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Vehicle blows up when trying to disconnect

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by TheHooded1, May 22, 2018.

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  1. TheHooded1 Trainee Engineer

    I recently made a vehicle with a turret and a door using rotors, I have connected it to my base from the bottom of it on its main body, but when I go to take it off the connector to move it explodes as soon as I hit p for absolutly no reason. Why is this happening/an issue? Have the physics broke? Also same thing happened when I built it using a landing gear.
    --- Automerge ---
    Ah great now its freaking out with my trailer and causing it to explode but this time on the top
  2. Calaban Junior Engineer

    I know its not any help in a practical means, but there is a meme just for this sort of problem, for help in more philosophical regards... where is it... ah:
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  3. Arcturus Senior Engineer

    The devs will want your save game file or vehicle blueprint file. Keep it. Consider posting a screenshot as well (before it explodes).
  4. Spaceman Spiff Junior Engineer

    This is the way it is with some blocks...

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  5. Zhiila Tester Staff

    Exactly! :)

    If you could just upload those files, it would be really helpful. it is hard to imagine what exactly happens and why from simple text.

  6. TheHooded1 Trainee Engineer

    I've tried uploading my world once already I can't seem to, all I can do is just say that when connecting or disconnecting my grids/vehicles they just explode as soon as I hit p or unlock. I tried connecting my trailer one time as well and as soon as it connected it started freaking out like wobbling excessively and out of control then of course it blew up after hitting hard on the ground, my only explanation for this is the roads that I made to travel on, I had to separate them into different grids in order to keep the lag down I'm not sure if that is my potential problem though, I feel that it isn't as well. Plus I don't think a picture will really help it is just a mess when it happens it'd be hard to judge I can give you a pic of my setup though. Though I ran into another problem with my filing system through steam telling me that my images are in this file yet I go there in the file system and it doesn't exist so bare with my links *sigh*.


    Hopefully you guys can help me with this situation.
  7. Zhiila Tester Staff


    I am afraid there is not really much to do without the world or steps to reproduce it in new world.

    You don't really need to upload it on workshop. You can upload the save anywhere else (google drive for example) and just share the link.

    Save is located here: \Users\current_user\AppData\Roaming\SpaceEngineers\Saves
  8. TheHooded1 Trainee Engineer

    Alright I got the world uploaded to steam I don't know why the file itself can't be uploaded to the site like I tried before but here is the link:


    Now I do have mods on the game and I am unsure about the block count that could be affecting the physics. I have had to separate my roads that I made to keep the lag down but I don't think amount of blocks should change the way the physics are. To note on the mod count includes some of what Splitsie's mods are and other mods that I found and liked some maybe completely useless and I will never need (never really looked back). I do not know if too many mods can effect anything or even block count but that is all I can see as the problem.
  9. Burstar Apprentice Engineer

    I'm wondering if maybe it has something to do with the 1.7 GB of mods it uses. JFC
  10. TheHooded1 Trainee Engineer

    Possibly maybe its confuting against one another and effecting the system though I find that hard to believe since that I might only have like 5 more mods than what Splitsie has and they don't really do anything physics wise other than ground tolerances. Also I never had this problem before with most of those mods even after the latest big update.
  11. WraithLeader1 Apprentice Engineer


    I've noticed the disconnect explosion bug. Here are a couple things I noticed when it occurred.

    1 - Some damage to the connector (Usually when I dock too hard)
    2 - Inventory in the connector. (Usually when full or near full)

    Usually both need to be positive to cause explosion.
    I find if I weld up my connectors this helps stop explosion.

    Hope this helps in reproduction of bug...
  12. Calaban Junior Engineer

    one certain way to cause a small grid to explode in the current build is these steps (the OP explosion, and random wheel detonations, may be a similar root cause- approached from a different path)

    -Set up a large grid in space- make it a station
    -Lock landing gear/park a small grid on its floor.
    -Make it a ship again and jump drive it somewhere
    - turn back to a station after jump
    -Fly a large ship up to the station grid, and merge block them together. (so the conditions are a large ship merging to a station grid, while that station grid has a small grid locked to it)

    The small grid is doomed, as it is now .5 blocks down, overlapping the deck of the station grid. But stable. Upon unlocking gear, connector, whatever on that small grid, at that point the grids realize they are overlapped and BOOOOM!!! goes the small grid.

    [ a repeatable small grid Clangtonation- do I get a prize?]
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2018
  13. TheHooded1 Trainee Engineer


    Though my connectors are not damaged and the stuff is out of them you can see that one of my connectors is automated to a piston that leaves a 3 inch gap before the connector to my trailer in my screenshots and the other one which is ground based was recently put there and connected to the system for that ugly tanker.
    --- Automerge ---

    That's not the problem here though, this is from connectors, I have images shown in those links to better describe my situation (those are steam links if wondering for virus crap). I am in no case using merge blocks nor do I plan to and isn't it a givin that small merge block doesn't go with large merge blocks.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.