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Volkhov Fleetyards Military and Industrial Vessels--- Now with the Kop'Ye Destroyer!

Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by Agnar, May 12, 2015.


Once I've updated all my old work with oxygen, should I make some different AEI Ships?

  1. Yes, I'd love to see some ships in a very different style for VFY's main enemy

    9 vote(s)
  2. No, I'd prefer to see VFY become more fully developed instead of any different styles

    4 vote(s)
  3. I have a different suggestion! (Post in thread)

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  1. Agnar Apprentice Engineer

    Welcome to the Volkhov Republic!
    For my return to SE, I did my best to clean the truly outdated designs out of this forum post, as I've decided to mostly start from scratch instead of doing hours of refitting old ships I may or may not have even been that happy with to begin with. So without further stalling, may I humbly present...





    Each ship has a single main image, with additional exterior shots and all interior images in the spoilers!
    Small Ships
    Ground Vehicles and Ground Support Ships
    Industrial, Support, and Civilian Vessels
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  2. David Halston Apprentice Engineer

    So the link is a link to the page that the link was originally from.
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  3. Agnar Apprentice Engineer

    I used to have a really nice page here.... The weird thing is my profile says I have 244 posts, and yet only one shows up in anything I've done... Yay new forums!
  4. CruentaUltio Apprentice Engineer

    Same, my stuff is also deleted. Good to see you back though.
  5. Dwarf-Lord Pangolin Senior Engineer

    Good to see you around again! And you should go pester them about finding your thread.
  6. Agnar Apprentice Engineer

    I thought about asking someone to track it down for me, but to e honest the Oxy update made all my work laughably outdated, and most of it was already pretty bad. This is a chance for me to re format the front page and everything as well.
  7. Kovendon Apprentice Engineer

  8. Agnar Apprentice Engineer

    Oh wow! Thanks mate.

    Question is would the mods prefer if I leave that old or... It's weird the profile doesn't keep that info.

    So yeah, if any mods happen to see this, and I'll bump the other one too, I'd like it locked/deleted/whatever, a reformat and fresh start is the best idea.
  9. Agnar Apprentice Engineer

    OMG Just found out the new forum software has spoilers- ABOUT TIME
  10. Agnar Apprentice Engineer

    TheProboynik Destroyer
    Steam Workshop Linkhttp://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=399496846

    The Proboynik class Destroyer is one of few ships this small in the Volkhov navy to feature extensive heavy armour. She's built to take punches from larger ships, but her true strength is the amount of firepower her array of forward facing weapons throws out. Since the missile turrets are positioned on leading edge of the engine nacelles, all four will have a firing solution to support the main salvo of 4 bow mounted 25cm RAKs. Primarily designed for punching holes in enemy heavy warships such as cruisers and battle cruisers, Proboynik class warships have very little anti- fighter or patrol boat weapons so that more of her limited cargo capacity can be dedicated to ammunition for the large cannons.
    Proboynik Destroyers should always be supported by a larger fleet because so much of her cargo capacity was dedicated to heavy armour and maintaining a small cross section. Forward and breaking acceleration isn't hampered by the excess mass due to her overall size, however lateral thrust leaves something to be desired. Lithe gyroscopic control was maintained at all cost due to featuring fixed primary weapons systems.
    She has bunks for eight crewmen- the commander, a helmsman, two gunnery officers, two gunnery crewmen, and two engineering crewmen.
    As always my lights are grouped, and gravity is tuned to the ship. The timer block in the main chair on the bridge toggles the three LCD Panels in the command center. The other two timers are a stop and start for the four main guns in the bow, and will fire one shot every 3 seconds. They are named “Fire” and “Cease fire” … Should be easy to figure out. :p

    She comes fully piped with oxygen, and the airlock vent is set to depressurize.
    Enjoy guys, and tell me what you think!

