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What do you like to do after "surviving" ?

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Ozymandian, Jul 27, 2014.

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  1. Ozymandian Trainee Engineer

    So eventually in every survival scenario, you get to the point where you have "won" : You have a mining ship, refineries, assemblers, a medbay, a well established base or large ship with plenty of power, protection from meteors, etc. etc.

    For me, this is where I hit a wall on what to do. My problem is once I'm well established, I tend to resist starting big, excessive construction projects because why not just go play creative?
    Usually, I get bored and start another survival scenario, maybe bump the difficulty up a bit, and play until I reach that point again. Rinse and repeat...

    So, I'm looking for ideas...
    What do you like to do next?
  2. KissSh0t Master Engineer

    Destroy it with Science.

    Then rebuild it with Science.

  3. HexZyle Trainee Engineer

    I'm playing on full realistic mode. My goal is to defeat an NPC Military Ship in Head-On-Head combat, and to improve.my capital ship to the point where it is invunerable from griefer ship-missiles.

    Right now I've got a light fighter, a light welding ship, and a compact gunship (a 58 tonne ship equipped with a Gatlin Turret) that was constructed in my capital ship's prototype shipyard. My capital ship is a heavily modified Mining Ship (the biggest NPC one with like 15 Cargo Containers, kinda cheated because I obtained this one before NPC ship weaponry was given the ability to fire on moving targets)

    I've still got plenty of plans for my game, like designing a gunship that can be built from the materials of a rescue ship, developing a weapons platform, a new mining rig (my current one takes a lot of damage when mining and has been redesigned many times) compact small ships that suffer minimal recoil from heavy-arms use, etc.
    All the stuff a lot of people like to do in creative, I do in survival because I like putting in the effort and feeling how realistic a particular build is.
    I also have yet to build a ship powered by a gravity drive, a mobile but deadly fighter craft (using large thrusters), and things like an escape pod, shipyard with movable welder-arms.

    So much stuff to do, so little time.
  4. Chris Keena Apprentice Engineer

    I too prefer to do my design and testing in survival. You learn more when a misstep has consequences.
  5. Tassadar Apprentice Engineer

    PvP on a large server while doing this, good luck.
  6. ndwar Apprentice Engineer

    I decided to play Realistic mode on all settings, and the only ships you are allowed are: 5 small ships. 1 Large ship (starter ship). All ships can be cut into etc, so it isn't like you can't expand.
    I found it challenging to begin with, however a lot of my friends are complaining it is too difficult. That we should build a base, or we should have larger inventories.
  7. Jagris Trainee Engineer

    I plan on creating super hostile type map series when there are more features in the game. Right now what we really need is player detection and the programming interface to come to fruition to get a decent super hostile map. Or get an AI going in the game. One of these.


    Create a mothership in survival then transfer it over to the super hostile map play through it with a capture the monument esque style.
  8. Thesla Trainee Engineer

    I have this very same problem. Im desperate for somebody to put npcs in the game so i can have a reason to play it once more
  9. Geneticus Senior Engineer

    I tore into the game config files with notepad ++ and the SE Toolbox and started making my own scenarios.
    I captured and rebuilt the large mining ship to my liking
    converted it to an unfinished framework using SEtoolbox
    Spawned a static asteroid and an abandoned station
    and then made a co-op ship building scenario.
  10. pancraseo Trainee Engineer

    I usually just star making gigant mining rig networks within asteroids, with assembly lines, refinery areas, cargo depots and repairshops, it can be quite enterteining since the designs you make for one asteroid may be radically different for other asteroids due to the different cave layout
  11. mredge73 Apprentice Engineer

    Large server no rules PVP is the only way I like to play this game.
    Goal is to dominate the server and convert all to your faction.
    Because you are dealing with people and not robots; this goal is impossible to reach.
    Even if you were able to blockade all asteroids with battleships; pirates, rebels, and traitors will always keep this goal out of reach.
  12. Beanie Apprentice Engineer

    If you think about it you don't need to do anything even from the start, as the starting ship has everything you need. The point is the experience of building a base and calling it home.

    What I like to do is make efficient systems which look elegant and enjoy the whole building process. Gradually building up a base from scratch is rewarding enough in itself for me. Of course multiplayer servers can offer additional challenge and fun, but for me, space engineers survival is about building things from raw material in the rocks and then adding little touches of creativity to your own patch of space. Like a Zen garden, but with more asteroids.
  13. DoctorDeathDefying Apprentice Engineer

    Once you hit that wall, it can be difficult to find something to do.
    We have all been there.

    Personally, I like to give myself really hard-to-reach (I hesitate to say Impossible) goals to do in survival, such as building a large capital ship that's, well, incredibly huge. At the same time, I have that Minecraft-esque craving for automation - once you've done everything yourself, just build something to do it for you. With the conveyor system, this is not too hard to do, and with the programming system coming up, it'll be even more customizable. Make something totally automatic that you'll actually use, like a weapons factory. Build a drilling rig into a huge vein of uranium, have it all refining and turning into missiles, then go out and raid cargo ships!

    The possibilities are endless!

    As more features end up in the game, you'll start getting new toys that you can add to your existing creations. I mean, just think of all the people who made sliding hangar doors with rotor-based pistons, and think of their state of mind when pistons were actually introduced. Excited, yes, but also a bit annoyed because all of their hard work was kinda for nothing. So, what did they do? They went back and upgraded their now-obsolete doors with the new machinery! All the people with gravity-based drill wells and systems? Drill heads mounted on pistons. All the people with rovers based on custom-built wheels (RE: wheels update)? Go back and refit the rovers!

    So, if you've really hit the final wall, it's a waiting game. Get Creative!
  14. russo_bolado Junior Engineer

    How safe is your environment? If it's been set to "Safe", turn it to "Cataclysm" or "Armageddon". Trying to raid a Military Escort while the whole universe is falling apart seems fun
  15. Carl the BedWetter Trainee Engineer

    There's never a dull moment in a PvP server. You're always on the hunt for more minerals and more tinkering. Always getting more defenses up and prepping for the worst. PvP will keep you on your toes. Join a faction as well. Having people to play with and helping generate new ideas is always fun too. :)
  16. PeterHammerman Junior Engineer

    Build Death Star ;P
  17. Noxy Trainee Engineer

    well i go on one of the Big Servers who allow client save, then i save the game and start it as a survival game. at first i build up a nice big ship with everything i need. after that i start to explore that world and collekt ships i like or disassamble ships i dont like. It has something from a adventure, you never know what waits on you. maybe some crazy guy who builded a battleship that is full with weaponery, or just a little ship for drilling. quit cool to explore everything remembers me a bit of Star Trek :woot:
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.