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Uranium Energy per Kg

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Tahvohck, Dec 27, 2014.

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  1. Tahvohck Trainee Engineer

    This is honestly mostly just so that I don't have to recalculate it every time I want it, but here goes:
    Since this page has incorrect data for the MWh/kg of uranium ingots, I've done some testing myself to determine what the proper values were. I shut down the biggest energy hogs on the Red ship and loaded one of the reactors with 1 decigram of uranium, resulting in 14.7 kW draw for 24 seconds. Total data was:
    [FONT= courier new]System load: 14.7 kW
    Fuel amount:  0.1 g
    Fuel time:   24   sec
    kWh/kg:    980
    kWh/L:  18,846[/FONT]
    There's obviously chance for some error in here, given how I can't read the exact wattage draw of the system, but since the kWh/kg value came out so perfectly (I didn't round any digits off) I suspect that it's spot on. This works out to just under 63 days of run time for a full large ship large reactor at full power.
  2. DivineWrath Junior Engineer

    I got roughly 960 kWh/kg (or 3,456,000 kW/kg) on my tests. Nice to see that your results are similar to mine. It adds confidence.

    On my tests, I use multiple platforms with refineries. I use refineries because I know how much energy they consume (560 kW active, 1 kW idle). I put in a controlled amount of power, such as a fully charged battery or a reactor with 10 kg of fuel. I then throw in 1 k of iron or something (platinum or uranium if I got time to burn) and then measure the results. With batteries, I can determine the energy used, and with reactors I can determine how fuel is consumed by doing the same work. Then I do the math.
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  3. DivineWrath Junior Engineer

    I did some more math. Namely to determine how much energy that one needs to be diverted to uranium refining in order to power all other systems. 1 Uranium ingot will have enough power to refine about 11.68 Uranium ingots. A little less than 9% of all energy needs to be put back into Uranium refining to sustain a pure Uranium build. Basically, if you have 11 refineries, 1 must be for Uranium only.

    I haven't tested it yet. I might do so later.
  4. RockSlice Trainee Engineer

    I've thought for a while that the in-game numbers for Uranium use are a bit unrealistic. Real-world refined uranium has an energy density of around 22,000 MWh.

    The game balance seems decent, but the numbers could do with a decimal point shift.
  5. MegaMiner Junior Engineer

    Well, lots of stuff surrounding U is unrealistic. The missiles that use 0.5 Kg should do roughly 1/10th the damage of the Hiroshima bomb, which is to say everything within 1 km should be vaporized. Even assuming inefficient conversion to to non-critical mass detonation through some means like a neutron gun, it would still be a lot larger than now. Ore yields are also very low, real yellowcake (U2O3) is about 95% U. The U-238 can be easily made into Pu-239 so you get nearly 95% usable material for weapons manufacturing.

    I often chuckle when my character is carrying enough U to make 10 atomic bombs around without suffering health problems like a 500 million degree fever.
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  6. Heavylink Trainee Engineer

    On the Energy consumption i cannot provide any feedback.

    But you are forgetting one thing ppl.
    Explosions is space behave differently then on Earth. (Please google Atmospheric Pressure)
    A nuke would behave very differently when detonated in space.
  7. Donziboy2 Trainee Engineer

    Your forgetting all the heat produced Heavylink.

    And yes the Hiroshima bomb was detonated above ground and the shock wave did a lot of damage, but the heat produced also set the entire city on fire.
  8. DeadNeuron Trainee Engineer

    Hahaha, I know what you mean, like when transferring U from one reactor to other :D
  9. REDSHEILD Junior Engineer

    Well, on top of how nukes work differently in space (very differently), I think the missiles just use the uranium in them as a penetrator.
  10. cha0tic Trainee Engineer

    i always assumed the uranium for the rockets was for the thruster
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.