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What do YOU want to see?

Discussion in 'General' started by Pluffiz, Mar 2, 2015.

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  1. RubberSword Apprentice Engineer

    I love this game. Am still struggling with the controls, but hey!
    The lighting is a real pain. Having trouble enough building wooden staircases - but it's impossible in the "shade".
    Personally I prefer the castle building to making machines - so would love more building blocks. More stone textures, more windows, Arrow slits, load bearing blocks with windows, stone slab flooring, sloping blocks that can be placed at 45deg (Like the roof panels can), different styles of castellations etc

    I'm really excited about the potentials and possibilities with this game
  2. Me 10 Jin Apprentice Engineer

    I'd like to see interior walls that don't try (and fail explosively) to bear the load of adjacent stone walls.

    +1 for gears! I imagine that gears could be implemented by "linking" gear elements whose bounding cylinders overlap. Then, on each "(de)link" event, run a graph search through each linked gear and axle to determine their ratios. If the search finds a loop in the graph and a ratio conflict, it can lock the mechanism (e.g: 3 gears interlocking would be unable to turn and the graph search would find a loop and see that the expected ratio is the opposite of the one already calculated). Since the search happens if there is a change in the mechanism, it should be very gentle on performance.

    Gears I'd like to see first (#teeth, radius): (16,1), (24,1.5), (32,2), (40,2.5)
  3. Ubiqanon Trainee Engineer

    The only thing that should go on top of an unsupported interior wall (ie not directly adjacent to a solid block, or arch block, is another interior wall, or something lighter. And the interior wall should only go up to about 3 blocks high. Now, if that wall was supported by adjacent solid blocks or arches you have a completely different story, but I think as of now adjacency does not have much of an impact, which they need to fix. (Thus the various threads talking about S.I.)

    Oh, also

    I want to see sea beams glitter in the dark off the Tannhauser gate, and see attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. Whoops, wrong game.

    I want to see the implementation of human size scales, so we can see if a witch weighs more than a duck, and if so, I want there to be ponds, so we can throw witches into them.
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  4. BlouBulle Trainee Engineer

    I would like to see:

    1) Wall blocks allowed to be placed horizontal so I can make Stone ceilings or a separate thinner stone ceiling in small places where it would be hard to build an arch.
    2) Sword, Bow, Pike, Axe and Pickaxe.
    3) Chains as well as rope, also allow a runner wheel for rope so that rope can be attached between 2 places that are not directly visible from each other.
    4) Rope doesn't cut into walls!
    5) wood cannot do much damage to stone, also a basic door for spaces where we can't make a doorway (lock by attaching rope to door).
    6) Hammer should be able to repair and destroy.
    7) Different armor that the User can equip.
    8) Barrels and Chests can store items, wood can be cut and stored (1st step in creating a user run eco)
    9) Potato and wheat crops.
    10) Livestock, Livestock reproduction, horses (mounts) and
  5. Kaffeeteria Trainee Engineer

    You can already do that by clicking Z (Y on a german keyboard).
  6. Toomz Trainee Engineer

    Hey guys, i would like to see a the sun, be able to move when you use the azimuth elevation intensity feature, it doesnt seem real enough just yet. I wanna see that sunset and sunrise on a time frame. as well start releasing the block and pulleys features in the game files i like to to RIG, its my job in real life, I am a Rigger and would love to have more of the rigging features. I play with blocks and slings and pulleys and rope all day lifting and lowering for 8 hours a day i would enjoy to be able to do this in this game and come up with new techniques to my real life job. there are other things but i thought i would start with this. and my apology for such a horrible mess of grammar and spelling and english.
  7. Ubiqanon Trainee Engineer

    Not to be a schmuck or anything, but there is a forum for all of this - entitled "Suggestions", and if I were a dev, I would probably look there to see what people want, in particular since it was set up for that purpose?

    Just saying...
  8. Pluffiz Trainee Engineer

    But this is not really suggestions.. Well it kinda is but at the same not. Hard one :p
  9. Zapy97 Trainee Engineer

    Complicated to make and difficult to use explosives and cannons. Before people get on me for suggesting this I am talking about it being very skill based in terms of making weapons.
    Ballista capabilities
    ability to make molds and pour metal.
    Serf AI to do business.
    Peasants you can control and put to work.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.