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We are not in hurry anymore because the solar panels?

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Spets, Mar 21, 2014.

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  1. Spets Master Engineer

    Now that we have Solar Panels, we don't have to worry to much about Uranium. One solar panel is enough to supply energy for a medical bay. So, I think we need something more to worry about, maybe water? some kind of module with a little plant that... who knows, this magic plantation makes a little drops of water somehow... and perhaps food?
    I know they are working on hazard environments as asteroid storms, debris storm, whatever. Or what about also Oxygen? because energy for the suit? I don't think energy makes Oxygen. This little farm of this special plants can make that Oxygen. What do you think?
  2. Leadfootslim Senior Engineer

    Having a bare subsistence =/= "winning" survival. Though I hate to use Minecraft as an example, you can more or less survive indefinitely in Hardcore mode by killing a pig a day and skipping nights with a bed. In Dwarf Fortress, as a better example, you can defeat any siege by sealing yourself off with walls and operating indefinitely off of underground farms. But neither of those is really as "fun" as working towards a goal.

    Solar Panels are expensive in-game (mostly given the slow refinery rate of Silicon) and are likely to be vulnerable to, as you've said, hazards like asteroid storms. They're also completely incabaple of running a refinery or more than a single thruster.

    The devs have stated that so far, they want to keep the player-upkeep aspect limited because they don't want us spending all our time just staying alive. If you want something like that, go play Don't Starve. Hydroponics and "press X to eat" would be a distraction from the game's central goal - building and mining and (at some point) blowing the crap out of each other.
  3. Nightingale33 Trainee Engineer

    Oh and how we have to worry! The solar panels, except in excessive numbers don't do much. You still need nuclear reactors for everything and the panels are far to expensive to be built very fast in the beginning.
  4. Malak Trainee Engineer

    Creating your solar farm gives a great long-term goal of kicking the Ur habit. I love it. I actually had nothing to do in my surv scenario and now there is another goal! :-D
  5. DJB Systems Trainee Engineer

    I'm just thankful to have more stuff to build!

    Another project to add to my list - solar farm.
  6. fobfromgermany Trainee Engineer

    The way most people (and, I think, the devs) envision this game going would be hampered by tedious 'subsistence' actions. The best compromise would be something akin to what the med bay is for health/suit maintenance. A food/hydration meter that is 'charged up' and last for a set amt of time before needing to fiddled with again.

    And I would imagine (esp. as the game develops) there will be a number of mods that could accomplish what a more 'hardcore survivalist' player would want
  7. Ash87 Senior Engineer

    I really think food should be in, but I'm also partially with Lead here.

    I would say if we get food, it needs to be optional. It's easy to do, making food both optional, And an integral part of the game... just make it a means by which you get passive health regeneration. If you use some kind of nutrient pack, you get health regen for a time. Moreover, you could use the food production blocks for oxygen creation (Which leads to pressurized cabins and/or oxygen for your suite), or supplies for your med bay, or another alternate fuel (Biofuel for your gens).

    It's the same as the ideas people have posed about Batteries, you could hypothetically get someone who specializes in making a massive solar power facility that only makes energy cells to sell to people... and deepen the game overall, except in this case someone could make an algae farm (I think 'Food' should be algaenate farming, not wheat and corn) and sell all the byproducts.

    This gets back to something, that someone said yesterday, where the devs could do a Lot to make the game accessible to multiple playstyles.
  8. Stonewolf Junior Engineer

    Don't have to worry about uranium? I haven't have to worry about it from day one, I didn't even start mining until the 4 day of survival in crashed red ship. Solar panels did not change that. I was never in a hurry. Maybe I should have been, so my only deaths would have not been AFK deaths. Uranium, if you conserve from the start you will have plenty. Mining is easy too, just enough you can carry in person is enough to last awhile if used right.

