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Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by Nasse, May 8, 2015.

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  1. Nasse Trainee Engineer


    So I am looking for somebody to build a server with. The plan is to build a whole server called "Warfield". What's it about:

    - "Warfield" will be a online server for RP (Roleplaying) players.
    - 2 sides: Blue and Red. These names can still be changed if I / we can figure out better ones (ex. House Red, House Blue..)
    - Towns, castles... basically two kingdoms, one for each side.
    - While the server is dedicated for RP action, it's also a PVP server.
    - There will be a gladiator arena for these sides to compete in! This does not mean that there wouldn't be any world pvp, but since it's a RP server, I'd like to keep these 2 things a bit separate.
    - Quests!- Later in the game development I hope that we have the option to make our own bots: this would allow us to plant in-game quests all over the server! If this happens, there will be hundreds of pvp and pve related quests.
    - Be a warrior, a merchant, priest, or anything that the world offers. The choice is yours. Everybody is welcome.
    - As we all know, middle-age (medieval) had a lot of professions and stuff to do. All of these options (except the oldest job in the world if you know what I mean) are available for you in Warfield. Of course there will be some rejections in the name of organization, but still, Warfield offers you so many choices!
    - AND MUCH MORE...

    The only thing I want from you is some sense of construction and art. I want the server to look beautiful. HERE ARE SOME THINGS I'VE PLANNED FOR THE SERVER:

    - Monastery (done)
    - Gladiator Arena (done)
    - Red Town, Red Castle (in progress)
    - Blue Town, Blue Castle
    - Outlaw Hideout
    - Prison

    As you see, there is A LOT to do. And tho I feel like it can be done alone, I also think that it will be more fun if there is someone to share this experience with. So if you're interested, please, message me in skype / under this topic.

    Also, if you aren't interested in joining the project but still have some ideas, please let me know! I really, really, and once again, really value every hint and suggestion.

    Thanks for reading my thread. Sorry for my grammar, not a native
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  2. Nasse Trainee Engineer

    Check my profile for some screenshot updates!
  3. BoobyTrapGaming Apprentice Engineer

    hmm. I might just participate in this. I would really like to build a destroyed village, that looks like it has been plundered and set ablaze.
  4. CruentaUltio Apprentice Engineer

    I'd love to help you with building the prison or outlaw hideout. Have you set up a MP map for this?
  5. Otto I Trainee Engineer

    I'd be all for helping with this project. I added you on Steam.
  6. Nasse Trainee Engineer

    Hey and thanks for your answers.

    We are no longer in need of builders. After publishing this idea I got tons of support and people messaging me. Thanks anyway! I will contact you if I need more people!
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.