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weather survival

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Kargul85, Feb 16, 2017.

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  1. Kargul85 Trainee Engineer

    Hello, if you know maybe something about the weather on planets?
    It was nice if there were planets dynamic weather, hail, rain (water - snow), acid), sand storms (
    can get lost) , hurricanes (forcing to build a shelter) The temperature should also have an influence on the difficulty of survival on the planet.
    Do you know anything about this from an official source Keen Software?
    survival is too simple in SE.
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  2. Sagi Apprentice Engineer

    This should indeed be a nice outcome, perhaps even with some weather conditions wich makes flying more difficult or maybe impossible.
    Then again gameplay as it is today is already much harder on planets then in space there must be some rewards for it to.
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  3. Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    quickly before the usual people come along to shut it down and down everyone by reminding us all its in beta

    yeah it'd be nice....I like to imagine the sound of rain on the light armor. :)
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  4. odizzido Junior Engineer

    I love the sound of rain.
  5. Calaban Junior Engineer

    Constant fiery meteor showers are a kind of weather... :p
  6. Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    it'd be a great ambient thing if the so called realistic sound ever worked.... -_-

    the sound of rain hitting your space suit then opening the visor and hearing it closer.

    and again the sound of rain on light armor blocks.

    buttt.....kinda losing hope here....feels like trying to fly against gravity with ion thrusters.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.