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What methods do you use to board a cargo ship?

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Space Cadet, Oct 10, 2014.

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  1. Space Cadet Trainee Engineer

    Well, my base of pretty well established with a decent mining vessel.

    I'm thinking it's high time to build a fighter and go grab me one of those business shipments that are flying all around.

    What methods do you use to do this?

    I saw a post on here about a guy that said he just flies over to the nearest cargo vessel with no ship.

    I don't know but it just doesn't sound like a valid method.

    Most of the cargo I see around are 5k to 7k meters away.

    Pretty far to go without a ship...
  2. AlanEsh Apprentice Engineer

    Yeah don't EVA in your suit and grind into the ships, that is lame beyond words. It's easy to fly that far (turn off your inertial dampeners) in a suit, but just don't :)

    So, build a fighter, go get shot up, build another, try again, etc. Enjoy the challenge!
  3. Space Cadet Trainee Engineer

    AS I understand it, the business transports are much easier pickings.

    Is this true? And how does one check for boobie traps?
  4. Geneticus Senior Engineer

    I just cheat and disable the weapons and set the speed to 0 in SE Toolbox...

    I spend too much time as it is dismantling them and building something else.
  5. Gabe1291 Trainee Engineer

    This is something I actually have a decent bit of experience with. I've built my base so far out of the fused together remains of passing cargo ships. I have the Moar Ships!! mod installed so there is a fairly wide variety of ships coming through the sector, some of which are insanely armed, so you have to approach each capture differently. To start, when I notice a new victim has entered the area I fly out with my scout ship to find out what type of ship I'm dealing with. My scout is a heavy armor thing I call Scabber. Here is a pic of it mid-repair. It's small fast, and meant to take a few hits if it's a hostile target, spin around and get back out of range. Generally is has dual Hellbade thrusters and an 3 layer armor plate attached to the front of the cockpit that curves over the top(lost in it's last run in this pic)

    Lately I've been phasing Scabs out for drones though, but you scout the target, find out what you're dealing with, then you either send in a light attack drone to pick off defenses if its just a few turrets, a tug for unarmed ones that might be trapped, or possibly a heavy attack craft to try and cripple/smash the heavily armed ones. On the heavies, I always try to find and blast the reactors to bits, since once the power is gone the turrets at dead.....most of the time. I've run across a few that had battery back-ups situated away from the reactor core, or smaller reactors as reserves.

    You dont have to kill all the turrets on a ship, just enough to create a blind spot you can use for a capture approach. Once inside you have to watch for interior turrets, but hacking a door and rebuilding it will let you get a rough idea if there are any of those to watch for as you make your way to the power sources. Then it's just a matter of killing the power to shut the turrets down, dismantling the turrets, and stopping the ship. I prefer to tow the ship and repower it closer to the base after negating the defenses, but how you get it home is up to you. Playing on 1x though you have a limited inventory for breaking things, so I tend to just grind them down to the disabling point and wait till I get home for full reclaim.

    I have had a few that I only managed to grab large chunks of after firing on them with disproportionate force, but salvage is salvage. On some captures the Scabs has suffered critical damage, so it has been used as a projectile before as well, instead of losing it to the void. So far this has been an interesting save for me. I started out with the Easy start base, but purged all of the asteroids but the one the base is built on, 1x on the settings, and disabled the respawn ships with the goal of completely subsisting off scavenged/captured materials other than whats in the base asteroid.
  6. manveti Trainee Engineer

    There are three families of ships, of generally increasing difficulty to capture, each with three ships:

    Private/Commercial Ships (generally the easiest, but not all that rewarding unless you're building solar panels -- all ships in this family have solar panels):
    * Private Sail: Not a lot of value, but not very well armed either, so it's a decent early capture. Either orbit it in your suit until the turrets run out of ammo (bonus points for staying on one side so only one turret runs dry and you can pocket the ammo from the other one) or just charge in in any ship at all.
    * Business Shipment: Only armed in one direction, so it's really easy to take (and moderately rewarding). Approach from within its (270-degree) blind spot and you can take it without a single shot fired.
    * Commercial Freighter: Most rewarding commercial ship, but also the hardest. This has a tiny blind spot if you're feeling lucky, but trying to take it without a ship will probably go poorly because you'll almost certainly stray out of the blind spot and get shot. Come up the middle so you only get shot at by the gatlings and not the rockets.

    Mining Ships (better defended, but carrying better payloads; these are some of the best risk/reward tradeoffs):
    * Mining Carriage: Only armed in one direction. Approach from below and make off with all the phat lootz unchallenged.
    * Mining Transport: There's a small blind spot, but you're probably better off bringing a ship and approaching from the side (where only one turret will have LoS). Be careful when grinding your way in: interior turrets will barely scratch your ship's paint, but they'll tear your suit up pretty bad if you're not careful.
    * Mining Hauler: Lots of reward here, but you're going to need to deal with at least a few turrets in order to get to it. If you don't mind breaking things, there's a reactor at the rear which can be taken out with a few well-placed rockets. If you want to take it intact, try to center yourself on a side to minimize the number of turrets you have to take out. Watch out for interior turrets.

    Military Ships (well defended; if you're looking for steel plates and ammo, these are geat; if not, wait for a mining ship):
    * Military Escort: Take out the turrets that have LoS to you, then try to avoid straying into any other turret's arc of fire.
    * Military Minelayer: I've never bothered with capturing one of these. Generally, you'll want to avoid using rockets and be careful about where your gatling rounds go -- a stray shot in the wrong place and you'll set off the warheads.
    * Military Transport: Huge reward. As with the Mining Hauler, there's a relatively exposed reactor at the back which can be taken out with a few rockets (unlike the Hauler, there are secondary reactors without uranium, so you can bring along some of your own and get it back to limping even if you do take out the main reactor). To take it intact, I'd recommend approaching from below. Grind up roughly in the center of the ship, being careful not to finish grinding down a block until you can see what's beyond it. If you expose a warhead and/or a thruster when grinding up, remove them and extend your tunnel aft a few blocks; the goal is to come up in the bridge, where none of the interior turrets will have LoS.

