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What brings the Future?!

Discussion in 'Survival' started by mightyduck92, Apr 29, 2014.

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  1. mightyduck92 Trainee Engineer

    Hello dudes,

    I had a nice idea while playing the awesome game SpaceEngineers with a friend. The current problem is that you have no great aim, you build this and this, build this quarters or that ship but why?...

    Is there a plan for a skill implementation, such as "yeah you got next level in welding now you can weld 5% faster!" or "jeah you reached lvl 10 now you can build improved thruster with 50% more speed" or so on... I would love it... pls do that :D


  2. Spets Master Engineer

    this is not an rpg character leveling thing. Although upgrades for tools would be great
  3. Beanie Apprentice Engineer

    The fun thing to aim for, for me at least, is building more machines. Use your imagination and come up with unique ways to make things like elevators for traveling around your base or doors, or small ships for various uses. Making good use of the given blocks.

    I actually think the idea of having an XP system would add a bunch to survival, but some people hate that idea. And I'm not sure the devs will ever implement such a thing. But this game is moddable. So maybe a mod might have that kind of thing in the future. Look at minecraft with things like tekkit and all the other mods.

    The future holds promising things in Space Engineers. For now though, just have fun with what we have.
  4. Aurenian Apprentice Engineer

    I think progression for space engineers would be better done through advanced tools. Maybe even have a way to modify block recipes so that they increase in efficiency or performance for an increased cost in power/components.
  5. mightyduck92 Trainee Engineer

    I guess than nobody would build the lower once if you can freely variate the efficiency.
    For me survival has much to do with realism, so if you are welding much e.g. you increase the skill in it... The consequence is less time for same work.
    This idea would let you increase the size of your projects after time... Now if you want to build a hangar inside a asteroid... The result is nothing more than a blooding left finger...

    The experience point think is not what I mean, more the idea of skilling yourself by handling tools. This would also benefits the multiplayer way where one man is the welder, another the driller...

    that would by great ;)
  6. Hawkeye Trainee Engineer

    sounds awesome if they would implement that, i was talking about it yesterday with my friend and we we're like yea we need a way to increase welding speed and such
  7. Tiger313 Apprentice Engineer

    I don't understand why people are moaning about welding speed. Takes longer to mine the ores and refine them than to slap together whatever you're building. Have you ever tried welding something IRL? You can quickly tackweld stuff together and it'll hold if not much force is put on it. But if you want to build large structures, it takes a LOT of time to weld it properly. Then the welds get inspected with X-rays, ultrasound or other means. If the weld then is found to not be up to code, it has to be ground out and welded again. Be glad they didn't add that to the game! :cool:
  8. piddlefoot Senior Engineer

    The passage of time brings the future bro !
  9. TheOuster Trainee Engineer

    This game has potential to become one of a kind, not just yet another clone of minecraft. Do not impose boundaries upon its creators :)

    They would if they'll need to put some energy/resources first to develop improved blueprints (research).

    Build supercomputer block first that requires lots of components and is sucking power like mad (=require e.g. at least large reactor), and there you could work on more and more improved components which will be only available after spending tons of uranium. This is just one example.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.