    Full Features:
    4 25cm Battlecannons
    4 Gatling Turrets
    4 Missile Turrets
    12 Small cargo
    1 Large Reactor
    Fully conveyor connected
    fully oxygenized

    The Proboynik
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  11. aequasi Trainee Engineer

    Dude. This is awesome.
  12. Agnar Apprentice Engineer

  13. redneckpirate Apprentice Engineer

    Love your backstory except for one little caveat...the west coast of the US is made of hippies and would never be the start of anything, look to the midwest and south for that. Your ships really look like Russian inspired vessels, especially your battleship, very Kirov-esque
  14. Agnar Apprentice Engineer

    Thanks! You're the first person to comment on the backstory so far. Yeah... west coast is pretty meh but for stuff you'll see later (maps and more in depth stories) I wanted the second revolution to start as far away from Washington DC as possible.

    I try and use a lot of hard angles and aggressive lines with some rounder areas that you see on Russian warships and tanks from the WWII era, I'm glad you can see some correlation!
  15. Agnar Apprentice Engineer

    The Perestrelka Attack Cruiser
    Steam Workshop Link http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=453906925

    The Kuznetsov class Attack Cruiser was prototyped in 2083, and the first models left shipyards in 2088. She was originally built to be a centerpiece for smaller fleets, however a lone Kuznetsov could be used to guard important asteroid installations on the fringes of occupied space. Officially decommissioned in 2094, all vessels still in service were brought back to Sol system shipyards to be scrapped. After passionate rallies and protests from Kuznetsov captains, the last five were saved to be refit. After three years of designs and overhauls, the first of the new models are finally completed.

    Because the refit was so extensive, Volkhov Admiralty decided to re-class the vessels as the Perestrelka class Attack Cruiser. Though renamed, her role as a medium warship for taking and giving out punishing strikes remains, either with her array of missile turrets or her powerful forward fixed weapons. Roughly 25% smaller than the Vozhd class cruisers, she still weighs in at 7.9 Million KG, due to her extensive use of thick heavy armour. Designed to mainly fight head on, most of her large ammunition capacity is located in the rear of the ship, and her forward heavy armour is four layers thick in many places. Significantly heavier than her predecessor, her maneuverability suffered slightly in the refit. Gyroscopic control is still very high, and forward acceleration is a reasonable 2mps/s, but lateral and vertical acceleration are poor. In addition to her main flight bridge, a centrally located CIC provides secure operations during heavy combat.

    The Perestrelka is the first of the Volkhov Republic’s ships to feature a Gravitic Dispersion Array, developed in large part by weapons and defense researcher Whiplash141 (http://steamcommunity.com/id/Whiplash141/myworkshopfiles/) , however going forward most cruiser class ships and above will be equipped with this defensive technology. In addition to the shielding and heavy armour, she is made even more survivable by the backup power systems on the ship in the case of reactor failure in combat.

    The refit included an overhaul of the conveyor system, introducing triple redundant lines, doubled the number of missile turrets, and introduced oxygen systems. I also removed all buried/stacked thrusters that would cause damage, to my shame the original relied on those extensively…

    The main battery of 3 25 cm cannons can be fired together manually, or the timer block chain can be used to fire them in sequence. Both options are pre-loaded on the bridge chair.

    As always my lights are grouped by region, the bunks and showers have independent light switches, and the gravity is tuned to the ship.

    (Special Note: As of now the thrusters from EctoSage’s industrial thruster mod are missing textures because of the DX11 update failure. Hopefully this will be fixed….)

    Enjoy guys!

    (Special note: This design is an extensive modded refit of an earlier vanilla design. The vanilla ship is still available on my workshop, but will not be featured here.)

    Full features:

    · 12 Missile turrets
    · 10 gatling turrets
    · 3 25cm cannons
    · 2 5cm autocannons
    · 8 large cargo containers
    · 16 g gravity shield with cancellation field for crew comfort
    · Fully conveyor linked
    · Oxygenated
    · 3 large reactors
    · 6 small reactors


    The Perestrelka!