    General principles:
    * Sniping turrets is safer than engaging them head-to-head. Match speed with your target about a kilometer out; slowly push forward until you can see the turrets (when you get close enough, there will be nice green lines you can trace back to the turret; if you get a bit closer, there will be nice red lines and streams of tracers you can trace back; you probably want to avoid the latter), then spray with gatling fire for a few seconds until the green line goes away.
    * Powering down the captured ship should be a priority. Get to the cockpit, grind it below the ownership threshold, weld it back up, hop in, and kill the power. Now you can go around and capture remaining turrets intact without getting shot at.
    * Be careful about thruster damage. If you park your fighter a block or two in front of your prey's thruster nozzle, don't be surprised when activating the prey's dampeners has unfortunate effects for your fighter.
    * Be careful about beacon range. If the ship you're capturing drifts beyond beacon range before you're able to stop it, be careful not to rotate it at all; activate dampeners to stop, turn them back off, accelerate backwards, and wait until you drift back into beacon range.
  7. Ortikon Apprentice Engineer

    Before these auto turrets I used a sort of broadside frigate made from large blocks.
    It is not a massive ship. It is simply 8 launchers on the right side, fed with a line of conveyors. It has 2 gyros, 2 landing gear, 2 generators, no on-board gravity, heavy armor reinforcing the weapons side and camera's over the launchers so I can target.
    -I get to about 1000m of target
    -match speed of target so that I am beside it, weapons side facing target.
    -Turn off inertia dampeners to glide with the target, periodically checking your speed and direction offset (adjust to maintain matching speed and distance of 1000m)
    -I have missiles assigned to groups of; ALL, 4 of the left, 4 of the right, and a page of control over individuals. I then have camera controls on another page etc etc. its intuitive for me the way I lay it out but I don't think I could explain it well.

    Decide whether you want to take the ship for its valuables with precision strikes, or just wreck it and take the scraps left over.

    -If you plan to snipe out the turrets and then steal it nice an clean, enable one or two launchers, use a camera that is assigned to those launchers, match up the red dot, lead a little and fire. I like to fire one test shot to see the lead offset, then compensate back. This is so im not missing and destroying the ship. Try aligning your ship in a manner that makes the enemy guns stick off to the side out of the sillouette of the main ship so that if you miss, you miss the whole ship. (unless you REAALLY miss)

    -If you plan on just wrecking it, then let her have it till you feel better about yourself. I occasionally must just do this to expend those extra missiles that keep piling up. ;)

    I like using the broadside method on missile launchers as I don't have a hard time lining up with a cargo ship (they don't try very hard to shake us now do they..). They also are less likely to make my entire ship explode. As long as I am moving directly forward, I have minimal problems here.

    Once the ship has all problematic weapons out of the way, I clamp my vessel onto the cargo ship, hack the cockpit and disable the thrust or power. Then the large ship's small thrusters do a perfectly good job taking it home without much hassle or "cabinet walking".
  8. Gabe1291 Trainee Engineer

    On checking for traps it's a matter of seeing if there are any extra [SIZE= 13.3333339691162px]thrusters[/SIZE] other than the ones you can see, or any warhead blocks listed in the control panel. If you see a ship has 12 visible [SIZE= 13.3333339691162px]thrusters[/SIZE], but the control panel is showing 13-14 on the ship, toggle them all off, and turn them on in small groups locating them on the ship. When you get to the [SIZE= 13.3333339691162px]thrusters [/SIZE]you cant see, leave them off.

    Once you've located them all, turn the known good thrusters on, and enable the dampeners. If you enable the dampeners before this though the hidden [SIZE= 13.3333339691162px]thrusters activate with the dampeners and blow the warhead or whatever vital bit of equipment they were pointed at. I've even found one before hidden but pointed directly at the cockpit....woulda been a hotseat for sure.[/SIZE]
  9. Wizlawz Master Engineer

    i blow it the hel up and scrap it
  10. Arcturus Senior Engineer

    Private Sail: Approach from in front.

    Business Shipment: Approach from in front.

    Commercial Freighter: Single precision rocket from in front to the central turret, then approach.

    Mining Carriage: Approach from in front/from the side opposite the antenna.

    Mining Transport(er?): Kill it with rockets from 900 m and loot the cold wreck for the gravity generator.

    Mining Hauler: 2 precision rockets from behind to the large reactor, then approach.

    Military Escort: Kill it with rockets from 900 m and loot the cold wreck for the gravity generator and ammunition.

    Military Minelayer: Kill it with rockets from 900 m and loot the cold wreck for the gravity generator and ammunition. An excellent source of steel plates. If you somehow board it undamaged, mind the trap!

    Military Transport(er?):
    - Ignore
    - Board using stealth hijinks to get onto a blind spot on the hull, at the cost of a disposable ship. Mind the trap!
    - Allegedly one can hit the large reactor from a 4 or 8 o'clock position, but I haven't managed this.

    A totally untested but cool-sounding capture method would be to build a station wall in front of a ship. Could be a mobile large ship that parks itself using a hastily-built merge block.
  11. NathanTheSpaceSurvivor Apprentice Engineer

    Business shipment, miner carriage and private sail can be captured on EVA, others reuire a ship to shot the turrets down.
    Shipment has both turrets on the top, sneak frm the bottom. Carriage is the same except it has 1 gatling turret instead of the shipment's 2 interior turrets
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