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Way too easy to be a pirate (cargo ships)

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Halcyon, Sep 7, 2014.

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  1. Halcyon Trainee Engineer

    I spent a whole day designing an interceptor to take down a cargo AI ship. After getting cored in the cockpit and losing the ship (the antenna got shot off too), I spent slightly less time designing another interceptor with heavy military grade armor, extra weapons, blah blah.
    That ship got cored in the cockpit and was beyond 5,000m, the max broadcasting range for a small ship antenna.

    After building a 3rd ship and 4 sorties later I finally disabled a ship, clamped onto it with a landing gear, and dragged it back to my base which took forever because of the mass.
    All told, this cost me a ton in resources, time, and headaches trying to slow down the ships, clamp them, then return them to my base.

    (no, I didn't mislabel the thread title, keep reading)

    Then I read about hacking and what the blue line means in an objects health.
    I thought....all I need is my space suit, a grinder and a welder.

    So I flew out in my space suit to a business shipment, managed to avoid the machine gun fire because of my small size and agility, cut through the door, then hacked the pilot station.

    I ended up flying it back in one piece with everything working on the very first try.
    5 minutes total time spent vs the hours and hours of the other attempts.

    Being a pirate should be WAY harder in just a space suit. In fact it should be impossible. The resources gained by grinding down large cargo ships is insane. To be able to get this with just a space suit and minimal risk involved is grossly unbalanced vs all the time and resources I spent trying to build ships with armor to take down the ships the traditional way.

    I'm pretty sure pirates sailing the oceans didn't swim out by themselves to take on spanish trading ships with just a sword and a pistol. They had to use their own warships.

    Any thoughts?
  2. Thedevistator Senior Engineer

    Well those are the easy ships try the escort
  3. Aurenian Apprentice Engineer

    The business shipment and the private sail have limited fire arcs on their guns and limited ammo. If you can take a military ship that way then you may have a point.

    Personally I do a combination of both. I shoot the turrets off(including inside) and then go in with the grinder.

    It is still quicker than mining for everything though.
  4. SirTragain Apprentice Engineer

    I'd say No Ship, No Armor is pretty risky. Avoiding getting shot and hacking your way to the controll seat on limited life support is way more risky... You can't hold all the components you hack and are running low on power in your suit after grinding and welding them back on while making your way to the cockpit seat. Sure it can be done and can be faster but if you don't have a beacon set; you may never find your home base again. But yeah, thats how I do it some times; it depends on the ship I go after. By the way; the Militay Escort has a design flaw caused by the bottom thruster which damages the feed tube for its Aft turret. When maunvering the ship the tube and surronding blocks get damaged and the gun with tube goes flying off in to space.
  5. SirTragain Apprentice Engineer

    I like to come in from underneth, grinding out the block that the Internal Turret is sitting on or while doing the old belly crawl around the outer hull sneaking up on the rocket launcher; Hack the storage contaner and steal its ammo.
  6. Krirub Trainee Engineer

    LOL! This made me laugh so hard :woot:

  7. manveti Trainee Engineer

    Yeah, the commercial ships are nowhere near as armed (or rewarding) as the military (or even mining) ships; they're less like Spanish traders and more like fishermen tooling around in rowboats. If I were a pirate inclined to take a rowboat from a fisherman, I'd probably lean more towards a cutlass than a full broadside of long-9's.
  8. Tumskunde Trainee Engineer

    <em style="line-height: 20.7999992370605px; background-color: #f7f7f7;">User Tumskunde Login Accepted</em>

    As I can reliably capture anything but military ships unaided by a ship of my own, I've got to say that they are rather easy to capture, though time consuming, which on my settings usually means the ship or myself dies to meteors before I can claim it.
    Once I got my tug setup, they don't even take a lot of time now, just dock, weld on a flight chair, shut down the reactors, reset the ownership of key systems and done, the most annoying are the business hulls as I need to disable any surviving solar panels before the turrets, taking on the military and heavier mining hulls required a refit of the armouring on my tug making it thicker and heavier, which made it handle better on it's own as it's overpowered in the engine department as is.

    I finally got my first 'unaided' military escort, I left the [Tortuga] labs thinking I'd be chasing down a Mining Transport as all I usually see from my point of view is [Mi[Antenna]rt] for both hull types. Closing in to around 2k, about 6k out from the labs, I realize my mistake and decide to roll with it, at the same time the meteor warning starts up, so I figure I'd try and have some fun before Fun happened to me. I try and dodge turret fire when suddenly it slacks off, thinking I found a safe arc I match velocities only to realist that the escort got nailed by a few meteors while it was focusing on me, pulverizing the turrets on my facing. The ship was still operational and I had it parked in the wrecking yard outside Tortuga shortly after that, though running through the meteor storms on the way back with a single functioning turret was a bit nerve wracking.

    This same phenomena has cost me quite a few ships and prizes, but the added danger keeps me sharp and alert when I might fall into doldrums, nothing quite like dodging meteors in a hardsuit. That said, such storms just cost me my newly refitted armoured tug and the very first minelayer I've seen so far. The minelayer took a meteor to the explosives bay while I was 'resetting the ownership' of the minelayers turrets, ah well you live, you learn, next time I'll have to remember to turn it so that the tug covers that angle on the prize's hull.

    <em style="line-height: 20.7999992370605px; background-color: #f7f7f7;">User Tumskunde Signing Off</em>
  9. MegaMiner Junior Engineer

    Arrrrrrrr..... All I need is a knife ....

  10. Mad Mike Apprentice Engineer

  11. Space Cadet Trainee Engineer

    Really? How far and for how long did you fly to that vessel in your space suit? The nearest vessel I've seen to me was 5000m. That's WAY to far to go without a ship, isn't it?
  12. havok Apprentice Engineer

    unfortunetly not cadet, once upto 105m/s it will only take 50 seconds to reach that distance, less than 10 seconds to reach max acceleration so at 1.0 speed would take about a minute to travel that 5k

    thats what is making me annoyed about this game currently
  13. AlanEsh Apprentice Engineer

    So... Just don't do that.

    Seriously, just because you can EVA to a ship and take it over doesn't mean you should. When I realized I could do this, I ... didn't do this.
  14. MegaMiner Junior Engineer

    EVAing 5k to a target vessel is realistic, its just not that safe in real life. If you make a mistake,you don't respawn, and death takes more than the 15 seconds once you run out of air.

    I don't think you can EVA prate anymore, even the private sails have turrets on them now. I suppose you could spiral around until they run out of ammo, but that wont work with the large vessels, that have several hundred cases of ammo.
  15. NathanTheSpaceSurvivor Apprentice Engineer


    You can EVA on all three civilian ships, and the mining carriage, as they have relatively large blind spots on the turrets
  16. Kuu Lightwing Senior Engineer

    For private sail I don't know... you can get close to it, but getting to the cockpit is still an issue...

    And I dunno how to do that with Commercial freighter. turrets have pretty good coverage and there are a turret protecting the cockpit, too.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.