gamut region of the image into regions that are not overexposed. If your eye were a fixed camera, then it would very often see bloom everywhere as the environment has a HUGE range of terms of brightness. But the human eye is not a fixed camera; it dynamically adjusts for brightness, allowing you to read by candlelight but not be blinded by a clear summer day at high noon by the burning ball of fusing hydrogen in the sky. TLDR: If you are seeing bloom on everything everywhere all the time you have a eye condition. Fixes include:
      • "Light adaptation" is mentioned in the update notes, but it isn't implemented correctly. In general, the fully 'adapted' player camera shouldn't have any bloom. Really the overall brightness of the image should determine if there is bloom; if most of the image is midrange and there is one bit of paneling that is reflecting directly into the camera, then just that should probably be bleeding. The whole side of a space ship in indirect light should not bloom.
      • Simulate a polarized helmet visor. I'll accept space is probably an environment where, without the aid of atmospheric filtering or clouds, bloom more easily occurs. If so, then have the space suit's visor filter out all that glare. This would require the visor's presence to actually effect the way things are rendered. Gameplay wise, this will deter players from entering space without their helmets on, which certainly falls under the umbrella of 'improved user experience'.
      • Alter material shaders: This might be contributing more to the problem than the way post processing is implemented. The 'paint' of blocks is implemented more like anodized aluminum than paint. It has a strong, glossy reflectance that may be generating far too much light energy in the scene and thus blowing out the bloom filter. See below.
      • Reduce ambient light levels: The dev blog mentioned that radiosity or ambient illumination is being used. Ambient light is an approximation of radiosity, so since radiosity is being used ambient light should be reduced. Hell, it's space; you might be able to drop ambient light almost completely and rely on radiosity.
      • Another problem that can plague HDR/Bloom systems is that you get complacent: theoretically you can just let the post processing take care of levels for you. You can get sloppy about how numerically bright things are, how much light energy you've injected into the scene, how shiny things are, the ambient light levels, the global light, and so on. The shading may need to be reviewed for consistency.
      • Or don't. Kill your babies; the bloom is too much, but it might have much to do with other compounding factors with how everything else is implemented.
    • Blocks are 'shiny', 'glossy', 'glarey' - The painted portion of blocks seems to be using the exact same specular shading as the metallic parts. Paint does not have a 'glossy' specularity. It has a sharp, shiny specularity, or else a more matte finish. In either case, it doesn't reflect light like metal does. These materials are distinct, and for the 'weathered' look to sell they have to look distinct. Whatever specularity model is being used for the generic block shader, modify it to be able to handle shiny highlights to glossy highlights and modulate that with the color mask in the textures.
    • About that 'weathering' - Everyone is right. The weathering is over-sold on the large flat block areas. For one, the normal mapping on these areas does not look deep enough to warrant huge flakes of paint missing on panel edges; those edges simply aren't proud of the surface enough to have been so strongly damaged.
      • Make it more subtle in flat areas: On mechanical blocks, there are much better, more subtle scratches and nicks like what you'd find on construction equipment.
      • Clean up the masking between metal and paint: The thick light grey border around exposed metal areas on the block panels is too wide and serves to highlight those missing flakes of paint. It looks garish.
      • Change block edges to be painted but also more heavily weathered: Those edge are where the real wear and tear will show up, so sell the look there. Paint the edges but ding them up real good (though not so much that you'd expect them to be dented).
    • The black paint is crushed: Default black should not be (0,0,0). Ever. It wrecks havok with shaders because 0 x a = 0. It should ship with a dark grey in that palette swatch.
    • Yeah, the skybox is muddy - It looks like night vision footage of smoke. Commander Rotal's comment that they'd guess whoever okayed it is colorblind is an interesting hypothesis, and that is not supposed to be an insult. As in, medically colorblind. I mean, look at the Wikipedia page for Color Blindness. Now take a look at the screen shots of the earth-like planet after the update. It is interesting, but I think it would be unusual for an adult to get to making games and not know they have some form of color deficiency. When I worked on 0AD for a short time, the guy in charge of the art department was color blind and it caused some headaches but not really any problems.
    I might fiddle with the shaders myself at some point, but I've got a some prop and costuming work for the next two months to do in my spare time. Really, the graphical systems seem okay. They are just cranked up and ill-calibrated to work visually. Sometimes it looks fine! Sometimes it's garish, almost posterized. Use more reference photos of spacewalks on the space shuttle or ISS, or pick some films to replicate the look of. Maybe Star Trek: The Motion Picture is a good source for what this game is going for since in that film ships are 'self illuminated' and it still has that 60s somewhat subdued primary color palette with plenty of grey. The space walk sequence with Spock inside V-Ger is pretty cool (which, incidentally, has quite a bit of atmospheric haze) or the ship yard sequence. Perhaps that is the underlying problem: Keen seems to be thinking more of Star Wars but their fan base is thinking more of Star Trek, clean lines not withstanding.
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  12. kgober Trainee Engineer