  16. Agnar Apprentice Engineer

    UPDATED SHIPS: Released Okhotnik update, change log:
    +2 Gatling turret (now 5)
    +2 Missile turret (now 4)
    +2 PDS Turret (now 13 I believe)
    Vanilla thrust only- Sages Industrial thruster mod removed.
    Acceleration increased from 4.6 to 6.28 M/s/s
    Added better compartmentaliation in case of hull breach.
    Modified interior forward of the airock

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  17. Dwarf-Lord Pangolin Senior Engineer

    Mmmmm, robust tanky goodness, with a stylish dropship to accompany it, washed down with an insanely fast frigate! (I can totally see that ship being converted to a luxury civilian variant, BTW; sort of like a private Concord) Really hoping for the deformation to get fixed tomorrow; I never got the chance to do any real off-roading with the Neistovvy, and I can't wait to crash around in it while shooting things up -- possibly to music.
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  18. Agnar Apprentice Engineer

    Thanky sah! I'm actually going to take another look at the okhotnik, and see if I can't fit in another couple large thrusters.
  19. Agnar Apprentice Engineer

    Vorona Gunship:
    Steam Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=515633989

    Designed as a heavy ground assault craft, the Vorona Class Gunship is a VTOL capable troop transport with seats for 18 men, which is double the capacity of the Volok Transports. The Vorona is also equipped with dual rapid fire rocket launchers for strafing attacks against ground entrenchments, and has a sizable compliment of ventrally mounted anti-personnel turrets. Standard Volkhov tactics are to use a Vorona Gunship as the spearhead for a squadron of Volok Transports. The Vorona would hover just above the battlefield using her anti-personnel turrets and rocket launchers to cover the smaller transports while they deploy their men, and then landing afterwards with her sizeable crew. She also features a heavy armour plated belly to protect the crew inside against fire from the ground.

    While she excels against attack ground targets, she is only equipped with two large caliber gatling guns, and as such is very vulnerable to attack in space.

    The Ship is fully conveyor connected, with cargo access over the passenger bay for weapon and oxygen bottle storage. A medical bay is located in the bridge for wounded infantry, and the main compartment can be easily depressurized for deployment.

    The pilot’s seat is loaded with important functions, including pressurization controls for the crew compartment and controls for the main door.

    Full Features:
    2 Gatling Turrets
    16 Anti-Personnel Turrets
    Seats for 18 soldiers
    Medical Bay

    The Vorona!

  20. Agnar Apprentice Engineer

    Bitva za Svobodu

    The Imperium class frigate Rhineland drifted ahead slowly, correctional thrusters firing on occasion as she led the battle group out from behind Mars’ moon Deimos. On the bridge, sunlight glowed though the polarized windows and mixed with the pale green running lights. A gentle hum of computers filled the air, and paired with the regular pinging of the Radar and LiDar readouts gave the room a calming atmosphere. Kapitän Karl Boehm sat pensively, observing all his data screens and waiting for the rest of his fleet to get into position facing the asteroid belt. A bright green light began to flash, and the communications station emitted an intermittent chirp. Comms Officer Lieutenant Schultz pressed a button and called out “Kapitän, it is General Askarov of the Russo- Icelandic infantry groups in the asteroid field!” Boehm gave a slight wave of his hand to put them through, and proceeded:

    “General Askarov, this is Kapitän Boehm of the Second German Kriegsflotte, we are in position and LiDar shows multiple AEI contacts approaching from the other side of the asteroid belt. “

    -“Very good Captain. My battalion successfully captured the asteroid base and secured both the Purge class dropships and the squadron of Hellfire Bombers. We left no survivors, and as far as we know they did not get a signal out. The AEI doesn’t know we’re here, but I lost many good men. We may not be able to secure the battleship.”

    “General, unless you take that battleship out of the fight early we don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell against that fleet.”

    “I’m well aware of our chances Boehm. We’re deploying as we speak, using the Asteroids around the base as cover. Rest assured, my Pekhota and I will take that ship or die trying. Just make sure you distract them long enough for us to close in.”

    “Aye General. What of Project Volkhov? Will it be ready?”

    “It has to be, and so it will be. Last I heard they were calibrating the targeting systems. Best of luck Kapitän, Askarov out.”

