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Uranium rareness

Discussion in 'Balancing' started by deadhound, Oct 18, 2015.

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  1. deadhound Trainee Engineer

    I just bought this game and I find uranium to be waaaaaaaay to rare. I select the yellow ship one to start and I keep running out of uranium IN SEARCH OF URANIUM. And everytime I see a black and patch and fly to it.... light it with my flashlight, it turns out to be... ice.

    This is really putting me off.... uranium needs to be upped. I can't even get started..
  2. Gentry Senior Engineer

    build a solar panel
  3. denoflions Trainee Engineer

    Don't fly the ship around looking for ore. Fly in your spacesuit to save on uranium usage. Keep your drill in your hands for the ore detection so you can tell what things are without having to slam your face into it with your light.
  4. tankmayvin Senior Engineer

    You're pushing your banana boat too hard and not coasting enough with dampers off if you're constantly running out of juice trying to get U. A single surface patch of the stuff will set you up for days of real time game activity.
  5. Nova Wolf Apprentice Engineer

    Firstly, the default miner sucks. With only two drill heads, it can't go very deep before you hit the cockpit, and the gap between the drills can cause you to get stuck. Secondly, you need an ore detector. Third, you should focus on big asteroids; those tend to have large areas of uranium. And fourth, you should turn off inertial dampeners once you get up to a reasonable speed and just coast.

    Note that asteroid density obviously affects resource availability. Playing with high asteroid density means there will be more available asteroids to mine from, although it's more taxing to your computer. Not horribly so, though.
  6. Priit(privit) EST Trainee Engineer

    1. I you use responship 1; i want ask , did you turnd off gravity??? or turnd wey down!!! strong gravity takes lots of energy!
    2. if you cant find uranium , but can fing silicon and nicel bild solarpanels and batareys

    NB i know my spelling has problems.. hope you did anerstand me! :D
  7. Urzu1000 Trainee Engineer

    Uranium won't be on every asteroid you come across, but it often comes in huge patches. If you can find a single one of those, then you will be set up for a while. I once came across a very large asteroid made almost entirely of uranium. Also - first chance you get to make a small mining ship with an ore detector, do it. The range on that thing is ridiculous, and a small ship can hold dozens of times more ore than a player per trip.

    A few other things I would suggest though, is if you're having trouble with it, practice flying in a fuel-efficient manner. Build up to max speed, and kill the power. In space, nothing will stop you from continuing at max speed until you approach your goal. Just turn the engines back on, and let the inertial dampeners slow you to a stop. You can also capture cargo ships. They usually have quite a bit of fully-refined uranium on board. If you're using the yellow ship, then it will be enough to last you for a very long time.

    To capture a ship, fly up to it (not in your ship!) with your grinder, grind the control station inside, and fly it home. I recommend going after "Private Sail" and "Business Shipment" ships to start. Private sales have two small turrets that quickly run out of ammo. Stay at around 300-600m, and just flying in circles with your dampeners on. It'll miss you constantly. Then just fly to the door and break in. You can take the solar panels off this ship and put them on your yellow ship as well.

    The business shipment is an upgraded version of the private sale. It has a blind spot where you can literally fly right up to it and get inside. Take over the controls, and scrape the turret off on an asteroid. Then you have a very valuable ship. Loads of solar panels to steal, and tons of uranium in that large reactor.

    The other ships are more annoying to take, as they're better armed. The only other easy one is the mining carriage, which has a blind spot much like the business shipment. With the new pirate ships added though, you have another option. If you get good at dodging bullets with the other ships, you can actually take over an Argent ship (drone making pirate ship). It's more complicated, and there's small turrets on the inside, but you can break in by flying at the thrusters, grinding the block above the first interior turret, and then bolting to the reactor before the other turret shoots you. This ship is massive, and it has something close to 100kg of refined uranium. That's enough to last the yellow ship for eternity. Aside from that, it has MASSIVE amounts of building materials in the storage containers. Just make sure you disable the turrets and antenna before restoring power.
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  8. Malexion Trainee Engineer

    Be sure to strap large thrusters too it though, now with inertial dampener changes the more ore your ship has in it the harder it will be to move / maneuver.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.