    I like the behavior of wheels now, they are much improved and actually usable (I only play on dedicated servers so wheels were previously very glitchy and jittery for me).

    Audio is fine, no complaints there.

    But the visuals are significantly worse now. The new armor block edging is nice, but everything is way too shiny. Stone is shiny (which means asteroids are shiny), ores are shiny, floors, walls and ceilings are shiny, it seems the only things that aren't shiny are windows. Those are just filthy.

    The new skybox is worse than the old one. It looks like they just took the old skybox and converted it from color to grayscale. It still has far too much dust (strongly-lit apparently since it can be seen so easily) but now it also has far too little color. Aren't stars supposed to have some color? And the dust needs to be far darker (as in dark patches that partially or completely filter the stars behind them). The dust you have now doesn't block starlight, it just adds more light of its own.

    Lighting is seriously messed up. My spotlights all emit fog now, to get rid of the fog I have to reduce the intensity of the lights so much that I can barely see. I have spotlights on the front of a mining drone so I can see where I'm drilling and they are useless now -- it's like driving with high-beams in fog, all you can see is the fog and nothing beyond. I had to turn the intensity down so low that I can barely see what's in front of the drill heads now. Also spotlights appears to be point-sources now and the grills across the front cast clear shadows. Not a big deal but if this is what you intended then you forgot to remove the reflectors from the spotlight models, and you forgot to change the spotlight visuals because when you look directly at them the entire face is lit, not just the bulb filament.

    Chromatic aberration is a neat effect, very cool technically. I turned it off because after 3 minutes I felt like it was going to give me a headache. I wear glasses and have enough focus problems of my own, I don't need the game to make it worse. Of course there's no way to turn that off by itself so I had to entirely disable all post-processing. Whatever other beautiful effects you may have added in post-processing are now lost to me, so as far as I'm concerned it was all wasted effort.
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2018
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  13. DigitalStone Apprentice Engineer

    Just some more echo of an opinion in here:
    (running graphics on setting: High)

    - Wheels: Freaking LOVE them now. They actually work the way they should :tu:
    - HDR: It looks really good (especially in icy-areas). And it has to stay because it truly has more accurate potential and contains more light (pixel) information to play with, plain and simple (... if correctly configured).
    - Explosions and Particles: Damn. Has anyone tried to just copy/paste drop a armed warhead on to the ground? It's spectacular. They look (and sound) so satisfying :tu:
    - New sounds on so many things. Even the small details: Oh my god you guys...
    - Glass: Finally. Please don't touch them anymore. They're perfect.
    - Doors: They're so fast, you can click them open while walking in. Smooth like a butt :baby:

    Good, but...

    - Metallic blocks - Look finally as metal as a Cylon, but if you're creating a dynamic sandbox game with a colorpicker... go all the way and create support for sliders for glossiness/metal next to "just a color".
    - Pointlights/Spotlights: I think it's good that those lights are dynamically linked to the settings, but it looks way too much of a perfectly colored cone.
    - The Sun: It looks amazing inside an atmosphere. But why is it yellow in outer space? It's actual color is screamingly whitey white-white.
    - Bloom on monitors: I like it, it actually brings more realism to the screens. But like all the blooming now, the maximum value can be way too high (even the crosshair of the machinegun).
    - Engineer: He runs fast, flies fast, and i like that. Because the planets are big, space even more so, and time is limited so lets get going.
    But ooff... he sure takes rough landings though. Also, he bounces a lot these days.​
    - Tool clipping: Still happens with blocks and voxels.