    Boehm rotated his chair to face his bridge crew. “Officers, set all departments on high alert. I want damage control on standby. Load primary weapons and broadcast the following message to the fleet.—This is it, this is the moment we have been fighting for for two years. This is our chance to break the Ameri-Euro initiative, and free ourselves from their corruption! For Germany! For Russia! For Iceland! For EARTH!!” At that, he drew his fingers past his throat and Schultz cut the transmission. Boehm relaxed in his chair, took and deep breath, and took a glance at the readout of the friendly and enemy forces. Highlighted against the gray background in green, his fleet of three imperium assault frigates, Three Shield class Flak frigates, five Thunderstorm class anti-fighter Corvettes, and three Vengeance Cruisers. Red blips moved through the asteroids, representing the enemy force of three fighter squadrons, Three patrol boats, five corvettes, six Imperium assault frigates, three Shield class flak frigates, four Vengeance class cruisers, and a Warlord class Battleship.

    He looked up at his crew, and called a checklist to the department heads.
    -“Weapons are go Kapitän.”
    -“Comms are live Sir.”
    -“Medbay ready for casualties and Corpsmen standing by.”
    “Damage control?”
    “Damage control teams on high alert Kapitän!”

    Just then, the first of the AEI fleet began to cruise out from the asteroid field. First came the squadrons of fighters, followed by the patrol boats and corvettes. Sunlight flashed off the deep green accents of the AEI ships and their long silver panels glowed brightly as they moved against the Kriegsflotte. In the bridge of the Warlord class battleship Perseverance, Admiral Lucas Howard tensely observed the map of the future battlespace. Looking for anything he may have missed. “Boehm has to know his fleet doesn’t stand a chance... why would he draw his fleet up to face us directly?”

    His question hung in the air for a moment before the others in the CIC figured out he was expecting an answer, but even then no one spoke up for a moment. One of his captains, George Hanwell was the first to speak. “How do you know he’s in command? The Russian Rebels have higher ranking officers… Boehm is just a frigate captain. A mere field officer, not a Strategos.”

    Before he could continue, Howard cut him off, “They know he’s the best tactician they have. Hell, he’s better than all of you, because clearly none of you can tell me what he knows that we don’t!” Hanwell opened his mouth a few times as if to speak, before deciding better of it. After a few moments of silence and consideration, Howard ordered the Perseverance’s Comms Officer to ail the Rhineland.

    Back on the Rhineland, Lt. Shultz called out to the Kapitän, “Sir, we have an incoming transmission from the enemy fleet…” Boehm thought for a moment, then waved to put it through. “This is Kapitän Boehm of the Second Kriegsflotte, with whom do I have the pleasure?”

    “Guten tag Kapitän, this is Fleet Admiral Howard of the battleship Perseverance. It’s not too late for you Captain. Stand your men down, and join our formation. Once we’ve stamped out the rebellion on Earth, the AEI will forgive your past insubordination. There might even be in incentive in it for you, Boehm…”

    “Ah… Howard, I remember you from the Academy. I had half hoped they’d send one of their Admirals who was only in power by the grace of their family, this been easier. Though, you always did teach us that an easy victory wasn’t worth winning. While your offer is tempting, I quite like my chances with the rebellion. The AEI has abused the peoples of earth for too long, and it’s time America learned there is a price to be paid for it’s pride.”

    Admiral Howard paused before responding, “You’re going to have to try harder than that to rile me up and get me to make a mistake Boehm, but I appreciate your effort. If memory serves, the Second Kriegsflotte only has a half dozen frigates, a few corvettes, and less than a handful of cruisers. Now, I know you’re resourceful, and you’ve probably repurposed some of our strike craft from earth, but even then what hope do you have? My battleship and cruisers alone are enough to defeat you, so please even if you won’t join us, at least spare your men and surrender. “

    By now, the majority of the AEI fleet had pulled out of the asteroid field, leaving only the battleship and four cruisers still inside. Boehm typed a message to his fleet while the Admiral was talking, ordering two of his cruisers to pull in front of the protective screen of the corvettes. His flak frigates moved into a tight arrowhead formation, and flew downwards and forward, under the main group. The corvettes stood ready to put the engines into overdrive, and the gunner crews and their turrets spun up and ready to engage. While his ships moved, he replied, “Well Howard, in the interest of Democracy I relayed your message to the rest of my fleet… You should have an answer soon.” He signaled to Schultz to cut the transmission before typing one more message to his fleet… “Fire!”