    Now the way the solar panels were implemented is more than I could have hoped for. They were never meant for replacing power generator, just to back them up. KSH is awesome. :cool:
  9. Maul555 Apprentice Engineer

    These solar panels are uber expensive.... I went around placing solar panels all over the crashed red ship, and only later discovered the difficulty in finishing them.... I will finish them though ^^

    I want to see if it is possible to create a solar refinery/assembly complex... That would be cool.
  10. Mac D Junior Engineer

    It is possible. I built this in creative mode and changed the map to survival to test it out. Can run a refinery and assembler. the solar array is about 300 m by 40 m so I will not be building it manually anytime soon. I like solar industry being a feasible option in the long-term, but reactors will continue to be used in many situations.

  11. Maul555 Apprentice Engineer

    holy sh**balls
  12. Black spiky thing Apprentice Engineer

    I wanna blow it up.
  13. Dwarf-Lord Pangolin Senior Engineer

    They've mentioned that they're planning to add things such as asteroid showers and radiation. I suspect that more of a sense of urgency will return once more of the game is fleshed-out.
  14. xwhitemousex Apprentice Engineer

    I don't even wanna know how long it takes to build a solar panel array like that in Survival on x3, let alone x1.

    Only useful thing I have been able to make from solar panels is a cockpit with solar panels, beacon, small reactor and thrusters. Fly the thing to an asteroid which has whatever mineral you tend to need, e.g. uranium. Then park it there, rename beacon to Uranium, turn off reactor... and voila... you have a mobile beacon which never runs out which makes it easier for you to remember where you had some nice ore veins.

    Anyways, I made solar panels when they came out just to test them.

    I won't be making them ever again. Totally useless. Easy enough to secure your refinery by keeping 2 units of uranium ingots in a cargo container. Then you have plenty to refine more uranium ingots if, for whatever reason, you deplete ALL of your reactors (which is pretty hard to do cause every ship you have would have a reactor with uranium in them, and as long as you make a habit of turning reactors off after landing you have multiple stores of uranium to pick from).

    Solar panels ? They look nice, but have no worthwhile function since uranium is just so much better, fairly easy to come by, and it provides so much more power compared to the really expensive and massively time consuming solar panels.
  15. Aurenian Apprentice Engineer

    I think they'll be good for remote satellites and beacons that you don't want to be wasting uranium on. A simple remote beacon just takes two solar panels to power.
  16. kern4444 Trainee Engineer

    I use them in my survival world for this only.

    For industry, uranium is quick to mine and refine.
  17. Balmung Senior Engineer

    I think that is no bad Idea that Solar Panels are only good for small Buildings like Satellites or as Emergency Generator for the Healthstation or something like this. They didn't should be ever a Replacement for Reactors.
  18. GroeneAppel Trainee Engineer

    Solar panels are good really.
    They help support you, but its hard to purely rely on them. Good for long term survival.
  19. McHendrik Apprentice Engineer


    On the sunlit side of an asteroid you can put a beacon for a good ore deposit. But a large ship ore detector can show you most of an asteroid's deposits so easily, and half the asteroid is dark, so I don't know why you'd do this.

    In my case, the first thing I did is put a beacon on what was left of the crashed red ship. First I towed it into the light, one beacon, one solar panel. It's mostly steel plates now, but when I wander off to other asteroids I'll always be able to find it for construction jobs that require a lot of iron, without ever having to refuel it.

    Another use is to have a small cockpit that'll charge your suit to keep you alive indefinitely. Your station or large ship has a reactor and refineries, and you can sit in the small cockpit overnight while your refineries empty out. If the reactor attached to them runs out of uranium it's no big deal for you because you're in a powered cockpit at all times. Charging your suit uses almost no power at all.
  20. Krakdawn Trainee Engineer

    for the suit oxygen thing, I think that the energy in the suit could be what powers an oxygen recycler, BUT, this might need to have filters changed, which need to be created in an assembler....
    that could make sense out of the whole oxygen thing.
    dont know about nutrition though. perhaps.... you could have hydropnic tubes that you collect nutrient bars/pills from, which are already being created by modders. idk tho. Ideas.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.