    - Blooming, Chromatic Aberration and smudges/gunk:
    It's like you wanted to create this immersive feel about the game's look to give it a "cinematic look".
    If so, i'd suggest a 24fps rate with equivalent*2 shutterlag (if anything).
    But i feel from my experience that you want the (painfully obvious) cheapest/fast way.
    Bloom really is a way old technique and shouldn't be included to everything.
    It makes the game tell the player that "HEY WE USED BLOOM... YOU LIKE IT?".
    You really have to make the realism itself happen, like the atmosphere around the dark-side of the Earth-like planet for example. It still looks like a piece of lost popcorn.
    Once you have all of that settled, then perhaps you don't even need those post/overlay-graphics that is being claimed to be good for selling to a broader audience. People who like SE, are people that like the mechanics of the game the most. If not, they'll stop within a month.
    Hell, i was hooked 3 years ago, and not because it looked good.
    Gameplay/content > graphics. Always.
    I would love to see sliders for all the separate graphical elements so everyone has his/her own favorite look for the game.
    - Large chunks of shadow appearing/disappearing based on rotation of camera-rotation.
    - And just again: The shadow parts seen from outer space are well lit, and look as bad as the lit part of planets/asteroids look good.

    Btw: Real-life overexposure from the sun. Not a smudge in sight. Neither lenses being in translation-offset (causing chromatic aberration). Perhaps some none-obvious vignetting but that's the case with every lens.
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  14. Dabombinable Trainee Engineer

    After playing SE for a few hours after yesterday's hotfix this is what I have to say:
    • I still need "Space Just Got Real" because the lighting and skybox still suck
    • Scratched armour really doesn't look that good in most cases so I've had to use the new "Scratch Be Gone! (Cleaner Armor)" mod
    After installing those 2 mods the only problems now seem to be the sun (its a blue-white hole in the skybox with or without mods now), the post processing being awful and mining with hand drills being broken (doable but still broken), with the new particle system appearing to be the culprit. Also I have to grind or weld from a certain position, or else nothing happens (drills clip through asteroids BTW).
    Performance on planets now means as well that I have to lower settings to medium when on them.

    Settings: Everything on high with grass+trees set to 100M, ambient occlusion and damage effects enabled, 15KM view range.
    Rig: i7 4790K (turbo disabled), 12GB DDR3 1333 (3x4GB), GTX 970 G1 Gaming, SE moved to OCZ Vertex 460A 240GB after patch.
  15. Pegas519 Apprentice Engineer

    WHAT's HDR?
  16. SoftwareEngineer42 Trainee Engineer

    HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. The real world has a range of brightness that far exceeds the ability of a digital display to recreate. You do not usually notice this because humans have very good eye adaptation: we can read by a single candle in a room but not be blinded by a sunny summer day at the beach. Your iris changes size and your retina adapts to deal with this, and your brain does white balancing so things generally "feel" lit by whitish light most of the time even when incandescent bulbs are actually peachy-orange, mercury florescents are a pale green, and the sun is yellow.

    HDR is a way for a digital display to simulate that huge range of brightness. Ever notice how when you are inside during the day, you can see just fine, but looking inside a building from the outside it looks almost black on the same day? HDR can manage that kind of range of brightness. The details aren't interesting unless you plan to implement or use it (plus I haven't really done much work with it and I'm not an expert graphics guy).
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  17. mike.enivid Trainee Engineer

    Are the new visuals an early April's joke or is this for real? I think I'll take a break from this game for a while.
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  18. ViroMan Senior Engineer

    I think it is the fact that in both cases those vehicles wheels were set to no "strength" so that the bottom of the vehicle would sit on the ground to enhance the parking that wheels obviously could not do as advertised. I get in and then set the strength to 20 then drive away.
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  19. Arcturus Senior Engineer

    Not sure if problem is my NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M GPU or an actual bug somewhere:


    This is with postprocessing off and other graphics at lowest settings. The ship in the picture is the red ship. Previously just one red ship wouldn't make the simspeed dive like this.
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  20. SoftwareEngineer42 Trainee Engineer

    This won't help you fix it, but the image has been subtracted from white rather than added to black. That is extremely strange.