    The answer, as promised, did come soon. Each if the pair of cruisers fired a salvo of their powerful 250 mm main cannons, and eight shells blasted through space towards the leading pair of enemy frigates. While most of the opening shots missed, three found their mark. One plowed a furrow through the nacelle armour of the first frigate, while the other two punched into the hull of the second frigate. One of the shells detonated an auxiliary ammunition reserve, and a series of small explosions rippled alone the hull in two parallel lines as the oxygen conduits ignited from the blast. The thrusters flared sporadically and the ship listed before one final explosion in the core ripped the ship apart. Shrapnel and crew were blasted into space, as the larger pieces twisted and the occasional light flashed inside.

    ...To be Continued
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  21. Agnar Apprentice Engineer

    I've returned! Mostly... Still getting up to speed on all the new changes but for now, enjoy the new Okhotnik! She's more of a spiritual sucessor than anything else, given that she was built from the ground up. Just similar enough for me to justify reusing the name though.

    The Okhotnik Frigate!
    Steam Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=923858485

    The Okhotnik Class frigate was designed to fill the role of a standardized front line combat vessel for the Volkhov Republic. Being relatively cheap and lacking many advanced systems the class is exceptionally easy both to construct and operate. They make up the bulk fighting force of Volkhov fleets throughout the Republic. Though the Okhotnik frigates are intended to function as the main grunt ship, if you will, of the fleet, groups of two to three frigates mixed with a destroyer make effective defense forces for worlds and stations of enough strategic value to warrant protection but not important enough to dedicate a cruiser group. The Okhotnik replaced the older Vintovka class of the rebellion period. Due to both outdated design philosophy and antiquated systems the Vintovka was hard to train new crews to, and was much too complex for lesser trained repair facilities on the fringes of Volkhov space. As such she was decommissioned. Vintovka crews and dedicated captains were devastated by this news, and petitioned the upper admiralty to refit her as a cruiser, the petition is ongoing.

    Though just because a class is seen as somewhat simple and expendable doesn’t mean the Republic’s enemies would be served by writing her off. Fast, Agile, and packing one hell of a punch the Okhotnik and her fanatical crews never miss an opportunity to purge the Republic’s enemies from existence. The Okotnik has superior forward and dorsal acceleration, leading to experienced crews using dorsal thrusters to fly underneath enemy ships and perpendicular to them while stationary destroyer and cruiser groups attack head on, leaving the enemy a choice- aim down to stop the Okhotniks tearing through their ventral side, and thus open their dorsal side to the cruisers, or face the cruisers and leave their ventral side open. Her primary weapons consist of two fixed autocannons, and two fixed battlecannons. To ensure captains never have issues with keeping the target in the sights of their fixed weapons, theOkhotnik has supreme gyroscopic control. The Volkhov Republic counts using exposed flight decks both as a necessity for situational awareness and a point of national pride, though a protected CIC is located in the heart of the ship for combat operations.

    Due to her role, The Okhotnik has no redundancy in regards to power systems, as she lacks both emergency battery reserves and solar generators. Furthermore the onboard oxygen system relies exclusively on storage tanks, and the ammunition supply is somewhat limited- though for longer range missions both of these issues can be easily fixed due to the customizable spaces in the machine room. To help preserve combat effectiveness after damage, Volkhov designers took inspiration from the former United States ship designs circa the “second world war” and have combat essential systems armored and surrounded by less necessary crew accommodations. It’s easy enough to set up emergency crew facilities in the bridge or CIC after a battle than it is to rig up a CIC in the bunks, therefore they are placed forward in the vessel towards the enemy.

