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What do YOU want to see?

Discussion in 'General' started by Pluffiz, Mar 2, 2015.

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  1. Pluffiz Trainee Engineer

    So hello! Just wanted to start some discussions! So what do you want to see/think we are getting in the next update or near future?
    Myself would love to see new blocks getting added frequently. Also endless worlds would be awesome, but that is waaay in the future. :) And lighting is something i would love to see in a near future and with an added night/day cycle maybe? :)
    Just want to hear your thoughts! :D
  2. waterlimon Senior Engineer

    • Tons of sizes and shapes of premade gears and such to quickly make mechanisms. Not just 1 or 2 variants. All the way from 1 block radius to 100 if you ask me... (obviously they would be procedurally generated, not modeled by hand)
    • Low resolution temperature simulation linked to seasons. So on winter you need fire, and you might want to store food in a cold cellar during summer or itll spoil.
    • Immersive weather (I mean big storms/snowstorms and such that have great effect on environment so you actually have to care about them)
    • In single and multiplayer survival, I would like devs to somehow limit the rate at which you can build useful things, such that you have spare time to work on the not useful decorations... Because decorations and such can take a lot of time and resources compared to just building necessary things. Like if theres a built in block to do something, but you want to do it manually in a bit more complicated way, it might be much more expensive and time consuming, for relatively little if any benefit. Things like that should be encouraged because theyre cool.
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  3. Diewoe Apprentice Engineer

    Day/Night cycle with lighting and unlock the other gears.
  4. Alfalfa Apprentice Engineer

    Well, for the immediate future, I want more mechanical blocks, further improvements to SI, and a working modding SDK so people can start modding blocks in.
  5. Ed Frost Senior Engineer

    I want building blocks, there are some pretty nice blocks in the game files, day\night and light sourcrs and meganical blocks
  6. Wintersend Senior Engineer

    I am hoping for procedural worlds, or at least larger ones than we have atm where with a well placed tower I can see and hit the entire map, multiplayer, and survival.
  7. Creature Trainee Engineer

    The ability to remove and plant trees would be a very welcome addition imho.
  8. Bullethead Apprentice Engineer

    2nd on the gears of all sizes. Also:

    * Battlements that can follow a 45^ angle wall.
    * Pulleys, both fixed and travelling, single and multiple, for rope and belts.
    * Drive belts and chains for use with gears and pulleys.
    * Rope hooks and rings so trebuchets actually can work.
    * A 2-long x 1-high stone slope block so your entrance ramps aren't so steep.
    * A wooden wedge you could make any length of 1 - 10 just like the square beam.
    * Wooden diagonals you could make any length and angle desired by point-and-click on the 2 end connections.
    * Fix the cliping problems coming up stairs through a hole in a wooden floor.
    * Inert barbarians who just stand there, so you use them as bowling pins and catapult ammo.
    * The ability to change the color of stone so castles aren't all the same shade of gray.
    * Active, player-placeable lights so we can see what we're doing inside.
    * Tweaking the darkness of shadows so even outside we can see what we're doing on the shady side of a construction.
    * Large maps with less-extreme terrain, more like gentle hills than mountains.
  9. eldarstorm Junior Engineer

    • More gear mechanics and such would be good. Pretty much alot of the parts that are in the game but not available yet.
    • The ability to toggle AI (Only Creative)
    • The ability to throw Barbarians (You know you want to)
  10. Wizlawz Master Engineer

    a different way of setting the blocks and voxel hands, idk.... it just seems there is something different, I mean.. I have no issues with it in SE, but idk why it seems a Lil more difficult in ME,..... Is it just me or is there a difference at all ?

    Idk, it just seems different
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  11. Tiger313 Apprentice Engineer

    - Brick walls
    - groin-vault and rib-vault ceilings: http://www.panoramio.com/photo/88246309 and http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/8d/Reims_Cathedral%2C_interior_%284%29.jpg
    - doors (preferably ones you can lock)
    - window seats (quite common in castles!)
    - forged iron building materials, so you can make a portcullis

    - serfs that flock to your castle to do business in safety from barbarians, perhaps having to build housing and workshops for serfs to stay in your castle and help defend.
  12. Keyalha Trainee Engineer

    I double the serf suggestion as strong as possible.
    Giving the Castle a meaning would be awesome, something like this would also fit SE very well.
    Any kind of purpose besides the cool looking and neat engineering would be appreciated as long as its optional, for SP worlds in both games would be totally awesome!
  13. Lady Athena Trainee Engineer

    Seems the devs are listening :D Alot of these were just updated into the latest patch.