    I forgot to add to my comments on block paint: usually the color of the material does not filter the specularity component unless it's a metal or very matte. That is another reason why the block paint looks like anodized aluminum; the reflected light is the same color as the paint. Either way, the specular color should be a separate value and anything that is shiny like paint shouldn't muck around with the color reflected light so much.
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  21. zDeveloper10 Junior Engineer

    so I've gotten around to playing on planets and tried out the wheels. ohhhh man they're so smooth now. someone must've exorcised them because they're not building up forces, swinging around the vehicles,bouncing/slamming,etc
    graphics wise,imo there are some really pretty parts. there's a few parts that are a bit off,though I can't quite put my finger on all of them, and there's a few questionable or ugly parts. but otherwise nice.
  22. May Rears Apprentice Engineer

    Duck me did you park in a star? :D
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  23. UncleCletus Trainee Engineer

    So, the suspension jumping feature. With large grid big rovers. They fling very high and explode parts of the vehicle everytime. This key is activated even when hitting X while typy

    Yeah, a lot of color changes were not very good at all. The best thing you can really do to ease the eyes from contracting AIDs from the screen is to turn of PostProcessing in the ingame graphics settings. Most thinks look pretty decent after that's turned off. There is also this new mod that came out yesterday that may help instead http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1289657379 (Screen Gunk Be Gone!)
  24. Taskuya Trainee Engineer

    Ok, I have always been playing this game with all the visual/graphics settings at the lowest possible for best performance. Now, after this update, I can't even load a level. I have no mods, and I only ever play vanilla. It only loads FOR ALL ETERNITY! the loading wheel is turning, but that is about it!

    Now, here comes the "fun part:" I decided to open up task manager to see if I could fined out what was going on. Lo and behold, I found that when I checked the Space Engineers Memory usage, it was at, not 2000 k, not 20000 k, no not 200000 k, it was OVER 2,000,000 k! 2,000,000!!! AND IT WAS STILL CLIMBING! I watched it go as high as 4,000,000 k before I finally killed the game!

    I have only 2 questions:
  25. WhiteWeasel Senior Engineer

    I think bombastic would be a good way to describe this update. While the changes are visually striking, I feel like I'm getting over saturated in stimuli.

    The changes I don't like are:
    1) Rocket impacts making causing same metal scraping/groaning sound effects as ship collisions. Those are the kind of sounds I expect if I got hit with the mexpex guns, not piddly rockets.
    2) Though fun, rockets generate just a bit too much impulse and move around objects they really should not with ease.
    3) The thruster flares turn ship interiors into rave mode.
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  26. PantherDave Trainee Engineer

    I had the same problem until I turned off post processing. Unfortunately, now SE crashes my graphics card after only a couple minutes of gameplay.

    Edit: That was in my planetary scenario. Space still seems to work fine for me, although the new visuals make it more difficult to enjoy. :/ My current theory: It could be either the new voxels use too much RAM on my limited system, or loading new terrain takes too long to keep up with the new super fast jetpack. Previously, I've had many crashes while traveling fast on a planet. I'll test this later.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2018
  27. Tau Trainee Engineer

    Kudos to the team.

    You'd be surprised what a lick of paint can do! (Though from the looks of it, it's more like truck load)

    Lads, if this was released for VR..........
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  28. Silvrav Trainee Engineer

    have to jump on here as well....major overhaul of visuals was an overhaul in the wrong direction...its LOOKS AWFUL!


    wtf? dis looks like low settings

    Just a blurry mess!
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  29. DigitalStone Apprentice Engineer

    What exactly is blurry about it? Do you mean the corners with the post-effects? Those arent texture/shader/voxel/whatever related.

    The bashing is over.
    Time for some constructed criticism.
  30. Konscience Trainee Engineer

    People get working wheels, and complain that the game got a graphic overhaul (ignoring the wheels) instead of [insert random feature from another game here].
    Time to wake up! If what you want can't get done by mods, you are looking for the wrong game!
    I'm going to get back playing this game, BECAUSE of wheels, BECAUSE of the graphical update.
    And if you are still angry, that's fine, just leave, we don't need any more babies here on the forums, for many years now that's the only thing piling up here, babies.
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