    [Use and Features]
    In the bridge, the main seat has two timer blocks in the hotbar, the first sets each main gun to shoot once every five seconds, while this timer chain runs, the pilot is free to use the dual autocannons while still firing the main guns as fast as their long reload allows. The toolbar is also loaded with important functions, and the second toolbar of the main cockpit has a timer controlling the LCD based computer systems.
    As always my lights are grouped for customization, gravity is tuned to ship at .5g, and all systems are connected with access in engineering. Airlocks located just below the port and starboard running lights are equipped with buttons controlling pressurization.

    Full features:

    Weapons Systems:
    2 25cm Battlecannons
    2 5cm Autocannons
    8 Gatling Turrets
    4 Missile Turrets
    24 PDS Turrets

    Power Systems:
    2 Large Reactors
    12 Small Reactors

    Logistics Systems:
    2 large cargo containers
    4 small cargo containers
    2 Oxygen Tanks
    Fully conveyor linked
    Jump Drive with 932 km max range
    Mass: 2.6 million kg
    8.4 m/s/s forward acceleration
    2.8 m/s/s deceleration

    The Okhotnik!

    Expand for further images & Interior:

  22. Agnar Apprentice Engineer

    The Kop’Ye Destroyer

    Steam Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=927561420

    Destroyers in the Volkhov Republic are typically smaller than frigates, while being better armoured and with bigger teeth. The Kop’ye is no exception. The tradeoff for this is of course a less agile ship with much tighter crew spaces. Where a frigate would be akin to a rifleman in the army the destroyer is the assault trooper, with weapons that can punch far outside her weight class and the durability to take some hits and still keep swinging. The main armament of the Kop’Ye is a kinetic cannon powered by a gravitic pulse array in the bow. This is supported by a ventral guided missile bay outfitted with Mk. IX LREM “Sledgehammer” missiles and a dorsal bow facing tri barrel 8.8 cm turret. In addition she has a comprehensive secondary weapons loadout, featuring 9 Gatling turrets, 6 rocket turrets, and a more extensive PDS Array than the Okhotnik class frigate. The Kop’Ye is quite capable in a brawl, but her true strengths lie in maintaining a range of 1.5-2 km and engaging enemy capital ships and defensive emplacements with her gravitic cannon and guided missiles. Just as medieval lances pierced through armour and flesh, the Kop’Ye punches holes in enemy formations and allows the frigates and strike craft to finish off the smaller or crippled ships.

    [Use and Features]
    In the bridge and CIC, the main seat has primary weapon controls in the first toolbar for both the turret and the main gun, while the second toolbar has controls for the manually guided missile bay.
    The Missiles are easy to use, Just activate the merge block, weld it up, and then deactivate the merge block. After that access the missile from the remote access and take control.
    Controlling the interior turret in front of the bridge with the “-Designator” tag will take control of the slaved main turret. Firing the interior turret will fire the guns on the turret. Unfortunately due to the size of the advanced rotors, the turret needs to be hand loaded into the small cargo boxes on the gun itself.
    The main Gravity gun is fired and reloaded by a timer in the first slot of the main consoles. There’s a gyro turned off and set to override, toggle this quickly to stabilize your aim.
    As always my lights are grouped for customization, gravity is tuned to ship at .5g, and all systems are connected with access in engineering. Airlocks located just below the port and starboard running lights are equipped with buttons controlling pressurization.

    Full features:

    Weapons Systems:
    1 Tri 8.8 cm Turret
    1 1x1 Gravity Propelled Cannon
    1Guided Missile Bay
    9 Gatling Turrets
    6 Missile Turrets
    33 PDS Turrets

    Power Systems:
    1 Large Reactors
    4 Small Reactors

    Logistics Systems:
    14 small cargo containers
    6 Main Turret mounted small cargo containers
    2 Oxygen Tanks
    Fully conveyor linked
    Jump Drive with 737 km max range
    Mass: 3.4 million kg
    6.4 m/s/s forward acceleration
    2.1 m/s/s deceleration

    The Kopp'Ye in all her Glory

    Top View

    Gun Barrel



    The Sledgehammer Missile
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