    My biggest I'd like to see is.

    - More broad angles on circular blocks.
    - More blocks in general
    - Better block correlation to minimize how often they flicker when they overlap.
    - Better Windows.
    - Stained Glass windows
    - Glassed windows in general


    and the ability to make and save creations better. I.E. Making a wooden table and easily "saving" that particular creation for later use.
  14. Pluffiz Trainee Engineer

    Ye serfs would be cool! As you say it would give the castle a meaning.. And I donĀ“t know if the devs took our suggestions from here but surely they are listening to us! :)
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  15. bogieman987 Trainee Engineer

    Would be awesome to have some kind of dedicated world editor in game, so we can create our own lands instead of using randomly generated or the preset ones.

    On top of that, some kind of water physics would be good, now I don't really mean particle water physics, that would take too much for even a small amount, but perhaps something akin to From Dust water physics.
    That said, would be nice to have rivers, lakes and a sea with working tide.

    Improvements to the physics is an obvious one, still bugs but eh, I don't mind, I know it's only what, alpha?

    Maybe a system that allows us to generate things on the fly, like lets say we have a window, we could choose the size of the window, location, whether it has glass, color of glass. Similar mechanics could be applied to doors, size, location, color etc.

    Pullies and gears would be awesome, can see people making some kind of medieval car lol

    Whilst this game is set from 600-1600AD I think it is, it would be cool to have a steam engine, or at least parts that could enable you to make one, whilst it was first experimented in the 1600s according to wiki, I'm sure it has been thought of earlier, but not recorded.

    Metals, would be nice to have various metals in the shape structures like steel beams (Steel is a very old technology, so it's still plausible to have some kind of support make from iron/steel) to weapons and decor.

    I kind of repeated some of what's already been said, but eh, if there's demand we may get them sooner :)
  16. Junger_Werwolf Apprentice Engineer

    I'd like to see destructive fire.
    Wooden parts are an essential part of every building and as we know, wood can burn. So it would be very interesting to have the almighty danger of burning your house down if you weren't careful with fireplaces. (or be attacked with fire)

    So let's say a wooden part got 100 healthpoints. Fire does 2 damagepoints per second and if the wood is at 60 it will burn by itself so after 20 sec fire will take over. And of cause at 0 points it will collapse.
    This could cause an massive fire that could burn down everything.
    That was an all day danger in medieval times, see the great London fire and all the others :D
  17. bogieman987 Trainee Engineer

    Far Cry style fire spreading!?
    That indeed would be awesome in this game.
  18. lBurnsl Trainee Engineer

    • I'd love to see fields and other terrain, either useful for survival or simply as a terrain tool (IE Grass.) Corn, wheat, barley, potatoes, soil and mud, rubbish, ect.
    • Inactive NPC's to place as shopkeepers, townfolk, ect. Even better, a 'patrol' function to give them an A-B movement and simple text box for custom dialog. Naturally i'd ask for some Oblivion Radiant AI, but i'm being realistic here.
    • Dynamic day/night, light rain, heavier rain, and thunderstorms.
    • Roleplay functions - sit in chairs, drink beers, light the fires/extinguish them, lay down in beds.
    • In addition to the field types above, it'd be nice to plant hedgerows, wattle fences, birch saplings, and trees. ect.
    • Inactive livestock - similar to the NPC's, a cow/horse/pigs to stand around or wander around. Even better, simple AI, meaning fencing them in ect is neccesary.
    • Decorative items of all kinds. Different types of chairs, windows, tables, chests, shelves, kegs, cooking pots. Something to give houses a unique purpose, a kitchen here, a shop there, a tavern, blacksmith with anvil.
    • Smoke particles generated from fires.
    • Cloth/fabric that can be attached to rope hooks, to create shop stalls, tents, sheds, or whatever else the player can envision.
    • Water of some kind. Bogs, streams, rivers. It'd be incredible to see an ocean or large body of water, and allow the player to build ships and boats, but again thats asking quite a bit.
    • More colours and styles of wood/stone/other building materials. Can be cloned structurally and only differ in design. Cob walls, dirt walls, plank walls. Ect.
    • A roleplay mode that deactivates the build menu and taskbar, but allows you to interact with mechanics/doors/RP items/ect so you can explore the world without any fear of changing something already placed.
    • Larger worlds, allowing multiple towns and farmland, with some distance to travel between. I'd like to see an alternative border style, rather than the jagged mountains. An invisible border with procedural generated landscape beyond, and perhaps a dirt road that leads into the play area.
    One major 'feature' later down the road i'd like to see in the game is the ability to have a working farm. Build the house and outbuildings, the barns, tend to the livestock, plow the fields with oxen. Let the player live an accelerated farm life, especially combined with roleplay features. Give multiplayer an option besides murder and siege.
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  19. sku08 Trainee Engineer

