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Weapons, how elaborate should they be added to the game?

Discussion in 'General' started by War.Freak, Jan 17, 2015.

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  1. Wizlawz Master Engineer

    kind of like a sim, very interesting, i could go with that
  2. Wintersend Senior Engineer

    I could go with that too.

    You're never actually locked out of anything, but your efficiency increases by a lot when you are well established. Although you are still at least somewhat vulnerable to new players, but not to griefers so much. This would be because a new player could hurt you, potentially quite badly, but they need to tailor their attack to your base, something a griefer would never take the time to do.
  3. Bullethead Apprentice Engineer

    Given that the soccer hooligans, though armed only with sticks, can lay complete wasted to anything you build, and that the only truly effective weapons against them can't be used indoors or will cause even more damage than the hooligans, there seems little point in wasting time and effort on siege engines and such. Just go grief people armed with a stick, just like the hooligans. Or, if that's not an option for a player, just infiltrate and then spawn some hooligans in the midst of the enemy. And that would be possible (as things now stand) regardless of the amount of "establishment" of the target player.
  4. SolemnSeraph Trainee Engineer

    I think Keen should give us just a few. Let the community worry about expanding the selection. Then Keen can continue on with the important stuff.
  5. Ubiqanon Trainee Engineer

    I like the idea of survival in the sense of starting w virtually nothing then building up, and I also like variety in building & forging.

    I like the idea of starting w stone tools, (and if the introduce deers / horned animals then antler / bone based tools). From there you do your mining, get your ore, build a forge, and start to work making medieval tools & weapons.

    There are some people who are saying the game should emphasize the 2nd word of the title - engineers - when it comes to combat, that its all about castle vs castle, structure v structure combat, which is fun, but I think its too restricting.

    So lets think about that first word - medieval - they say that we are set in the 15th century, so I think they should implement weapons consistent with that era. A Castle gives your archers a tremendous advantage, thats one of the the points of building a castle - protection but also better lines of fire, so a castle without archers is kind of like a car without wheels.

    I agree that the combat system should not be complex, as stated a L-click attack, R-click block, maybe some variation in attack based on the movement of the cursor on the screen.

    I would certainly think we should have bows, X bows, Short, Long, and 2 Handed swords, spears, battle axes, mace, morning star, daggers, the standard medieval panoply.

    I don't want to rely on mods for this, because of the issue with multiple mods conflicting. I think a modder should be able to tweak the weapon models, creating different images, artwork and whatnot, by tweaking these base weapon types.

    Plate armor should be terrifically expensive and relatively simple (no interlocking plate mail). Chain should be the common armor type. Chain mixed w leather should be the standard / readily available, easiest to make. Obviously there should be shields & bucklers.

    Limiting combat such that it is machine v machine is just too limiting.
  6. Wizlawz Master Engineer

    that i would not like.

    couldn't stand it in WURM even though it had its' own "window"

    there was another one like that as well ARCHEAGE, couldn't stand that either

    i do agree though nothing complex lets say as MORTAL ONLINE, but definitely not mouse on screen click / movement of cursor on screen
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  7. AKFH Assassin Trainee Engineer

    I think that something like how cube world has, where you can create your own weapons would be fantastic, where you make your OWN design, your OWN character, your OWN story.
  8. Wizlawz Master Engineer

    idk about your own story.

    some have an very expansive imagination where this would work very well, but others {like me} or rather my own story is creative mode for testing and learning, but in the Survival mode i would lose steam very quickly if there were not some kind of game story involved / interesting game story involved {not like SE SP} but more like an ever living and changing world.{doesn't really have to be as complex as an ever changing world}

    but it would be interesting to see barbarians {and whatever else they throw into the mix} start and rise the same as we would or already be somewhat advanced and continuing to advance.
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Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.