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Video with features to add

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by Vulture800, Jun 30, 2018.

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  1. Vulture800 Trainee Engineer

    I just found this video on youtube, wich i dont own, but i think this video should be here.

  2. sioxernic Senior Engineer

    10: Compound blocks is a no go, confirmed by Keen. Would simply require to much of a rework of the engine.
    9: Sure, I guess.
    8: Not a required feature, nor a feature required for Space Engineers to survive. It would be nice, I guess, but not even close to necessary. Female character... Sure... but all it would be is a face, body features are not really visible through such a suit, and it most definitely is not important to show that STEM Fields can be either gender at all. Female character, sure, should probably be there, but again, far from required.
    7: Fully simulated water? Yeah... No... Space Engineers is already insanely expensive on its physics, and adding simulated water would make this game unplayable for a majority of people.Even Meow here shows some very simple stuff, and stuff that doesn't account for anything like flow filling, etc. Adding water of any level seems to be a task that requires quite large amounts of rewriting.
    6: Aerodynamics and deadly reentry ... Well deadly reentry is not actually an interesting feature until people can run Space Engineers at such high physics ticks that phasing through blocks becomes a non-issue. This is an issue with how many physics calculations done per second, and if the object you are trying to collide with is way past your new position the next tick, it will not even register that collision. So the speed limit is very slow, and making deadly reentry a thing just means descending even slower, in a task that already takes a long time on default settings. Aerodynamics? I don't think it can be implemented in a way that feels natural, and basically all mods have gone the route of having "wing surfaces" that you can place on your vehicles, that can be physics abused to a higher degree. Trying to calculate the aerodynamics qualities of a dynamic vessel (like in SE) is going to be one HELL of a job, so honestly, I'd keep this in the modding world where physics abusability and wonkiness is to be expected.
    5: Sure, but may be there, there is a big update coming out. New tech to find in them though? No thanks.
    4: Sure, but far from required.
    3: Fleshed out PvE? This is not Empyrion and I would prefer it doesn't become Empyrion. Space Engineers at its core is ALL about building, everything else is secondary. A bit more interesting PvE, sure, but it should not be given to much thought. I have suggested something like a "Defeat the Queen" system, but even that is still... meh... Busy work...
    2: I disagree with MORE weapons. any weapons in such a game like this should be distinct, and they should all be so significantly different none of them overlap. So basically no LMG and Assault Rifle, those two weapons are too similar in how they function. In the same vein, no Auto Cannon along with Gatling Guns as ship weapons, they are still too similar and overlap, or if they are to be implemented together, it would be high accuracy, slow fire vs. higher bullet spread bullet storm. Two similar weapons both handheld and ship weapons should not even slightly be considered.

    I think it is wrong of Meow to post a lot of these as Needed for SE to survive, but definitely a few that is bordering on necessary, and a few that are.
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  3. Vulture800 Trainee Engineer

    How do i delete my thread?
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.