  20. Pluffiz Trainee Engineer

    Love it!
  21. ThatDutchIdiot Trainee Engineer

    Not sure if it has been said but:

    - More and better landscaping tools (smoothing please)
    - Options to place natural things, like bushes / hedges / trees / flowerbeds
    - More terrain options, like water, rocks, vines, sand, gravel roads
  22. Konithir Trainee Engineer

    Apart from nearly all above... some kind of lever... something like

  23. AeneasAquinas Trainee Engineer

    Personally, in the trailer I saw arch blocks that turn 90 degrees one way or the other. I need these to build great halls. Also, arch blocks two wide, and two tall, so twice the size. That would be amazing too.
  24. AeneasAquinas Trainee Engineer

    Oh, I forgot one more thing. Daylight shouldn't matter underground. Maybe more realistic, so a whole lets some light in in a narrow beam, but the rest of the area appears more night-lit.
  25. Cydramech Junior Engineer

    I want to see them fix the Structural Integrity support (physics).

    That aside I want:

    2x1 Circular walls (1x1 isn't good enough in some cases)
    Wooden doors (they didn't have only gates, y'know... doors have existed far longer)
    Tools to remove trees/shrubs and similar objects.
    More furniture variants (such as bars and counters)
    Random-Terrain Generator / World Editor
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  26. Silen Apprentice Engineer

    I know I'm too RPGish but I'd love armors, weapons 'n shit. :)
  27. Oselotti Junior Engineer

    Just one fix so the game stops crashing Nvidia cards and I don't have to use reset button after every single playing session.
  28. Skitzo Trainee Engineer

    just a few things off the top of my head..
    • Fix the lighting so building inside or in the shade is easier to see
    • Huge procedural maps with more landscaping tools and materials
    • Projectile ranges are extremely lacking in comparison to the size and weight of trebuchets needed to achieve them, my largest treb has only been able to fire a shot 70 stone blocks so far while tuning it
    • more variants of the blocks that currently exist, larger timbers, catchblocks and wheels for example, or an option to scale all of them one block at a time in the small and large grid
    • more mechanical blocks such as gears and pulleys, being able to scale the tooth count and size of the gears would be amazing. steel pins that fit in between two timbers for sliding on rails. Springs!
    • production buildings such as quarries, lumber mills, and blacksmith shops that can be used by players or A.I. that are animated to chisel stone, saw logs, or beat on an anvil. materials could be dropped into a bin or hopper and stored in a chest once processed
    • friendly A.I. that can be scripted or have basic commands to gather and process materials, patrol, or defend/attack a location. spawning once a house with a bed and door is built maybe. this would be a huge improvement for survival game play.
    Keep up the excellent work guys! I hope to see some of these in the future :)

  29. Ghostickles Senior Engineer

    Chimney and fireplace blocks.
  30. Kaffeeteria Trainee Engineer

    - 45 and 72 degree angles

    - the option to delete trees with the voxel tool

    - an additional wall texture

    - water

    - a smooth terrain option
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.