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Welding Robot

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by HellsArmy141, Apr 1, 2014.

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  1. HellsArmy141 Trainee Engineer

    I believe that the welding in this game needs some kind of assisting robot, much like the EOD robot on Battlefield 3, this could be handy for big projects. The robot should weld at a slower rate, use uranium for fuel, and it should have thrusters. If the robot is implemented, it could help people to make a bigger task a lot faster. The player should be able to highlight an area for the robot to weld, say.. it has a red grid. And the robot should also be able to be remotely controlled. The robot should need recharging, like a recharging pad, and it uses the stations reactor to power. when the robot is either instructed or remotely driven to the charging platform, it should be completely un-usable. The robot could bring a lot of potential to the game.
    There should also be a small version for small ships, and can be accessed through the control panel, but cannot be remotely controlled. The robot should check the small ship entirely and fix any dents or broken blocks. But only when the ship is stationary, if the ship is moving then the robot should either be un-usable or it should just sit where it is activated. And if the second option is the case, it should have a beacon.

    Thank you for taking the time to take a gander at my suggestion, any opinion are most welcome.
  2. Binary25 Apprentice Engineer

    it seems to me at this moment welds level, the best suggestion is the welder for small vessels.

    This could be interesting when (and if) the IA make their onset :)
  3. Kobe4747 Trainee Engineer

    this would be a great idea and very handy for massive structures
  4. Shushulba Trainee Engineer

    I think it would be more useful minerobot.but it must to require a large number of resources
  5. Captain Snyder Apprentice Engineer

    Though there's been multiple suggestions on this, I think that just putting a welding tool onto a small ship would be much more easier to handle and program. (Which it'd make it's way faster into the game)

    I mean, sure though. IF we manage to get ourselves the time to make it, I wouldn't mind mining along side a machine

    Terminators take over.
  6. Managarmr420 Trainee Engineer

    Welders... ~This gave me an idea. I'd love to be able to produce assembly lines. With rails and motors you can design welding robots and have the ship pass through various assembly stages... maybe a computer you can program a sequence into. You know, even in the future manufacturers are still going to have Programmable Logic Controllers stuck to their machines. I am an engineering student and this is Space Engineers. A game that lets me construct an assembly line? Oh god I'd be at it for years. Thing is, it may not be that you use it to manufacture masses of ships but you can use it to pull off very large projects that require a lot of one specific thing or that building it would be a long tedious project and the assembly line would be more fun even if it may be more work.

    So I'd love the welding arm coupled with the ability to make sequenced robots and assembly lines so you can pull off 320 block long monstrosities like this in survival mode. I support this idea.

  7. TheByQ Trainee Engineer

    Just imagine having army of small repair robots on your big destroyer, repairing everything in flight, as you run away from your enemies... Or maybe making a spaced armor and putting few of them between the layers. They'll crawl in this closed space and slowly reconstruct the outer layer of armor, while everyone inside loads ammunitions to guns and launchers...
  8. tutkarz Apprentice Engineer

    I wanted to join people requesting that robot but I would name it a drone. Repair drone that is fixing damaged plates or welding. For simplicity it could start weld block we are looking at and every neigboring which need fixing/welding. Also it could be slow moving, not very fast working so it can be catched easily. And of course using fuel/materials.
    This would make game much more interesting and would make player more like constructor who is planning things than a regular worker which is not really fun especially in the long run.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.