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What are you waiting for?!

Discussion in 'General' started by Ash87, Oct 13, 2015.

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  1. Blako Apprentice Engineer

    I would like bow and arrow,
    and 20 fps
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  2. Oselotti Junior Engineer

    Bigger world and metal mining. Also some new blocks would be nice to get.
  3. Legolas6531 Trainee Engineer

    Is there any information on when procedural generation and ore mining will be a thing?
  4. Ghostickles Senior Engineer

    No, well there may be; but information travels slowly in these times.
  5. Schnizzel Trainee Engineer

    What about the Christmas-Update? Yesterday was Christmas Eve and there is no Update yet. Quote: "There's always something going on at Keen Software House and GoodAI. Keep an eye out for content updates coming your way on Christmas Eve and even on New Year's Eve." -ME/SE Facebook Page
  6. Lilpappaknox Trainee Engineer

    My game to not look like this:
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  7. MichaelC Junior Engineer

    me got its patch on Tuesday and will get another tomarrow
  8. UnstableOrbit Trainee Engineer

    Right now, I do believe it is time to broaden my "waiting for" list to include "ANYTHING BUT WHAT HAS BEEN IN THE RECENT PATCHES."
  9. tharkus Junior Engineer

    My list:
    i dont find the need for "unlimited" worlds, but yes bigger worlds.
    new Multiplayer (its coming)
    and More SURVIVAL aspects of the game like crafting, farming, a more fun combat (Mount&blade/ chivalry) style.
  10. Wizlawz Master Engineer

    i have not played many games like ME, so my best "comparison" {though probably not fair} would be akin to Mortal Online, Life is Feudal, WURM ONLINE..... a little something from each but more focus on Wurm type / like and LIF.
  11. MichaelC Junior Engineer

  12. d3x0r Apprentice Engineer

    Farming... a variety of crops if only for atmosphere. (and kind of related; forestry, I'd like to put trees whereever I want; and tree resources already exist)

    Sphere worlds seem to work in SE now so porting that to ME. (And then a procedural generator; though being able to add my own procedural generator would be nice... like some sort of C# scripting hook for it)

    Knick-Knack like things... so we can build tables with candles and plates and stuff on them.. but I don't see that happening.
  13. Amerikanovich Apprentice Engineer

    RPG/Crafting elements, resource gathering and professions, having different players able to specialize in things like farming/hunting, soldiering, architecture or blacksmithing so everyone can have their own roles and jobs on a server and feel meaningful and help each other out.
    And of course with that a character menu with things like equipment and armor slots, with different kinds of leather/metal armor that have their pros/cons, some real character customization.

    I would also love the idea of just making the map in ME an earth like planet floating in it's own tiny universe with a starry skybox and a sun revolving around it, having a whole planet to play on in ME would really expand the options and would be entirely doable seeing as SE already handles several at once (It would have to be a lot prettier than the SE planets though, randomly spawning plants and trees is a no-no).
    They should just design one nice planet for ME and draw a world map for it in place of SE's GPS system, one that shows positions of settlements and players and can be zoomed in on, as well as a compass object/HUD element so that players can orient themselves.

    Oh yeah and horses, something to make traveling more than 100 feet less stressful and time consuming (Motorcycles would be nice too but I think horses makes more sense somehow).
    And a harness block so we can make horse drawn wagons.
    (Has anyone tried making a windmill powered wagon with a seat on it?)
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Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.