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What kinda mods do people want to see?

Discussion in 'Groups & Dedicated Servers' started by Pilgrim, Sep 21, 2017.

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  1. Pilgrim Trainee Engineer

    Hi! Myself and a group of us from a gaming community have recently decided to setup a server on this game, hoping to get a decent playerbase and hopefully expand into having a bit of a community in ME. While the server is still fairly small and we're just messing around, we're looking at the possibility of making some mods too.

    We have a couple of guys that worked on the Bear Force 2 mod for M&B warband, so hopefully we'll be able to make a few of the slightly more complex things in this game! So far we've had NPCs suggested and one of the modders has speculated that NPC raiding parties might be doable fairly easily. All that being said, what kind of mods do people want to see brought to this game?

    Feel free to suggest anything, I don't know the limitations or much about the modding side of things myself, but I can forward any ideas given onto the people that can and see if they think they can do it!

  2. TheBedla Trainee Engineer

    Hey, just started with ME, running a DS with a couple of friends, having recently switched over from SE. I can see the potential this game has, but there just is not much of a... game (as of yet). True, there is more progression than in SE in terms of tools and gradual unlocking of blocks through research (which I appreciate a lot), but there are not many _reasons_ to engineer things. In SE, although it is lacking in its own respects, you had motivation to engineer things for different purposes. There is very little of this in ME.

    Therefore, what I'd love to see as a mod would be some sort of framework which would give you reason to build various things on various points in the map, and also give you reason to build siege engines without breaking other people's hard work.

    I can imagine a bunch of "barbarian forts" throughout the map (let's say approximately one fortsper 3x3 regions), which would control the spawning of barbarians in the neighbouring regions. If the player wanted to stop barbarians from spawning in their region, they would have to clear the fort first. If, however, a fort came under attack, it would spawn a strong group of barbarians who would attempt to break the siege engine and/or kill the player (i.e. do what they already do with vanilla AI). Ideally, the forts would control access to most iron deposits, to give the player another incentive to confront them and a meaningful reward. It would also be a reason for the player to do something with just copper/bronze tools (whereas right now virtually the only purpose they have is mining a little iron, unless the player makes a deliberate choice not to go for iron)

    From the very limited experience with the game (and zero with modding), I think this should be fairly easy to implement - just select your spots on the map to place a basic fort (one of a few basic options to avoid repetition), modify the ProcedurealEnvironments so that barbarian spawning is dependent on the forts existence (and the "under attack" condition could just be increased spawning in the immediate vicinity of the forts, as AFAIK barbarians only spawn when the player constructs something), and you're there.

    Of course, if this works, this could be expanded to various degrees, but even this basic idea to me seems to have a nice effort-benefit ratio - a massive boost to playability with relatively little work.

    And of course, I could be totally wrong about how easy this would be, and if it can at all be done with ME in their current state :) If so, I'd appreciate if someone told me that I am wrong and explain why. Always eager to learn more.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.