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What are some good tips for surviving the earth like start but without taking the pirates base out?

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Kane, Aug 8, 2016.

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  1. Kane Junior Engineer

    I'm going to start a Let's Play series I have not done one for a long time I think it was like November: Here is the video if it's advertising I will remove it lol. Give you a small idea of how casual I am.

    Anyways I was hoping to start on the earth like but rather then take down their base I like to actually keep it up and maybe overtime for fun farm or just get use to defending the drones.

    I was thinking of giving the shield mod a try. I'm wondering if even a slight capacity would be enough to help having everything slowly get taken out. I think the biggest issue if anything is pretty much that they slowly eat away everything like the solar panels and you start running out of multiple types of materials.

    If anyone has any suggestions or ideas I would love to hear them.

    Thanks :)

    Edit: put the video in the spoiler not for advertising and it was a bit distracting lol.
  2. MegaMiner Junior Engineer

    Just like in real life, your best bet is to get off the planet as soon as possible. Literally 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% of everything is OUT THERE.

    Baring that, lots and lots of ammo and turrets.
  3. Me 10 Jin Apprentice Engineer

    Use decoy blocks positioned on the perimeter of your base. 4 should be plenty, and you want to make sure that it's the first block in range of any drone doing a flyby. Put 2 welders on either side of each decoy and cover that with heavy armor, make sure the welders are attached to your base's conveyor network. You may need to toggle the welders off/on before they'll repair damaged blocks (a timer helps).

    An optional step 2 is to construct a small rocket turret on top of one of your base's connectors. Just build a small ship connector facing down with a rocket turret on top (add aesthetic nobules if desired). Add a small reactor then lock its connectors. Add two timers set up to toggle the turret's "Use Conveyors" so that it's "On" for 5 seconds and "Off" for several minutes. This will help conserve ammo. Lastly set the turret's range to 200m. More often than not, incoming drones will take a a bit of damage from your gatling turrets and then a single rocket will take out their batteries or lifting thrusters, leaving a steaming pile of drones on your front lawn.
  4. 25hz Trainee Engineer

    That's the only two options for the earth quick start survival, is decoys or get off the planet? In safe mode, multiple times, I've just run out of ammo because I couldn't find any magnesium for ammo, then the panels get shot up and I'm toast with the ships getting blasted next or during the destruction of the rest. I don't want to go into creative to cheat in things I need, but the quickstart is just an unsatisfying slaughter.
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  5. ViroMan Senior Engineer

    I used the 1km sensor mod and rigged up hanger doors to close over my solar panels when the bots were getting in range. :)

    Also... if you want to "cheat" use energy weapon mods(lasers,plasma,other). http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=635057556 Use the lasers if you want to recover parts from the downed enemy... use the plasma if you just want to blow them outa the sky super fast. Be mindful of where you place the plasma guns. The enemy has a tendency to turn into a meteor flying at your base if you shoot them too soon.
  6. Amechwarrior Trainee Engineer

    You could take out the nearby base's antenna with an armed ship and snipe it at 800m or just kamikaze it. Then, when you are ready and have the resources you should be able to build a new one and set it to pirate faction. I think that should allow them to spawn and keep the rest of the pirate station intact. Drones seem to lack top facing guns, so float over the outpost at 810m and if the antenna is on top at 800m exactly the turrets below won't be in range to shoot you and drones take forever to reach you without being able to bring their weapons on to you.
  7. FlakMagnet Senior Engineer

    Decoys and a couple of turrets worked for me.

    All the drones do is try to wreck your solar panels to start with, so stopping that is frst priority.

    Adding in a couple more turrets ensures the drones get shot down, and with supplies of Mag and iron very close, it's easy to get ammo production going. Then you can just get on with whatever you want to do.
  8. Comicsluvr Trainee Engineer

    There is a gatling turret mod that uses Stone as ammunition. Slower, less range and less damage than vanilla but a whole lot easier to use early on.
  9. ViroMan Senior Engineer

    what really? whats the link to it? I would like to see such a thing. Could be a good anti spider/dog gun.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.